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 DeweyNumber  Author  Availability  AuthorName  Title  Subject
 003.21  SWE   Sweeney, Linda Booth Connected Wisdom Natural Laws
 028.9  PRI   Prior, Karen Swallow  On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books  Books and Reading, Christianity, Literature
 031.02  KIP   Kipfer, Barbara Ann 14,000 Things to be happy about.  Happiness
 031.02  SCH  Schott, Ben  Schott's Original Miscellany  Handbooks, General Encyclopedic Works
 100  KUR  Kurtz, Paul  American Thought Before 1900 Philosophy
 100  OLS   Olson, Robert G. Short Introduction to Philosophy  Philosophy
 109  MIL   Miller, Edward L. God and Reason Philosophy
 111.85  RAD   Rader, Melvin and Bertram Jessup Art and Human Values  Art, Philosophy
 128  EAG  Eagleton, Terry  Meaning of Life Humankind
 128  NAY   Naylor, Thomas, William Willimon, Magdalena Naylor  Search for Meaning Humankind, Life, Spiritual Life
 128.2  MCW   McWilliams, Peter and John-Roger  Life 101: Everything We Wish We Had Learned in School  Human Action,
 128.5  ARI   Aries, Philippe, translated by Helen Weaver Hour of Our Death  Death, History
 131.32  BUS   Buscaglia, Leo Personhood: The Art of Being Fully Human  Self Realization
 133.901  BUR   Burpo, Todd and Lynn Vincent Heaven is for Real  Near Death Experiences, Heaven
 152.4  BAL   Ball, Robert R. "I Feel" Formula  Emotions, Christian life
 152.4  BOR   Borysenko, Joan Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson  Spiritual Life
 152.4  BUS   Buscaglia, Leo Love Relationships, Love
 152.4  CLA   Clairmont,Patsy Sportin' a 'Tude  Psychology, Attitude
 152.4  GOO  Goode, Ben  Fine Art of Worrying Humor
 152.4  HAS   Haskins, James Who are the Handicapped?  Handicaps, Disabilities
 152.4  KOC   Koch, Ruth N. and Kenneth C. Haugk  Speaking the Truth in Love: How to be an Assertive Christian  Relationships, Assertiveness, Christian life
 152.4  LAW   Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara Respect: An Exploration  Respect, Self-esteem
 152.4  PEA   Pearsall, Paul Super Joy Emotions, Joy
 152.4  SCH   Schmitt, Abraham Art of Listening with Love  Emotions, Love, Listening, Christian life
 152.4  SIM   Simon, Sidney B. I Am Lovable and Capable  Emotions, Interpersonal relations, Social interact
 152.4  SME   Smedes, Lewis B.  Caring and Commitment: Learning to Live the Love We Promise  Interpersonal relations, Commitment, Love
 152.4  WEA   Weatherhead, Leslie D. Wounded Spirits  Spiritual Healing
 152.42  SEA   Seamands, David A. Healing for Damaged Emotions  Emotional Health, Psychology, Recovery
 153.8  JOH   John, Christine Lee Gen X Revolution  Life choices and changes, Ethics
 153.83  LEH   Lehrer, Jonah How We Decide  Psychology, Decision making, Human Behavior
 155  KUE   Kuebelbeck, Julie and Victoria O'Connor Caregiver Therapy  Caregivers, Psychology
 155.2  BRO   Brodzindky, D. and M. Schecter and R. Henig Being Adopted  Adoption, Psychology
 155.2  GIL   Gillett, Richard Change Your Mind, Change Your World  Attitude, Motivation, Psychology
 155.2  MIL   Miller, Kathy Collard  Why Do I Put So Much Pressure On Myself? Perfectionism
 155.2  MIS   Missildine, W. Hugh Your Inner Child of the Past  Psychology, Parent and child
 155.2  OSB   Osborne, Cecil Art of Understanding Yourself  Personality, Success, Conduct of Life
 155.2  SEL   Seligman, Martin E. P. Learned Optimism Optimism
 155.24  JOH   Johnson, Spencer  Who Moved My Cheese: A-Mazing Way to Deal With Change  Change, Psychology
 155.4  TIM   Time Life Books Playtime Parenting
 155.4  TIM   Time Life Books Your Growing Child Parenting
 155.4  WIL  Wilt, Joy  Taming the Big Bad Wolves Parenting
 155.4  ZIM   Zimbardo, Philip G and Shirley Radl Shy Child  Psychology - Child
 155.4124  GEW   Gewirtz, Abigail When the World Feels Like a Scary Place  Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Parenting
 155.45  BLU   Blumenfeld, Jane and P.E. Thompson & B.S. Vogel  Help Them Grow! Handicaps - Mental
 155.45  EXL  Exley, Helen  What It's Like To Be Me Handicaps - Physical
 155.45  RAN   Ransom, Judy Griffith  Courage to Care: Seven Families Touched by Disability & Con  Handicaps - Physical
 155.5  CAM   Campbell, Ross How to Really Love Your Teenager  Parenting, Teens
 155.5  PIP  Pipher, Mary  Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Lives of Adolescent Girls  Psychology - Young Adult
 155.6  WEA   Weaver, Frances Girls with the Grandmother Faces  Aging, Widows, Life skills
 155.6  WIL   Wilson, Patricia  How Can I Be Over the Hill When I Haven't Seen the Top Yet?  Aging
 155.67  PUR   Purviance, Edwin and Mable Purviance Peace of Mind at Sundown  Aging
 155.67  TIN   Tindell, Charles Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles Aging
 155.9  AUT   Authers, Donna M.  Sacred Walk: Dispelling Fear of Death and Caring for Dying  Death, Psychology, End of Life
 155.9  BUC   Buckingham, Robert W.  Special Kind of Love: Care of the Dying Child  Death, Children, Illness
 155.9  COL   Colgrove, M. and H. Bloomfield and P. McWilliams  How to Survive the Loss of a Love Loss, Grief, Separation
 155.9  DEI  Deits, Bob  Life After Loss Loss, Grief
 155.9  DOK   Doka, Kenneth J. Living With Grief After Sudden Loss  Grief
 155.9  DOK   Doka, Kenneth J. Living With Grief When Illness is Prolonged  Grief
 155.9  INT   Interrante, Julie Power of a Broken-Open Heart  Life Change, Terminal Illness, Stress
 155.9  KAB   Kabat-Zinn, Jon Wherever You Go There You Are  Meditation
 155.9  KIM  Kimmel, Jo  So Now You're Alone Grief
 155.9  KUB   Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth Death, The Final Stage Of Growth  Death and Dying
 155.9  MCI   McIlwraith, Hamish Coping with Bereavement  Grief, Bereavement
 155.9  MIL   Miller, Roger F. What Can I Say? Grief
 155.9  OBR   O'Brian, Welby  Good-bye for Now: Practical Help/Personal Hope/Those Who Grieve  Grief
 155.9  SCH   Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff Bereaved Parent Grief
 155.9  WHI   Whitfield, Barbara Harris  Final Passage: Sharing the Journey as This Life Ends  Death and Dying
 155.93  REE   Reed, Elizabeth L. Helping Children with the Mystery of Death  Death and Dying, Grief
 155.937  GRO   Grollman, Earl A.  Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing  Berevement, Grief in Adolescence
 155.937  KES   Kessler, David Needs of the Dying  Death, Terminal Illness
 155.937  KES   Kessler, David Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms  Death, Terminal Illness
 155.937  KUB   Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth and David Kessler  On Grief and Grieving Grief, Loss, Berevement
 155.937  NEE   Neeld, Elizabeth Harper  Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone  Death, Grief, Bereavement
 155.937  RIN   Ring, Kenneth Heading Toward Omega  Death and Dying, Near Death Experience
 158  AND  Andre, Rae  Positive Solitude Loneliness
 158  BIE  Biehl, Bobb  Mentoring: Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Becoming One  Mentoring
 158  CEN  Centi, Paul J.  Up with the Positive, Out with the Negative Psychology
 158  COV   Covey, Stephen R. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Psychology, Success
 158  COV  Covey, Sean  7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens  Success, Life Skills, Teenagers
 158  JAM  Jamison, Kaleel  Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Power  Leadership, Social Maturation, Self-perception
 158  LAI  Lair, Jess  I Ain't Well, but I Sure am Better Psychology
 158.1  CAR   Carlson, Richard  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff  Psychology
 158.1  COV   Covey, Stephen R. and A. R. Merrill & R. R.Merrill  First Things First Time Management
 158.1  FIN  Finley, Guy  Secret of Letting Go Happiness
 158.1  LER   Lerner, Helene Stress Breakers Stress
 158.1  PEC   Peck, M. Scott Road Less Traveled Psychology
 158.12  FUL   Fulghum, Robert  All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten Essays
 158.122  SCO   Scott, Felicia T.  Thrive! 7 Strategies for Extraordinary Living Personal Growth
 158.2  DIE   Diehm, William J.  Caring Criticism: Building Bridges Instead of Walls  Criticism, Christian Growth, Stephen Ministries
 158.2  JAM  James, Larry  How to Really Love the One You're With: Affirmative Guidelines  Love, Self-Actualization, Psychology
 158.2  LEV   Levine, Stephen and Ondrea Levine  Embracing the Beloved: Relationship as a Path of Awakening  Spiritual Live, Interpersonal Relationships
 158.2  MOO  Moore, Thomas  Soul Mates: Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship  Intimacy, Psychology, Love, Conduct of Life
 158.2  MOR   Morrison, Douglas A. and Christopher P. Witt  From Loneliness to Love Loneliness
 158.25  CON  Conway, Jim  Friendship: Skills for Having a Friend, Being a Friend  Friendship
 158.3  DOR   Dortch, Thomas W. Miracles of Mentoring Mentoring
 158.3  MCC   McClelland, Susan with Susan McClelland Prescott  "If There's Anything I Can Do..." Visiting the Sick
 158.4  JON   Jones, Laurie Beth Jesus, CEO Success, Business
 170  BAR   Barclay, William Ethics in a Permissive Society  Ethics
 170  WIL   Wilson, James O. Moral Sense Ethics
 170.4  SME   Smedes, Lewis B. Choices Ethics
 170.44  KEI   Keith, Kent M. Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments  Altruism, Conduct of Life
 170.44  KUB   Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth and David Kessler Life Lessons  Conduct of Life, Death
 170.44  LAM  Lamott, Anne  Almost Everything: Notes on Hope Spirituality, Hope
 170.44  LAM   Lamm, Maurice Power of Hope Hope
 170.44  SIM  Simon, Paul  Fifty-two Simple Ways to Make a Difference Social Action
 172  WAL  Wallis, Jim  Who Speaks for God? Ethics - Political
 174  SAL   Salwen, Kevin and Hannah Salwen Power of Half  Consumption, Moral and Ethical Aspects, UMW
 174  WOG   Wogaman, J. Philip  From the Eye of the Storm: A Pastor to the President Speaks Out  Ethics
 174.2  HIL  Hilton, Bruce  First Do No Harm Ethics - Medical
 174.4  WAL  Wallis, Jim  Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, Your Street  Values, Ethics, Economics
 174.93  BRO   Brock, Rita Nakashima and Gabriella Lettini  Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury After War  Military Ethics, War, Mental Health, UMW
 176  GEI   Geis, Sally B. and Donald E. Messer  Befuddled Stork: Helping Persons of Faith Debate Beginning of Li  Ethics, Medical
 177.7  RUG   Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan  Practice of Loving Kindness: A Guide to Spiritual Fulfillment  Sociology
 179.1  BEK  Bekoff, Marc  Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion/Coexistenc  Human ecology, Biodiversity
 179.2  NEW   New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women  My Neighbor is a Battered Woman Abuse - Physical
 179.9  HEN   Henderson, Michael Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate  Forgiveness
 190  CLA   Clark, Kelly James Philosophers Who Believe  Philosophy
 198  KIE   Bretall, Robert - Editor Kierkegaard Anthology  Philosophy
 200  BRU   Bruner, Kurt and Jim Ware  Finding God in the Lord of the Rings Criticism
 200  GLE  Gleason, John J  Growing Up to God God
 200  KAU  Kaufman, Walter  Religions in Four Dimensions Religion
 200  OWE  Owens, Gene  Confessions of a Religionless Christian Religion
 200  PAN  Panati, Charles  Sacred Origins of Profound Things  Religions, Rites and Ceremonies
 200.19  BRO   Brown, Laurence Psychology of Religion Psychology
 200.19  SPI   Spilka, B and R.W. Hood, B. Hunsberger, R. Gorsuch  Psychology of Religion, Third Edition Psychology, Religious
 200.5  MCG   McGrath, Alister In the Beginning Bible History
 200.82  HAW   Hawley, John Stratton - Editor Fundamentalism and Gender  Women and Religion
 200.9  SCO   Scott, Susan L. Stories in my Neighbour's Faith  Religions
 200.973  HEW   Hewitt, Hugh Searching For God In America Religion
 200.973  MEA   Mead, Frank S. and Samuel S. Hill, Craig D. Atwood  Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 12th Edition  Sects, Religions- United States, Church History
 200.973  NEU   Neusner, Jacob World Religions in America: An Introduction  Religion
 200.978  SZA   Szasz, Ferenc Morton Religion in the Modern American West  Religion
 201  ALE   Alexander, Hartley Burr World's Rim Christianity
 201  BOW   Bowie, Walter Russell Men of Fire  Peter, Paul, Martin Luther, John Wesley
 201  CHE   Chesterton, G. K. Everlasting Man Christianity
 201  COU  Cousins, Norman  In God We Trust Christianity
 201  KIN   King, Winston L. Introduction to Religion Religion
 201  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Best of C .S. Lewis: Great Divorce, Screwtape Letters, Miracles  Christian Behavior, Case for Christianity
 201  STE   Stenson, Sten H. Sense and Nonsense in Religion  Christianity
 201.1  JOH  Johnson, Tom  No Tall Buildings in Nazareth Christian Education
 201.5  MAC   MacKenzie, Don, & Falcon, Ted, & Rahman, Jamal  Getting to the Heart of Interfaith  Religions, Interfaith Relations
 201.5  PAT  Patel, Eboo  Inter Faith Leadership: A Primer Leadership, Religions, UMW
 201.65  STR   Stroble, Paul E. What About Religion & Science?  Religion and Science
 201.7  PUT   Putnam, Robert and David Campbell  American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us  Religion, Sociology - United States
 202.07  MIL   Miller, Calvin Philippian Fragment Pastoral Theology
 202.3  JOB  Job, Rueben  Living Fully, Dying Well  Death - Religious Aspects, Spiritual Life
 202.3  MIL  Miller, Lisa  Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife  Heaven, Abramic Religions
 203.1  WAR   Warshaw, Thayer S. Abingdon Glossary of Religious Terms  Bible Dictionary
 203.21  GEN   Gentz, William H. Dictionary of Bible and Religion  Bible Dictionary
 203.7  PLA   Plate, S. Brent  History of Religion in 5 1/2 Objects:Bringing the Spiritual to I  Religion and Culture, History
 204.082  SCH   Schaaf, Kathe and K. Lindahl, K. Hurty, G. Cheen  Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership  Women, Leadership, Social Problems
 204.3  JOR  Jordan, River  Praying for Strangers: An Adventure of the Human Spirit  Prayer, UMW
 204.33  BUT   Butash, Adrian  Bless This Food: Ancient and Contemporary Graces from Around the  Grace at Meals
 204.4  SRO   Srode, Molly and Bernie Srode  Keeping Spiritual Balance As We Grow Older  Aging, Retirement, Religious Life
 204.4  VEN   Vennard, Jane E.  Fully Awake and Truly Alive:Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your  Spiritual Life, UMW
 208  KIE   Kierkegaard, Soren Training in Christianity  Philosophy
 208  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Timeless Writings of C. S. Lewis Christian Theology
 208  VAN   VanDeWeyer, Robert  Illustrated Book of Christian Literature:The First Two Millennia  Literature, Religious
 209.22  BRI  Bright, Bill  Greatest Lesson I've Ever Learned Christian Biography, Men
 209.22  WOO   Woodbridge, John  More than Conquerors: Portraits of Believers All Walks of Life  Christian Biography
 209.73  MAR   Marshall, Peter and David Manuel Light and the Glory  United States History, Colonial Period
 210  TRU   Trueblood, David Elton Philosophy of Religion  Philosophy
 212.1  STR  Strobel, Lee  Case for a Creator God, Religion and Science
 220  BAL   Ball-Kilbourne, Gary L. Get Acquainted with Your Bible  Bible, Books About
 220  FIL  Filipi, Emily  3,285 Bible Questions & Answers Bible Trivia
 220  LAC  Lacey, Rob  Word on the Street Bible
 220  LAN   Lang, J. Stephen Complete Book of Bible Trivia  Books About the Bible
 220  REA   Reader's Digest Association ABC's of the Bible  Bible, Books About
 220.02  ALE   Alexander, David and Pat Alexander  Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible Bible Handbook
 220.02  ALE   Alexander, Pat Eerdmans' Family Encyclopedia of the Bible  Bible Handbook
 220.02  BAR   Barbour Publishing  Know Your Bible: All 66 Books Explained and Applied  Books about the Bible
 220.02  BOA   Boa, Kennerh and Mylan Lorenzen Visual Survey of the Bible  Bible Handbook
 220.02  EAS   Easley, Kendell H. Understanding the Bible  Bible Handbooks
 220.022  ROS   Rose Publishing  Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and, Time Lines  Bible Handbooks, Geography, Chronology
 220.022  SMI   Smith, Marsha A. Ellis  Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions  Bible Handbooks
 220.06  OMA   O'Malley, William J.  Matthew, Mark, Luke & You: Unraveling the Gospels  Bible, New Testament Gospels, Criticism
 220.07  GRI   Griggs, Patricia Opening the Bible with Children  Christian Education
 220.07  HEA   Heald, Cynthia Becoming a Woman Who Loves  Bible Study
 220.07  MAC   MacArthur, John  How to Get the Most from God's Word: An Everyday Guide  Bible Study
 220.07  MUR  Murray, Dick  Teaching the Bible to Adults and Youth Christian Education
 220.07  MUR  Murray, Dick  Teaching the Bible to Elementary Children Christian Education
 220.07  PAA   Paap, David A. Biblical Equipping: God's Word in Your World  Bible Study
 220.071  HEN   Hendricks, Howard G. and William D. Hendricks  Living by the Book Bible Study
 220.1  BAR   Barclay, William revised by John Rogerson  Introducing the Bible Origins and Authenticity of the Bible
 220.1  FAI   Faichney, Thomas Taylor How the Bible Grew  Bible - Origins
 220.1  GOM   Gomes, Peter J.  Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart  Bible Interpretation
 220.1  GOO   Goodspeed, Edgar J. How Came The Bible  Bible - Origins
 220.1  KOC  Koch, Klaus  Book of Books, The Growth of the Bible Bible - Origins
 220.1  MEA   Mears, Henrietta C. What the Bible is All About  Bible, Books About
 220.1  SWA   Swaim, J. Carter Where Our Bible Came From  Bible - Origins
 220.2  BLA   Blair, Edward P. Abingdon Bible Handbook  Bible Handbook
 220.2  CAS   Cassidy, James, Editor  Family Guide to the Bible, King James Version Concordance
 220.2  GUI   Guideposts Associates Guideposts Family Concordance  Concordance
 220.2  NEL   Nelson, Thomas Concise Concordance Concordance
 220.2  NEL   Nelson, Thomas Nelson's Complete Concordance  Concordance
 220.2  UNG   Unger, Merrill F. Unger's Bible Handbook  Bible Handbook
 220.2  ZON   Zondervan Publishing House RSV Handy Concordance  Concordance
 220.22  JAC   Jacobs, A. J. Year of Living Biblically  Bible Intertpretation, Christian Life
 220.3  AND  Anderson, Ken  Where To Find It In The Bible Bible Index
 220.3  BEA  Beal, Timothy  Biblical Literacy: Essential Bible Stories Everyone Need to Know  Bible Stories, Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BRY   Bryant, T. Alton New Compact Bible Dictionary  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BUT   Buttrick, George A.  Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Supplementary Volume  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BUT   Buttrick, George A. Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible A-D  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BUT   Buttrick, George A. Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible E-J  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BUT   Buttrick, George A. Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible K-Q  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  BUT   Buttrick, George A. Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible R-Z  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  DAV   Davis, John D.  Davis Dictionary of the Bible, 4th Revised Edition  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  GOO   Goodrick, Edward W. and John R. Kohlenberger III  Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance Concordance
 220.3  MIL   Miller, Madeleine S. Harper's Bible Dictionary  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  MIL   Miller, Madeleine S. and J. Lane Miller  Harper's Encyclopedia of Bible Life Bible Dictionaries
 220.3  NAV   Naves, Orville J.; Revised by Edward Viening  New Nave's Topical Bible Bible Indexes
 220.3  PAC   Packer, J.I. and M. C. Tenney, and Wm White, Jr Bible Almanac  Bible Handbook
 220.3  PAC   Packer, J. I. and M. C. Tenney and Wm. White, Jr.  Nelson's Illust. Ency. of Bible Facts, Land & People, V 1  Bible Encyclopedia
 220.3  PAC   Packer, J. I. and M. C. Tenney and Wm. White, Jr.  Nelson's Illust. Ency. of Bible Facts, Life in Bible Times , V 2  Bible Encyclopedia
 220.3  PAC   Packer, J. I. and M. C. Tenney and Wm. White, Jr.  Nelson's Illust. Ency. of Bible Facts, New Testament Times, V 3  Bible Encyclopedia
 220.3  PIN   Pinson, William Word Topical Bible of Issues and Answers  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  SMI   Smith, William Smith's Bible Dictionary  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  TEN   Tenney, Merrill C. Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary  Bible Dictionary
 220.3  WIG   Wigoder, Geoffrey - General Editor  Illustrated Dictionary & Concordance of the Bible  Bible Dictionary, Concordance
 220.3  YOU  Young, Robert  Analytical Concordance to the Bible Concordance
 220.5  AME   Goodspeed, Edgar J.(Editor)  Holy Bible, American Translation, including the Apocrypha  Bible, American Translation
 220.5  AMP   Lockman Foundation Amplified Bible Holy Bible
 220.5  CEV   American Bible Society  Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version  Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version
 220.5  CON   Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Bible Bible
 220.5  FRA  Frank, Joseph  Literature from the Bible Literature, Religious
 220.5  KJV   Samuel Bagster & Sons, Limited Companion Bible Bible
 220.5  KJV   King James Version Holy Bible, King James Version  Bible, King James Version
 220.5  KJV   World Publishing Company Holy Bible, King James Version  Bible, King James Version
 220.5  LIV  Tyndale House  Book Bible, Living Bible
 220.5  LIV  Tyndale House  Living Bible Bible, Living Bible
 220.5  LIV  Tyndale House  Way Bible, Living Bible
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 222.11  FEI   Feiler, Bruce Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths  Abraham
 222.11  PUB   Public Affairs Television  Talking About Genesis: A Resource Guide Genesis
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 223.2  BAR   Barclay, William Lord is My Shepherd Psalms
 223.2  GEL   Gelineau, Joseph Psalms, A New Translation Psalms
 223.2  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Reflections on the Psalms Psalms
 223.206  ROP   Roper, David Psalm 23, The Song of a Passionate Heart  Psalms
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 224  HUR   Hurst, William D. Hooks in Their Jaws Bible Prophecy
 224  TIL  Tilson, Everett  Decision for Destiny Bible Prophecy
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 225  BAR   Barclay, William Gospel of John, Vol 2  New Testament Commentary, John
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Gospel of Luke  New Testament Commentary, Luke
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Gospel of Mark  New Testament Commentary, Mark
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Gospel of Matthew, Vol 1  New Testament Commentary, Matthew
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Gospel of Matthew, Vol 2  New Testament Commentary, Matthew
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letter to the Hebrews  New Testament Commentary, Hebrews
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letter to the Romans Commentary
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letters of James and Peter  New Testament Commentary, James, Peter
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letters of John & Jude  New Testament Commentary, John, Jude
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letters to the Corinthians  New Testament Commentary, Corinthians
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letters to the Galatians & Ephesians  New Testament Commentary, Galatians, Ephesians
 225  BAR   Barclay, William  Letters to the Philippians, Colossians & Thessalonians  New Testament Commentary, Philipp., Coloss., Thess
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Letters to Timothy, Titus & Philemon  New Testament Commentary, Timothy, Titus, Philemon
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Many Witnesses, One Lord  New Testament - Books About
 225  BAR   Barclay, William New Testament Vol 1 (Gospels and Acts)  New Testament - Books About
 225  BAR   Barclay, William  New Testament Vol 2 (Letters and the Revelation)  New Testament - Books About
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Revelation of John, Vol 1  New Testament Commentary, Revelations
 225  BAR   Barclay, William Revelation of John, Vol 2  New Testament Commentary, Revelations
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 225  FIL   Filson, Floyd V. Opening the New Testament  New Testament - Books About
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 225  JON   Jones, Alexander New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible  Bible - New Testament
 225  KJV  Kwikscan  New Testament Bible - New Testament
 225  KJV  Moody Monthly  New Testament and Wycliffe Bible Commentary  Bible - New Testament
 225  LIV  Tyndale House  Living New Testament Bible - New Testament
 225  LIV  Tyndale House  Reach Out - The Living New Testament Bible - New Testament
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 225  PHI  Phillips, J. B.  New Testament in Modern English Bible - New Testament
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 231.6  LUC  Lucado, Max  Love Worth Giving: Living in the Overflow of God's Love  God, Love and Wisdom
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 231.7  LUC  Lucado, Max  He Did This Just for You Jesus Christ
 231.7  MEY  Meyer, Joyce  How to Hear from God: Learn to Know His Voice Spirituality
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 231.8  DOB   Dobson, Dr. James When God Doesn't Make Sense God
 231.8  DOB   Dobson, Dr. James When God Doesn't Make Sense - Study Guide  God
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 231.8  SOC   Sockman, Ralph W. Meaning of Suffering Suffering
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 232  BAR   Barclay, William Jesus of Nazareth Jesus Christ
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 232  DEJ  deJonge, M.  Jesus: Inspiring and Disturbing Presence Jesus Christ
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 232  FEL   Felton, Gayle Carlton Coming of Jesus Jesus Christ
 232  FOS   Fosdick, Harry Emerson Man From Nazareth  Jesus Christ
 232  FOS   Fosdick, Harry Emerson Manhood of the Master  Jesus Christ
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 232  KNO  Knox, John  Ethic of Jesus in the Teaching of the Church Jesus Christ
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 232  LAY   Laymon, Charles M. Luke's Portrait of Christ  Jesus Christ
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 232  LUC  Lucado, Max  Next Door Savior Jesus Christ, Christian Life
 232  PAS   Paschal, Jr, R. Wade Serving With Christ  Jesus Christ
 232  SAN  Sangster, W. E.  They Met at Calvary Jesus Christ
 232  SMI  Smith, Roy L.  Toward an Understanding of the Carpenter's Son Jesus Christ
 232  STR  Strobel, Lee  Case for Christ Jesus Christ
 232  TRU   Trueblood, Elton Confronting Christ Jesus Christ
 232  TRU   Trueblood, Elton Yoke of Christ Jesus Christ
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 232  WEA   Weatherhead, Leslie D. Transforming Friendship  Jesus Christ
 232  WEA   Weatherhead, Leslie D. When the Lamp Flickers  Jesus Christ
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 232.089  PED   Pedraja, Luis G.  Jesus is my Uncle: Christology from a Hispanic Perspective  Jesus Christ, Hispanic American Theology
 232.09  JOH   Johnson, Elizabeth A. Consider Jesus Jesus Christ
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 232.21  LUC  Lucado, Max  He Chose the Nails: What God did to win your heart  Jesus Christ, Christian Life
 232.5  SPO   Spong, John Shelby Resurrection: Myth or Reality?  Jesus Christ, Christianity - Origin
 232.8  KEL   Keller, Timothy  King's Cross: Story of the World in Life of Jesus Christ  Jesus Christ,, Biblical Teaching
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 232.9  CHA   Charlesworth, James H. Jesus' Jewishness  Jesus Christ
 232.9  GIR   Girzone, Joseph Jesus, His Life and Teachings  Jesus Christ
 232.9  HAM   Hamilton, Adam Journey  Jesus Christ-Nativity, Advent, Christmas
 232.9  HEL   Heller, John H. Report on the Shroud of Turin  Shroud of Turin
 232.9  HOE   Hoehner, Harold W.  Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ Jesus Christ
 232.9  ISB   Isbouts, Jean-Pierre  Footsteps of Jesus:Chronicle of His Life,Origins of Christianity  Jesus Christ
 232.9  LUC  Lucado, Max  Just Like Jesus Jesus Christ
 232.9  MCC   McClelland, W. Robert Scandal and the Star  Jesus Christ
 232.9  MIN   Minear, Paul S. To Die and to Live Jesus Christ
 232.9  PHI   Phillips, J. B. When God Was Man Jesus Christ
 232.9  REA   Reader's Digest Jesus and His Times Jesus Christ
 232.9  STR  Strobel, Lee  Case for Christmas Christmas
 232.9  STR  Strobel, Lee  Case for Faith Jesus Christ
 232.9  THO   Thomas, Gordon Trial: Life & Inevitable Crucifixion of Jesus  Jesus Christ, Passion
 232.901  POL   Pollock, John Master Jesus Christ
 232.901  WIL   Wilson, A. N. Jesus: A Life Jesus Christ
 232.91  BRO   Brown, Raymond Editory Mary in the New Testament  New Testament, Mary
 232.91  PER  Perry, Tim  Mary for Evangelicals: Toward and Understanding of the Mother of  Mary
 232.92  BOR   Borg, Marcus J. and John Dominic Crossan  First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus' Birt  Jesus Christ - Nativity, Christmas
 232.92  JER   Jeremiah, David Why the Nativity? Jesus Christ
 232.92  WHA   Wharton, Gary C. Story of Christmas Christmas
 232.921  SPO   Spong, John Shelby Born of a Woman Jesus Christ
 232.932  HAM   Hamilton, Adam Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph  Christmas, Joseph
 232.95  YAN   Yancey, Philip His Name is Jesus Jesus Christ
 232.96  HAM   Hamilton, Adam 24 Hours That Changed the World  Jesus Christ, Holy Week
 232.96  HAM   Hamilton, Adam  24 Hours That Changed the World: 40 Days of Reflection  Jesus Christ, Holy Week, Lent
 232.96  ORE   O'Reilly, Bill and Martin Dugard Killing Jesus  Jesus Chirst, Biblical History, Religion
 232.962  THO   Thomas, Gordon Jesus Conspiracy Jesus Christ
 232.97  MAR   Marshall, Peter First Easter Easter
 232.97  STR  Strobel, Lee  Case for Easter Jesus Christ
 233.19  PAW   Pawlikowski, John T.  Christ in the Light of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue  Christianity and Other Religions
 233.5  SPA  Sparks, Susan  Laugh Your Way to Grace: Reclaiming the Spiritual Power of Humor  Laughter, Wit and Humor, Religion
 234  BAR   Barclay, William Turning to God Faith
 234  BRI  Bridges, Jerry  Transforming Grace: Discussion Guide Grace
 234  BRI  Bridges, Jerry  Transforming Grace: Living Confidently with God's Unfailing Love  Grace
 234  FOW   Fowler, Jim and Sam Keen  Life Maps: Conversations on the Journey of Faith Faith
 234  GRI   Griffith, A. Leonard Beneath the Cross of Jesus  Atonement
 234  GUL   Gulley, Philip and James Mulholland  If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Every Person Grace
 234  JON   Jones, E. Stanley Conversion Faith
 234  KID  Kidd, Sue Monk  God's Joyful Surprise Faith
 234  KIN   Kinghorn, Kenneth Cain  Gospel of Grace: Way of Salvation in Wesleyan Tradition  Grace, Creation, Sin, Conversion, Sanctification
 234  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Surprised by Joy Faith
 234  MAL   Malony, H. Newton Understanding Your Faith Faith
 234  MAR  Marney, Carlyle  Coming Faith Faith
 234  SPU   Spurrier, William A. Guide to the Christian Faith  Faith
 234  SWI   Swindoll, Charles Grace Awakening Grace
 234  YAN  Yancey, Philip  What's So Amazing About Grace? Grace (Theology)
 234.1  BRY   Bryant, Charles V. Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts  Spiritual Gifts
 234.1  FOS   Foster, Richard J. Freedom of Simplicity Simplicity
 234.1  KIN   Kinghorn, Kenneth C. Gifts of the Spirit  Spiritual Gifts
 234.1  WAG   Wagner, C. Peter  Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow  Spiritual Gifts, Church Growth
 234.13  HEM   Hemphill, Ken  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Discovering Your True Self Through S  Spiritual Gifts
 234.13  HUB   Hubbard, David Allan Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts  Gifts, Spiritual
 234.16  BAR   Barclay, William Lord's Supper Holy Communion
 234.16  CAS   Cassels, Louis Feast for a Time of Fasting  Holy Communion, Lent
 234.16  COC   Cochrane, Arthur C. Eating and Drinking With Jesus  Holy Communion
 234.16  FEL   Felton, Gayle Carlton  This Holy Mystery: A UM Understanding of Holy Communion  Sacraments, Holy Communion
 234.16  GEA   Gealy, Fred D. Let us Break Bread Together  Holy Communion
 234.16  HEL   Helleberg, Marilyn Morgan  Every Good Thing: Claiming God's Gifts for You Christian Life
 234.16  MCC   McClain, George and Tilda Norberg and Nancy Kruh  Call: Living Sacramentally, Walking Justly  Christian Living, Sacraments
 234.2  FOW   Fowler, James W.  Stages of Faith:The Psychology of Human Development & the Quest  Faith
 234.2  PEA   Peale, Norman Vincent and Smiley Blanton Faith is the Answer  Faith
 234.2  PRA   Pratney, Winkie Thomas Factor Faith
 234.2  SCH   Schaper, Donna Hard Times: Sermons on Hope Hope
 234.22  MAN   Manskar, Steven , Marjorie Schocki, Diana Hynson Perfect Love  John Wesley, Christian Perfection
 234.23  YAC   Yaconelli, Michael  Dangerous Wonder: The Adventure of Childlike Faith Faith
 234.3  GRA  Graham, Billy  How to Be Born Again Redemption
 234.5  ARN   Arnold, Johann Christoph Seventy Times Seven  Forgiveness
 234.5  ARN   Arnold, Johann Christoph Why Forgive? Forgiveness
 234.5  AUG   Augsburger, David Freedom of Forgiveness Forgiveness
 234.5  PRI   Pritchard, Ray Healing Power of Forgiveness  Forgiveness
 234.5  SHE  Sherrer, Quin  How to Forgive your Children Forgiveness
 234.5  SME   Smedes, Lewis B.  Forgive & Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve  Forgiveness
 234.5  WEA   Weaver, Andrew J. and Monica Furlong  Reflections on Forgiveness and Spiritual Growth Forgiveness
 234.8  NIC   Nicholl, Donald Holiness Holiness
 235  BEN   Bence, Evelyn, Editor Angels Ever Near Angels
 235  ECK   Eckersley, Glennyce S. Children and Angels Angels
 235  GUI   Guideposts Associates Angels Among Us Angels
 235  LAD   Ladner-Bischoff, Nathalie Angel's Touch Angels
 235  SHE  Shedd, Charlie  Brush of An Angel's Wing Angels
 235  VAL  Valentine, Lynn  Coming of Angels: Miracles and Messages Angels
 235  WEB   Weber, Marilynn Carlson & William D. Webber Rustle of Angels  Angels
 235  WHE   Wheeler, Joe, Editor Stories of Angels, Seen and Unseen  Angels
 235.3  GRA  Graham, Billy  Angels: God's Secret Agents Angels
 235.3  JON   Jones, Timothy Celebration of Angels Angels
 235.4  RIC   Richards, Larry  Full Armor of God: Defending Your Life from Satan's Schemes  Spiritual Warfare, Ephesians
 236  BUR  Burnham, Betsy  When Your Friend is Dying Death and Dying, Grief
 236  CUR   Curry, Cathleen L. When Your Spouse Dies  Death and Dying, Grief
 236  ERD   Erdahl, Lowell O. Lonely House  Death and Dying, Grief
 236  IRI  Irion, Paul E.  Funeral - Vestige or Value? Funerals
 236  JAC   Jackson, Edgar N. For the Living Funerals
 236  JAC   Jackson, Edgar N. When Someone Dies  Death and Dying, Grief
 236  JAC   Jackson, Edgar N. You and Your Grief  Death and Dying, Grief
 236  KEM   Kemp, Bill and Diane Kerner Arnett  Going Home: Facing Life's Final Moments Without Fear  Death and Dying
 236  KOM   Komp MD, Diane M.  Window to Heaven: When Children See Life in Death  Children and Death, Consolation
 236  KUB   Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth On Death and Dying  Death and Dying
 236  MOO   Moody, Raymond A. Jr. Life After Life  Death and Dying, Heaven
 236  PRE  Pregent, Carol  When a Child Dies Grief
 236  WEA   Weatherhead, Leslie D. Life Begins at Death  Death and Dying
 236.1  FAN   Fanestil, John Mrs. Hunter's Happy Death  Death and Dying
 236.1  GRA  Graham, Billy  Facing Death and the Life After Death and Dying
 236.1  MOL  Moll, Rob  Art of Dying: Living Fully into the Life to Come  Death and Dying, End of Life, Grief
 236.2  AND   Anderson, Reggie with Jennifer Schuchmann  Appointments with Heaven Heaven, Healing, Future Life
 236.2  GRA  Graham, Billy  Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity, and Out Liife Beyond  Heaven, Eternity, Bible
 236.24  JER   Jeremiah, David  Discover Paradise: A Guidebook to Heaven, Your True Home  Heaven
 236.24  MAR   Martindale, Wayne  Beyond the Shadowlands: C. S. Lewis on Heaven & Hell  Heaven, Hell, C.S. Lewis
 236.24  TAD   Tada, Joni Eareckson Heaven, Your Real Home  Heaven, Spiritual Life
 236.8  HAN   Hanegraaff, Hank Resurrection  Jesus Christ-Resurrection, Apologetics
 236.9  HAG  Hagee, John  Jerusalem Countdown End Times, Bible Prophesies, Eschatology
 236.9  HIL   Hill, Craig C. In God's Time: the Bible and the Future  Eschatology, End Times
 236.9  MAC   MacArthur, John  Second Coming: Signs of Christ's Return/End of the Age  Eschatology, End Times
 236.921  LUC  Lucado, Max  When Christ Comes: the beginning of the very best  Second Advent
 238  BET   Bethune-Baker, James Franklin Faith of the Apostle's Creed  Creeds
 238.142  MIC   Micks, Marianne H.  Loving the Questions: An Exploration of the Nicene Creed  Nicene Creed
 239  ALL  Allen, Diogenes  Christian Belief in a Postmodern World: Full Wealth of Convictio  Apologetics
 239  CAM   Campolo, Anthony Partly Right Apologetics
 239  GAU   Gaukroger, Stephen  If You're There, God, I Have a Few Questions to Ask  Apologetics
 239  KEL  Keller, Timothy  Reason for God Apologetics, Faith, Skepticism
 239  LAN   Langford, Norman F. Barriers To Belief  Apologetics, Theology
 239  MCD  McDowell, Josh  Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Volume 1 Apologetics
 239  MCD  McDowell, Josh  Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Volume 2 Apologetics
 239  ZAC  Zacharias, Ravi  Jesus Among Other Gods Christian Apologetics, World Religions
 240  GAR  Garvey, John  Modern Spirituality, an Anthology Spirituality
 241  BAR   Barclay, William Ten Commandments for Today  Ten Commandments
 241  BON   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Ethics Ethics, Christian
 241  CAM  Campolo, Tony  20 Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch  Ethics, Christian
 241  CAM  Campolo, Tony  Who Switched the Price Tags? Values
 241  ELL   Elliot, Clifford  With Integrity of Heart: Living Values in Changing Times  Ethics
 241  EVE   Everding, H. Edward and Dana W. Wilbanks  Decision Making and the Bible Ethics
 241  HYB  Hybels, Bill  Who You Are When No One's Looking Christian Life
 241  MEN  Menninger, Karl  Whatever Became of Sin? Ethics
 241  SCH   Schuller, Robert A. In Search of Morality Ethics
 241  ZEH  Zeh, Katey  Women Rise Up Women of the Bible, Gender Equality, UMW
 241.0476  HAM   Hamilton, Adam  Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives/Tough Issue  Christian Ethics, Sermons
 241.2  WAT  Watson, Alan  Jesus and the Law Jewish Law
 241.3  DUN   Dunnam, Maxie and Kimberly Dunnam Reisman  Workbook on the 7 Deadly Sins Moral Theology
 241.3  MOO   Moore, James W.  Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned But I Have Several Excellent Excuses  Sin, Forgiveness
 241.4  BAU   Baumbich, Charlene Ann  How to Eat Humble Pie & Not Get Indigestion Humility
 241.4  BLO   Bloch, Douglas Listening to Your Inner Voice  Meditation
 241.4  CHA   Chapian, Marie Love and Be Loved Love
 241.4  FRA  Frank, Jan  Graceful Waiting: When There's Nothing More You Can Do  Patience
 241.4  GIL   Gills, James P. Love: Fulfilling the Ultimate Quest  Love
 241.4  GRE   Greer, Ronald J.  If You Know Who you Are, You'll Know What to Do Integrity
 241.4  HEI   Heidish, Marcy Who Cares?: Simple Ways You Can Reach Out  Caring
 241.4  KEN   Kendall, R. T. Just Say Thanks! Gratitude
 241.4  LAM  Lamontt, Anne  Hallelujah Anyway Mercy
 241.4  LAU   Lauer, Robert H. and Jeanette C. Lauer  Joy Ride: Everyday Ways to Lasting Happiness Virtues
 241.4  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Four Loves Love
 241.4  MAY   Mayerhoff, Milton On Caring Caring
 241.4  SAM  Samra, Cal  Joyful Christ Humor
 241.4  STA   Stanley, Charles  Walking Wisely: Real Guidance for Life's Journey  Christian Life, Wisdom
 241.4  THO   Thomas, Gary L.  Glorious Pursuit: Embracing the Virtues of Christ  Virtues, Christian Life
 241.4  ZOR   Zornes, Jeanne  When I Prayed for Patience...God Let Me Have It!  Christian Life
 241.52  HED   Hedges, Chris  Losing Moses on the Freeway: Ten Commandments in America  Ten Commandments, Moral Conditions
 241.52  KIL   Killinger, John  To My People with Love: The Ten Commandments for Today  Ten Commandments
 241.622  CLA   Clawson, Julie Everyday Justice  Justice, Christian Ethics, UMW
 241.6242  FAH   Fahey, Joseph J.  War & the Christian Conscience: Where Do You Stand? War
 241.6242  TRZ   Trzyna, Thomas  Blessed are the Pacifists: The Beatitudes and Just War Theory  Sermon on the Mount, Peace, Beatitudes
 241.6424  SHE   Sherrill, John Mother's Song  Terminal Illness, End of Life, Death
 241.66  ELL   Elliot, Elisabeth Passion and Purity Sexual Ethics
 241.66  GEI   Geis, Sally B. and Donald E. Messer  Caught in the Crossfire: Helping Christians Debate Homosexuality  Homosexuality
 241.664  ECK   Eckert, Kim Gaines  Things Your Mother Never Told You: A Woman's Guide to Sexuality  Sex - Religious Asspects, Christian Women
 241.67  KLE  Klehn, Tracy  Growing Friendships Mothers, Friendships - Religious Aspects
 241.671  POH   Pohl, Christine D.  Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as Christian Tradition  Hospitality, Christian Life
 241.677  BLU   Blue, Ron with Jodie Berndt  Generous Living: Finding Contentment Through Giving  Personal Finance, Generosity, Christian Living
 241.691  MOY   Moyer, Joanne  Earth Trek: Celebrating and Sustaining God's Creation  Environmental Ethics
 241.697  DEA  Dear, John  They Will Inherit the Earth  Non-Violence, Christian Ecology, UMW
 241.697  HUB   Huber, Wolfgang  Violence: the Unrelenting Assault on Human Dignity Violence
 242  AND  Anderson, Mac  Power of Attitude Devotional Literature
 242  BAK  Baker, Pat  Minute in the Morning Devotions
 242  BAR   Barclay, William Communicating the Gospel Devotions
 242  BAU   Bauknight, Brian Kelley Of Gardens & Grandchildren  Devotional Literature, Families, Vegetable Gardens
 242  CAR   Carlson, L. Phillips Huh, and other deep thoughts  Devotional Literature
 242  CHI   Chilcote, Paul Wesley Life-Shaping Prayer  Devotional Literature, Spiritual Life
 242  CLA   Clairmont, Patsy Normal is just a setting on your drier  Humor
 242  CLE   Clevenger, Kitty McDonald Everyday Joys and Wonders  Devotions
 242  CUR   Curry, Cathleen L.  Evening Walk: Steps Toward Wisdom and Grace Devotions
 242  CUR   Curtice, Kaitlin B.  Glory Happening: Finding the Divine in Everyday Places  Devotional Literature, Meditation, UMW
 242  DRA  Draper, Edythe  Living Light Devotions
 242  DYC  Dyck, Sally  Faithful Heart: Daily Guide for Joyful Living  Devotional Literature
 242  ELK   Elkins, Heather Murray  Holy Stuff of Life: Stories, Poems, Prayers about Human Things  Meditations, Devotional Literature
 242  ESC   Escamilla, Paul L. Longing for Enough in a Culture of More  Devotional Literature
 242  FLO  Flood, Robert  Faith for All Generations: A Family Devotional Devotions
 242  GRA  Graham, John K.  Graham Crackers & Milk Devotions
 242  GRO   Groenhoff, Edwin L. Psalms for Cloudy Days Devotions
 242  GUR  Guroian, Vigen  Inheriting Paradise: Meditations on Gardening Devotions
 242  HAL   Hall, Ennen Reaves and Ismar David Gifts From the Bible  Bible, Meditations
 242  HIL  Hillis, Don  Living Words for Today Devotions
 242  HON  Honor Books  God's Little Devotional Book Devotions
 242  JOB  Job, Rueben P.  40 Days with Wesley Devotional Literature, John Wesley, UMW
 242  KEL   Keller, W. Phillip Sky Edge: Mountaintop Meditations  Devotions
 242  MAH  Mahany. Barbara  Slowing Time: Seeing the Sacred Outside Your Kitchen Door  Devotional Literature, UMW
 242  MCD   McDonald, Alonzo L. Jesus, A Layman's Primer  Jesus Christ
 242  MCL   McLaughlin, Janice  Ostriches, Dung Beetles, and other Spiritual Masters  Devotional Literature, Animals, Africa
 242  MIE   Mier, Harry and Joan Mier Happiness Begins Before Breakfast  Devotions
 242  MIT   Mitchell, Bass M.  God Sightings: Discovering God in Every Day Life Devotionals
 242  OMA   Omartian, Stormie Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On  Devotional Literature
 242  PAT   Patterson, Ronald and Marlene Patterson Coming of Easter  Lent, Devotional Literature
 242  PIL   Publications International, Ltd. Count Your Blessings  Gratitude, Devotional Literature
 242  PRI  Price, Carl E.  Trails & Turnpikes Devotions
 242  SEY  Seymour, Jody  Looking for God in all the Wrong Places Devotions
 242  SHA  Shaw, Jean  Second Cup of Coffee, Proverbs for Today's Woman Devotions
 242  SMI  Smith, Roy L.  You are Important Devotions
 242  SNO   Snowden, Rita F. On the Tip of my Tongue Devotions
 242  STA  Stahl, Carolyn  Opening to God Devotions
 242  SWA  Swanson, Donna  Mind Song Devotions
 242  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R. Killing Giants, Pulling Thorns  Devotions
 242  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Each New Day Devotions
 242  TRO  Trout, Jessie  Like a Watered Garden Devotions
 242  WAG   Waggoner, Dorene I Will Not Leave You Comfortless  Devotional Literature, Grief
 242  WEE  Weedn, Flavia  With Each Remembrance Memories, Devotional Literature
 242  WEL   Weldon, Wilson O. Beyond the Obvious Devotions
 242  WEL   Weldon, Wilson O. Breakthru Devotions
 242  WES  Wesley, John  Christian Perfection Devotions
 242  WIL   Wilkinson, Marjorie Faith for All Seasons Devotions
 242  WIL   Willimon, William H. and Stanley Hauerwas  Lord, Teach Us: the Lord's Prayer and the Christian Life  Lord's Prayer
 242  WOO  Woodruff, Sue  Meditations with Mechtild of Magdeburg Devotions
 242  WOR   Workman, John S. Fireflies in a Fruit Jar Devotions
 242.02  LOR   Lorenz, Patricia Life's too Short to Fold Your Underwear  Humor, Devotional Literature
 242.08  MOO   Moore, James W. and others Christmas Reflections  Christmas
 242.087  CHI   Chilcote, Paul Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit  Devotional
 242.1  PAG  Page, Nick  Inspiration: 2000 Years of Christian Wisdom Devotions
 242.2  CAR   Carcano, Minerva Garza 365 More Meditations for Women  Devotions
 242.2  JAM   James-Brown, Erin - Editor Finding Peace in an Anxious World  Serinity Prayer, Anxiety, UMW
 242.2  JER   Jeremiah, David  Signs of Life: Back to the Basics of Authentic Christianity  Devotional Literature, UMW
 242.2  MAR   Martin, Albert William  Diary of Devotion: A Month with John and Charles Wesley  Devotional Literature
 242.2  RUP  Rupp, Joyce  Cup of Our Life Devotional Literature
 242.2  SON   Songs 4 Worship Give Thanks with a Greatful Heart  Devotional Literature
 242.21  JUL   Julian of Norwich Revelations of Divine Love  Devotional Literature, Middle Ages
 242.3  LEN   L'Engle, Madeleine Irrational Season Devotions
 242.3  RUP  Rupp, Joyce  Out of the Ordinary: prayers, poems, and reflections for every s  Devotions
 242.33  KIL   Killinger, John Parables for Christmas Christmas
 242.332  IND   Indermark, John Setting the Christmas Stage Advent
 242.332  OKO   Okoro, Enuma  Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent  Advent, Meditations, Devotional Literature
 242.332  SIL   Silf, Margaret  Lighted Windows: Advent Reflections for a World in Waiting  Advent, Ephiphany, Devotional Literature
 242.335  GRA   Graham, Billy and Ruth Graham This Christmas Night  Devotional Literature, Christmas and Advent
 242.34  HAR   Harris, Daniel Ethan  Follow: 40 Days of Preparing the Soul for Easter  Devotional Literature, Lent
 242.34  HUG   Huggett, Joyce Approaching Easter Lent
 242.34  WIN   Winter, David  What's in a Word: 40 Words of Jesus for 40 Days of Lent  Devotional Literature, Lent
 242.36  KAL   Kalas, J. Ellsworth Easter from the Backside  Easter, Devotional Literature
 242.4  ARM   Armstrong, O. V. Comfort for Those Who Mourn Grief
 242.4  DUN   Dunn, Bill and Kathy Leonard Through a Season of Grief  Grief, Consolation, Devotional Literature
 242.4  GIB  Gibbs, Teri  Deeper than Tears: Promises of Comfort and Hope  Devotional Literature, Grief, Hope
 242.4  JAC   Jackson, Edgar N. Christian Funeral  Funeral Service, Death
 242.4  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Grief Observed Grief, Consolation
 242.4  LOC   Lockerbie, Bruce and Lori Lockerbie Take Heart  Health
 242.4  PRA   Pratt, Maureen  Peace in the Storm: Meditations on Chronic Pain and Illness  Devotional Literature, Illness, Pain
 242.4  RUC   Ruchti, Cynthia  Tattered and Mended: Art of Healing the Wounded Soul  Spiritual Healing, UMW
 242.4  SHO  Shorb, Wil  It's Your Day Devotions
 242.5  BRI   Briscoe, Stuart What Works When Life Doesn't Psalms
 242.5  HAW   Hawkins, O. S.  Joshua Code: 52 Scripture Verses Every Believer Shoud Know  Devotional Literature
 242.5  HUM  Humble Creek  Light for My Path for Grandparents Devotions
 242.5  KAL   Kalas, J. Ellsworth  Longing to Pray: How the Psalms Teach us to Talk with God  Prayer, Psalms, Friendship
 242.5  TYN   Tyndale House Publishers Book of Hope Devotions
 242.5  WAR  Warren, Rick  Meditations on the Purpose Driven Life Devotional Literature
 242.5  WYR  Wyrtzen, Don  Musician Looks at the Psalms Psalms
 242.6  BIC   Bickel, Bruce and Stan Jantz  God is in the Small Stuff for Your Family  Devotional Literature
 242.6  EVE   Everett, Betty Steele I Love Grandparenting But...  Grandparents
 242.62  COL   Coleman, William L. Today I Feel Like a Warm Fuzzy  Devotions
 242.62  GRO  Group Books  Quick Group Devotions for Children's Ministry Devotions
 242.62  HEN   Heno, Christy Colby My Tummy Talked in Church Today  Devotional Literature - Children
 242.63  GRA  Gray, Alice  Stories for a Teen's Heart  Devotional Literature, Teenagers Religious Life
 242.64  FRI   Fridy, Wallace Devotions for Later Years  Devotional Literature, Aging
 242.643  CLA   Clairmont, Patsy and others Joy Breaks  Devotional Literature
 242.643  CLA   Clairmont, Patsy and others  Over Joyed! Devotions to Tickle Your Fancy and Strengthen Faith  Devotional Literature, Women
 242.643  CLA   Clairmont, Patsy and Others We Brake for Joy  Devotional Literature for Women
 242.643  FOX  Fox, Grace  10-Minute Time Outs for Busy Women  Devotional Literature, Devotions for Women
 242.643  HOG   Hogan, Julie K.  Guideposts for the Spirit: Stories for Sisters  Devotional Literature, Sisters
 242.643  HOP   Hopson, Cynthia Bond  Too Many Irons in the Fire...and They're All Smoking  Prayers and Devotions, Women
 242.643  MEE   Meehan, Bridget Mary Praying with Visionary Women  Prayer
 242.644  ARP   Arp, David and Claudia Arp Marriage Moments  Devotional Literature, Marriage
 242.645  EDE   Edelman, Marian Wright  Guide My Feet: Prayers and Meditations for Our Children  Devotional Literature, Parents and Children
 242.65  BRO   Brooks-Howell Home Prayers and Ponderings  Devotional Literature, Retirement Homes
 242.65  OCO   O'Connor, Karen Help, Lord! I'm Having a Senior Moment  Aging
 242.722  CRO   Crossan, John Dominic  Greatest Prayer: Rediscovering the Message of the Lord's Prayer  Lord's Prayer
 242.8  JON  Jones, Robert  Prayers for Puppies, Aging Autos, and Sleepless Nights  Prayers, Meditations, Devotional Literature
 242.8  LOD  Loder, Ted  My Heart in My Mouth: Prayers for Our Lives Prayers
 242.82  LAR   Larrick, Nancy  Tambourines! Tambourines to Glory: Prayers and Poems  Devotions
 242.85  MOR   Morgan, Richard Lyon  Fire in the Soul: A Prayer Book for the Later Years  Prayer, Devotional Literature, Aging
 246  STA   Stafford, Thomas Albert  Christian Symbolism in Evangelical Churches  Symbols, Christian
 246  WHI   Whittemore, Carroll E. Symbols of the Church  Symbols, Christian
 246  WIL   Wilson, Len and Jason Moore  Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating Gospel in Worship  Worship Arts
 246.55  ABI   Abingdon Press Christian Christmas Tree  Christmas, Chrismons
 246.55  ABI   Abingdon Press Christian Christmas Tree 2  Christmas, Chrismons
 246.55  BOW   Bowers, Joyce Church Banner Designs Worship Banners
 246.55  SPE   Spencer, Frances Kipps Chrismons for Every Day  Chrismons
 246.55  SPE   Spencer, Frances Kipps Chrismons: Advanced Series  Chrismons
 246.55  SPE   Spencer, Frances Kipps Chrismons: Basic Series  Chrismons
 246.55  SPE   Spencer, Frances Kipps Chrismons: Christian Year Series  Chrismons
 246.55  WOL  Wolfe, Betty  New Banner Book Worship Banners
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Editor  Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Ministries of Christian Worship  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E.  Music and the Arts in Christian Worship, Book 1  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E.  Music and the Arts in Christian Worship, Book 2  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Renewal of Sunday Worship  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Sacred Actions of Christian Worship  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Services of the Christian Year  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.7  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Twenty Centuries of Christian Worship  Worship Encyclopedias
 246.75  SAL   Saliers, Don and Emily Saliers Song to Sing, A Life to Live  Music
 248  BAC  Bach, Marcus  World of Serendipity Christian Life
 248  BOH  Bohrs, Mary Ann  Sneakers in the Dryer Christian Life
 248  BON   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Cost of Discipleship  Christian Life
 248  BON   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich  Life Together: A Discussion of Christian Fellowship  Christian Living
 248  BRI  Bridges, Jerry  Practice of Godliness Christian Life
 248  BRI  Bridges, Jerry  Practice of Godliness - Study Guide Christian Life
 248  BRU  Brunton, Paul  Secret Path: Modern Technique for Self Discovery  Spirituality, Christian Life
 248  BUC   Buckingham, Jamie Power for Living Christian Life
 248  BUS  Buscaglia, Leo  Bus 9 to Paradise, A Loving Voyage Christian Life
 248  BUS  Buscaglia, Leo  Living, Loving & Learning Christian Life
 248  CAR  Carter, Del  Who in Hell Needs a Shepherd? Christian Life
 248  CAS  Cassels, Louis  Haircuts & Holiness Christian Life
 248  CON   Conwell, Russell H. Acres of Diamonds Christian Life
 248  DUN  Dunnam, Maxie  Dancing At My Funeral Christian Life
 248  EMM   Emmons, Michael and Rev David Richardson Assertive Christian  Christian Life
 248  GIL  Gills, James P.  Come Unto Me: Reflections from the Wilderness Christian Life
 248  GIL  Gill, Jean  Images of My Self Christian Life
 248  GUI   Guideposts Associates In His Arms Christian Life
 248  HAL  Hallmark Books  God Always Has a Plan B Christian Living
 248  HOL   Holmes, Marjorie Who Am I God? Christian Life
 248  HUD  Hudson, Amanda  Coffee, Tea and Holy Water Christianity around the world
 248  JUE   Juengst, Sara Covin  Like a Garden: A Biblical Spirituality of Growth  Christian Life
 248  KLI   Kline, Donald L. Susanna Wesley, God's Catalyst for Revival  Susanna Wesley
 248  LAR  Larson, Bruce  Meaning and Mystery of Being Human Christian Life
 248  LAU  Laurie, Greg  New Believer's Growth Book Christian Life
 248  LEE  Leech, Kenneth  Experiencing God God, Spirituality
 248  LIT  Little, Paul  How to Give Away your Faith Christian Life
 248  LIT  Little, Paul E.  Know What You Believe Christian Life
 248  LIT  Little, Paul E.  Know Why You Believe Christian Life
 248  MAR   Marshall, Catherine Beyond Ourselves Christian Life
 248  MAR   Marshall, Catherine Light in My Darkest Night  Christian Life
 248  MAR  Marshall, Peter  Prayers of Peter Marshall and John Doe, Disciple  Prayers, Sermons
 248  MAR   Marshall, Catherine To Live Again Christian Life
 248  MCD  McDowel, Josh  His Image, My Image Christian Life
 248  MON   Monro, Claxton and William S. Taegel  Witnessing Laymen Make Living Churches Christian Life
 248  MOS   Mostrom, Donald G. Intimacy with God Christian Life
 248  NAV  Navigators  Growing in Christ Christian Life
 248  OGI   Ogilvie, Lloyd John Magnificent Vision  Christian Life
 248  PUR   Purviance, Mable Building a Better Me!  Christian Life
 248  PUR   Purviance, Edwin and Mable Purviance  Preachers do the Craziest Things Christian Life
 248  PUR   Purviance, Edwin and Mable Purviance Reaching Out to Jesus  Christian Life
 248  PUR   Purviance, Edwin and Mable Purviance  What's Going on in There? Christian Life
 248  SHE   Sheldon, Charles M and Hannah Whitall Smith  In His Steps and The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life  Christian Life
 248  SHE   Sheldon, Garrett W. with Deborah Morris What Would Jesus Do?  Ethics
 248  SMA   Smalley, Gary and John Trent Blessing Christian Life
 248  SMI   Smith, Charles Merrill  How to Talk to God When You Aren't Feeling Religious  Christian Life
 248  STE   Steindle-Rast, Brother David  Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer Christian Life
 248  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R.  Improving Your Serve, The Art of Unselfish Living  Christian Life
 248  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Don't Wrestle, Just Nestle  Christian Life
 248  TER  Mother Teresa  Heart of Joy Christian Life
 248  ZUN   Zundel, Veronica Eerdmans' Book of Christian Classics  Christian Life
 248.092  KID   Kidd, Sue Monk Love's Hidden Blessings  Christian Life
 248.1  ALV   Alves, Elizabeth Mighty Warrior Prayer
 248.1  BLY   Blyth, Teresa A.  50 Ways to Pray: Practices from Many Traditions and Times  Prayer
 248.1  BON   Bondie, Roberta C.  To Pray & to Love: Conversations on Prayer with the Early Church  Prayer
 248.1  BRA   Brandt, Leslie F. Great God, Here I Am Prayer
 248.1  CAL   Caldwell, Suzette T.  Praying to Change Your Life: Guide to Productive Prayer  Prayer
 248.1  CAR   Carr, Jo and Imogene Sorley Bless This Mess and Other Prayers  Prayer
 248.1  CAR   Carr, Jo and Imogene Sorley  Plum Jelly and Stained Glass & Other Prayers Prayer
 248.1  COB   Cobb Jr, John B. Praying For Jennifer  Intercessory Prayer
 248.1  CUN   Cunningham, Loren Is That Really You, God? Prayer
 248.1  DUN  Dunn, Ronald  Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something: Power of Intercessory  Prayer, Intercessory Prayer
 248.1  FOS   Fosdick, Harry Emerson Meaning of Prayer Prayer
 248.1  HAG   Hagin, Kenneth E. Art of Intercession Prayer
 248.1  HAR   Harris, Daniel Ethan  Live Prayerfully: How Ordinary Lives Become Prayerful  Prayer, Christian Living
 248.1  HAR   Harrison House Pray for Our Nation Prayer
 248.1  HOG   Hogan, Julie K. Prayers For Christmas  Prayer, Christmas
 248.1  LAI   Laird, Rebecca, Editor Answered Prayers Prayer
 248.1  LAK   Lake, Alexander Your Prayers are Always Answered  Prayer
 248.1  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer Prayer
 248.1  MAR   Marshall, Catherine Adventures in Prayer Prayer
 248.1  MCC   McClain, George D. Claiming All Things for God  Prayer
 248.1  MYR  Myra, Harold  Is There a Place I Can Scream? Prayer
 248.1  NYB   Nyberg, Warren Arthur Prayers of Intercession Prayer
 248.1  POW   Powers, Isaias Quiet Places with Jesus Prayer
 248.1  QUO   Quoist, Michel Prayers Prayer
 248.1  ROW   Rowlett, Martha Graybeal In Spirit and In Truth  Prayer
 248.1  SEA   Seagren, Daniel Uncommon Prayers for Young Adults at Work  Prayer
 248.1  SHL   Shlemon, Barbara Leahy Healing Prayer Prayer
 248.1  TRU   Trueblood, Elton Lord's Prayers Prayer
 248.1  WEA   Weatherhead, Leslie D. Private House of Prayer  Prayer
 248.1  WIL   Wilholt, James Personal Handbook of Prayer Prayer
 248.2  BAC   Bacik, James J.  Gracious Mystery: Finding God in Ordinary Experience  Spirituality
 248.2  HAR   Harkness, Georgia Mysticism, It's Meaning and Message  Christian Life
 248.3  HAR  Harris, Jan  Quiet in His Presence: Experience God's Love through Silent Pray  Prayer, Contemplation
 248.3  HOL   Holmes, Marjorie Who Am I, God? Christian Life
 248.3  MAC   MacArthur Jr, John Ultimate Priority Worship
 248.3  MIC   Michael, Chester P. and Marie C. Norrisey  Prayer and Temperament: Different Prayer Forms for Different Per  Prayer, Spirituality
 248.3  MUL Checked Out  Muller, Wayne  Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, & Delight in our Busy Lives  Christian Life
 248.3  WHI   Whiston, Charles  Pray: A Study of Distinctive Christian Praying Prayer
 248.32  ALB   Alborghetti, Marci How to Pray When You Think You Can't  Prayer, Christian Living
 248.32  BEA   Beasley-Topliffe, Keith  Surrendering to God: Living the Covenant Prayer  Christian Life
 248.32  CHR   Christenson, Evelyn What Happens When Women Pray  Prayer
 248.32  CLO   Cloyd, Betty Shannon Children and Prayer: A Shared Pilgrimage  Christian Education
 248.32  DOU  Douty, Linda  Praying in the Messiness of Life Prayer, Christian Life
 248.32  FOS   Foster, Richard Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home  Prayer
 248.32  HOW   Howell, James C. Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray  Prayer
 248.32  MCK   McKnight, Scot  Praying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today  Prayer
 248.32  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J.M. With Open Hands Prayer
 248.32  OMA   Omartian, Stormie Power of a Praying Parent  Parents, Parenting, Intercessory Prayer
 248.32  VEN   Vennard, Jane E.  Praying with Body and Soul: A Way to Intimacy with God Prayer
 248.32  YAN   Yancy, Philip Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?  Prayer
 248.34  MUY   Muyskens, J. David  Forty Days to Closer Walk with God: Practice of Centering Prayer  Contemplation, Prayer
 248.34  ODE  Oden, Amy G.  Right Here, Right Now: Practice of Christian Mindfulness  Christian Meditation, Spiritual Life, UMW
 248.34  RHO   Rhodes, Tricia McCary Soul at Rest Prayer
 248.4  BAC   Backus, William and Marie Chapian Telling Yourself the Truth  Christian Life
 248.4  BAK   Bakken, Kenneth L. Call to Wholeness Christian Life
 248.4  BAS   Bass, Dorothy C. (Editor) Practicing our Faith  Spirituality
 248.4  BRI   Briscoe, Stuart Discipleship for Ordinary People  Christian Life
 248.4  BRI  Briscoe, Jill  Running On Empty: Refilling your Spirit at the Low Points of Lif  Christian Life
 248.4  CAM  Campolo, Tony  Carpe Diem, Seize the Day Christian Life
 248.4  CAR   Carcano, Minerva G. and Glory E. Dharmaraj I Believe in Jesus  Faith, Spiritual Formation
 248.4  CHA  Chan, Francis  Crazy Love Christian Experience
 248.4  CHR   Christenson, Larry Renewed Mind Christian Life
 248.4  CLO   Cloud, Henry and John Townsend Boundaries Workbook  Interpersonal Relationships
 248.4  CLO   Cloud, Henry and John Townsend  Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Take Control...  Relationships
 248.4  COL   Collins, Gary R. 60-Second Christian Christian Life
 248.4  COU   Courie, Anna Fitch  Christ Walk Kids: A 40 Day Spiritual Journey for Tweens, Teens  Health, Walking - Religious Aspects, UMW
 248.4  CRA  Crabb, Larry  Inside Out Christian Life, Change
 248.4  CUL   Cully, Iris V. Education for Spiritual Growth  Christian Education
 248.4  DYC   Dyck, Peter J. Leap of Faith Christian Life
 248.4  FLY  Flynn, Mike  Holy Vulnerability: Risks and Rewards of Opening Up to God  Christian Living
 248.4  FOR  Forster, Pam  For Instruction in Righteousness Christian Parenting
 248.4  FRY   Frydenger, Tom and Adrienne Frydenger Blended Family  Stepfamilies
 248.4  GRA  Graham, Billy  Answers to Life's Problems Christian Living
 248.4  HAR   Hart, Thomas N. Art of Christian Listening  Christian Life
 248.4  HAR   Hartman, Mary Jane Queen Anne's Lace Blooms Again  Christian Life
 248.4  HEF  Heffern, Rich  Adventures in Simple Living: A Creation-Centered Spirituality  Christian Living
 248.4  HOL   Hollyday, Joyce Then Shall Your Light Rise  Christian Life
 248.4  HOP   Hopson, Cynthia A. B. and Sarah H. Landcaster  Created for Happiness: Understanding Your Life in God  Christian Living, UMW Mission Study
 248.4  HUM   Hummel, Charles E. Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent  Christian Life
 248.4  ISR   Israel, Martin Pearl of Great Price: A Journey to the Kingdom  Christian Life
 248.4  KEN   Kendall, R. T. Thorn in the Flesh Chirstian Living
 248.4  LIT   Littauer, Florence How to Get Along with Difficult People  Interpersonal Relationships, Personality
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  Come Thirsty Christian Life
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  Every Day Deserves a Chance: Wake Up to the Gift of 24 Hours  Christian Life
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  He Still Moves Stones Christian Life
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  In the Grip of Grace Grace
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  It's Not About Me Christian Life
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  On the Anvil Christian Living
 248.4  LUC  Lucado, Max  Out Live Your Life:You Were Made to Make a Difference  Christian Life
 248.4  MAR   Marshall, Catherine Closer Walk Christian Life
 248.4  MCK   McKinley, Rick  Jesus in the Margins: Finding God in Places we Ignore  Christian Life, Social Marginality
 248.4  MEY  Meyer, Joyce  If Not for the Grace of God Christian Life
 248.4  MEY   Meyers, Robin R.  Morning Sun on a White Piano: Simple Pleasures & the Sacramental  Christian Life
 248.4  MIL   Miller, Calvin Into the Depths of God  Christianity, Spiritual Life
 248.4  MIL   Miller, Calvin Table of Inwardness Christian Life
 248.4  MIL   Miller, Kathy Collard Why Fret That God Stuff?  Christian Life
 248.4  MOH   Mohney, Nell W. Don't Put a Period Where God Put a Comma  Self-esteem
 248.4  MOO   Moore, James W. God Was Here & I Was Out to Lunch  Christian Life
 248.4  MOR   Morell, Paul L.  Living in the Lion's Den, How to Cope with Life's Stresses  Stress
 248.4  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M. Letters to Marc About Jesus  Christian Life
 248.4  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M. Lifesigns Christian Life
 248.4  OMA   Omartian, Stormie Praying God's Will for Your Life  Prayer
 248.4  ORT  Ortberg, John  If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat  Bible, Matthew, Interpretation and Criticism
 248.4  PAL   Palmer, Parker J.  Let Your Life So Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation  Christian Living, Vocation
 248.4  POP   Pope-Levison, Priscilla and Jack Levison  How Is It with Your Soul? Prayer, Christian Practice
 248.4  PRI   Price, Eugenia What Really Matters Christian Life
 248.4  PUR   Purdy, John C. Returning God's Call Christian Life
 248.4  SEA   Seamands, David A. Putting Away Childish Things  Christian Living, Psychology
 248.4  SHE  Sherer, Quin  Listen, God is Speaking to You Christian Living
 248.4  SHI   Shirer, Priscilla  And We are Changed: Encounters with a Transforming God  Christian Living, Women
 248.4  SLA   Slaughter, Mike Christmas is Not Your Birthday  Christmas, Jesus Christ
 248.4  SMI   Smith, Gordon T.  Listening to God In Times of Choice: Art of Discerning God's Wil  Discernment, God
 248.4  SMI  Smith, Traci  Seamless Faith Family Celebrations, UMW
 248.4  STA   Starbuck, Margot  Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor  Christian Life, Interpersonal Relations
 248.4  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R. Growing Wise in Family Life  Christian Life, Family Life, Parenting
 248.4  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R. Living Beyond the Daily Grind, Book 1  Christian Life
 248.4  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R. Quest for Character  Christian Life
 248.4  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R. Strengthening Your Grip  Christian Life
 248.4  SWI   Swindoll, Charles R.  Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Persevering Through Pressur  Christian Life
 248.4  TEN   Ten Boom, Corrie Jesus is Victor Christian Life
 248.4  THO  Thomas, Gary  Sacred Marriage Spouses, Married Life, Christian Life
 248.4  TOL   Toler, Stan and Martha Bolton  God Has Never Failed Me, But He's Sure Scared Me To Death a Few  Humor, Faith
 248.4  TRE  Trent, John  LifeMapping Christian Life
 248.4  WAL  Walsh, Sheila  All That Really Matters Christian Life
 248.4  WAL  Walsh, Sheila  Life is Tough But God is Faithful: How to See God's Love  Christian Life
 248.4  WAR  Warren, Rick  Purpose Driven Life Christian Life
 248.4  WHI   White, Woodie W. Conversations of the Heart  Christian Life
 248.4  WIL   Willard, Dallas  Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ  Spiritual Formation
 248.4  WOO  Wood, Shawn  Wasabi Gospel: The Startling Message of Jesus  Christian Life, Jesus Christ - Teachings
 248.421  MEY Checked Out  Meyer, Joyce Managing Your Emotions Psychology
 248.421  SOU   Southard, Betty and Marita Litttauer  Come As You Are:How Your Personality Shapes Relationship Wth God  Christian Life
 248.421  WIL   Wilkinson, Bruce H.  30 Days to Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs  Christian Life
 248.46  JUN   Jung, L. Shannon  Sharing Food: Christian Practices for Enjoyment  Food-Religious Aspects
 248.47  SEA  Seay, Chris  Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor  Fasting, Christian Life, Poverty
 248.48  FOS   Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline  Quakerism
 248.48  HOW   Howell, James C. Yours are the Hands of Christ  Christian Life
 248.48  ORT   Ortberg, John  Life You've Always Wanted:Spiritual Disciplines/Ordianary People  Spiritual Life, Christianity
 248.48  THI   Thielicke, Helmut Being a Christian when the Chips are Down  Christian Life
 248.482  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M.  Reaching Out: the Three Movements of the Spiritual Life  Spirituality
 248.482  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M.  Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming Parables
 248.482  SUL   Sulivan, Jean Morning Light Christian Life
 248.482  TER   Mother Teresa In My Own Words Christian Life
 248.483  BEN   Bennett, Rita Emotionally Free  Christian Living, Prayer
 248.483  FUL   Fullam, Everett L. with Bob Slosser Living the Lord's Prayer  Lord's Prayer, Christian Life
 248.4851  FOO   Foote, Ted V. and P. Alex Thornburg  Being Disciples of Jesus in a Dot.Com World Christian Life
 248.487  SCH   Schnase, Robert Five Practices of Fruitful Living  Christian Life, Methodist Authors
 248.4876  CAR   Carter, Kenneth H. Way of Life in the World  Spiritual Life, United Methodist Church Doctrines
 248.4876  DUN   Dunnam, Maxie D.  Irresistible Invitation: Respond to the Extravagant Heart of God  Christian Life, Spirituality
 248.4876  HAW   Hawkins, Pamela and M. Jackson, S. Rauch, Editors  Courageous Spirit: Voices from Women in Ministry  Spiritual Life
 248.4896  GUL   Gulley, Philip and James Mulholland If God Is Love  Christian Life
 248.5  ALD   Aldrich, Joseph C.  Gentle Persuasion:Creative ways to introduce your friends to Chr  Evangelism
 248.5  HAU   Haugk, Kenneth C. Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life  Caring
 248.5  HEN   Henderson, Jim Evangelism without Additives  Evangelism, Christian Life, Witness Bearing
 248.5  THI   Thibault, Jane Marie  Deepening Love Affair: The Gift of God in Later Life Aging
 248.6  BAR   Barnes, Emilie More Hours in My Day Christian Life
 248.6  BAU   Bauknight, Brian K.  Right on the Money: Messages for Spiritual Growth Stewardship
 248.6  CAL   Callahan, Kennon L.  Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church Stewardship
 248.6  HOL   Hollies, Linda H. Living Bountifully!  Christian Living, Stewardship
 248.6  MIL  Miller, Herb  Money isn't IS Everything: What Jesus Said about the Power  Stewardship
 248.6  STA  Stanley, Andy  Fields of Gold: Place Beyond Your Deepest Fears, Prize Beyond  Personal Finance, Christian Giving, Stewardship
 248.8  GRO   Groseclose, Kel Why Did God Make Bugs & Other Icky Things?  Children, Religious Life
 248.8  KIN   Kinnaird, William M.  Promise of Hope: Coping When Life Caves In  Christian Living, Hope, Stephen's Ministry
 248.8  LAR   Larson, Norma R. Hospital Patience  Hospitals, Christian Life
 248.8  PAL   Palmer, Parker J. Active Life Christian Life
 248.8  WIL   Wilson, Philomina Knight in Shining Armor  Christian Life
 248.82  SMI  Smith, Traci  Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home  Christian Education at Home, UMW
 248.83  ART  Arthur, Kay  Lord, Teach Me to Pray In 28 Days Prayer
 248.83  CAR   Carlson, Melody Letters from GOD for teens  Christian Living
 248.83  JOH   Johnson, Greg  If I Could Ask God One Question: Answers to Teen's Most-Asked Qu  Christian Life - Teenagers
 248.83  KIM   Kimbrough, Marjorie L. Beyond Limitations  Christian Life
 248.83  LIT   Littleton, Mark R. Cool Characters with Sweaty Palms  Youth, Religious Life
 248.83  OCO   O'Connor, Joey  You're Grounded for Life and 49 Other Crazy Things Parents Say  Parent and Child, Religious Aspects
 248.833  GEO   George, Elizabeth Young Woman After God's Own Heart  Prayer, Teens Religious Life
 248.833  GEO   George, Elizabeth Young Woman's Call to Prayer  Prayer, Teens Religious Life
 248.84  MAR   Marsh, Mary Toby For Any Young Mother Who Lives in a Shoe  Parenting
 248.84  MOR   Morgan, Richard L.  Remembering Your Story: Guide to Spiritual Autobiography  Religious Autobiography, Aging
 248.84  MUR   Murphey, Cecil My Parents, My Children Caregivers
 248.84  RAI   Rainey, Dennis and Barbara Rainey  Building Your Mate's Self Esteem  Marriage, Self-respect, Relationships
 248.84  SMA   Smalley, Gary and John Trent Language of Love  Marriage
 248.84  SPR   Sprinkle, Patricia H. Women Who Do Too Much  Stress, Women - Religious Life
 248.84  THO   Thompson, John and Patti Thompson Dance of the Broken Heart  Remarriage - Religious Aspects
 248.842  BEL  Beltz, Bob  Daily Disciplines for the Christian Man Promise Keepers
 248.842  DEN   Denton, Jeff There's No Crying in Flag Football  Christian Living, Men
 248.842  ELD   Eldredge, John E.  Wild at Heart: Discover Secret of Your Masculine Soul  Christian Life, Masculinity
 248.842  MOR   Morley, Patrick M.  Man in the Mirror: Solving 24 Problems Men Face  Christian Living, Men's Issues
 248.842  SAL   Sallquist, Gary A.  Counsel of Many: Selecting Your Personal Advisors  Christian Life
 248.842  WEB  Weber, Stu  Tender Warrior: God's Intention for a Man  Christian Living, Men
 248.8425  OMA   Omartian, Stormie Power of a Praying Husband  Husbands, Intercessory Prayer
 248.843  BEV   Bevere, Lisa  Girls With Swords: How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero  Christian Women
 248.843  BRA   Brazelton, Katie Praying for Purpose Prayer
 248.843  BUN   Bundesen, Lynne So the Woman Went Her Way  Christian Life
 248.843  CLE   Clemons-Jones, Kymberley Cured but Not Healed  Christian Living, Bible Study
 248.843  CLO   Cloninger, Claire e-mail from God for Women  Christian Living
 248.843  CRU   Crumpton, Jennifer D.  Femmevangelical: Modern Girl's Guide to the Good News  Women in Christianity, Feminism, UMW
 248.843  ECK   Eckles, Janet Perez  Simply Salsa: Dancing without Fear at God's Fiesta  Christian Women
 248.843  ELD   Eldredge, John and Stasi Eldredge  Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul  Christian Women, Religious Life
 248.843  FAR  Farrel, Pam  Woman God Can Use Christian Women
 248.843  GEO   George, Elizabeth  Woman's High Calling:10 Essentials for Godly Living  Christian Women
 248.843  GER   Gerth, Holley  You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God  Christian Living, Women, Self-acceptance
 248.843  GOO   Goodman, Karon Phillips Another Fine Mess, Lord!  Christian Living
 248.843  HEA   Heald, Cynthia Becoming a Woman of Purpose  Christian Living, Bible Study for Women
 248.843  HOL   Holmes, Marjorie Hold Me Up a Little Longer, Lord  Christian Living
 248.843  HOL   Holmes, Marjorie How Can I Find You, God?  Christian Living
 248.843  HOL   Hollies, Linda H. Jesus and Those Bodacious Women  Afro-American Women
 248.843  IRO   Irons, Kendra W. and Melanie S. Mock  If Eve Only Knew: Freeing Yourself from Biblical Womanhood  Feminist Theology, Women, Christianity, UMW
 248.843  KRA   Kraft, Vickie Women Mentoring Women  Mentoring, Women's Ministry
 248.843  LUC   Lucado, Denalyn and others Joy of a Promise Kept  Marriage
 248.843  MAS   Mason, Babbie  Embraced by God: Celebrating Who and Whose You Are  Christian Living, God, Self-acceptance
 248.843  MIL   Miller, Kathy Collard Through His Eyes  Christian Life
 248.843  NEW   Newenhuyse, Elizabeth Cody God, I Know You're Here Somewhere  Christian Life
 248.843  OTT  Otto, Donna  Between Women of God Christian Living, Mentoring, Women
 248.843  RUB   Rubietta, Jane  Quiet Places: A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat  Women - Religious Life
 248.843  RUB   Rubietta, Jane Worry Less So You Can Live More  Worry, Anxiety, Christian Women, UMW
 248.843  SKO  Skog, Susan  Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations with Prominent Wo  Women - Religious Life
 248.843  WIL   Wilson, Patricia Why Pray When You Can Take Pills and Worry?  Christian Living
 248.8431  GEO   George, Elizabeth Mom After God's Own Heart  Christian Parenting
 248.8431  MIL   Miller, Sally and Cheri Mueller  Play With Me: Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey with Kids  Mother and Child, Christian Women
 248.8431  RUB   Rubietta, Jane Heartbeat of a Mother Mothers, UMW
 248.8435  OMA   Omartian, Stormie Power of a Praying Wife  Wives, Intercessory Prayer
 248.844  CHA   Chapman, Gary Five Love Languages Marriage
 248.844  EBI   Ebinger, Warren and Mary Ebinger  Do-It-Yourself Marriage Enrichment Marriage
 248.844  ESA   Esau Truman with Beverly Burch Making Marriage Work  Marriage, Christian Life
 248.844  MCD   McDonald, Patrick and Claudette McDonald Soul of a Marriage  Marriage
 248.844  SEL   Sell, Charles and Virginia Sell  Spiritual Intimacy for Couples Marriage
 248.844  WAN   Wangerin, Walter As for Me and My House  Marriage, Christian Life
 248.845  BRU   Bruce, Robert & Debra Bruce and Ellen W. Oldacre  Guilt-Free Parenting Parenting - Religious Aspects
 248.845  CON   Conway, George E.  Giving Good Gifts: the Spiritual Journey of Parenthood  Christian Living, Parenting
 248.845  DOC   Dockery, Karen  Growing a Family Where People Really Like Each Other  Parenting
 248.845  EVA   Evans, Anthony T. Guiding Your Family in a Misguided World  Parenting
 248.845  HAL   Halverson, Delia  How Do Our Children Grow: Introduce Children to God, Jesus, Bibl  Christian Education of Children
 248.845  HRO   Hromas, Roberta 52 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray  Prayer, Children, Christian Education
 248.845  MYR   Myra, Harold Surprised by Children Christian Life
 248.845  NOR   Norton, Mary-Jane Pierce Your Baby is For Loving  Christian Parenting
 248.845  OLI   Oliver, Kara Lassen  Passing It On: How to Nurture Your Children's Faith Season by Se  Christian Eduation of Children, Seasons, UMW
 248.845  SMI   Smith, Judy Gattis Grandmother Time Again  Christian Education, Grandmothers, Bible Games
 248.846  RED   Redding, Mary Lou Breaking & Mending: Divorce and God's Grace  Divorce
 248.85  FIS   Fischer, Kathleen Winter Grace: Spirituality and Aging  Christian Life, Aging
 248.85  GRA   Grant, Jennifer When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?  Midlife, Older Christians, UMW
 248.85  KAL   Kalas, J. Ellsworth  I Love Growing Older but I'll Never Grow Old Aging
 248.85  MIS   Missinne, Leo E. Reflections on Aging: A Spiritual Guide  Aging
 248.85  SHA  Shaw, Luci  Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey  Christian Life, Older Alduts, UMW
 248.86  BAK  Baker, Don  Finding Hope in Times of Crisis Hope
 248.86  BRI   Briggs, Lauren  What You Can Say...When You Don't Know What to Say  Consolation
 248.86  BRO   Bromley, Nicole Braddock  Breathe: Finding Freedom to Thrive After Childhood Sexual Abuse  Child Sexual Abuse, Psychology, Relationships
 248.86  CAR   Carlson, Randy  Power of One Thing: How to Intentionally Change Your Life  Success, Goals, Change
 248.86  CHI   Chilstrom, Corrine Andrew, You Died too Soon  Suicide, Grief, Consolation, Bereavement
 248.86  DAR   D'Arcy, Paula When Your Friend is Grieving  Grief, Consolation, Bereavement
 248.86  DEA   Dearing, Norma Healing Touch: A Guide to Healing Prayer  Christian Living, Healing, Prayer
 248.86  GIL   Gills, James P. Rx for Worry: A Thankful Heart Worry
 248.86  GIR  Gire, Ken  North Face of God: Hope for the times when God seems indifferent  Adversity, Hope, Consolation
 248.86  HAR  Harwell, Amy  Ready to Live, Prepared to Die Health, Death, Cancer Patients
 248.86  IND   Indermark, John Do Not Live Afraid: Faith in a Fearful World  Fear, Spiritual Life, Christian Life
 248.86  JON  Jones, Brian  Second Guessing God: Hanging On When You Can't See His Plan  Christian Life, Good and Evil
 248.86  JOY  Joyner, Alex  Hard Times Come Again No More: Suffering and Hope  Consolation, Suffering
 248.86  KEN  Kent, Carol  New Kind of Normal: Hope Filled Choices When Life Turns Upside D  Consolation, Suffering, Murder
 248.86  LOT   Lotz, Anne Graham  Why?: Trusting God When You Don't Understand  Consolation, Christian Life, Death, Grief
 248.86  LUC  Lucado, Max  You'll Get Through This: Hope, Help for Turbulent Times  Joseph, Suffering
 248.86  MAY   Mayfield, James L. Discovering Grace in Grief  Christian Living, Bereavement, Grief
 248.86  MEY  Meyer, Joyce  Help Me I'm Alone: Trusting God in Times of Loneliness and Grief  Grief, Loneliness
 248.86  MON   Montgomery, Dan How to Survive Practically Anything  Consolation, Loss, Life Change, Adjustment
 248.86  MOO  Moore, Beth  Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk About God's Deliverance  Christian Life, Personal Growth
 248.86  MOO   Moore, James W. Healing Where it Hurts Consolation
 248.86  MOO   Moore, James W. You Can Get Bitter or Better  Suffering
 248.86  NOR   Norbert, Tilda Ashes Transformed: Healing from Trauma  Spiritual Healing
 248.86  SCH   Schuller, Robert A.  What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen  Suffering, Consolation
 248.86  SHE   Shepherd, Sheri Rose Fit for Excellence! Weight Loss
 248.86  STA   Stanley, Charles  Finding Peace: God's Promise of a Life Free from Regret, Anxiety  Christian Living
 248.86  STA   Stanley, Charles Source of my Strength Suffering
 248.86  TUL   Tull, Justin W. Why God Why?: Sermons on the Problem of Pain  Suffering, Pain - Religious Aspects
 248.861  EAR   Earle, Mary C.  Beginning Again: Benedictine Wisdom for Living with Illness  Christian Living, Illness
 248.866  SCH   Schroedel, Jenny  Naming the Child: HopeFilled Reflections Miscarriage, Stillbirth  Miscarriage, Premature Birth, Infant Death
 248.866  WES   Westburg, Granger E.  Good Grief: A Constructive Approach to the Problem of Loss  Grief, Bereavement, Consolation
 248.866  WRI   Wright, H. Norman Experiencing Grief  Grief, Bereavement, Loss
 248.89  WIM   Wimberly, Edward P.  Recalling Our Own Stories:Spiritual Renewal/Religious Caregivers  Clergy, Religious Life, Pastoral Theology
 248.892  WUE   Wuellner, Flora Slosson  Feed My Shepherds: Spiritual Healing&Renewal forChristian Leader  Clergy, Spiritual Life, Christian Life
 249  CAS   Castleman, Robbie  Parenting in the Pew: Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Wors  Worship, Children in Worship, Parenting
 249  CHR   Christenson, Evelyn  What Happens When We Pray for Our Families Prayer
 249  HIB  Hibbard, Ann  Family Celebrations at Thanksgiving and Alternatives to Hallowee  All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Celebrations
 249  MER   Merrill, Dean and Grace Merrill Together at Home  Christian Education
 249  SHE   Shenk, Sara Wenger Why Not Celebrate!  Holidays, Rites, Ceremonies
 249  SMA   Smalley, Gary and John Trent Gift of the Blessing  Christian Life, Family
 249  WAL   Wallis, Charles L. 365 Table Graces for the Christian Home  Prayers, Family life
 249  WES   Westerhoff III, John H.  Bringing Up Children in the Christian Faith Parenting
 249  WOO  Wooden, Keith  Teaching Children To Pray Prayer, Christian Education
 249  YOU  Youngman, Jenny  Scrambled Starts: Family Prayers for Morning, Bedtime, Everythin  Prayers for Families
 250  DUD   Dudley, Carl S. & J. W. Carroll & J. P. Wind  Carriers of Faith: Lessons From Congregational Studies  Pastoral Theology
 250  EAS  Easum, Bill  UnFreezing Moves: Following Jesus Into the Mission Field  Church Leadership
 250  HOL   Holland, DeWitte Preaching in American History  Clergy
 250  KIM  Kimball, Dan  Emerging Church Public Worship, Evangelism, Young Adults
 250  LEE   Lee, Linda, General Editor New Dawn in Beloved Community  Fellowship, Religious Communities
 250  RIC   Richardson, Ronald W. Creating a Healthier Church  Church Management
 250  SCH  Schnase, Robert  Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations  Church Renewal, Ministry Resources
 251  BUG   Bugg, Charles B. Preaching from the Inside Out  Preaching
 251  CAV   Cavanaugh, Brian Sower's Seeds Sermons
 251  CHA  Chapell, Bryan  Christ-Centered Preaching Preaching
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year A, Advent/Christmas/Epiphany  Revised Lectionary Year A, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year A, After Pentecost 1  Revised Lectionary Year A, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year A, After Pentecost 2  Revised Lectionary Year A, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year A, Lent/Easter  Revised Lectionary Year A, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year B, Advent/Christmas/Epiphany  Revised Lectionary Year B, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year B, After Pentecost 1  Revised Lectionary Year B, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year B, After Pentecost 2  Revised Lectionary Year B, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year B, Lent/Easter  Revised Lectionary Year B, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year C, Advent/Christmas/Epiphany  Revised Lectionary Year C, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year C, After Pentecost 1  Revised Lectionary Year C, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year C, After Pentecost 2  Revised Lectionary Year C, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251  SOA   Soards, Marion and Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe  Preaching Common Lectionary Year C, Lent/Easter  Revised Lectionary Year C, Sermon Helps, Worship
 251.07  TRO   Troeger, Thomas H.  Ten Strategies for Preaching in a Multi Media Culture  Preaching
 251.6  MER   Merrill, Timothy F. Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit  Lectionary - Year C
 252  CAS   Castuera, Ignacio Dreams on Fire - Embers of Hope  Sermons
 252  DAL   Daley-Harris, Shannon  Hope for the Future: Answering God's Call to Justice   Church Work with Children, UMW
 252  GIL   Gillingham, E. Leonard Dealing With Conflict Sermons
 252  GOM  Gomes, Peter J.  Sermons: Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living Sermons
 252  IMA   Imathiu, R. Grace Words of Fire, Spirit of Grace  Sermons
 252  JOR  Jordan, G. Ray  You Can Preach! Sermons
 252  MAR  Marshall, Peter  His Hand on Your Shoulder Sermons
 252  MIT   Mitchell, Ella Pearson, Editor  Those Preaching Women: African American Preachers Tackle Tough  Sermons
 252  OWE  Owen, David  Getting There From Here: Meditations for the Journey  Sermon Texts
 252  OWE  Owen, David  Wending Our Way Sermon Texts
 252  TOZ   Tozer, A. W., Edited by Gerald B. Smith  Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts Sermons
 252  TUT  Tutu, Desmond  Hope and Suffering Sermons
 252  WIL   Willingham, Ronald L. How to Speak so People Will Listen  Sermons
 252.07  STO   Storey, Peter  With God in the Crucible: Preaching Costly Discipleship  Sermons
 252.56  CAR   Carl, William J., Editor  Graying Gracefully: Preaching to Older Adults Aging, Sermons
 253  ALE   Aleshire, Daniel O.  Faith Care:Ministering to All God's People Through the Ages of L  Clergy
 253  BAR  Barna, George  Habits of Highly Effective Churches: Ministry Transforms Lives  Christian Leadership
 253  BAS   Bassford, Virginia O.  Lord, I Love the Church and We Need Help  Pastoral Theology, Church Work
 253  BER   Berlin, Tom and Lovett H. Weems, Jr  High Yield: Seven Disciplines of the Fruitful Leader  Christian Leadership, UMW
 253  BLA   Blackaby, Henry and Richard Blackaby  Spiritual Leadership: Moving People on to God's Agenda  Leadership
 253  BON   Bonem, Mike and Roger Patterson Leading from the Second Chair  Christian Leadership
 253  CAM   Campolo, Tony and Mary Albert Darling  Connecting Like Jesus: Practices for Healing, Teaching, Preachin  Communication
 253  CHR   Christensen, Michael J. City Streets, City People  Church Work
 253  COO  Coon, Christian  Failing Boldly: Falling Down in Ministry can Start of Rising Up  Pastoral Theology, Qualifications, UMW
 253  CUE   Cueni, R. Robert What Ministers Can't Learn in Seminary  Pastoral Theology
 253  EAS  Easum, William  Dancing with Dinosaurs: Ministry in a Hostile & Hurting World  Clergy
 253  EAS  Easum, Bill  Leadership on the Other Side: No Rules, Just Clues Leadership
 253  EAS  Easum, William  Sacred Cows make Gourmet Burgers Church Leadership
 253  HAM  Hamilton, Adam  Leading Beyond the Walls Leadership
 253  HAU   Haugk, Kenneth C. Antagonists in the Church  Church Controversies
 253  HYB  Hybels, Bill  Courageous Leadership Christian Leadership
 253  MAT   Mathison, John Ed  Tried & True: Eleven Principles of Church Growth  Church Growth, Evangelism, Leadership
 253  MIL  Miller, Herb  Leadership is the Key: Unlocking Your Ministry Effectiveness  Church Leadership, Christian Leadership
 253  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M. Wounded Healer Pastoral Theology
 253  STE   Steinbron, Melvin Can the Pastor Do It Alone? Clergy
 253  SWE  Sweet, Leonard  Aquachurch Leadership
 253  WAR  Warren, Rick  Purpose Driven Church Church Growth, Evangelism, Leadership
 253.02  FRE   Freeman, Gary Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven  Pastoral Theology, Humor
 253.082  LEW   Lewis, Karoline  She: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry  Women in Church Work, UMW
 253.2  KOH   Kohler, Robert and Sharon Rubey, Editors  Christian as Minister: Exploration into Meaning of God's Call  Call to Ministry
 253.2  OSW   Oswald, Roy M. and Otto Kroeger  Personality Type and Religious Leadership  Psychology, Pastoral Care
 253.2  SCH   Schnase, Robert Testing and Reclaiming Your Call to Ministry  Church Work
 253.22  THO   Thornton, Carolyn Gray  Whither Thou Goest? You've Got to Be Kidding!  Humor, Clergy Spouses
 253.52  SAN  Sande, Ken  Peacemaker: Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict  Conflict Management, Reconciliation, Peace
 253.7  ARN   Arnold, Jeffrey  Small Group Outreach: Turning Groups Inside Out  Church Group Work
 253.7  MCK   McKay, William J. Nuts & Bolts Issues for Small Group Leaders  Small Groups, Church Work
 253.7  THO  Thomas, Zack  Healing Touch: The Church's Forgotten Language  Spiritual Healing
 254  BAR  Barna, George  Building Effective Lay Leadership Teams Leadership
 254  BAR  Barna, George  User Friendly Churches Church Growth
 254  GIL   Gilbert, Larry and Cindy Spear  Big Book of Job Descriptions for Ministry  Job descriptions for church staff
 254  GRA   Graves, Allen W. Using and Maintaining Church Property  Church Administration
 254  HAS   Hastings, J. Val Change Your Questions, Change Your Church  Church Administration, Coaching
 254  HAW   Hawkins, Thomas R. Faithful Leadership Leadership
 254  JOH   Johnson, Douglas W.  Don't Know Much About Being A Leader in My Church Leadership
 254  JON   Jones, Ezra Earl Strategies For New Churches  Church Administration
 254  KEL   Kelley, Arleon L. Your Church: A Dynamic Community  Church and Society
 254  LAW  Law, Eric H. F.  Sacred Acts, Holy Change:Faithful Diversity & Practical Transfor  Church Management, Multi-culturalism
 254  MIC  Michel, Ann A.  Synergy: Leadership Guide for Church Staff and Volunteers  Church Lay Leadership, UMW
 254  MIL  Miller, Herb  Vital Congregation Church Leadership, Pastoral Theology
 254  RUT  Rutz, James H.  Open Church Church Work
 254.22  PAP   Pappas, Anthony G. Entering the World of the Small Church  Church Administration
 254.5  CAL   Callahan, Kennon L. Twelve Keys to an Effective Church  Church Administration
 254.5  CAL   Callahan, Kennon L.  Twelve Keys to an Effective Church: Leader's Guide  Church Administration
 254.5  CAL   Callahan, Kennon L.  Twelve Keys to an Effective Church: Planning Workbook  Church Administration
 254.5  CAL   Callahan, Kennon L.  Twelve Keys to an Effective Church: Study Guide  Church Administration
 254.5  CHA   Chandler, Russell  Feeding the Flock: Restaurants, Churches You'd Stand in Line For  Church Growth
 254.6  JOH   Johnson, Douglas W. Reaching Out to the Unchurched  Evangelism
 254.6  SCH   Schey, Stephen L. and Walt Kallestad  Team Ministry: A Workbook for Getting Things Done  Church Leadership
 254.8  BAR  Barna, George  How to Increase Giving in Your Church  Church Administration, Finances, Fund Raising
 254.8  BOW  Bowman, Ray  When Not to Borrow, Unconventional Financial Wisdom to set Your  Stewardship
 254.8  CHR   Christopher, J. Clif Church Money Manual  Stewardship, Money Management, Church Administrati
 254.8  KAL   Kallestad, Walther P.  Turning Financial Obstacles into Opportunities  Financial Management, Personal Finance
 254.8  MAT  Mather, Herb  Don't Shoot the Horse ('Til You Know How to Drive the Tractor)  Stewardship
 254.8  REE   Reeves, Michael and Jennifer Tyler  Faith & Money: Understanding Annual Giving in Church  Stewardship
 254.8  SHE   Shedd, Charlie W. How to Develop a Tithing Church  Stewardship
 255  HEN  Henry, Patrick  Benedict's Dharma:Bhuddhists Reflect on the Rule of St Benedict  St. Benedict, Bhuddism, Christianity
 259  SPA   Saphn, Brenda and Irene Zutell Miss Brenda and the Loveladies  Prison
 259  WID  Wideman, Jim  Tweetable Leadership Leading Ministry, Children, Youth
 259  WIL   Wilkerson, David Cross and the Switchblade  Evangelism, New York Street Gangs
 259.08  CAE  Caes, David  Caring for the Least of These Poverty
 259.08  ENR   Enroth, Ronald M. Churches that Abuse Cults
 259.08  ENR   Enroth, Ronald Recovering from Churches that Abuse  Cults
 259.123  ZIR   Zirschky, Andrew  Teaching Outside the Box: 5 Approaches to Opening Bible Youth  Youth Ministry, UMW
 259.2  POW   Powe, F. Douglas and Jasmine Rose Summers  Not Safe for Church: 10 Commandments for Reaching New Generation  Church Renewal, Young Adults, UMW
 259.22  STR   Strom, Kay Marshall and Michele Rickett  Forgotten Girls: Stories of Hope and Courage  Church Work with Women and Children
 259.23  DEV   DeVries, Mark Family-Based Youth Ministry  Church Work - Families and Youth
 259.23  FIE  Fields, Doug  Help! I'm A Volunteer Youth Worker Youth Ministry
 259.23  ING   Ingram, Stephen  Hollow Faith: How Andy Griffith, Facebook, American Dream Dilute  Youth Ministry, UMW
 259.23  RAT   Rathbun, Russell nuChristian Church Work, Youth
 259.3  GEN   Gentzler, Richard and Donald Clingan  Aging: God's Challenge to Church & Synagogue  Aging - Religious Aspects, Older People
 259.3  HAU   Hauser, Roger L. Activities with Senior Adults Aging
 259.320  CAM   Campbell, James A.  What Do You Say? Learning to Listen for Grace in Nursing Homes  Aging, Church Work with Older People
 259.4  JOH   Johnson, Peggy  Church and People with Disabilities:Aware, Accessibility, Advoca  Persons with Disabilities, Local Church, UMW
 259.4  KNO   Knotts, Alice G.  Allow God to Wear Your Face:Spiritual Care for Those Who are Ill  Caregivers
 259.4  NEW   Newman, Gene and Joni Eareckson Tada All God's Children  Church Work
 259.4175  GRI   Griffith, William H.  More Than a Parting Prayer: Lessons in Care-giving for the Dying  Church Work, Death and Dying
 259.419  OWE   Owens, Virginia Stem  Caring for Mother: A Daughter's Long Goodbye  Caregivers, Parkinson's Disease, Aging Parents
 259.428  KEE   Keefe, Rachael A.  Lifesaving Church: Failth Communities and Suicide Prevention  Suicde Prevention, Mental Health, UMW
 259.8  GRO   Groth, Shane M. and John D. Schroeder Church Idea Book  Activities
 259.8  HAR   Harvey, Adell and Mari Gonzalez  36 Complete Church Dinner Programs Cookbooks
 259.8  HAR   Harvey, Adell and Mari Gonzales Sacred Chow  Cookbooks, Church dinners
 259.8  MCB   McBride, Neal F. How to Lead Small Groups  Church Work
 260  STE   Stetzer, Ed and Mike Dodson Comeback Churches  Church Renewal
 261  BAI  Baird, William  Corinthian Church - A Biblical Approach to Urban Culture  Corinthians
 261  BEV  Bevere, Lisa  Adamant; Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions  Christianity/Culture, Rocks/Religious Aspects, UMW
 261  MAN   Mann, Henrietta and Anita Phillips On This Spirit Walk  Social Theology, Native Americans
 261  MCL   McLaren, Brian D.  everything must change: Jesus, Global Crises, Revolution of Hope  Church and Social Problems
 261  ROM   Romanowski, William D.  Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture  Social Theology
 261  STA   Starkey, Lycurgus M., Jr.  Money Mania and Morals: The Churches and Gambling  Church and Society
 261  WHI   White, James Emery Mind for God  Christian Thought and Thinking, Philosophy
 261.1  BRI  Briner, Bob  Roaring Lambs Christian Life, Culture
 261.1  GUL   Gulley, Philip  If the Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus  Church, Jesus Christ, Biblical Teaching
 261.2  AND   Anderson, Gerald H. and Thomas F. Stransky, Editor  Christ's Lordship & Religious Pluralism  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.2  ARI   Ariarajah, S. Wesley Bible and People of Other Faiths  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.2  ARI   Ariarajah, S. Wesley Not Without My Neighbour  Interfaith Relations
 261.2  DAW   Dawe, Donald G. and John B. Carman, Editors  Christian Faith in a Religiously Plural World  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.2  NEI   Neill, Stephen Christian Faith & Other Faiths  Religions
 261.2  OXT   Oxtoby, Willard G. Meaning of Other Faiths  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.2  RAC  Race, Alan  Christians and Religious Pluralism: Patterns in Christian Theolo  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.2  WEH   Wehrli, Eugene S. Gospel and Conflicting Faiths  Christianity and Other Religions
 261.27  MAL   Mallohui, Christine A.  Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims: Christian Woman in a Muslim Land  Islam-Customs/Practices, Christian-Muslim
 261.5  NIE   Niebuhr, H. Richard Christ & Culture  Christianity and Secular Disciplines
 261.52  FOR   Fore, William F. Mythmakers: Gospel, Culture and the Media  Christian Life
 261.52  FRA   Fralin, Jessica  #Stolen: Is Social Media Stealing Your Identity  Social Media, Self Esteem, UMW
 261.561  LIN   Linamen, Karen Scalf Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind  Human Body, Health, Women
 261.7  ATW   Atwood, James E. America and its Guns: A Theological Expose  Religion and Politics, Gun Control, UMW
 261.7  LIN  Linn, Jan G.  What's Wrong with the Christian Right  Religious Right, Politics
 261.72  HEL   Helwys, Thomas and Richard Groves  Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity  Freedom of Religion, Early Baptist Works
 261.8  ADJ   Adjali, Mia & Deborah Storms  Study Guide to the United Nations United Nations
 261.8  BEU   Beukema, George Stories from Below the Poverty Line  Poverty
 261.8  CHE   Chevalier, Rebekah Spirit Mourn, Spirit Dance Women
 261.8  CHR   Christoff, Nicholas Saturday Night, Sunday Morning  Single People
 261.8  COF   Coffin, William Sloane Passion for the Possible  Church and Society
 261.8  COL   Collins, Gary R. It's OK to be Single Single People
 261.8  EIE   Eiesland, Nancy Disabled God  Church work, Handicapped Persons
 261.8  ELL   Elliot, Michael Partners in Grace Homeless
 261.8  FLO   Flowers, John and Karen Vannoy  Not Just a One Night Stand: Ministry with the Homeless  Church Work with Homeless, Poor
 261.8  FUL   Fuller, Millard Theology of the Hammer  Habitat for Humanity
 261.8  GEO   George, Timothy and Robert Smith Jr. Mighty Long Journey  Race Relations
 261.8  HEG   Heggen, Carolyn Holderread  Sexual Abuse in Christian Homes and Churches Abuse, Sexual
 261.8  HIL  Hilton, Bruce  Can Homophobia Be Cured Homosexuality
 261.8  JUR   Jurovics, Stephen A.  Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change  Human Ecology, Climate Change, UMW
 261.8  LON   London, H.B. and Neil B. Wiseman  It Takes a Church... Within a Village  Church Work with Children
 261.8  MAT   Mather, Herbert Becoming a Giving Church Stewardship
 261.8  MCG   McGovern, George and Bob Dole, Donald E. Messer  Ending Hunger Now Hunger
 261.8  PAI  Pais, Janet  Suffer the Children Abuse, Child
 261.8  PEN  Penner, Carol  Women & Men: Gender in the Church Gender
 261.8  PHI   Phillips, Keith No Quick Fix Church and Society
 261.8  REY   Reynalds, Jeremy Face of Homelessness  Homeless Shelters, Missions
 261.8  REY   Reyes, Patrick B.  Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community & Surviving to Adulthoo  Ethnicity, Minorities,Social Justice, Churches,UMW
 261.8  RON   Ronsvalle, John & Sylvia Ronsvalle  Poor Have Faces: Loving Your Neighbor in the 21st Century  Poverty
 261.8  RUS   Russell, Letty M. Church With AIDS AIDS
 261.8  SAM   Sample, Tex and Amy E. DeLong Loyal Opposition  Homosexuality
 261.8  SJO   Sjogren, Steve and Janie Sjogren  101 Ways to Help People in Need Church Work, Poverty, Caring
 261.8  SME   Smedes, Lewis B. Sex for Christians Sexuality
 261.8  WAL  Wallis, Jim  On God's Side Common Good
 261.8  WAU   Waun, Maurine C. More than Welcome  Homosexuality - Religious Aspects
 261.8  WEB   Webb-Mitchell, Brett  Dancing with Disabilities: Opening the Church to All God's Child  Handicapped-Religious Life
 261.8  WHI   Whiteside, Wendy and Faye Wilson Food & Faith  Food - Religious Aspects
 261.8  WOO   Wood, James Rutland  Where the Spirit Leads Us:Evolving Views of UM on Homosexuality  Homosexuality, Methodist doctrines
 261.8  YEA   Yeatts, Noel Brewer  Awake: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time  Church Work/Poor, Christian Stewardship
 261.8  YOU  Young, Amos  Theology and Down Syndrome  People with Disabilities, Church Work
 261.83  RIC   Richardson-Moore, Deb  Weight of Mercy: A Novice Pastor on the City Streets  Pastors, Inner City Churches
 261.85  TAY   Taylor, Susan K. What About our Money?: A Faith Response  Christianity and Economics, UMW
 261.873  LAW   Law, Eric H. F. Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb  Intercultural Education, Peace, Communication
 262  BRA   Brand, Paul and Philip Yancy Fearfully and Wonderfully Made  Christian Life
 262  CAR   Carroll, Jackson W. & B. Hargrove & A T Lummis  Women of the Cloth Clergy
 262  OLS   Olson, William George Charismatic Church Pentecost
 262  WIL  Wills, Dick  Waking to God's Dream Church Renewal, Christian Leadership
 262.001  BAR   Barna, George Second Coming of the Church  Church Renewal,
 262.001  MAC   MacDonald, Gordon  Who Stole My Church?: What to Do When the Church You Love Tries  Church Renewal, Change, Church History
 262.001  REN  Rendle, Gil  Back to Zero United Methodist Church, Theology
 262.001  RIG   Riggs, Deidra One: Unity in a Divided World  Church Unity, UMW
 262.001  STA   Standish, N. Graham Becoming a Blessed Church  Church Renewal, Christian Leadership
 262.076  WAL   Waltz, Alan K. Dictionary for United Methodists  Methodism
 262.1  NOU   Nouwen, Henri J. M. In the Name of Jesus  Christian Leadership
 262.1  REN   Rendle, Gilbert R. Leading Change in the Congregation  Church Leadership
 262.1  WEE   Weems, Lovett H.  Church Leadership: Vision, Team, Culture, and Integrity  Leadership
 262.7  REN  Rendle, Gil  Journey in the Wilderness Church Renewal
 263  EVE  Everhart, Ruth  Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land  Christian Pilgrims, Palestine, Israel
 263  HOW   Howard, Kevin and Marvin Rosenthal Feasts of the Lord  Religious Customs, Practices, Prophecies, Messiah
 263  RUP  Rupp, Joyce  Walk in a Relaxed Manner  Spirituality, Christian Pilgrimage, Spain
 263.041  BRO   Brown, Patricia D.  Pilgrimage: Meditations of a Journey of Faith  Christian Pilgrims, Devotional Literature, Prayers
 263.9  MAD   Madara, Melissa and Pat Gallaher Worship Handbook  Worship
 263.9  SCH   Schaner, Kevin Louise  Dinner By Candelight: Comfort and Joy for Advent  Family Advent Celebrations, UMW
 263.91  AND   Anderson, Raymond and Georgene Anderson Jesse Tree  Advent
 263.91  LIN   Lindberg, Paul M. Advent Worship, Advent
 263.91  TIE   Tietjen, Mary Louise  Bethlehem Tree: A Family Advent Resource Book Advent
 263.912  ODE   Oden, Marilyn Brown Manger and Mystery Advent
 263.915  KAL   Kalas, J. Ellsworth Christmas from the Backside  Christmas
 263.915  WAR   Warren, Rick Purpose of Christmas Christmas
 263.93  COL   Colson, Charles and B.Graham, M.Lucado, J.E.Tada  Christ in Easter: A Family Celebration of Holy Week Easter
 264  ADA  Adams, Doug  Involving the People in Dancing Worship  Worship, Litrugical Dance
 264  ARN   Arnett, Dessie Ash Methodist Altars Worship, Altars
 264  BEN   Benedict, Daniel T.  Come to the Waters: Baptism & Our Ministry of Welcoming Seekers  Baptism, Worship, United Methodist Church
 264  CHA   Chargois, Paige Lanier Work of the Greeter  Worship, Hospitality, Greeter
 264  EMS   Emswiler, Thomas Neufer & Sharon Neufer Emswiler  Wholeness in Worship Worship
 264  GAI   Gaines, Steve and Dean Merrill  When God Comes to Church: Experiencing Fullness of His Presence  Worship, God
 264  GON   Gonzales, Justo and Catherine Gonzales  In Accord, Let Us Worship Worship
 264  HAL   Halverson, Delia and Karen Appleby  Creating Holy Spaces: Worship Visuals for Revised Common Lection  Public Worship, Visual Arts, Common Lectionary
 264  HIC   Hickman, Hoyt L. Handbook of the Christian Year  Worship, Christian Calendar
 264  HIC   Hickman, Hoyt L. Primer for Church Worship Worship
 264  HIC   Hickman, Hoyt L. United Methodist Altars  Worship, Altars
 264  HOA  Hoard, Laurie  Easter Programs for the Church, No. 10 Worship, Easter
 264  HUN   Hunt, Fern Bowers Floral Decorations for Your Church  Worship, Flower Arranging
 264  PET  Peterson, Doris  Worship with Words and Movement Worship, Dance
 264  RAN   Randolph, David James Ventures in Worship Worship
 264  TAY   Taylor, Margaret Look Up and Live  Worship, Liturgical Dance
 264  UND   Underhill, Evelyn Worship Worship
 264  UNI   United Methodist Church  Ceremonies: A Collection of Worship Resources Worship
 264  WEA  Weaver, Judy  Celebrating Holidays and Holy Days Christian Calendar
 264  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Learning to Worship with All Your Heart  Worship
 264  WEB   Webber, Robert E.  Rediscovering the Christian Feasts: Services of the Christian Ye  Worship
 264  WEB   Webber, Robert E.  Rediscovering the Missing Jewel: A Study in Worship Through the  Worship
 264  WIA  Wiant, Bliss  Worship Resources from the Chinese Worship
 264  WIL   Willimon, William H.  Sunday Dinner: The Lord's Supper and the Christian Life  Holy Communion
 264  WOM   Women's Division  Ceremonies IV: A Collection of Worship Resources for UMW  Worship, Rites, Ceremonies, UMW
 264  ZDE   Zdenek, Marilee and Marge Champion Catch the New Wind  Worship, Dance
 264.02  MUR  Murray, Seth  Lord Open My Lips Prayer, Worship
 264.076  BAI   Bailey, Albert Edward Gospel in Hymns Hymns
 264.076  BUC   Bucke, Emory Stevens  Companion to the Hymnal: Handbook to the 1964 Methodist Hymnal  Hymns
 264.076  HIC   Hickman, Hoyt  Worshiping with United Methodists: A Guide for Pastors and Leade  Methodism, Worship
 264.076  MCC   McCutchan, Robert Guy  Our Hymnody: A Manual of the Methodist Hymnal Hymns
 264.076  SAN   Sanchez, Diana Hymns of the United Methodist Hymnal  Hymns
 264.076  YOU   Young, Carlton Companion to The United Methodist Hymnal  Hymns
 264.08  STE   Stewart, Sonja M. and Jerome W. Berryman  Young Children and Worship Worship, Children
 264.1  STO   Stookey, Laurence Hull  Let the Whole Church Say Amen!: Guide for Those Who Pray in Publ  Public Worship, Prayer
 264.13  CHU   Church of England Book of Common Prayer Worship
 264.13  STA   Standing Liturgical Commission Lesser Feasts and Fasts  Worship Liturgy
 264.13  WEE  Weems, Ann  Searching for Shalom Worship
 264.2  COK  Cokesbury  Cokesbury Worship Hymnal Hymnals
 264.2  EUB   Evangelical United Brethren Hymnal Hymnals
 264.2  KIM   Kimbrough Jr, S. T.  Music & Mission: Toward a Theology and Practice of Global Song  Mission, Music
 264.2  SOH   Sohl, Joyce D. God's Mission, God's Song  Music in Mission and Worship, UMW
 264.2  STE   Steere, Dwight Music in Protestant Worship  Worship, Music
 264.2  WEB   Webber, Robert E. Enter His Courts with Praise  Worship
 264.21  ABI   Abingdon Press Songs of Zion Hymnal
 264.21  BOC  Bock, Fred  Hymns for the Family of God Hymnal
 264.21  HIL   Hilderbandt, Franz Wesley Hymn Book Hymnal
 264.21  KAI   Kaiser, Kurt and others Sing 'n' Celebrate II Hymnal
 264.21  KEN   Kennedy, Pamela J. Hymns of Faith & Inspiration  Hymns
 264.21  MET   Methodist Book Concern Methodist Hymnal - 1905  Hymnal
 264.21  RUS   Russian United Methodist Church  Peace be with you! Hymnal of the Russian United Methodist Church  Hymnal
 264.21  UMC   United Methodist Church Book of Hymns Hymnal
 264.21  UMC   United Methodist Church United Methodist Hymnal  Hymnal
 264.21  WES   Westminster Press Hymnal for Youth Hymnal
 264.21  WES   Westminster Press Hymns for Junior Worship Hymnal
 264.22  WEB  Weber, Rob  ReConnecting: A Weslyan Guide... Leader's Guide Worship
 264.22  WEB  Weber, Rob  ReConnecting: A Weslyan Guide... Participant's Guide Worship
 264.23  BEN   Bennett, Ivan L. Hymnal, Army and Navy Hymnals
 264.23  COL  Collins, Ace  More Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas  Carols, Christmas Music
 264.23  COL  Collins, Ace  Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas  Christmas, Christmas Decorations, Music
 264.23  SOH   Sohl, Joyce D.  Journey in Song: Lenten Reflections on Hymns by Women Lent
 264.231  MET   Methodist Church Methodist Hymnal - 1939 Hymnal
 264.27  HIC   Hickman, Hoyt Faith We Sing Hymnal
 264.27  YOU   Young, Carlton R. Supplement to the Book of Hymns  Hymnal
 264.36  LOY   Loyer, Kenneth M. Holy Communion: Celebrating God With Us  Lord's Supper, Worship, Belief Matters Series
 265.9  SMI   Smith, Michael and Rami Shapiro  Let Us Break Bread Together: Passover Haggadah for Christians  Passover
 266  BIG  Bigger, Chuck  One: Celebrating 50 Years of Compassion Missions
 266  COS  Cosby, Gordon  Handbook for Mission Groups Missions
 266  DHA   Dharmaraj, Glory Concepts of Mission Missions
 266  DUB   DuBose, Francis M. Classics of Christian Missions  Missions
 266  GAL   Galilea, Segundo Beatitudes Missions
 266  GEN   General Board of Global Ministries Joy of Service  Missions
 266  GUR  Gurney, Robin  Face of Pain and Hope: Stories of Diakonia In Europe Missions
 266  IVE  Ives, Jane  Transforming Ventures: A Spiritual Guide for Volunteers...  Mission
 266  KAN   Kane, J. Herbert Global View of Christian Missions  Missions
 266  LEG   Leghorn, Lisa and Mary Roodkowsky Who Really Starves?  Missions, Hunger
 266  NOL  Noley, Homer  First White Frost Missions, Native Americans, UMW
 266  PIR  Pirolo, Neal  Serving as Senders Missions
 266  TRU   Trueblood, Elton Validity of the Christian Mission  Missions
 266  TUT   Tuttle, Robert G.  Can We Talk? Sharing your Faith in a Pre-Christian World  Evangelism
 266  UNI   United Methodist Church  Like Unto A Mustard Seed: Struggle for Community Missions
 266  WAL   Walls, Andrew F. Missionary Movement in Christian History  Missions
 266  WYC   Wycliffe Bible Translators Pass the Word Missions
 266  YOC  Yocum, Rena M.  New Wineskins: Faithful Mission in the 21st Century Missions
 266  YOH  Yohannan, K. P.  Revolution in World Missions Missions
 266.001  BOS   Bosch, David J.  Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission  Mission, History of Mission
 266.008  SHE   Shelter, Joanne and Patricia Purvis  Word Came With Power: How God Met & Changed a People Forever  Missions, Philippines
 266.02  TRE   Treadwell, Jann  Unbound: Transformative Power of Youth Mission Trips  Youth Activities, Mission Trips
 266.022  COL   Coleman, John W. Breaking Walls, Building Bridges  Missions
 266.022  KNO   Knotts, Alice G. Lifting Up Hope, Living Out Justice  Home Missionaries, Deaconess Movement
 266.023  GRO  Gross, Mary  Great Kid Mission Mission Activities for Children
 266.06  BLU  Blue, Ellen  Women United for Change:150 Years in Mission  Missions, Women, History, UMW
 266.06  MAG   Magalis, Elaine  Missionaries of the UMC: Through the Camera's Eye  Missionaries
 266.092  ALE   Alexis, Susan  Healing the World One by One: Reflections on Third World Encount  Missionaries
 266.092  BOR   Born, Ethel Wolfe From Memory to Hope  Missionary Biographies
 266.092  RAC   Racine, Marie M. B. with Kathy Ogle  Like the Dew that Waters the Grass Missionaries, Haiti
 266.092  SAY   Say Pa, Anna May  Dancing In Winter: Reflections of a Missionary to the US  Missions
 266.092  WHI   Whitaker, Meri My Sister the Father  Missions, Oklahoma, Native Americans
 266.2  DIA   Dias, Sonia Maria Barbarosa Latin America: People and Faith  Missions, Latin America, UMW Mission Study
 266.2676  SLA   Slavin, L. Susan and Coralis Salvador  What's So Blessed About Being Poor?: Seeking Gospel in Slums Ken  Missions, Kenya
 266.4  BEM  Beman, Larry  Roma of Europe Missions, Europe
 266.4  HUT   Hutchison, Taryn R.  We Wait You: Waiting on God in Eastern Europe  Missions, Eastern Europe
 266.5  LEE   Lee, Kyung-Lim Shin Pear Blossoms Blooming  Missions, Korea
 266.5137  GEO   George, Sherron Kay Called as Partners in Christ's Service  Missions
 266.6  FUL   Fuller, Millard and Diane Scott Love in the Mortar Joints  Missions, Africa, Habitat for Humanity
 266.6  LEW   Lewis, Karen and June Hathersmith Harvest of Trust  Missions, Africa
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 266.6  POB  Pobee, John  West Africa: Christ Would Be An African Too Missions, Africa
 266.7  DOL   Dolaghan, Thomas and David Scates Navajos are Coming to Jesus  Missions, Native Americans
 266.7  LET  Letzig, Betty  Expressions of Faith Missions, North America
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 266.9  AND   Anderson, Neil with Hyatt Moore In Search of the Source  Missions, Papua New Guinea
 267.4  CHU   Church Women United in Albuquerque  History of Churches Affiliated to CWU in Albuquerque  Church Women United
 267.4  UNI   United Methodist Women They Went Forth in Faith  Missions
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 268.432  MCG   McGregor, Wynn  Way of the Child: Helping Children Experience God, Leader's Guid  Christian Education
 268.432  SMI   Smith, Judy Gattis Developing a Child's Spiritual Growth  Christian Education
 268.432  VAN   Vandermeer, Harriet and Elizabeth Steele Halstead  Rings, Kings, and Butterflies: Lessons on Christian Symbolism  Christian Symbols
 268.434  MUR   Murray, Dick  Strengthening the Adult Sunday School Class(Creative Leadship Se  Christian Education
 268.6  BOS   Bossoletti, Linda Big Book of Theme Parties, Snacks & Games  Children's Activities
 268.6  HEN  Henley, Karyn  Making Peace Worship, Children
 268.6  HES   Hestenes, Roberta Using the Bible in Groups  Christian Education
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 269.2  MCK   McKay, William J.  Me, an Evangelist?: Every Christian's Guide to Caring Evangelism  Evangelism
 269.2  SJO   Sjogren, Steve 101 Ways to Reach Your Community  Evangelism
 269.2  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Clippings from My Notebook  Christian Life
 269.2  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie In My Father's House Evangelism
 269.2  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Tramp for the Lord Evangelism
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 270  BAI   Bainton, Roland H. Christendom, Volume II  Church History
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 270  WAL   Wallis, Jim and Joyce Hollyday Cloud of Witness  Peace
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 270.83  TIC   Tickle, Phyllis  Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why  Christianity, 21st Century
 271.302  BRO   Brown, Raphael Little Flowers of St. Francis  Early Church History
 271.97  KOW   Kownacki, Mary Lou Monk in the Inner City  Church Work with the Poor, Religious Life
 271.97  WIN   Winter, Miriam Therese Singer and the Song Missions
 272  WUR   Wurmbrand, Sabina Pastor's Wife  Persecution, Romania, Jewish Christians
 272.9  CRA  Craig, Mary  Six Modern Martyrs Persecution
 275.6  KIM   Kimball, Charles A.  Angle of Vision: Christians and the Middle East Middle East
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 277.3  GOO   Goodwin, Craig L.  Year of Plenty: One Family, Four Rules, 365 Days  Christian Life
 277.3  HIL  Hill, Daniel  White Awake: An honest look at what it means to be white  Race awareness, White Supremacy
 277.3  JAE   Jaeger, Andrea  First Service: Following God's Calling and Finding Life's Purpos  
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 277.3  KIM  Kimball, Dan  They Like Jesus But Not the Church: Participant's Guide  Religious Life, Young Adults, Church Work
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 280  STU  Stuber, Stanley  Denominations - How We Got Them Denominations
 280.4  FUN  Fung, Raymond  Households of God on China's Soil China
 281  GOR   Goricheva, Tatiana Talking About God is Dangerous  Russia
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 283.092  SAN   Sand, Faith Annette  Prayers of Faith: On Learning to Trust God Prayer
 283.092  WIL   Willis, Laura Lapins  Finding God in a Bag of Groceries:Sharing Food, Finding Grace  Church Work with the Poor, Tennessee
 284.4  FRA  Frazee, Randy  Making Room for Life Stress, Relationships, Family
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 287  MET   Methodist Church Book of Worship for Church and Home  Worship
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 287  WAR   Ward, Patricia Dawson Home Methodism
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 287  WES  Wesley, John  Wesley's Works, Vol 3 - Journals, Vol 3 John Wesley
 287  WES  Wesley, John  Wesley's Works, Vol 4 - Journals, Vol 4 John Wesley
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 287  WES  Wesley, John  Wesley's Works, Vol 6 - Sermons, Vol 2 John Wesley
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 287  WES  Wesley, John  Wesley's Works, Vol 8 - Addresses, Essays, Letters  John Wesley
 287  WES  Wesley, John  Wesley's Works, Vol 9 - Letters, Essays John Wesley
 287  WES  Wesley, John  Writings of John Wesley Methodism, Holiness, UMW
 287  WIL   Williams, Colin T. John Wesley's Theology Today  Methodism
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 287.6  CUR   Current, Angella  Breaking Barriers: An African American Family & the Methodist St  Methodism
 287.6  FOX   Foxx, Teralene  Lest We Forget: Stories of White Rock UMC & Cerro Grande Fire  Cerro Grande Fire
 287.6  HAR   Harmon, Nolan B. Understanding the United Methodist Church  Methodism
 287.6  JOY   Joyner, F.Belton  United Methodist Questions, United Methodist Answers  United Methodist Church Doctrines
 287.6  SAG  Sager, Stan  Four Corners: Where the Holy Spirit Touches Navajo Hearts  Navajo History, Native American Ministry
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 289  EUB   Evangelical United Brethren Church Discipline 1959  Evanglelical United Brethren Church Doctrine
 289  REE  Reed, David A.  How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watch Tower  Jehovah's Witnesses
 289.3  SMI  Smith, Joseph  Book of Mormon Mormonism
 289.6  TRU   Trueblood, D. Elton People Called Quakers Quakerism
 289.7  LOE   Loewen, Harry and Steven Nolt Through Fire and Water  Mennonites
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 289.9  BEH   Behney, J. Bruce and Paul H. Eller  History of the Evangelical United Brethren Church  Evangelical United Brethren History
 290  BAC  Bach, Marcus  Major Religions of the World Religions
 290  NID   Nida, Eugene A. & W. A. Smalley Introducing Animism  Animism
 290  PIT  Pitt, Malcom  Introducing Hinduism Hinduism
 290  ROS   Ross, Nancy Wilson Three Ways of Asian Wisdom  Asian Religions
 291  ARA   Arai, Tosh and Wesley Ariarajah  Spirituality in Interfaith Dialogue Spirituality
 291  FRA   Frazer, Sir James George Golden Bough  Myths and Legends
 291  GOL  Goldman, Ari  Search for God at Harvard Judaism
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 291  MEA   Mead, Frank S. and Samuel S. Hill  Handbook of Denominations, 10th Edition Denominations
 291  MOL  Molloy, Michael  Experiencing the World's Religions Religions
 291  MOS  Mosher, Lucinda  Belonging Religions
 291  NAT   National Geographic Society Great Religions of the World  Religions
 291  SMI  Smith, Huston  Illustrated World's Religions: A Guide to our Wisdom Traditions  Religions
 291.03  CRI  Crim, Keith  Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions Religions
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 291.1  LEA   Leadingham, Carrie Peace Prayers Prayer
 291.1  SKY   SkyLight Paths  Spiritual Perspectives on America's Roll as a Superpower  International Affairs
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 296  CEN   Central Conference of American Rabbis  Union Haggadah, Home Service for the Passover  Passover, Judaism
 296  DIM  Dimont, Max I.  Jews, God and History Judaism
 296  JOS  Josephus  Jewish War Judaism
 296  KUS  Kushner, Harold  When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Judaism
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 296.36  KUS   Kushner, Harold S. Living a Life That Matters  Self-Esteem, Good Works, Theology
 296.4  DRU   Drucker, Malka Hanukkah - Eight Nights, Eight Lights  Hanukkah, Jewish Holidays, Judaism
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 296.4537  MOF   Moffic, Evan  What Every Christian Needs to Know About Passover  Passover, Christian Observance
 296.7  KUS   Kushner, Harold S. How Good Do We Have To Be?  Good and Evil
 296.7  REM   Remen, Rachel Naomi  My Grandfather's Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge & Belong  Ethics
 296.8  RES   Resnik, Russell  Root and the Branches: Jewish Identity in Messiah  Judaism, Messianic
 297  ALF   Al Faruqi, Isam'il R. Islam (Major World Religions Series)  Islam
 297  ASL  Aslan, Reza  No god but God Islam
 297  JON   Jones, Alan (Editor) Koran Islam
 297  NAS   Nasr, Seyyed Hossein  Islam: Religion, History and Civilization Islam
 297  SPE   Speight, R. Marston God is One: The Way of Islam  Islam
 297.3  NOM   Nomani, Asra Q.  Standing Alone: An American Woman's Struggle for Soul of Islam  Islam
 297.5  JAN   Janmohamed, Shelina Zahra Love in a Headscarf  Arranged Marriage, Muslim Women, UMW
 299.16  DEW   de Waal, Esther  Celtic Way of Prayer: Recovery of the Religious Imagination  Celtic Church, Prayer
 299.4  BUS   Bush, Richard C.  Religion in China (Major World Religion Series)  Asian Religions
 299.6  MIT   Mitchell, Robert Cameron  African Primal Religions (Major World Religions Series)  African Religions
 299.7  BRO   Brown, Joseph Epes Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian  Native American Religions
 299.7  LAD   LaDuke, Winona  Recovering the Sacred: Power of Naming and Claiming  Native Americans, Social Conditions
 299.7  SAN   Sanchez, Ezekiel (Good Buffalo Eagle) Seven Paths  Native American, Spiritual Life
 299.7  SMI   Smith, Huston and Reuben Snake One Nation Under God  Native American Church
 299.93  WIL   Williamson, Marianne  Return to Love: Reflections on the Priciples of A Course in Mira  Spiritual Life
 301  KAY   Kayne, Ronald C. Drugs and the Elderly Aging
 301  SOL   Solnick, Robert L. Sexuality and Aging Aging
 301.24  HAR   Harkness, Georgia Stability Amid Change  Social Change
 301.24  MAR   Marty, Martin E. Search for a Usable Future  Social Change
 301.4  BUR   Burton, M. Garlinda Never Say Nigger Again! Racism
 301.41  HAM   Hamilton, Adam Making Love Last a Lifetime Marriage
 301.42  ACK   Ackerman, Paul and Murray Kappelman  Signals - What Your Child is Really Telling You Parenting
 301.42  MAC   Mace, David and Vera Mace How to Have a Happy Marriage  Marriage
 301.42  NYE   Nye, Miriam Baker But I Never Thought He'd Die  Widows
 301.42  SHE   Shedd, Charlie W. Letters to Karen Marriage
 301.42  SHE   Shedd, Charlie W. Letters to Philip Family Life
 301.422  PIK   Pike, James A. If You Marry Outside Your Faith  Marriage
 301.43  HOL  Holt, John  Escape from Childhood Sociology
 302  PAY   Payne, Lauren M. and Claudia Rohling  Leader's Guide to We Can Get Along : A Child's Book of Choices  Social Interaction, Friendship
 302  TAN  Tannen, Deborah  You Just Don’t Understand Marriage-Communication
 302.14  KOH  Kohn, Alfie  No Contest: The Case Against Competition Social Interaction
 302.2  GOR  Gore, Tipper  Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society Sex Education
 302.3  FRE   Freund, James C.  Smart Negotiating: How to Make Good Deals in the Real World  Negotiation
 302.3  JON   Jones, Jerry D. 201 Great Questions Meetings
 302.3  SHE  Sheely, Steve  Ice-Breakers and Heart-Warmers:100 Ways to Kick Off/End Meetings  Meetings
 302.34  MAR  Marsh, Peter  Eye to Eye: How People Interact Interpersonal Relationships
 303.3  GOO   Goodloe, Marcus  Kingmaker: Applying Dr. M.L.King's Leadership Lessons  Leadership, Civil Rights
 303.3  MUR   Murray, William J.  Let Us Pray: A Plea for Prayer in Our Schools Social Issues
 303.34  BAR   Barna, George Fish out of Water Leadership
 303.48  COL   Collins, Chuck  Born on Third Base: 1%'er makes the case for tackling inequality  Philanthropy, Income Distribution, UMW
 303.48  MAR   Martin, Courtney E. Do It Anyway: New Generation of Activists  Social Conditions, Social Change, UMW
 303.6  DEE   Dees, Morris and James Corcoran  Gathering Storm: America's Militia Threat Militia Movement
 303.6  KAS   Kassmann, Margot Overcoming Violence Violence
 303.6  VAN   Vanderhaar, Gerard A. Beyond Violence Peace
 303.66  GIO   Gioseffi, Daniela  Women on War: an International Anthology of Writings  Peace, War
 304.2  HAR   Hartmann, Thom Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight  Ecology
 304.2  NAT   National Geographic Society  Emerald Realm: Earth's Precious Rain Forests  Ecology, Rain Forests, Tropics
 304.8  CHO   Chomsky, Aviva  "They Take Our Jobs!" and 20 other myths about immigration  Immigration, Public Policy
 304.8  MIL  Miller, Todd  Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, Homeland Security  Climate, Immigration, Security, Politics, UMW
 305  AHN  Ahn, Christine  Shafted. Free Trade and America's Working Poor Poverty
 305  NOR  Nordberg, Jenny  Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in  Afghanistan,Gender Identity,Social Conditions
 305.2  ELK  Elkind, David  Hurried Child Parenting
 305.2  KLE   Klewin, Thomas Love Thy Teenager Parenting
 305.2  MUE   Mueller, Charles S. Thank God I Have a Teenager  Parenting
 305.2  STA  Stafford, Tim  As Our Years Increase Aging
 305.23  CLI   Clinton, Hillary Rodham  It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us  Child Development
 305.23  DOB   Dobson, James Preparing for Adolescence Parenting
 305.23  GRO   Grosclose, Kel  Why Did God Make Zits and other Disgusting Stuff?  Child Psychology, Pre-teens
 305.23  HUF   Huff, MD, Olson Window of Childhood Health
 305.23  HUG  Hughs, Ina  Prayer for Children Children
 305.23  KOT   Kotlowitz, Alex There Are No Children Here  Social Issues
 305.23  NAZ   Nazario, Sonia Enrique's Journey  Illegal Aliens, Immigrant Children, Honduras
 305.23  TIM   Time Life Books Understanding Your School Age-Child  Parenting
 305.235  RIM   Rimm, Sylvia See Jane Win for Girls  Teenage Girls, Psychology, Self-esteem
 305.244  LOV   Loveless, Caron Chandler Honey, They Shrunk My Hormones  Aging
 305.244  TRA   Trafford, Abigail  My Time: Making the Most of the Bonus Decades After Fifty  Middle aged persons
 305.26  ELL   Ellis, Neenah  If I Live to Be 100: Lessons from the Centenarians Aging
 305.26  FIN   Finzel, Hans and Rick Hicks  Launch Your Encore: Finding Adventure & Purpose Later in Life  Retirement, Volunteers, UMW
 305.26  TIN   Tindell, Charles  Enduring Human Spirit: Thought-provoking Stories on Caring for  Aging
 305.3  LEV   Levinson, Daniel J. Seasons of a Man's Life Men
 305.3  WEE   Weekley, David E. In from the Wilderness:Sherman, She-r-man  Gender Identity, Transexuality, UMW
 305.4  ALL   Allenbaugh, Kay Chocolate for a Woman's Soul Women
 305.4  ELS   Elsasser, Nan & K. MacKenzie, Y. Tixier y Vigil Las Mujeres  Social Conditions
 305.4  LEO  Leonard, Ann  Seeds 2: Supporting Women's Work around the World  Developing Countries
 305.4  MAT   Mathabane, Mark African Women: Three Generations  South Africa
 305.4  RAM   Ramphele, Mamphela  Across Boundries: The Journey of a South African Woman Leader  South Africa
 305.4  SAN   Sanford, Linda Tschirhart and Mary Ellen Donovan  Women and Self-esteem Psychology - Women
 305.4  SHI   Shields, Laurie Displaced Homemakers Women
 305.4009  ARM   Armstrong, Sally  Uprising: A New Age is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter  Women-Social Conditions, Human Rights
 305.409  XIN  Xinran  Good Women of China: Hidden Voices China, Women
 305.4095  KAR   Kargar, Zarghuna  Dear Zari: Secret Lives of the Women of Afghanistan  Women of Afghanistan, Social Conditions
 305.42  CUM   Cummings, Mary Lou  Surviving Without Romance: African Women Tell Their Stories  Africa, Women
 305.42  DOD  Dodson, Lisa  Don't Call us Out of Name Poverty
 305.42  KHO   Khouri, Norma Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern Jordan  Women
 305.42  MAN  Mann, Judy  Difference: Discovering the Hidden Ways We Silence Girls  Psychology - Girls
 305.42  NEL   Nelson, Alyse  Vital Voices: Power of Women Leading Change Around World  Women, Leadership Social Reform, UMW
 305.42  ROB   Roberts, Cokie We Are Our Mother's Daughters  Women, Feminism
 305.42  WIE  Wiehl, Lis  51% Minority: How Women Still are Not Equal and What You Can Do  Women's Rights
 305.48  COL   Cole, Johnnetta B.  Conversations: Straight Talk with America's Sister President  Black Culture
 305.509  COL   Collins, Chuck, J. Ladd, M. Seider, and F. Yeskel  Class Lives: Stories From Across Our Economic Divide  Social Classes, Intergroup Relations, UMW
 305.569  EHR   Ehrenreich, Barbara Nickel and Dimed Poverty
 305.687  GOO   Good, Merle and Phyllis Good  20 Most Asked Questions about the Amish and Mennonites  Amish, Mennonite
 305.8  HEL   Helsel, Carolyn  Anxious to Talk About It:Helping White People Talk Faithfully  Racism, UMW
 305.8  MAT   Mathabane, Mark  Kaffir Boy in America: An Encounter with Apartheid Apartheid
 305.8  RAY   Raybon, Patricia My First White Friend  Race Relations
 305.8  RIS  Riser, Sharon  For Such a Time as This: Hope/Forgiveness After Charleston  Racism, Gun Violence, Forgiveness, UMW
 305.8  SAA   Saad, Layla F.  me and white supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World…  Racism, Predjudice
 305.8  WIS  Wise, Tim  Color Blind: Rise of Post-Racial Politics, Retreat from Racial E  Race Relations, Civil Rights, History
 305.809  WIS  Wise, Tim  Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority  Race Identity, Minorities, United States
 305.868  CAM   Campbell, Richard C. Two Eagles in the Sun  Hispanic Americans
 305.868  CAM   Campbell, Richard C. Two Eagles in the Sun, Revised Edition  Hispanic Americans
 305.89  WAD   Wade-Gayles, Gloria Rooted Against The Wind Aging
 305.896  FRA   Franklin, Robert M.  Crisis in the Village: Restoring Hope in African American Commun  African Americans-Social Conditions
 305.9  RAL   Raley, Helen Thames On Being a Widow Widowed Persons
 305.9  REA   Reagan, Margaret  Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories From Arizona Borderlands  Immigration, Government Policy
 306.3  BAT   Batstone, David  Not for Sale: Return of the Global Slave Trade/How We Can Fight  Human Trafficing, Slavery, Forced Labor
 306.3  DEW   DeWolfe, Thomas  Inheriting the Trade: A Northern Family Confronts its Legacy  Slave Trade, New England, Africa, Cuba
 306.3  GAL   Gallagher, Vincent A.  True Cost of Low Prices: The Violence of Globalization  Poverty, Intn'l Trade, Developing Countries
 306.36  KUN   Kunin, Madeline M.  New Feminist Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women  Women, Work and Family, Feminism
 306.38  SMI   Smith, John F.  Living Forward: Perspectives on reaching "a certain age"  Retirement
 306.45  NOB   Noble, David F. World Without Women Women
 306.7  HEN   Hendrix, Harville  Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples Marriage, Love
 306.7  HER   Hershey, Terry  Clear-Headed Choices in A Sexually Confused World  Ethics, Sexual
 306.7  JOH   Johnson, Eric W. Love & Sex in Plain Language, 4th Edition  Sexuality
 306.7  JOH   Johnson, Greg and Susie Shellenberger  What Hollywood won't Tell you About Sex, Love and Dating  Sexuality
 306.7  JON   Jones, Debby and Jackie Kendall Lady in Waiting  Relationships
 306.7  LUD   Ludy, Eric and Leslie Ludy When God Writes Your Love Story  Relationships
 306.7  MCD   McDowell, Josh  Love, Dad: Positive Answers for Young Teens on Handling Sexual P  Sexuality
 306.7  SHO  Short, Ray E.  Sex, Love, or Infatuation: How Can I Really Know Sexuality
 306.7  SMA  Smalley, Gary  Making Love Last Forever Marriage
 306.7  WHI  White, Joe  Pure Excitement Sexual Ethics
 306.74  TAY   Taylor, Christine  Devil Came Down to Chinatown: True Story of Church's Rescue  Chinese Brothel Slaves, California History, UMW
 306.8  BRA   Bradshaw, John Family: A Revolutionary Way of Self-Discovery  Family Life
 306.8  CAR   Carter, Velma Thorne and J. Lynn Leavenworth  Caught in the Middle: Children of Divorce Divorce
 306.8  CLI   Clinebell, Howard J. and Charlotte H. Clinebell  Intimate Marriage Marriage
 306.8  DOB  Dobson, James  What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women Marriage
 306.8  DOU   Douglas, William One Parent Family  Parenting, Single Parents
 306.8  HOR   Horner, Bob and Jan Horner  Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage Marriage
 306.8  LEW  Lewis, Robert  Building Teamwork in your Marriage Marriage
 306.8  RAI   Rainey, Dennis Building Your Marriage Marriage
 306.8  SMI   Smith, Virginia Watts Single Parent  Parenting, Single Parents
 306.8  SNY   Snyder, Chuck and Barb Snyder  Incompatibility: Grounds for a Great Marriage Marriage
 306.8  WHE   Wheat, Ed and Gloria Okes Perkins First Years of Forever  Marriage
 306.8  WIL   Wilke, Richard B. Tell Me Again, I'm Listening  Marriage
 306.81  CLO   Cloud, Henry and John Townsend Boundaries in Marriage  Marriage
 306.81  MAS  Mason, Mike  Mystery of Marriage Marriage
 306.81  PAR   Parrott, Les and Leslie Parrott Getting Ready for the Wedding  Marriage
 306.81  PRA   Prather, Hugh and Gayle Prather Book For Couples  Marriage
 306.81  VAT   Vath, Raymond and Daniel O'Neill Marrying for Life  Marriage
 306.85  BAU   Bauer, Gary L. Our Hopes, Our Dreams: A Vision for America  Family Issues, Social Policy
 306.85  GOO   Good, Phyllis Pellman and Merle Good Ideas for Families  Family Life
 306.85  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller Single With Children  Parenting, Single Parents
 306.85  PRI   Price, Eugenia Never a Dull Moment Family Life
 306.85  SHE   Shenk, Sara Wenger Coming Home Family Life
 306.85  TIM   Time Life Books Family Ties Parenting
 306.87  CUR   Curran, Dolores Traits of a Healthy Family  Family Life
 306.87  DEE  Deedy, John  Your Aging Parents Aging
 306.87  GIN   Ginott, Haim G. Between Parent and Teenager  Parenting
 306.87  KRA   Kramer, Rita W. Peanut Butter on my Pillow Mothers
 306.87  LES   Lester, Andrew D. and Judith L. Lester  Understanding Aging Parents Aging
 306.87  SCH   Schimmels, Cliff And Then There Were Two Family Life
 306.872  DAV   Davitz, Lois Leiderman and Joel R. Davitz  Fun? But We're Married Marriage
 306.874  BAI   Bailey, Becky I Love You Rituals Parenting
 306.874  BLU   Bluestein, Jane Parents, Teens and Boundaries  Parenting
 306.874  CHA   Chapman, Steve Look at Life from God's Great Outdoors  Parent and Child
 306.874  COL   Cole, Beverly Cleaning Closets: A Mother's Story  Homosexuality
 306.874  COL   Coleman, William L. You and Your Aging Parents  Aging, Elder Care
 306.874  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller 365 Ways to Love Your Child  Parenting
 306.874  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller Ten Commandments for Grandparents  Family Life
 306.874  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller Working Parent - Happy Child  Parenting
 306.874  KUY   Kuykendall, Carol Give Them Wings  Parenting, Teenagers
 306.874  MOR   Morris, Virginia How to Care for Aging Parents  Aging, Elder Care
 306.874  PAU   Paul, Jordan and Margaret Paul If You Really Loved Me  Parenting
 306.874  PLA   Placksin, Sally Mothering the New Mother Parenting
 306.874  SET   Settersten, Richard and Barbara E. Ray  Not Quite Adults: Why 20-Somethings are Choosing a Slower Path  Young Adults, Adulthood, Sociology
 306.874  SUL   Sullivan, S. Adams Father's Almanac Parenting
 306.874  TEI   Teitsort, Janet Colsher Long-Distance Grandma  Grandparents
 306.874  WEB   Webber, Linda Mom, You're Incredible Mothers
 306.89  BAU   Baumgardner, Barbara  Passage Through Divorce: A Interactive Journal for Healing  Divorce
 306.89  PAY   Paylor, Neil and Barry Head Scenes from a Divorce  Divorce
 306.89  SMO  Smoke, Jim  Growing Through Divorce Divorce
 306.89  WIL   Wilson, Patricia Beyond the Crocodiles Divorce
 306.9  CHE   Chesser, Barbara Russell  Because You Care: Practical Ideas for Helping Those Who Grieve  Grief
 306.9  HAS   Hastings, Celia Undertaker's Wife  Death, Berevement, Grief, Funeral Rites
 306.9  RUB  Rubin, Gail  Good Goodbye Death, Funeral Planning
 306.9  SMI   Smith, Harold Ivan Singles Ask Sexuality
 307.874  WOL   Wolgemuth, Robert She Calls Me Daddy  Fathers, Parenting
 309.2  SHI   Shimasaki, Mari Floating Candles Social Conditions
 322.1  LER   Lerner, Michael Left Hand of God  Religion and Politics
 323  CHA  Chang, Nancy  Silencing Political Dissent Civil Liberties
 323  LAN  Landrieu, Mitch  In the Shadow of Statues: White Southerner Confronts History  New Orleans, Confederate, Monuments
 323  PAR   Parks, Rosa with Gregory J. Reed  Quiet Strength:TheFaith,Hope&Heart of a WomanWhoChanged a Nation  Rosa Parks
 323  SCH   Schulz, William F.  In Our Own Best Interest: How Defending Human Rights Benefits Us  Human Rights
 323.092  BUS  Bush, Chet  Called to the Fire: Story of Dr. Charles Johnson  Civil Rights, Mississippi, Clergy Biography, UMW
 323.092  CAM   Campbell, Will D. Brother to a Dragon Fly  Civil and Political Rights
 323.0973  BRE   Brewster, Gurdon No Turning Back: My Summer with Daddy King  Race Relations, Civil Rights
 323.1196  KIN   King, Jr. Martin Luther  Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?  Racism, Civil Rights, US History, UMW
 323.34  TOO   Tooley, Michelle Voices of the Voiceless  Human Rights - Guatemala
 323.4  FIS  Fisher, Jo  Mothers of the Disappeared Human Rights - Argentina
 323.43  DUN   Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne  Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment  US History, US Constitution, Firearms, UMW
 325.73  REA   Regan, Margaret Detained and Deported  Immigration, Government Policy, UMW
 326  KEE   Keels, Christine and Bernard Keels  Exodus: The Journey to Freedom Slavery
 327.1  CAR  Carter, Jimmy  Talking Peace Peace
 327.73  JAR   Jaramillo, Mari-Luci  Madame Ambassador: The Shoemaker's Daughter  Women Ambassadors
 328  ROB   Robert, Henry M. Robert's Rules of Order  Parliamentary Procedure
 330.973  PHI   Phillips, Kevin  Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, Global Crisis  Finance, Economic Policy, Economic Condition
 331  RAM  Ramos, Jorge  Other Face of America Immigration
 331.2  KOR   Korgen, Jeffry Odell and Kevin C. Pyle  Wage Theft: Crime and Justice #1 Wage Theft, UMW
 331.4  LED   Ledbetter, Lilly and Lanier Scott Isom  Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear  Sex Discrimination against Women
 331.54  ORL   Orleck, Annelise  We Are All Fast-food Workers Now:Global Uprising Against Poverty  Living Wage Movement, Working Poor, UMW
 331.7  JAY   Jayaraman, Sarumathi Behind the Kitchen Door  Food Service Employees, Restaurants
 331.7  LIG   Light, Ken and Paula DiPerna With These Hands  Occupations
 332  BUR  Burkett, Larry  Get A Grip on Your Money: A Teen Study Personal Finance
 332  KIY   Kiyosaki, Robert T. Rich Dad, Poor Dad  Personal Finance
 332.024  BOD   Bodnar, Janet  Mom, Can I Have That?: Dr. Tightwad's Answer to your Kid's Quest  Parenting, Personal Finance
 332.024  HAM   Hamilton, Adam  Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity  Personal Finance
 332.024  JOI   Joiner, Donald W.  Christians & Money: A Guide to Personal Finance  Christians, Finance - Personal
 332.024  LEA   Lear, Shayna  Money on Purpose: Finding a Faith-Filled- Balance  Personal Finance, UMW
 332.024  MAC   MacGregor, Malcolm Training Your Children to Handle Money  Personal Finance
 332.024  MEL   Mellan, Olivia Money Harmony Personal Finance
 332.024  RAM   Ramsey, Dave Complete Guide to Money  Personal Finance
 332.024  RAM   Ramsey, Dave Financial Peace Revisited  Personal Finance
 332.024  RAM   Ramsey, Dave Money Answer Book Personal Finance
 332.024  RAM   Ramsey, Dave  Total Money Makeover: Proven Plan for Financial Fitness  Money Management, Personal Finance, Debt
 332.024  TOW   Towner, Dick and John Tofilon  Freed-Up Financial Living: How to Get There w/ Biblical Principl  Personal Finance, Debt
 332.1  HUD   Hudson, Michael, Editor  Merchants of Misery: How Corporate America Profits from Poverty  Poverty
 332.63  BEN   Benz, Christine Guide to Mutual Funds  Personal Finance, Investments
 333.7  KEN   Kennedy Jr., Robert F. Crimes Against Nature  Politics and Government
 333.7  SOJ  Sojourners  Holy Ground: A Resource on Faith and the Environment  Environment
 333.72  EHR   Ehrlich, Gretel John Muir: Nature's Visionary  John Muir, Conservation, Nature
 333.79  HEI   Heinberg, Richard  Snake Oil: How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils our  Energy, Oil Industry, Ecology, UMW
 333.91  PEA  Pearce, Fred  When the Rivers Run Dry Water Resources, Environment
 335.43  ROS   Rosendahl, Mona  Inside the Revolution: Everyday Life in Socialist Cuba Cuba
 337  BRU   Brubaker, Pamela K. Globalization at What Price  Economics
 338.19  BEC   Beckmann, David and Arthur Simon  Grace at the Table: Ending Hunger in God's World Hunger
 338.7  MAL  Malkan, Stacy  Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry  Cosmetics Industry, Health, Environment
 342  CAT  Cato Institute  Declaration of Independence/Constitution of USA  Declaration Independece, Constitution, US History
 342  SCH  Schaaf, Gregory  Franklin, Jefferson & Madison: On Religion and the State  United States History, Constitutional Law
 342.7308  RAM   Ramos, Jorge Country for All  Hispanic-Americans, Politics, Government, UMW
 344.73  BEL   Bell, Derrick Silent Covenants: Brown v. Board of Education  Segregation, Education
 353.4  STE   Stevenson, Bryan  Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption Law
 355  SIN  Singer, P. W.  Children at War World Politics, Child Soldiers
 361.2  ALE   Alexander, Jessica  Chasing Chaos: My Decade in and out of Humanitarian Aid  Humanitarian Assistance, Sudan, Darfur
 361.609  POO   Poo, Ai-jen with Ariane Conrad  Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing Ameri  Aging, Care for Older Adults, UMW
 361.68  HAN   Hancock, LynNell Hands to Work Welfare Reform
 361.7  CHA   Chand, Sarla, and Esther Mabry and Dave Hilton  Abundant Living: Global Health & Christian Response-Ability  Social Conditions
 361.7  MCE   McElvaney, William Becoming a Justice Seeking Congregation  Social Justice, Peace, UMW
 361.75  KEH   Kehrberg, Norma Love in Action: UMCOR 50 years of service  UMCOR
 361.76  PEL  Pelzer, Dave  Lost Boy Child Abuse
 361.8  WIL   Wilson, Marlene You Can Make a Difference!  Voluntarism
 362  SAY  Saylor, Dennis  Guide for Hospital Calling Visiting the Sick
 362.1  ATK   Atkins, Marguerite Henry Also My Journey  Alzheimer's Disease
 362.1  BEL   Bell, Geneva E.  My Rose: An African American Mother's Story of AIDS  AIDS, Jeffery Bell
 362.1  BER   Beresford, Larry Hospice Handbook Hospice
 362.1  COS   Coste, Joanne Koenig Learning to Speak Alzheimer's  Dementia, Patients, Care Givers
 362.1  GEI   Geier, Mary Alice Cancer, What's it Doing in My Life  Illness
 362.1  HAM  Hamilton, Lou  Why Didn't Somebody Tell me about these Things?  Handicaps - Physical
 362.1  HOS   Hostetler, Helen M. Time to Love Health
 362.1  KOP   Kopp MD, Ruth with Stephen Sorenson  When Someone You Love is Dying Terminal Care, Death
 362.1  MUT   Mutti, Fritz and Etta Mae Mutti  Dancing in a Wheelchair: One Family Faces HIV/AIDS AIDS
 362.1  OYL  Oyler, Chris  Go Toward the Light Death
 362.1  PLO   Ploski, Cynthia  Conversations with My Healers: Journey to Wellness from Breast C  Health - Breast Cancer
 362.1  RAB  Rabin, Roni  Six Parts Love Illness, ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease
 362.1  WAL   Walker, Laura Jensen Thanks for the Mammogram!  Breast Cancer
 362.1  WEA   Weaver, Henry D. Confronting the Big C Cancer
 362.1  WOR   Worthington, Keith In Sunshine and Shadow  Illness, ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease
 362.1084  TEE   Teel, Allan S. Alone and Invisible No More  Aging, Elder Care, UMW
 362.17  DOS  Dosa, David  Making Rounds with Oscar  Hospice, Cats, Animal Assisted Therapy
 362.175  BRO   Brookes, Tim Signs of Life: A Memoir of Dying and Discovery  Hospice Care
 362.196  MAC   Mace, Nancy L. and Peter V.Rabins  36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons with Alzheimer  Caregiving, Dementia, Alzheimer, Home Care
 362.196  MAR   Marks, Beth with Jasmina Sisirak and Tamar Heller  Health Matters: Exercise & Nutrition for People with Disabilitie  Health Education, Developmental Disabilities
 362.196  SIM   Simpkins, Daphne  Long Good Night: My Father's Journey into Alzheimer's  Alzheimer's Disease
 362.2  GRO   Grollman, Earl A.  Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, Postvention Suicide
 362.2  ROB   Robertson, Nan Getting Better Alcoholics Anonymous
 362.29  DOR   Dorris, Michael Broken Cord Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
 362.29  PER   Perrin, Thomas W.  I Am an Adult who Grew up in an Alcoholic Family  Alcohol Abuse
 362.4  CAR   Carlson, L. Phillips  Reluctant Caregiver's Guide to Broken Hip Recovery  Home Health Care
 362.4  EAR   Eareckson, Joni and Steve Estes Step Further  Handicaps - Physical
 362.4  PER   Perske, Robert Circles of Friends Handicaps - Mental
 362.4  SAL   Salmen, John P. S. Do-able Renewable Home  Handicaps - Physical
 362.5  KEL   Keller, Jack A. Poverty Missions, Poverty
 362.6  OTT   Otten, Jane and Florence D. Shelley  When Your Parents Grow Old Aging
 362.61  DEA   Deane, Barbara  Caring For Your Aging Parents: When Love is Not Enough  Aging Parents, Home Care, Home Nursing
 362.7  EDE   Edenfield, Ann  Family Arrested: How to Survive the Incarceration of a Loved One  Prisoner's Families
 362.7  HYD   Hyde, Margaret O. Sexual Abuse Abuse, Child
 362.7  KOZ   Kozol, Jonathan Amazing Grace Social Conditions
 362.7  MCG   McGeady, Sister Mary Rose "God Isn't Done With Me Yet..."  Runaways
 362.7  MCG   McGeady, Sister Mary Rose Are You Out There, God?  Runaways
 362.7  MCG   McGeady, Sister Mary Rose God's Lost Children  Ministry - Children
 362.7  MCG   McGeady, Sister Mary Rose Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face  Homeless Children
 362.7  STR   Strom, Kay Marshall Chosen Families: Is Adoption for You?  Adoption
 362.7  TER   Terry, Robert H.  Flying BR: History of the NM Boys & Girls Ranch  Children-Institutional Care
 362.73  SMI  Smith, Wes  Hope Meadows: Real-Life Stories of Healing and Caring  Institutional Care, Children
 362.76  MAM  Mam, Somaly  Road of Lost Innocence: True Story of a Cambodian Heroine  Child Abuse, Cambodia
 362.76  PEL  Pelzer, Dave  Child Called "It" Dave Pelzer, Child Abuse, Foster Care
 362.76  PEL  Pelzer, Dave  Man Named Dave Child Abuse
 362.82  ALB   Al-Baz, Rania Disfigured  Women, Saudi Arabia, Domestic Violence
 362.82  MUR   Murphy-Milano, Susan  Defending Our Lives: Getting Away from Domestic Violence  Abuse, Physical
 363.23  TOL   Tolan, Robbie and Lawrence Ross  No Justice: One White Police Officer, One Black Family, One Bull  Police brutality, Civil rights, Violence, UMW
 363.4  FAL   Falwell, Jerry If I Should Die Before I Wake  Abortion
 363.4  ROG   Rogers, Rex M. Gambling: Don't Bet On It  Gambling, Religious Aspects
 363.5  AND   Andrews, Arlene and John Cult, Art Dexter  Send Me! Story of Salkehatchie Summer Service  Mission, Outreach, Youth Service Projects
 363.738  STE   Stephenson, Wen What We're Fighting for NOW is Each Other  Climate Change, Environmentalism, UMW
 363.8  HEI   Heifer Project International  Overcoming World Hunger: Fun Fund-Raising Activities forChildren  Missions, Fund Raising
 364.1323  HUF   Huffington, Arianna Pigs at the Trough Economics
 364.15  BAL   Bales, Kevin and Ron Soodalter  Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today  Human Trafficking, Slavery
 364.15  BEL  Belles, Nita  In Our Backyard: Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking - US  Human Trafficking, Slavery, Forced Labor, UMW
 364.152  KRA   Kraybill, Donald B, S M Nolt, D L Weaver-Zercher  Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy  Forgiveness of Sin, Amish Doctrine
 364.2  ACK   Ackerman, James J. Inside: Voices of Prison Fellowship  Prison Fellowship, Incarceration
 364.4  MAR   Marshall, Joseph and Lonnie Wheeler Street Soldier  Crime Prevention
 364.66  BOS   Bosco, Antoinette  Choosing Mercy: A Mother of Murder Victims Pleads to End Death P  Capital Punishment
 365  PEN   Pendergrass, Taylor and Mateo Hoke  Six By Ten: Stories from Solitary  Prisons, Solitary Confinement, UMW
 365  WRA  Wray, Harmon  Restorative Justice: Moving Beyond Punishment Prison Ministry
 369.463  CLO   Cloninger, Kathy with Fiona Soltes  Tough Cookies: Leadership Lessons from 100 Years of Girl Scouts  Girl Scouts USA, Nonprofit, Management
 370.11  UNE   Unell, Barbara C. and Jerry L. Wyckoff, PhD  20 Teachable Virtues: Practical Ways to Pass on Lessons of Virtu  Values
 370.92  THO   Thomas-EL, Salome with Cecil Murphey I Choose To Stay  Education-Urban, African American Teachers
 371.042  HAS   Haskins, Sonya Homeschooling for the Rest of Us  Homeschooling
 371.07  MCG   McGlothin, Jake  Mission Minded Guide to Church and School Partnerships  Education, School-Church Partnerships, UMW
 371.822  MOR   Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin Three Cups of Tea  Schools, Pakistan, Afghanistan
 371.823  MOR   Mortensen, Greg Stones into Schools  Girls Schools, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Peace
 371.829  DEI   Deiter, Constance From Our Mother's Arms  Native Peoples
 371.829  FAS   Fassett, Thom White Wolf and Brenda Connelly  Giving Our Hearts Away Native Americans
 371.829  MOR   Morris, Monique W.  Pushout: Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools  African American Girls-Education, UMW
 371.9  TOB  Tobin, L.  What Do You Do with A Child Like This?  Special Education, Troubled Children
 372.11  KID   Kidder, Tracy Among Schoolchildren Education
 372.5  DOT   Dotts, M. Franklin and Maryann J. Dotts  Clues to Creativity, Vol 1 Crafts
 372.5  DOT   Dotts, M. Franklin and Maryann J. Dotts  Clues to Creativity, Vol 2 Crafts
 372.5  DOT   Dotts, M. Franklin and Maryann J. Dotts  Clues to Creativity, Vol 3 Crafts
 372.6  TRE  Trelease, Jim  Read-Aloud Handbook Parenting
 372.979  SEN   Sentilles, Sarah  Taught By America: A Story of Struggle and Hope Education
 373.18  NUW  Nuwer, Hank  High School Hazing Teen Issues
 377.6  TER   Terry, Robert H. Light in the Valley  McCurdy Mission School
 378  UNI   United Methodist Church  Handbook of United Methodist-Related Schools, Colleges, Univerit  College Handbook
 378.1  STE   Steinberg, Jacques  Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College  College Admission
 378.12  ALB  Albom, Mitch  Tuesdays with Morrie Teacher/Student Relationships
 378.73  POP  Pope, Loren  Looking Beyond the Ivy League: Finding the College that's Right  College Choice
 379.2  WER   Wertheimer, Linda K.  Faith Ed: Teaching About Religion in an Age of Intolerance  Religion in Public Schools, Education, UMW
 384  UMC   United Methodist Communications  Art of Story: Your Church's Storytelling Handbook  Communication
 392  FUL  Fulghum, Robert  From Beginning to End: The Rituals of Our Lives Customs
 394  EXL  Exley, Richard  Indescribable Gift Christmas
 394  HOO  Hooper, Van B.  Christmas Stories that Never Grow Old Christmas
 394  HOO  Hooper, Van B.  Happy Christmas Story Book Christmas
 394  IDE   Ideals Publishing In Search of Christmas Christmas
 394  KLU   Klug, Ron and Lyn Klug Christian Family Christmas Book  Christmas Activities
 394  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller 101 Ideas for the Best Ever Christmas  Christmas Activities
 394  LAW   Lawhead, Alice Slaikeu Christmas Book  Christmas Activities
 394  LIF  Life Magazine  Glory of Christmas Christmas
 394  LIF  Life Magazine  Merriment of Christmas Christmas
 394  LIF  Life Magazine  Pageantry of Christmas Christmas
 394  MAI  Maier, Paul L.  First Christmas: The True and Unfamiliar Story Christmas
 394  REA  Reader's Digest  Book of Christmas Christmas
 394  REA  Reader's Digest  Family Christmas Christmas
 394  ROB   Robinson, Jo and Jean Coppock Staeheli  Unplug the Christmas Machine Christmas
 394  ROB   Robinson, Jo and Jean Coppock Staeheli  Unplug the Christmas Machine Workshop Christmas
 394  ROS   Ross, Corinne Madden Christmas in France  Christmas Customs
 394  TON   Tonn, Maryjane Hooper Joys of Christmas Christmas
 394  UNT   Untermeyer, Louis Second Christmas Christmas
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Austria Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Brazil Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Britain Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Colonial and Early America Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Denmark Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Germany Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Ireland Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Italy Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in New England Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Poland Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Russia Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Scandinavia Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Spain Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Switzerland Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in the Netherlands Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in the Philippines Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Today's Germany Christmas Customs
 394  WOR  World Book  Christmas in Washington, DC Christmas Customs
 394.1  SCH   Schlosser, Eric  Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All-American Meal  Food Industry
 394.2  ALT  Alternatives  To Celebrate: Reshaping Holidays & Rites of Passage  Holidays, Celebrations
 394.2  FRE   Freeman, James Dillet Once Upon a Christmas  Christmas Stories
 394.2  HAI   Haidle, Helen and Celeste Henriquez  Real 12 Days of Christmas: The Story Behind the Song  Christmas
 394.2  HON  Honor Books  Greatest Christmas Ever Christmas Activities
 394.2  HUG  Hughes, Lisa  Happy Easter Easter Customs and Practices
 394.2  KAM   Kammrath, Julaine and Michelle Dorenkamp  Make a Christmas Memory: Simple Things You Can do to Celebrate  Chrismas Crafts for Families
 394.2  NIL   Nilsen, Mary Ylvisaker Our Family Shares Advent  Advent
 394.2  SNY   Snyder, Phillip V. Christmas Tree Book Christmas
 394.266  CHA   Chapin, Alice Simple Christmas Christmas Activities
 394.2663  COL   Collins, Ace Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas  Christmas, Christmas Decorations
 394.2663  WHE   Whelchel, Lisa and Jeannie Mooney ADVENTure of Christmas  Advent, Christmas
 395.2  MEA  Mead, Rebecca  One Perfect Day: Selling of the American Wedding  Wedding Planning and Costs, Consumer Education
 396  SCA   Scanzoni, Letha Dawson and Nancy A. Hardesty  All We're Meant to Be: Biblical Feminism for Today Feminism
 398.2  MAR   Marshall, Joseph M.  Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living Folklore
 398.2  MIL   Mills, Joyce and Frank Howell Stories of the Dreamwalkers  Folklore
 398.2  MOR  Morris, Ivan  From the Glittering World: A Navajo Story  Folklore, Native American
 398.2  WAL  Wallis, Velma  Two Old Women Folklore
 398.9  OTT   Ottenheimer Publications Treasury of Proverbs and Epigrams  Proverbs and Epigrams
 403  CRY  Crystal, David  Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language Linguistics
 411  MOO  Moore, Hyatt  Alphabet Makers Linguistics
 418  CAS  Castle Books  Why Do We Say It? Etymology, English Language, Cliches
 419  COM   Communicative Skills Program  Basic Course in Manual Communication Sign Language
 423  AME   American Heritage  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language  Dictionary
 424  MAW   Mawson, C. O. Sylvester Roget's Pocket Thesaurus  Thesaurus
 468  CAR   Carrasco, Joyce and R. C. Hoffman and N. Nguyen  Who is My Neighbor?: Learning Spanish/Church Hospitality  Spanish as a Second Language
 468  CAR   Carrasco, Joyce and R. C. Hoffman and N. Nguyen  Who is My Neighbor?: Learning Spanish/Church Hospitality  Spanish as a Second Language
 500.21  BRY  Bryson, Bill  Short History of Nearly Everything Science
 500.9  BRO  Brown, Dale  Wild Alaska Natural History, Alaska
 508  LAN   Lanting, Frans and Christine K. Eckstrom  Forgotten Edens: Exploring the World's Wild Places  Natural History
 508  TIM  Time Life Books  Exploring Nature with Your Child Parenting
 508.314  NAT   National Geographic Society World's Wild Shores  Sea Coasts
 508.315  NAT   National Geographic Society  Desert Realm: Lands of Majesty and Mystery Desert
 508.969  RAM   Ramsay, Cynthia Russ and Chris Johns  Hawaii's Hidden Treasures  Hawaii, Natural History, Conservation
 509  BUR  Burke, James  Day the Universe Changed Science, History
 509.2  GRA  Graves, Dan  Scientists of Faith Religion and Science, Biographies
 520  SHA  Shaffer, Rick  Your Guide to the Sky Astronomy
 523.1  BOS   Boslough, John  Masters of Time: Cosmology at the End of Innocence  Religion and Science
 551.47  WHI   Whipple, A. B. C. Planet Earth: Restless Oceans  Ocean Currents
 574  ATT   Attenborough, David Living Planet Biology
 574.5  VAN   Van Matre, Steve  Acclimatization: A Sensory & Conceptual Approach to Ecological..  Ecology
 575  ATT   Attenborough, David Life on Earth Evolution, Biology
 582  PER  Perry, Philip  Concise Illustrated Book of Trees Trees
 582.13  FRE   Freeman, Craig C and Eileen K Schofield  Roadside Wildflowers of the Southern Great Plains  Wild Flowers
 582.13  MAR   Martin, William C. and Charles R. Hutchins  Spring Wildflowers of New Mexico Wild Flowers
 582.13  SPE   Spellenberg, Richard  Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers  Wild Flowers
 591  NAT   National Geographic Society Hidden Worlds of Wildlife  Zoology, Marine Biology
 591.5  LAL   Laland, Stephanie Animal Angels Animals
 598  PET   Peterson, Roger Tory Field Guide to the Birds Birds
 598  POR  Porter, Eliot  Birds of North America Birds
 599.097  NAT   National Geographic Society Wild Animals of North America  Animals
 610.92  DAV   Davis, Sampson and George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt Pact  Physicians
 612.6  JEF   Jeffs, Stephanie and Jane Coulson  Miracle of Life: A Parent & Child Book About Birth Birth
 612.8  NEW   Newberg, Andrew and Mark R. Waldman  How God Changes Your Brain Spirituality, Neuropsychology
 613  KUN   Kuntzleman, Charles T. Well Family Book Health
 613  POL  Pollan, Michael  In Defense of Food Nutrition
 613  POL  Pollan, Michael  In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto Nutrition
 613  WEI  Weil, Andrew  8 Weeks to Optimum Health Health
 613.19  AME   American Red Cross Family Health and Home Nursing  Health
 613.25  CHA   Chapian, Mary and Neva Coyle Free to be Thin  Health, Weight Loss
 613.25  GIL   Gills, James P. Temple Maintenance: Excellence with Love  Health
 613.25  GOO  Goodin, John  Half the Man I Used to Be Weight Loss
 613.25  SCH   Schwartz, Bob Diets Don't Work Health, Weight Loss
 613.25  SHA   Shamblin, Gwen Weigh Down Diet Weight loss
 613.25  WEI   Weight Watchers International Simply Light Cooking  Reducing Diets, Cookbooks, Recipes, Cooking
 613.6  WEI  Weiss, Hall  Secrets of Warmth Survival Skills, Winter
 613.7  ART   Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease  Walking, Arthritis, Exercise, Fitness
 613.7  GRE   Greene, Bob and Ophra Winfrey  Make the Connection: 10 Steps to a Better Body-and a Better Life  Physical Fitness, Health
 613.7  KUS   Kusinitz, Ivan and Morton Fine Your Guide to Getting Fit  Physical Fitness
 613.7  MCG   McGraw, Phillip C.  Ultimate Weight Solution: 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom  Weight Loss - Psychological Aspects
 613.7  UND   Underwood, Carrie with Eve Adamson Find Your Path  Healthy Living, Exercise and Fitness
 615.5  SIE   Siegel, Bernie Love, Medicine & Miracles Health
 615.5  WEI  Weil, Andrew  Spontaneous Healing Health
 615.8  LAN  Lane, Deforia  Music as Medicine Health
 615.8  STA   Stanger, Frank Bateman God's Healing Community  Spiritual Healing
 616  BOY  Boyd, Terry  Living with AIDS: One Christian's Struggle AIDS
 616  SKL  Skloot, Rebecca  Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  Human Experimentation in Medicine
 616.029  CAL   Callanan, Maggie Final Journeys  Palliative Care, Hospice, Terminal Illness
 616.517  CAM   Campos-MacDonald, Cazandra  Dear Hemophilia: Finding Hope Through Cronic Illness  Hemophilia, Parenting
 616.7  RIC   Richards, Ann and Richard U. Levine, MD I'm Not Slowing Down  Health, Osteoporosis
 616.8  DEB   DeBaggio, Thomas Losing My Mind Alzheimer's Disease
 616.8  GRU   Grubbs, William M.  In Sickness & In Health: Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer's  Alzheimer's Disease
 616.8  HAU   Hauri, Peter and Shirley Linde No More Sleepless Nights  Insomnia
 616.8  OBR Checked Out  O'Brien, Greg On Pluto Alzheimer's Disease, UMW
 616.8  SNO   Snowdon, David Aging with Grace Aging
 616.8  WIL   Williams-Paisley, Kimberly  Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again  Dementia, Mothers and Daughters, Terminal Illness
 616.831  CAR   Carper, Jean  100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer's  Health, Memory Loss, Aging
 616.85  BRA   Bradshaw, John Healing the Shame that Binds You  Mental Health
 616.85  HIC   Hicks, Robert Trauma: The Pain that Stays  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
 616.85  NOR   Normandi, Carol E. and Laurelee Roark Over It  Eating Disorders, Adolescence, Teenagers
 616.85  ONE   O'Neill, Cherry Boone Starving for Attention  Eating Disorders
 616.85  REA   Real, Terrence  I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of M  Depression, Mental Health
 616.85  ROT  Roth, Geneen  Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything  Compulsive Eating, Food Habits, Obesity
 616.852  MIN   Minirth, Frank B., MD & Paul D. Meier, M. D.  Happiness is a Choice Emotions
 616.89  CAR   Carter, Rosalynn with Susan K. Golant  Helping Someone with Mental Illness Mental Health
 616.89  HAR   Harris, Thomas A. I'm OK - You're OK Mental Health
 616.89  PAC   Pacharis, Dottie Mind on the Run: A Bipolar Chronicle  Mental Health, Manic-depressive Illness, UMW
 616.99  AST  Asti, Judy  Spiritual Journey Through Breast Cancer Cancer
 616.99  CAR  Carr, Amy  Dangling: I May Have Cancer but Cancer Doesn't Have Me  Cancer, Faith, Hope, UMW
 616.99  SCH   Schwalbe, Will End Of Your Life Book Club  Cancer Patients, Family Relationships
 617  HAL  Hale, Thomas  Living Stones of the Himalayas Missions - Medical
 617.4  VAN   VanRyn, Don & Susie and Newell & Colleen Cerak  Mistaken Identity Traffic Accidents, Case Studies
 617.48  CAR   Carson, Ben with Gregg Lewis Big Picture  Christian Life
 618.2  CUR   Curtis, Glade B. Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week  Pregnancy
 618.92  JOY   Joyner, Ann L.  Not Worth Saving: How A Severely Handicapped Boy Transformed Liv  Special Needs Parenting, Birth Defects, Hope
 618.92  SCH   Schofield, Michael January First  Schizophrenia, Family Relationships
 618.92  SHA  Shaw, Robert  Epidemic: The Rot of American Culture, Absentee Parenting  Behavior Disorders, Parenting
 621.3121  KAM   Kamkwamba, William and Bryan Mealer  Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Current of Electricity/Hope  Windmills, Africa, Malawi
 628.4  SCO  Scott, Nicky  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide  Recycling, Waste Reduction
 629.1  HUN   Hunt, Leslie L. 25 Kites that Fly Kites
 635  BAR   Bartholomew, Max Square Foot Gardening  Vegetable Gardens
 635  GUS   Gussow, Joan Dye This Organic Life Gardening
 635  NEW   New Mexico State University  Native Plants for New Mexico Landscapes Gardening
 635  OSB   Osborne, Richard How to Grow Herbs Gardening, Herbs
 635  SUN  Sunset Magazine  New Sunset Western Garden Book Gardening
 635.9  ABQ   City of Albuquerque Water Conservation Office  Complete How to Guide to Xeriscaping Gardening
 635.9  DUF   Duffield, Mary Rose and Warren D. Jones  Plants for Dry Climates Gardening
 635.9  HEL   Helmer, M. Jane Coleman Foliage Plants for Modern Living  Ornamental Plants, Gardening
 635.9  MAT   Mattson, Roseanne Weber Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs  Ornamental Plants, Gardening
 635.9  MAT   Mattson, Roseanne Weber Trees, Shrubs and Roses  Ornamental Plants, Gardening
 636.7  MON   Monks of New Skete  How to be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owne  Dog Training, Pets
 640  BAR  Barnes, Emilie  Emilie's Creative Home Organizer Home Economics
 640  LON   Longacre, Doris Janzen Living More with Less  Home Economics, Self-reliance, Conduct of Life
 641  WOR   Worstman, Gail L. Natural Fast Food Cookbook  Cookbooks
 641.5  AME   American Heart Association Low-Calorie Cookbook  Cookbook, Recipes, Cooking, Low Calorie Diet
 641.5  ASB  Asbury Cafe  Asbury Cafe Cookbook Cookbooks
 641.5  BET   Betty Crocker Kitchens  Healthy New Choices: A Fresh Approach to Eating Well  Cookbooks, Recipes, Cooking, Reducing Diets
 641.5  CAR   Carpender, Dana 500 Low-Carb Recipes Cookbooks
 641.5  RAN   Ranck, Dawn and Phyllis Pellman Good  Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker  Electric Cookery, Slow
 641.5  TAL  Talevich, Tim  Home Cooking the Costco Way Cookbook
 641.59  OZN   Ozner, Michael Complete Mediterranean Diet  Cookbook, Healthy eating
 644  CLI   Clift, Jon and Amanda Cuthbert Energy: Use Less-Save More  Energy Saving, Conservation
 646.7  EHR   Ehrhart-Morrison, Dorothy No Mountain High Enough  Biographies - Collected
 646.7  KOL   Kolbaba, Ginger  Surprised by Remarriage: A Guide to the Happily-Even-After  Remarriage, Step families
 646.7  ROD   Rodale, Ardath H.  Climbing Toward the Light: A Journey of Growth, Understanding &  AIDS
 646.7  RUS   Rushford, Patricia H.  Help, Hope and Cope Book for People with Aging Parents  Aging Parents, Care and Hygiene
 646.78  BEN   Bender, Sandra Gray  Recreating Marriage with the Same Old Spouse Marriage
 646.78  DOB   Dobson, James C. Love Must Be Tough Marriage
 646.78  GAI   Gaither, Gloria and Shirley Dobson Let's Make a Memory  Creative Activities
 646.78  GRA  Gray, John  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Marriage
 646.78  KLA   Klagsbrun, Frances  Married People: Staying Together in the Age of Divorce  Marriage
 646.78  MOO   Moorehead Bob Marriage Repair Kit Marriage
 646.78  PAG  Page, Susan  Now That I'm Married, Why Isn't Everything Perfect? Marriage
 646.78  PAR   Parrott, Les and Leslie Parrott  Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Marriage
 646.78  SMA   Smalley, Gary For Better or For Best Marriage
 646.78  SMA   Smalley, Gary and John Trent Love is a Decision  Marriage
 648.21  SMA   Smallin, Donna Unclutter Your Home  Storage, Organization, Management
 649  CUR  Curran, Dolores  Tired of Arguing with your Kids? Parenting
 649  DAV   Davitz, Joel & Lois  How to Live Almost Happily with a Teenager Parenting
 649  EZZ   Ezzo, Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo Growing Kids God's Way  Parenting
 649  MAC   MacPherson, Michael Colin  Family Years - A Guide to Positive Parenting Parenting
 649  MCD   McDowell, Josh and Dick Day Why Wait? Sexuality
 649  MEI   Meier, Paul and Linda Burnett  A Mother's Choice: Day Care or Home Care? Parenting
 649  WEL  Welch, Kristen  Raising World Changers in a Changing World  Christian Parenting, UMW
 649.1  BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  What Your Parents Never Told You About Being a Mom or Dad  Parenting
 649.1  BUD   Buddenberg, Laura J. and Kathleen M. McGee  Who's Raising Your Child?  Parenting, Child Consumers, Child Psychology
 649.1  CAR   Carson, Lillian Essential Grandparent Grandparents
 649.1  DIN   Dinkmeyer, Don and Gary McKay, Don Dinkmeyer, Jr  Parent's Handbook Parenting
 649.1  DOB   Dobson, James and Gary L. Bauer Children At Risk  Parenting
 649.1  DOB  Dobson, James  Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions Parenting
 649.1  DOB   Dobson, James C. Parenting isn't for Cowards  Parenting
 649.1  DOB  Dobson, James  Strong-willed Child Parenting
 649.1  DOS  Dosick, Wayne  Golden Rules: Ten Ethical Values Parents Need to Teach Their Chi  Parenting
 649.1  EDE   Edelman, Marian Wright Measure of Our Success  Parenting
 649.1  GLE   Glenn, H. Stephen and Jane Nelson  Raising a Self-Reliant Children a Self-Indulgent World  Parenting
 649.1  HOL   Holt, Pat and Grace Ketterman MD  When You Feel Like Screaming! Help for Frustrated Mothers  Parenting
 649.1  HUG   Hughes, Laurel How to Raise a Healthy Achiever  Parenting
 649.1  KIM  Kimmel, Tim  Legacy of Love Parenting
 649.1  KIM  Kimmel, Tim  Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right Parenting
 649.1  KUZ  Kuzma, Kay  Building Your Child's Character from the Inside Out Parenting
 649.1  LAN  Lansky, Vicki  101 Ways to Tell Your Child "I Love You" Parenting
 649.1  LEG  Legere, Henry  Raising Healthy Eaters: 100 Tips for Parents  Parenting, Child Care, Food
 649.1  LEM   Leman, Kevin and Randy Carlson Parent Talk Parenting
 649.1  LES  LeShan, Eda  When Your Child Drives You Crazy Parenting
 649.1  MIL  Miller, Jamie  10-Minute Life Lessons For Kids Parenting
 649.1  MIL   Miller, Gordon Porter Teaching Your Child to Make Decisions  Parenting
 649.1  MIT   Mitchell, William and Charles Paul Conn  Power of Positive Parenting Parenting
 649.1  NAR   Narramore, Bruce Help! I'm a Parent Parenting
 649.1  PAT   Patterson, Gerald R. Living with Children Parenting
 649.1  POG   Pogrebin, Letty Cottin Growing Up Free Parenting
 649.1  POL   Poland, Janet and Judi Craig  Making Friends with Your Three-year Old Parenting
 649.1  ROS   Rosemond, John "Because I Said So!" Parenting
 649.1  SHE   Shelov, Steven P., American Academy of Pediatrics  Caring for Your Baby and Young Child Child Care, Parenting
 649.1  SHU   Shure, Myrna B. Raising A Thinking Child Parenting
 649.1  SPO   Spock, Benjamin Baby and Child Care Parenting
 649.1  THE   Theroux, Phyllis  Night Lights: Bedtime Stories for Parents in the Dark  Parenting
 649.1  TIM   Time Life Books Raising a Happy Child Parenting
 649.1  TIM   Time Life Books When Others Care for Your Child  Parenting
 649.1  TRI  Tripp, Tedd  Shepherding a Child's Heart Parenting
 649.12  MCG   McGinnis, James Helping Teens Care Parenting
 649.121  FAB   Faber, Adele and Elaine Mazlish  How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk  Parenting
 649.122  BRA   Brazelton, T. Berry  Toddlers and Parents: A Declaration of Independence Parenting
 649.122  EIS   Eisenberg, Arlene & H. E. Murkoff & S. E. Hathaway  What to Expect the First Year Parenting
 649.122  TIM   Time Life Books Your Baby's First Year Parenting
 649.123  AME   Ames, Louise Bates and Frances L. Ilg Your Five Year Old  Parenting
 649.123  AME   Ames, Louise Bates, and Frances L. Ilg  Your Four Year Old, Wild and Wonderful Parenting
 649.123  AME   Ames, Louise Bates and Frances L. Ilg Your Six Year Old  Parenting
 649.123  AME   Ames, Louise Bates and Frances L. Ilg  Your Three Year Old, Friend or Enemy Parenting
 649.124  EZZ   Ezzo, Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo  Smart Parent: Strategies for the Middle Years (8-12)  Parenting
 649.125  EDG   Edgette, Janet Sasson Stop Negotiating With Your Teen  Parenting
 649.125  KES  Kesler, Jay  Ten Mistakes Parents Make With Teenagers (And How to Avoid Them)  Parenting, Teenagers
 649.125  NEL   Nelsen, Jane and Lynn Lott Positive Discipline for Teenagers  Parenting
 649.125  ROS   Rosemond, John K. Teen-Proofing Parenting
 649.125  SMA   Smalley, Gary and Greg Smalley  Bound by Honor: Fostering a Great Relationship With Your Teen  Parenting
 649.132  LUS   Lush, Jean with Pamela Vredevelt  Mothers & Sons: Raising Boys to be Men Parenting
 649.133  ELI   Elium, Jeanne and Don Elium  Raising a Daughter: Parents and the Awakening of a Healthy Woman  Parenting, Girls
 649.133  FIN  Fine, Carla  Strong, Smart and Bold: Empowering Girls for Life Parenting
 649.151  BRA   Bradley, Lorna  Special Needs Parenting: From Coping to Thriving  Parenting, Children with disabilities
 649.3  TIM   Time Life Books Food and Your Child Parenting
 649.5  MAR   Martin, Elaine  Baby Games: the Joyful Guide to Child's Play from Birth to Three  Games
 649.5  SLO   Sloane, Valerie Creative Family Activities Games
 649.5  SPA   Sparling, Joseph and Isabelle Lewis  Learning Games for the First Three Years Parenting
 649.58  TIM   Time Life Books First Steps Toward Reading Parenting
 649.64  CLO   Cloud, Henry and John Townsend Boundaries with Kids  Parenting
 649.64  DOB   Dobson, James Dare to Discipline Parenting
 649.64  NEL  Nelson, Jane  Positive Discipline Parenting
 649.64  STE   Steelsmith, Shari Go To Your Room! Consequences That Teach  Parenting
 649.64  TIM   Time Life Books Teaching Good Behavior Parenting
 649.65  GOR   Gordon, Sol and Judith Gordon  Raising a Child Conservatively in a Sexually Permissive World  Sex Education
 649.65  PRE   Preston, Don and Rhoda Preston Before They Ask  Sex Education
 649.68  TIM   Time Life Books Developing Your Child's Potential  Parenting
 649.7  ALE   Alexander, Olive J. Developing Spiritually Sensitive Children  Parenting
 649.7  WIL   Wilkerson, Rich Teenagers: Parental Guidance Suggested  Parenting, Teenagers
 649.8  CAP   Capossela, Cappy and Sheila Warnock  Share The Care: How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who  Serious Illness, Caregivers
 650.1  BUC   Buckingham, Marcus  Go Put Your Strengths to Work: 6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outst  Motivation, Ability, Success, Performance
 650.1  CLI   Clinton, Chelsea  It's Your World: Get Informed, Inspired, Going Social Change
 650.1  HYA   Hyatt, Michael and Daniel Harkavy  Living Forward: Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life Yo  Quality of Life, Career Development, Goals
 658.4  BLA   Blanchard, Ken and John Britt  Who Killed Change?: Solving Mystery of Leading People Through  Leadership, Organizational Change
 658.4  MAX   Maxwell, John C. Developing the Leader Within You  Leadership
 658.4  MYC   Mycoskie, Blake Start Something that Matters  Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing
 680  CUR   Curtis, Annabelle and Judy Hindley Funcraft Book of Paper Fun  Crafts
 680  KEI   Keiser, Armilda B. Here's How and When Crafts
 680  TIC  Tichnor, Tom  Tom Tichnor's Puppets Crafts
 690  NEU  Nuefer, L. Paul  Build it Yourself Projects - Nursery & Kindergarten Furniture  Carpentry
 690  NEU  Nuefer, L. Paul  Build it Yourself Projects - Shelving & Cabinets Carpentry
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop FCW, Volume 1: Acrylics - Batik  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 10: Marmalades & Preserves - Mosaics Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 11: Music Making - Paper Mache Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 12: Parades & Festivals - Pinatas Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 13: Pin striping - Puzzles Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 14: Quilling - Rope Knotting Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 15: Rosemaling - Scrimshaw Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 16: Sculpture - Silhouettes Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 17: Silversmithing - Sprang Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 18: Square-dancing - Sugar Shapes Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop FCW, Volume 19: Sundials - Tatting  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 2: Beachcombing - Bottlegardens Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop FCW, Volume 20: Tea - Toys  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 21: Traditional Knitting - Vegetable Dyes  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 22: Vinegars - Winter Sculpture Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 23: Wire Sculpture - Zoetrope Toys Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 24: Index & Basic Reference Guide Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop FCW, Volume 3: Boxes - Card Tricks  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 4: Carryalls - Confections Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 5: Cosmetics - Egg Decoration Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 6: Embroidery - Gingerbread Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 7: Glass Working - Hibachi Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop FCW, Volume 8: Hooked Rugs - Lace  Handicrafts
 700  FAM   Family Creative Workshop  FCW, Volume 9: Lamps & Shades - Maps & Pathfinding  Handicrafts
 704  BAH  Bahti, Tom  Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts Native American Art
 704.9  ABR   Abrams, Richard I. Illustrated Life of Jesus  Fine Art
 708  FOX  Fox, Milton S.  Art Treasures of the Louvre Art History
 709  JAN  Janson, H. W.  Mirror of History Art History
 709.24  COU   Coughlan, Robert World of Michelangelo 1475-1564  Italy, Art History
 709.32  WOL   Woldering, Irmgard  Art of Ancient Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs Egypt
 728  GEL  Gellner, Sherry  Garden & Patio Building Book Architecture, Residential
 738.1  BAN   Bankson, Marjory Zoet  Soulwork of Clay: Hands-on Approach to Spirituality  Pottery craft, Spirituality in Art
 740  HAR  Harbin, Robert  Origami Crafts
 740  HUS  Hussain, Donna  Art for Young Children Art Activities
 740  VIE  Vienna  Banners and Mobiles and Odds and Ends Crafts
 740  VIE  Vienna  Create and Celebrate Crafts
 741.5  BLA  Black, Cuyler  What's That Funny Look on Your Faith? Humor, Cartoons
 741.5  KOE  Koehler, Ed  Amusing Grace Humor
 745  MCC   McCartney, Carol Great Bulletin Board Idea Book  Bulletin Boards
 745  MET  Metcalfe, Edna  Trees of Christmas Christmas Crafts
 745  ROD  Rodale Press  Have a Natural Christmas Christmas Crafts
 745.5  HEL   Helfman, Harry C.  Origami: Oriental Art of Paper Folding Made Easy  Origami, Papercraft
 745.5  JAC  Jackson, Paul  Paper Magic Origami, Papercraft
 745.5  MAR   Martin, Laura C. and David Cain Nature's Art Box  Nature Craft
 745.5  VES   Vessey, Susan and Meryl Doney Christmas Activity Book  Christmas Crafts
 745.59  COS   Coskey, Evelyn Christmas Crafts for Everyone  Christmas Crafts
 745.59  DOU   Douet, Valerie Jackson Dollhouses, The Collector's Guide  Dollhouses, Miniatures
 745.59  FIT   Fitzpatrick, Nancy J. Christmas is Coming! 1989  Christmas Crafts
 745.59  LEE  Lee, Sharon  Joyous Days Christmas Crafts
 745.59  STE   Stewart, Linda Martin Christmas is Coming, 1985  Christmas Crafts
 745.593  RIC   Richardson-Lauve, Cory  Scrapbooking Journey: Hands-on Guide to Spiritual Discovery  Photograph Albums, Scrapbooking, Spirituality
 745.594  DIE   Dierks, Leslie Creative Clay Jewelry  Plastic Crafts, Jewelry Making
 745.594  ELL   Ellsworth, Wendy Beading - the Creative Spirit  Beadwork, Spirituality
 745.9  ROG  Rogers, Joyce  Flower Arranging Flower Arranging
 746  COL   Colton, Virginia Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework  Needlework
 746.4  COS   Costabel-Duetsch, Eva Full-color Floral Needlepoint Designs  Embroidery patterns, Decoration - Plant forms
 746.43  CRA   Crandall-Frazier, Cindy  Contemplative Crochet: Hands-On Guide Interlocking Faith & Craft  Crochet, Spirituality. Meditation
 746.43  SKO   Skolnik, Linda and Janice MacDaniels  Knitting Way: Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery  Knitting, Spirituality
 746.44  HED   Hedgepath, Stephanie Seabrook  Traditional Crosses: Counted Cross-stitch Patterns  Counted Cross-stitch, Embroidery
 746.44  RAN   Rankin, Chris Splendid Silk Ribbon Embroidery  Textile Arts, Embroidery, Needlework
 746.46  BEY  Beyer, Jinny  Designing Tessellations: The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns  Quilting, Patchwork
 746.46  CAU   Causee, Linda Symbols of Faith: 44 Quilt Blocks  Quilting
 746.46  HEN   Henning, Brenda Noel Stained Glass Quilt Pattern  Quilting
 746.46  SIL  Silk, Louise  Quilting Path: Guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric…  Quilting, Patchwork, Spirituality
 746.9  ATW  Atwood, Cory  Banners for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Approach  Worship Banners
 746.9  DEB   DeBord, Jane and Linda Isbell  Banner Deisigns for Celebrating Christians Worship Banners
 746.97  PEL   Pellman, Rachel T. Tips for Quilters Quilting
 747.7  TIM   Time Life Books Living Spaces for Your Child  Interior Design
 751.4  NOV  Novick, Linda  Painting Path: Embodying Spritual Discovery through Yoga, Brush  Art Technique, Spirituality, Yoga
 759  FOX  Fox, Milton S.  Picture History of Painting Art History
 759  SCH   Schickel, Richard World of Goya 1746-1828  Art History
 759.13  FLE   Flexner, James Thomas World of Winslow Homer 1836-1910  Art History
 759.2  HIR  Hirsh, Diana  World of Turner 1775-1851 Art History
 759.4  MUR   Murphy, Richard W. World of Cezanne 1839-1906  Art History
 759.4  SCH   Schneider, Pierre World of Manet 1832-1883  Art History
 759.5  EIM  Eimerl, Sarel  World of Giotto 1267-1337 Art History
 759.5  WAL   Wallace, Robert World of Leonardo 1452-1519  Art History
 759.6  BRO  Brown, Dale  World of Velazquez 1599-1660 Art History
 759.6  WER   Wertenbaker, Lael World of Picasso 1881- Art History
 759.9  KAU   Kaufman, Elizabeth Elias Rembrandt Fine Art
 759.9  WAL   Wallace, Robert World of Rembrandt 1606-1669  Art History
 759.9492  WAL   Wallace, Robert World of Van Gogh 1853-1890  Art History
 759.9493  WED   Wedgwood, C. V. World of Rubens 1577-1640  Art History
 781.71  WIL   Wilson-Dickson, Andrew  Story of Christian Music from Gregorian Chant to Black Gospel  Church Music
 782  FOX  Fox, Dan  Family Songbook Vocal Music
 782  FOX  Fox, Dan  Family Songbook of Faith and Joy Vocal Music
 782.25  HIN   Hindalong, Steve City on a Hill Musicians
 782.3  MET   Metz, Lois Lunt Action Songs and Rhythms for Children  Children's Songs
 782.7  MAT   Matterson, Elizabeth This Little Puffin  Children's Songs
 783  ORE  O'Reilly, John  Mission Singers Songbook Music
 783.635  YOL  Yolen, Jane  Sing Noel Christmas Carols
 783.9  EMU   Emurian, Ernest K. Hymn Stories for Programs  Hymns, English History
 783.9  REY   Reynolds, William J. and Milburn Price  Survey of Christian Hymnody Hymns-English, Hymns-History
 783.909  OSB   Osbeck, Kenneth W. 101 Hymn Stories  Hymns, English - History
 783.952  CAS   Case, Riley B. Understanding Our New United Methodist Hymnal  Hymns
 790.1  KRU   Krueger, Caryl Waller 1001 Things to do With Your Kids  Recreation
 790.1  MIL  Miller, Karen  Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos Crafts
 791.62  WHI   Whitestone, Heather with Angela Hunt Listening With My Heart  Heather Whitestone
 792  FIT  Fittro, Pat  Christmas Programs for the Church Plays, Drama
 793  FLI   Flint Public Library  Ring a Ring O' Roses: Finger Plays for Pre-School Children  Games
 793  MOS  Mosler, Gerard  Family Quiz Book Recreation
 796.3340  STJ   St. John, Warren Outcasts United  Refugee Children, Africa, Soccer, UMW
 796.5  SUS   Sussman, Aaron and Ruth Goode Magic of Walking  Walking
 796.51  JUL  Julyan, Bob  Best Hikes With Children in New Mexico  Hiking, Outdoor Recreation, New Mexico
 808.51  HAM   Hamilton, Adam  Speaking Well: Essential Skills for Speakers, Leaders & Preacher  Public Speaking, Preaching, Oral Communication,UMW
 808.8  BEN   Bennett, William J. Book of Virtues  Virtue, Conduct of Life
 808.8  HOF   Hoffman, Rev. Edward L. Funny Faithful Humor
 808.8  LEB Checked Out  LeBlanc, Miriam  Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season Easter, UMW
 808.8  MAR  Martz, Sandra  Tie That Binds: Fathers & Daughters/Mothers & Sons  Anthologies
 808.8  MIL   Miller, Calvin  Book of Jesus:Treasury of Greatest Stories/Writings about Christ  Jesus Christ - Literary Collections
 808.8  WAL  Walker, Herb  Happy Clergy Humor
 808.81  BRY   Bryant, Al - Compiler Sourcebook of Poetry Poetry
 808.81  MOR   Morrison, James Dalton Masterpieces of Religious Verse  Devotions, Poetry
 808.83  BRU   Bruderhof Foundation Behold that Star: A Christmas Anthology  Christmas
 808.88  DAV   Davidoff, Henry Familiar Quotations Quotations
 808.88  THO   Thomas, Marlo and friends Right Words at the Right Time  Quotations
 809.935  RYK   Ryken, Leland Literature of the Bible  Bible as Literature
 810.8  DAR   Dark Moumtain Project Walking on Lava  Nature, Ecology, UMW
 811  BRA   Brandt, Dorothy Hinson Ranch Memories at Thirty Below  Poetry
 811  BRO   Brown, Dorothy Hanson God and the Tree and Me Poetry
 811  EAG  Eagle, Lola R.  From the Eye of an Eagle Poetry
 811  EIS  Eiseley, Loren  Notes of an Alchemist Poetry
 811  JOH   Johnson, Pearl Patterson Who Tells the Crocuses It's Spring  Poetry
 811  KIN  Kinkade, Thomas  Glory of Creation Poetry
 811  PER   Perry, Dean Berryhill and Jann Burnett Nothing is Forever  Poetry, Grief and Loss
 811  POW   Powers, Andy and Lena Powers Bit of Heaven Poetry
 811  RIC   Rice, Helen Steiner Heart Gifts Poetry
 811  RIC   Rice, Helen Steiner Just For You Poetry
 811  RIC   Rice, Helen Steiner Showers of Blessings Poetry
 811  ROM   Romero, Myrtle White Enchanted Valley Poetry
 811  SHR   Shriver, Peggy L. Pinches of Salt Poetry
 811  WEE  Weems, Ann  Kneeling in Bethlehem Christmas, Poetry
 811.5  RIC   Rice, Helen Steiner In the Vineyard of the Lord  Poetry
 811.52  FRO   Frost, Robert Selected Poems Poetry
 811.52  JOH   Johnson, James Weldon God's Trombones Poetry
 811.54  RIC   Rice, Helen Steiner with Virginia J. Ruehlmann  Awake My Soul and Sing: Poems Inspired by Favorite Hymns  Poetry, Hymns
 811.54  SNY  Snyder, Gary  Turtle Island Poetry
 812  BER  Berry, Douglas  Man of One Book Drama
 813  DEL   Deloria, Ella Cara Waterlily  Native Americans, Fiction
 813  FOG   Fogartie, Arthur F. Sixteenth Manger Christmas
 813  GOR  Gordon, Arthur  Through Many Windows Essays
 813  WHE  Wheeler, Joe  Christmas in my Heart Christmas
 813.52  SEU  Seuss, Dr.  You're Only Old Once Aging
 813.54  BUS   Buscaglia, Leo Seven Stories of Christmas Love  Christmas
 813.54  SWI   Swindoll, Charles, Max Lucado and Charles Colson  Glory of Christmas Christmas
 814  ANG  Angelou, Maya  Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now Essays
 814  DEV   de Vinck, Christopher Only the Heart Knows How to Find Them  Essays, Family
 814  FUL  Fulghum, Robert  Uh-Oh: Some Observations from Both Sides of the Refrigerator Doo  Essays
 814  ROM   Romero, Myrtle White Housewife by the Rio Grande  Essays
 814  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Amazing Love Essays
 817  BOM   Bombeck, Irma and Bil Keane  "Just wait till you have children of your own!" Humor
 817  FRE   Freeman, Becky and others Courage for the Chicken Hearted  Humor
 817  FRE   Freeman, Becky and others  Eggstra Courage for the Chicken Hearted Humor
 817  HAF   Hafer, Todd and Jedd Hafer Snickers from the Front Pew  Clergy Family, Preacher's Kids, Humor
 817  HIG   Higgs, Liz Curtis Help! I'm Laughing and I Can't Get Up  Humor
 817  JOH   Johnson, Barbara Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death  Aging, Humor
 817  MOW  Mowat, Farley  Boat Who Wouldn't Float Humor
 817  SAM   Samra, Cal and Rose Samra Holy Humor Humor
 817  SAM   Samra, Cal and Rose Samra More Holy Humor Humor
 818  BOM  Bombeck, Erma  At Wit's End Humor
 818.5  BOM  Bombeck, Erma  Aunt Erma's Cope Book Humor, Life Skills
 818.5  BOM  Bombeck, Erma  If life is a bowl of cherries-what am I doing in the pits?  Humor, Life Skills, Housewives
 818.54  ALV   Alvarez, Julia Wedding in Haiti  Haiti, Dominican Republic, Travel, Friendship
 818.54  CRI   Crisp, Wendy Reid  100 Things I'm Not Going to Do Now That I'm Over 50 Aging
 818.54  JOR   Jordan-Lake, Joy Grit & Grace: Portraits of a Woman's Life  Women
 818.54  VAN   VanDyke, Dick Faith, Hope and Hilarity Humor
 823  JAB   Jabbour, Hala Deeb Woman of Nazareth  Women of the Bible
 823  WIL   Williams, Thomas  Knowing Aslan: An Encounter with the Lion of Narnia  Christian Living
 823.912  LEW   Lewis, C. S., compiled by Lesley Walmsley C. S. Lewis on Joy  Joy
 823.912  LIN   Lindvall, Terry  Surprised by Laughter: Comic World of C. S. Lewis  C. S. Lewis, Humor, Satire
 826  LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Letters to An American Lady Spiritual Guidance
 828.91  HOF   Hoff, Benjamin Tao of Pooh Taoism
 832  WEI  Weis, Othmar  Oberammergau Passion Play Drama
 839.7  HAM   Hammarskjold, Dag Markings Devotions
 891  BAR   Baranskaya, Natalya Week Like Any Other  Russian Fiction
 892.78  GIB   Gibran, Kahlil Prophet Poetry
 895.7  LEE   Lee, Sun-ai and Don Luce Wish, Poems of Contemporary Korea  Poetry
 901  THO   Thorndike, Joseph J., Jr. and Joseph Kastner  Life's Picture History of Western Man History
 909  BOO   Boorstin, Daniel J.  Seekers: The Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His W  History - Religious Aspects
 909  LYN   Lynd, Staughton and Sam Bahour and Alice Lynd  Home Land: Oral Histories of Palestine and Palestinians  Middle East
 909.049  CAH   Cahill, Thomas  Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way  Judaism
 909.09  GRA   Grayzel, Solomon  History of the Jews from the Babylonian Exile to the End of WWII  Jews - History
 910.4  NAT   National Geographic Society  Beyond the Horizon: Adventures in Faraway Lands Travel
 910.4  NAT   National Geographic Society  Excursion to Enchantment: Journey to the World's Most Beautiful  World Travel
 910.9  NAT   National Geographic Society Unlocking Secrets of the Unknown  Geography, Research
 912  RAN  Rand McNally  Premier World Atlas Atlas
 912.33  BEI   Beitzel, Barry J. Moody Atlas of Bible Lands Atlas
 913  FRA  Franciscans  Holy Land Travel
 913  SER  Server, Lee  Holy Land Travel
 914.7  SED   Sedeen, Margaret-Editor Soviet Union Today  Soviet Union, Russia, Travel, History
 915.1  NAT   National Geographic Society Journey into China  China, Travel
 915.604  FEI   Feiler, Bruce  Walking the Bible:A Journey by Land Through the 5 Books of Moses  Middle East
 915.694  BEL   Bellow, Saul To Jerusalem and Back Israel
 917  NAT   National Geographic Society  America's Hidden Wilderness: Lands of Seclusion  Wilderness areas - North America
 917  NAT   National Geographic Society Canada's Incredible Coasts  Canada, Travel
 917.3  NAT   National Geographic Society Great American Journeys  Travel, United States
 917.3  NAT   National Geographic Society  Pathways to Discovery: Exploring America's National Trails  Trails, Parks, Reserves, United States, Travel
 917.304  NAT   National Geographic Society  America's Hidden Treasures: Exploring Little-known Nat'l Parks  National Parks, Travel
 917.4  FIS   Fisher, Ron and Sam Abell  Mountain Adventure: Exploring the Appalachian Trail  Hiking, Appalachian Trail
 917.87  FIS   Fishbein, Seymour L. and Raymond Gehman  Yellowstone Country: Enduring Wonder  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Ecology
 917.89  ARA   Arango, Polly Touring New Mexico New Mexico
 917.89  CHI   Chilton, Lance and others  New Mexico: A New Guide to the Colorful State New Mexico
 917.89  ZOR   Zoretich, Frank  Cheap Thrills Adventure Club New Mexico: 55 Stops Along the Road  New Mexico Travel
 917.91  FIS   Fishbein, Seymour L.  Grand Canyon Country: Its Majesty and Its Lore  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, Travel
 917.91  MES   Messick, Hank Desert Sanctuary Arizona, Retirement
 917.94  BOW  Bowen, Ezra  High Sierra, The American Wilderness  Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California
 917.94  BRO   Brower, Kenneth Yosemite: An American Treasure  Yosemite National Park
 919.8  CHE   Chester, Jonathan Antarctica, Beauty in the Extreme  Antarctica
 920  CLO  Groh, Dennis E.  Augustine: Religion of the Heart  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO   Gonzalez, Justo L. Crusades: Piety Misguided  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO  Fair, Harold  Early Reformers: Winds of Change  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO   Harrison, Jr., Richard L.  John Calvin: Spread of the Reformation  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO   Gonzalez, Catherine Gunsalus  Leo and Gregory: Shapers of the Church  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO   Lindberg, Carter Martin Luther: Justified by Grace  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO   Gonzalez, Justo L. Monasticism: Patterns of Piety  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  CLO  TeSelle, Eugene  Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason  Cloud of Witnesses Series, Early Church History
 920  HAR  Hardesty, Nancy  Great Women of Faith Biographies - Collected
 920  SIM   Simpson, Megan Demarest and Robert Drew Simpson  Minding God's Business: Stories of Women in Mission in the UMC  Missionaries
 920.72  PAT   Patterson, Shirley and Susan Cho, editors  Turning Points in Women's Lives  Retired Women, Life Change Events
 929  CRA  Crandall, Ralph  Shaking Your Family Tree Genealogy
 930  NAT   National Geographic Society  Mysteries of Mankind: Earth's Unexplained Landmarks  Megalithic monuments, Archaeology, Sacred spaces
 932  CAS  Casson, Lionel  Ancient Egypt Egypt
 933  BIE  Bierling, Neal  Giving Goliath his Due: New Archaeological Light on Philistines  Archaeology, Middle East
 937  CER  Ceram, C. W.  God, Graves, and Scholars  Classical Antiquities, Ancient History, Archeology
 937  DER   Dersin, Denise - Editor When Rome Ruled the World  Rome- Ancient, Rome-History
 937.07  LUD   Ludwig, Charles Rulers of New Testament Times  Roman Empire
 940.53  BER   Bernstein, Sara Tuvel with L Thornton, M Samuels  Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival  WW !!, Jews, Holocaust, Romania, Germany
 940.53  FRA  Frank, Anne  Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl WW II, Prisoners
 940.53  HEA   Hearth, Amy Hill and Norman & Amalie Salsitz  In a World Gone Mad Holocaust
 940.53  KLE   Klein, Gerda Weissmann All but My Life: A Memoir  WW !!, Jews, Holocaust, Poland, Germany
 940.53  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie with John and Elizabeth Sherrill  Hiding Place WW II, Prisoners
 940.53  WIE  Wiesel, Elie  Night Holocaust, Jewish, Romania
 940.54  BON   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Letters and Papers from Prison  WW II, Prisoners
 940.54  BRO  Brokaw, Tom  Greatest Generation WW II, Biographies
 940.54  COL   Colijn, Helen Song of Survival: Women Interned  WW II, Prisoners
 940.54  TEN   ten Boom, Corrie Prison Letters WW II, Prisoners
 943.33  CHA   Chapman, Fern Schumer Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust  Holocaust
 947  HUN  Hunt, Ruth  East Wind Russia
 947  ODE   Oden, Marilyn Brown Land of Sickles and Crosses  Russia
 947  SHI   Shipler, David K. Russia: Broken Idols, Solemn Dreams  Russia
 949  DEC   Decopoulos, John Rhodes Travel
 951  LAN   Landstrom, Elsie H. Hyla Doc China
 951  SUR   Surdam, T. Janet and Luella G. Koether  Janella Journal - Our China Experience China
 951.9  STR   Strawn, Sonia Reid Where There is no Path Korea
 952  MES   Messerschmidt, Lowell Bauern-Sensei Japan
 952  SHI   Shizuko, Ohshima and Carolyn Francis  Japan Through the Eyes of Women Migrant Workers Japan
 954  HOB  Hobson, Sarah  Family Web - A Story of India India
 954  MEH  Mehta, Gita  Snakes and Ladders: Glimpses of Modern India India
 954.98  NAP  Napoli, Lisa  Radio Shangri-La: What I Discovered on my Accidental Journey  Travel, Bhutan, Asia, UMW
 955.05  EBA   Ebadi, Shirin  Golden Cage: Three Brothers, Three Choices, One Destiny  Iran-Politics and Government
 956  BEN  Bennis, Phyllis  Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict  Arab-Israeli Conflict, Foreign Relations
 956  BOR  Born, Ethel  Tangled Web Israel
 956  GRO  Grossman, David  Yellow Wind Israel
 956  LEV  Levin, Sis  Beirut Diary Middle East
 956  SHI   Shipler, David K.  Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in the Promised Land  Middle East
 956.05  WIL   Williams, Emma  Its Easier to Reach Heaven than the End of the Street: Jerusalem  Arab-Israeli Conflict
 956.94  ARM   Armstrong, Karen Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths  Jerusalem, History
 956.94  CHA   Chacour, Elias with David Hazard Blood Brothers  Middle East
 956.94  DRA   Drainie, Bronwyn  My Jerusalem: Secular Adventures in the Holy City Jerusalem
 956.94  URI   Uris, Jill and Leon Uris Jerusalem: Song of Songs  Jerusalem
 959.604  UNG  Ung, Loung  First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers  Cambodia - Politics and Government
 959.6042  HIM   Himm, Sokreaksa S. Tears of My Soul Cambodia
 959.8  CAM   Campbell-Nelson, John Indonesia in Shadow and Light  Indonesia
 962.404  DEN   Deng, Benson and A. Deng, B. Ajak, J. Bernstein  They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky Sudan Refugees, Civil War
 966.404  BEA   Beah, Ishmael Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier  Sierra Leone, Civil War, Child Soldiers
 968  MAN  Mandela, Winnie  Part of My Soul Went With Him Africa
 968.06  TUT   Tutu, Desmond  Rainbow People of God: The Making of a Peaceful Revolution  South Africa
 970  MOR   Morrison, Dorothy Nafus Chief Sarah Native Americans
 970.004  ALL   Allen, Paula Gunn  Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditio  Indians of North America, Native Americans, Women
 970.004  AMB   Ambler, Dick Anasazi  Native American Culture and History
 970.004  MAN   Mankiller, Wilma  Every Day is a Good Day: Reflections by Indigenous Women  Native American Women, UMW
 970.004  STE   Steven, Hugh Continuing Story: Manuel  Missions - Mexico
 971.004  CHA Checked Out  Charleyboy, Lisa and Mary Beth Leatherdale #NotYourPrincess  Native Women Biograpy, UMW
 972  BUR   Burgos-DeBray, Elisabeth  I... Rigoberta Menchu, An Indian Woman in Guatemala  Human Rights - Guatemala
 972  DAH   Dahl-Bredine, Phil and Stephen Hicken  Other Game: Lessons from How Life is Played in Mexican Villages  Mixtec Indians-History, Social life, Customs
 972  SCH   Schotzko, Philip Simple Faith Central America
 972.1084  ELL   Ellingwood, Ken  Hard Line: Life and Death on the US-Mexican Border  Illegal Aliens, Alien Labor
 972.91  PER   Perez, Joseph A. Cuba Cuba
 972.9407  PIE   Pierre, Jacques E. Haiti: Challenges and Hope  Missions, Haiti
 972.9407  STR   Straub, Gerard Thomas  Hidden in the Rubble: Haitian Pilgrimage to Compassion, Resurrec  Haiti, Poverty, Social Conditions, Earthquake
 973  AYE   Ayer, Mrs Edward E. Memorial of Fray Alonso De Benavides 1630  History - US
 973  CUT  Cutts, James M.  Conquest of California & New Mexico 1846-1848 History - U S
 973  DEL   Delany, Sarah and A. E. Delany with A. H. Hearth  Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom  Life Skills, Quotations
 973  DUN  Dunlap, Richard  Great Trails of the West History - U S
 973  GRE  Greene, Bob  Once Upon a Town World War II
 973  HOR  Horn, Calvin  New Mexico's Troubled Years History - US
 973  KIM   Kimball, Stanley B. and Violet T. Kimball  Mormon Trail, Voyage of Discovery: The Story Behind the Scenery  Mormonism
 973  MAN   Mankiller, Wilma and Michael Wallis  Mankiller, A Chief and Her People Native Americans
 973  MEL   Meline, James F. Two Thousand Miles on Horseback  History - US
 973  SAL   Salpointe, J. B. Soldiers of the Cross History - U S
 973  WEL  Wells, H. G.  Outline of History, Vol 1 History
 973  WEL  Wells, H. G.  Outline of History, Vol 2 History
 973  WIL   Wilson, Mitchell  American Science and Invention, A Pictorial History  History - US
 973  ZIN  Zinn, Howard  Peoples History of the United States, 1492-Present History
 973.04  GID   Giddings, Paula When and Where I Enter  Afro-American Women
 973.04  SHA   Shakur, Assata Assata Racism
 973.049  GEO  George, Amy  Goodbye is Not Forever WW II, Russia
 973.3  MCC   McCullough, David 1776   United States History, Revolution
 973.7  ANG   Angle, Paul M. Civil War Years, A Pictorial History  United States History - Civil War
 973.7  FLE   Fleischner, Jennifer Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly  History, United States
 973.7  HUM   Humes, James C. Wit & Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln  History, U.S.
 973.9  CAR  Carter, Jimmy  Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood  United States, Georgia
 973.9  STO   Stolley, Richard Events That Shaped the Century  History, United States
 973.921  PAT   Patterson, James T.  Brown v. Board of Education: A Civil Rights Milestone  United States History
 973.928  BUS   Bush, Barbara Millie's Book  Dogs, Presidents, George Bush
 973.931  BEA   Beamer, Lisa Let's Roll Victims of Terrorism
 973.931  YEE  Yee, James  For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire  Army Chaplain, Muslim, Guantanamo Bay
 974  NAT   National Geographic Society  New England: Land of Scenic Splendor  National Geographic Society
 974.71  SCH   Schroff, Laura and Alex Tresniowski Invisible Thread  Poverty, Children, New York
 975.3  CAR   Caroli, Betty Boyd Inside the White House  History, United States
 975.4  ADA  Adams, Noah  Far Appalachia History, United States
 975.5  FIS   Fisher, Ron and Richard Alexander Cooke III  Blue Ridge Range: The Gentle Mountains  Blue Ridge Mountains, Travel
 975.6  TYS   Tyson, Timothy B. Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story  Race Relations
 976.4  HAL   Hall, Ron and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent  same kind of different as me  Homeless, African-Americans, Race Relations
 977.7  YOU   Youngs, Bettie B.  Values from the Heartland: Stories of an American Farm Girl  Farm Life
 978.03  FIS  Fisher, Ron  Heartland of a Continent: America's Plains and Prairies  Geography, North America, Plains, Prairies
 978.3  DUD   Dudley, Joseph Iron Eye Choteau Creek; A Sioux Reminiscence  Native Americans
 978.3  NOR   Norris, Kathleen Dakota: A Spiritual Geography  South Dakota
 978.8  ROB Checked Out  Roberts, Gary L.  Massacre at Sand Creek: How Methodists were Involved  History, Indian Wars, Methodists, UMW
 978.9  CLE   Cleaveland, Agnes Morley No Life for a Lady  History - U S
 978.9004  KEE   Keegan, Marcia  Pueblo People: Ancient Traditions, Modern Lives  Pueblo Indians, Native Americans, New Mexico
 979.13  THY   Thybony, Scott Canyon Country Parklands  Colorado Plateau, National Parks
 979.4  LEE   Lee, Gaylen D. Walking Where We Lived  Native Americans
 979.7  SON  Sone, Monica  Nisei Daughter WW II, Japanese Americans
 979.83  WAL  Walker, Tom  We Live in the Alaskan Bush Alaska
 986.106  MOL   Molano, Alfredo  Dispossessed: Chronicles of the Desterrados of Columbia  Refugees - Colombia
 986.6  ELL   Elliot, Elisabeth  These Strange Ashes: Is God Still in Charge? Missions-Ecuador
 986.6  SAI  Saint, Steve  End of the Spear Ecuador, Missionaries, Steve Saint
 986.6  WAL   Wallis, Ethel Emily Dayuma: A Life Under Waorani Spears  Missions-Ecuador
 994  HAR   Harrell, Mary Ann Surprising Lands Down Under  Australia, New Zealand, Travel
 A APO  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Apollyon Fiction, Left Behind Series
 A ASS  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Assassins Fiction, Left Behind Series
 A IND  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Indwelling Fiction, Left Behind Series
 A NIC  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Nicolae Fiction, Left Behind Series
 A SOU  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Soul Harvest Fiction, Left Behind Series
 A158 COV  Covey, Stephen R.  7 Habits of Highly Effective People Psychology, Success
 A220.07 LIV  Living Christian  Live the Word of God Bible Study
 A220.5 MES  Peterson, Eugene  Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language Holy Bible
 A225 NIV  Hosana/Faith Comes by Hearing  Holy Bible, New Testament, New International Version  Holy Bible, New Testament
 A225 RSV  Revised Standard Version  Holy Bible - New Testament Bible - New Testament
 A242 CLE  Clever Factory  Walk with God Devotional Literature
 A248 LUC  Lucado, Max  Applause of Heaven Christian Life
 A248.1 ROT  Roth, Nancy  Breath of God Prayer
 A248.86 CAR  Carlson, Randy  Intentional Life Christian Life, Intentional Life Series
 A248.86 CAR  Carlson, Randy  Practical Applications  Christian LifeIntentional Living Series
 A252 DIG  DiGangi, Dr. Mariano  Colossians/Bible Messages Sermons
 A252.3 IGN  New Mexico Conference, UMC  Ignite! 03: Renewing the fire within Sermons
 A252.3 IGN  New Mexico Conference, UMC  Ignite! 03: Renewing the fire within Sermons
 A254 WAR  Warren, Rick  Purpose Driven Church Leadership, Evangelism, Church Growth
 A277.3 HIL  Hill, Daniel  White Awake: An honest look at what it means to be white  Race awareness, White Supremacy
 A394 DIC   Dickin, Joyce and R.K.N. McLean Meaning of Christmas  Christmas
 A612.8 BRA   Brand, Dr. Paul and Philip Yancey Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants  Health
 A649 LAL  LaLeche League  Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Breastfeeding
 A649.1 CAR  Carlson, Randy  Parenting Parenting, Intentional Living Series
 A784.2 PAC  Paillard Chamber Orchestra  Pachelbel: Canon/Fasch: Trumpet Concerto 
 A784.6 ZWI  Zwilling, Mark  Organ Dedication Concert 
 A817 WAR  Warnke, Mike  Mike Warnke, Alive! Humor
 B ALG   Alguire, Frances M. as told to Cynthia B. Astle  God Trusted a Woman Methodism, Missions
 B ALV   Alvord, Lori Arviso and Elizabeth Cohen VanPelt  Scalpel and the Silver Bear Alvord, Lori Arviso
 B AND  Anderson, Neil and Hyatt Moore  In Search of the Source Anderson,Neil, Missions
 B AND  Ferris, Jeri  What I Had Was Singing: The Story of Marian Anderson  Anderson, Marian
 B ARM  Armstrong, William H.  Through Troubled Waters William H. Armstrong
 B BAC  Dibble, J. Birney  Outlaw for God Bacon, Esther
 B BAK  Buchanan, William  Shining Season Baker, John
 B BAR  Bary, Rifqa  Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam Foll  Christian Converts from Islam, UMW
 B BAR   Bartels, Peggielene and Eleanor Herman King Peggy  Africa, Ghana, Kings, Biography
 B BEI  Beiting, Ralph W.  Pilgrimage of a Country Preacher Missions, Appalachia
 B BEN  Stoddard, Gloria May  Snowflake Bentley: Man of Science, Man of God  Bentley, Wilson A.
 B BER  Bernall, Misty  She Said Yes Bernall, Cassie
 B BON  Wind, Renate  Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Spoke in the Wheel  Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
 B BON  Bonhoeffer, Dietrich  Love Letters from Cell 92 Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
 B BOO  Green, Roger J.  Catherine Booth: A Biography of the Cofounder of the Salvation A  Salvation Army, Booth, Catherine
 B BRA  Gordon, Charlotte  Mistress Bradstreet, The Untold Story of America's First Poet  Anne Bradstreet, Colonial America, Puritans
 B BRA  Wilson, Dorothy Clarke  Ten Fingers for God Brand, Paul, Leprosy
 B BRO  Brown, Claude  Manchild in the Promised Land Brown, Claude
 B BRY  Bryant, Anita  Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory Bryant, Anita
 B BUN  Wellman, Sam  John Bunyan: Author of The Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan, John
 B BUR   Burnham, Gracia with Dean Merrill  In the Presence of My Enemies  Hostages, Philipine Missionaries, Biography
 B CAL  Caley, Kate Young  House Where the Hardest Things Happened Kate Young Caley
 B CAR  Carson, Ben  Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson Story Carson, Benjamin
 B CAR  George, Timothy  Life and Mission of William Carey  William Carey, English Missionaries, India
 B CAR  Kudlinski, Kathleen V.  Rachel Carson Carson, Rachel
 B CHI  Chipenda, Eva de Carvalho  Visitor: An African Woman's Story of Travel & Discovery  Chipenda, Eva de Carvalho
 B CHR  Christensen, Max L.  Turning Points: Stories of People Who Made a Difference  Biographies - Collected
 B CLA  Claussen, Susan  Vultures & Butterflies Biographies - Collected, El Salvador
 B COF  Cofer, Judith Ortiz  Silent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhoo  Cofer, Judith Ortiz
 B CRO  Ruffin, Bernard  Fanny Crosby: The Hymn Writer Crosby, Fanny
 B DAU   Daudet, Lula Collins and Ruth Collins Roberts  Pinto Beans and a Silver Spoon New Mexico History, Biography
 B DOH  Doherty, Catherine deHueck  Fragments of My Life Doherty, Catherine deHueck
 B EAR  Eareckson, Joni Joni  Eareckson, Joni, Handicaps
 B EKL  Kimbrough Jr., S. T.  Sister Anna Eklund 1867-1949, A Methodist Saint in Russia  Eklund, Anna
 B EST  Estrada, Marta  To the Mafia With Love Estrada, Marta
 B FAS  Fast-Vlaar, Angelina  Seven Angels for Seven Days Biography
 B FIE  Fields, Mamie Garvin  Lemon Swamp and Other Places Fields, Mamie Garvin
 B FIL  Filipovic, Zlata  Zlata's Diary Yugoslavia
 B FLE  Fleming, Peggy  Long Program: Skating Towards Life's Victories Peggy Fleming
 B FOR  Zagano, Phyllis  Ita Ford: Missionary Martyr Missions, Biography, Ita Ford
 B FOX  Fox, Michael J.  Lucky Man Parkinson's Disease
 B FRA  Muller, Melissa  Anne Frank: The Biography Frank, Anne
 B GAN  Fischer, Louis Gandhi  Gandhi
 B GAR   Garrett, Ruth Irene with Rick Farrant Crossing Over  Amish
 B GOF  Goforth, Rosalind  Jonathan Goforth: Goforth of China Jonathan Goforth
 B GRA  Pollock, John  Billy Graham Graham, Billy
 B GRA  Graham, Ruth Bell  Footprints of A Pilgrim Ruth Bell Graham
 B GRA  Graham, Billy  Just As I Am Billy Graham
 B GRA  Graham, Franklin  Rebel With A Cause Franklin Graham
 B GRA  Cornwell, Patricia Daniels  Time For Remembering Graham, Ruth Bell
 B HAI  Haines, Amber C.  Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire & Finding the Broken Way H  UMW
 B HAR   Hardin, Stanley A. with D. A. Simpson  From Pajarito to Lungchow WW II, Pilots, China
 B HEN   Hennesy, Nadine and Rebecca Baker When You Don't See His Plan  Missionaries, Biography
 B HER  Herriot, James  All Creatures Great and Small Herriot, James
 B HER  Herriot, James  All Things Bright and Beautiful Herriot, James
 B HER  Herriot, James  All Things Wise and Wonderful Herriot, James
 B HER  Herriot, James  Every Living Thing James Herriot
 B HER  Herriot, James  Lord God Made Them All Herriot, James
 B IVO  Ivory-Bertram, Margaritte  Nurse: The Story of One Woman's Effort to Succeed  Margaritte Ivory, Nursing Students, WWII
 B JEN   Jenkins, Peter and Barbara Jenkins Road Unseen  Biography
 B JOH  Johnson, Audrey Wetherall  Created for Commitment Johnson, Audrey W.
 B JON  Chamberlain, Martha Gunsalus  Love Affair with India: Story of Wife and Daughter of E.S.Jones  Mabel Jones and Eunice Jones Mathews
 B JOR  Rogers, Mary Beth  Barbara Jordan, American Hero Jordan, Barbara
 B KAT  Katz, Jane (Editor)  Messengers of the Wind: Native American Women Tell Their Stories  Native American Biographies - Collected
 B KAU  Kauffman, Hattie  Falling in Place: A Memoir of Overcoming  Christian Journalists, UMW
 B KNO  Knox, John  Never Far from Home Knox, John
 B KOO  Koob, Kathryn  Guest of the Revolution  Christian Life, Iran Hostages 1979-1981
 B KUR  Kurtz, Caroline  Road Called Down on Both Sides: Growing up in Ethiopia, America  Ethiopia, Missions, Biography, UMW
 B LAM  Lam, Nora China Cry  Lam, Nora
 B LAT  Latifa  My Forbidden Face Afghanistan
 B LEM  Lemke, Janice  Five Loaves of Bread and Two Bowls of Borscht  Missions, Ukraine
 B LEV  Levering, Miriam  Love, Mom Levering, Miriam Lindsey
 B LEW  Sibley, Brian  C. S. Lewis Through the Shadowlands Grief
 B LEW  Wilson, A. N.  C. S. Lewis, A Biography Lewis, C. S.
 B LEW  Lewis, Barbara A.  Kids With Courage Biographies - Collected
 B LIN   Lindholt, Amanda and Sara Corbett  House in the Sky: A Memoir of a Kidnapping that Changed Everythi  Kidnapping, Somalia, UMW
 B LIV  Matthews, Basil  Livingston the Pathfinder Livingston, David
 B LUT  Bainton, Roland H.  Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther Luther, Martin
 B LYN  Lynn, Janet  Peace + Love Lynn, Janet
 B MAH  Mah, Adeline Yen  Falling Leaves: Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter  Chinese Americans
 B MAJ  Major, Frances  My Indian Jatra: Half a Century Life in India India
 B MCA  Hohler, Robert T.  "I Touch the Future..." McAuliffe, Christa
 B MCC  McCourt, Frank  Angela's Ashes McCourt, Frank
 B MCC   McCaughey, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey Seven from Heaven  McCaughey septuplets
 B MOO  Harvey, Bonnie C.  D. L. Moody: The American Evangelist Moody, D. L.
 B MOW  Mowat, Farley  Never Cry Wolf Farley Mowat, Wilderness Experiences
 B MUR  Murray, William J.  My Life Without God Murray, William J.
 B NAT   Nathan, Brother with David Culross  Love Casts Out Fear: A Jihad Survivor's Journey From Revenge  Egyptian Christians, UMW
 B NGU  Nguyen, Kien Unwanted  Refugees, Vietnam
 B NIE   Nielsen, Jerri with Maryanne Vollers Ice Bound  Jerri Neilsen
 B NOO  Noor, Queen  Leap of Faith Jordan, Lisa Halaby
 B OKE  Logan, Laurel Oke  Janette Oke, A Heart for the Prairie Janette Oke
 B PAU   Pausch, Randy with Jeffrey Zaslow Last Lecture  Biography, Randy Pausch
 B PEA  Peale, Norman Vincent  True Joy of Positive Living Christian Life, Autobiography
 B PHI  Phillips, Jean Rescue  Missionaries, Africa
 B POT  Potok, Andrew  Ordinary Daylight Potok, Andrew
 B REH  Rehman, Sabeeha  Threading My Prayer Rug  Pakistani Americans, Muslims, Interfaith, UMW
 B REY  le Vack, Dale  God's Golden Acre Heather Reynolds, African Orphans
 B RHO  Rhodes, Donna  How the Woman a the Well Became the Well Woman  Families, Foster Care, Memoir, UMW
 B ROO  Smith, Harold Ivan  Eleanor: A Spiritual Biograpy  Eleanor Roosevelt, Religion in United States, UMW
 B SAN  Santiago, Esmeralda  When I Was Puerto Rican Sarntiago, Esmeralda
 B SHE   Sheikh, Bilquis and Richard H. Schneider  I Dared to Call Him Father Sheikh, Bilquis
 B SID  Lemmon, Gayle Tzemach  Dressmaker of Khair Khana  Afghanistan, Dressmakers, Kamila Sidiqi
 B SLO   Slocum, Marianna and Grace Watkins Good Seed  Slocum, Marianna, Missions
 B SPU  Carlile, J. C.  Charles Spurgeon: The Great Orator Spurgeon, Charles
 B STJ  St. John, Patricia  Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith  St. John, Patricia, Missions
 B SUM Checked Out  Summitt, Pat with Sally Jenkins Sum It Up  Pat Summit, Basketball, Alzheimer's, UMW
 B TAD  Tada, Joni Eareckson  Choices, Changes Tada, Joni Eareckson
 B TAY  Taylor, Howard  Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret Missions, China
 B TAY  Taylor, Barbara Brown  Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith  Episcopal Clerygy, Biography
 B TER  Doig, Desmond  Mother Teresa - Her People and Her Work  Mother Teresa, Missions, India
 B TER  Feldman, Christian  Mother Teresa: Love Stays Mother Teresa
 B THO  Thornton, Yvonne S.  Ditchdigger's Daughters Thornton Family
 B TOW  Hefley, James and Marti Hefley  Uncle Cam Townsend, William Cameron
 B TRU  Bernard, Jacqueline  Journey Toward Freedom: the Story of Sojourner Truth  Sojourner Truth
 B TRU   McKissack, Patricia C. and Fredrick McKissack  Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman? Truth, Sojourner
 B TSA  Tsai, Christiana  Queen of the Dark Chamber Tsai, Christiana
 B VAN  van der Geest, Jack  Was God on Vacation? A WWII Autobiography WW II, Prisoners
 B VON  von Trapp, Maria Maria  von Trapp, Maria
 B WAI  Wait, Noelene  In My Life, Lord Be Glorified Wait, Noelene
 B WAL  Wallis, Velma  Raising Ourselves Velma Wallis
 B WAL  Walton, Jim and Janice Walton  Sent to the River God Forgot Missions, Columbia
 B WEN  Wente, Margaret Baker  And We Ate the Leopard: Serving in the Belgian Congo  Africa, Missionaries, Biography
 B WES  Heitzenrater, Richard P.  Elusive Mr. Wesley, Volume One John Wesley
 B WES  Heitzenrater, Richard P.  Elusive Mr. Wesley, Volume Two John Wesley
 B WES  Tuttle, Jr, Robert G  John Wesley, His Life and Theology Wesley, John
 B WES  Wesley, John  Journal of John Wesley Wesley, John
 B WES  Lee, Umphrey  Lord's Horseman - John Wesley, the Man Wesley, John
 B WES  Maser, Frederick E.  Seven Sisters in Search of Love Wesley Family
 B WES  Ludwig, Charles  Susanna Wesley Wesley, Susanna
 B WES  Kumar, Dorothy Sampath  Susanna Wesley: A Mother with a Difference Susanna Wesley
 B WIL   Williams, Cecil and Janice Mirikitani Beyond the Possible  Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco
 B WIL  Tomkins, Stephen  William Wilberforce: A Biography William Wilberforce
 B YOU  Yousafzai, Malala  I Am Malala Women's Education, Pakistan
 BLU LET  Nixon, David  Letters To God 
 C020 KNO  Knowlton, Jack  Books and Libraries Libraries
 C020.8 BRO  Brookfield, Karen  Book Books - History
 C020.92 WIN  Winter, Jeanette  Librarian of Basra Librarians, Iraq
 C025 CRA  Craig, Paula  Mr. Wiggle Goes to the Library Libraries
 C027.21 HIL  Hill, Lee Sullivan  Libraries Take Us Far Libraries
 C030 GAN   Ganeri, Anita and Hazel M. Martell, Brian Williams  World History Encyclopedia History
 C031 SCH  Scholastic Inc  101 Things You Need to Know Almanac
 C070.4 CHR  Christlelow, Eileen  What Do Authors Do? Books
 C070.5 KAL  Kalman, Bobbie  How a Book is Published Books
 C136 FAR  Farber, Norma  How Does It Feel To Be Old? Aging
 C136.7 MUL  Muldoon, Kathleen M.  Princess Pooh Handicaps - Physical
 C136.7 SHE  Shennan, Victoria  Ben Handicaps - Mental
 C136.7 WRI  Wright, Betty Ren  My Sister is Different Handicaps - Mental
 C150 GAI  Gainer, Cindy  I'm Like You, You're Like Me Relationships
 C150 WIL  Wilt, Joy  You're All Right Psychology
 C150 WIL  Wilt, Joy  You're One of a Kind Psychology
 C152.4 MIL  Miles, Betty  Around and Around Love Love
 C152.4 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  What do you do with a Grumpy Kangaroo Feelings
 C152.4 WIL  Wilt, Joy Danger!  Fear
 C152.4 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Handling Your Ups and Downs Emotions
 C153 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Handling your Disagreements Cooperation
 C153.3 WIL  Wilt, Joy  You Can Do It Creative Ability
 C153.4 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Making Up Your Own Mind Problem Solving
 C155.2 HAZ  Hazen, Barbara Shook  Me I See Individuality
 C155.2 SPI  Spier, Peter  People Individuality
 C155.9 ROG  Rogers, Fred  When a Pet Dies Grief
 C155.9 SAN  Sanford, Doris  It Must Hurt a Lot Grief
 C157 LES  LeShan, Eda  What Makes Me Feel This Way? Emotions
 C157 MCM  McMillan, Sally Hudson  I Used to be Afraid Emotions, Fear
 C157 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  When I'm Afraid Emotions, Fear
 C157 OHA  O'Hara, Mary  Sometimes Sad, Sometimes Glad Emotions
 C157 PHI  Phillips, Barbara  Don't Call Me Fatso Emotions
 C157 SIM  Simon, Norma  How Do I Feel? Emotions
 C157 WIL  Wilt, Joy Tuff Stuff  Trauma
 C158 COR  Corey, Dorothy  We All Share Sharing
 C158 HAL  Hallinan, P. K.  I'm Glad to Be Me Individuality
 C158 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Buzzle Billy Sharing
 C158 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal Helpfulness
 C158 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Hollyhonk Gardens of Gneedle and Gnibb Forgiveness
 C158 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Saying What You Mean Communication
 C158.1 HER   Herron, Ron and Val J. Peter  Good Friend: How to Make One, How to Be One  Friendship, Relationships
 C158.1 RUE  Rue, Nancy  Buddy Book: It's a God Thing Friendship, Relationships
 C158.25 BRO   Brown, Laurie Krasney and Marc Brown  How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them  Friendship
 C159 QUI  Quigley, Stacy  Do I Have To? Selfishness
 C174 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  John's Choice Honesty
 C175 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Boggin, Blizzy, and Sleeter the Cheater Fairness
 C177 HOG  Hogan, Paula Z.  I Hate Boys, I Hate Girls Friendship
 C177 MCC   McCloud, Carol and David Messing  Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness  Happiness, Kindness, Social Skills
 C177 ODO  Odor, Ruth Shannon  Friend is One Who Helps Friendship
 C177 ZEL  Zelonky, Joy  My Best Friend Moved Away Friendship
 C177.2 FOX  Fox, Annie  Middle School Confidential: Real Friends vs the Other Kind  Friendship, Interpersonal Relationships
 C177.62 GRE  Greive, Bradley Trevor  Friends to the End for Kids: The True Value of Friendship  Friendship
 C178 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy Gratitude
 C179 HOG  Hogan, Paula Z.  Sometimes I Get So Mad Anger
 C179 ONE   O'Neal, Ted and Jenny O'Neal, R. W. Alley  Respect: Dare to Care, Share and Be Fair!  Virtues, Respect, Elf-help series
 C179 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Sammy's Gadget Galaxy Patience
 C179 WAI  Waite, Michael P.  Sir Maggie the Mighty Obedience
 C200 AJM   Ajmera, Maya and Magda Nakassis, Cynthia Pon Faith  Religions
 C200 LAN  Langley, Myrtle  Religion Religions
 C211 SAS  Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg  God's Paintbrush God
 C218 BAC  Bach, Marcus  I, Monty Immortality
 C220 NYS  Nystrom, Carolyn  What is the Bible? Bible, Books About
 C220 SIL  Silverthorne, Sandy  Awesome Book of Bible Facts Bible, Books About
 C220.02 DEV   Deverell, Richard and Christine Deverell  Abingdon's Bible Handbook for Young Readers Bible Handbook
 C220.3 ABI  Abingdon Press  Young Reader's Dictionary of the Bible Bible Dictionary
 C220.3 BAR  Barclift, Stephen  My Best Bible Word Book Ever Bible Stories
 C220.3 MET  Metaxas, Eric  Bible ABC Bible People
 C220.3 SMI  Smith, Barbara  Westminster Concise Bible Dictionary Bible Dictionary
 C220.5 CHI  Golden Press  Children's Bible Bible
 C220.5 MEA   Mead, Frank H. and Arnold W. Zimmerman  Illustrated Study Bible Bible
 C220.5 NIV   International Bible Society Adventure Bible Bible
 C220.5 NIV  International Bible Society  Little Kid's Adventure Bible Bible
 C220.5 RSV   United Methodist Publishing House Young Reader's Bible  Bible
 C220.52 HOW  Howell, Miriam  Primary Bible Reader Bibles, Selected Verses
 C220.7 KOH  Kohlenberge, John R.  One Minute Bible for Students Commentary
 C220.8 DEL   Delval, Marie-Helene and Aurelia Fronty  Animals of the Bible for Young Children  Bible Stories, Animals in the Bible
 C220.9 BAT   Batchelor, Mary and John Haysom  Children's Bible in 365 Stories Bible Stories
 C220.9 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Tomie DePaola's Book of Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.9 DON  Doney, Meryl  How the Bible Came to Us Bible Origins
 C220.9 DRE   Drexler, Carol, J. and Helene G. Zwerdling  Bible Stories and Activities Bible Stories
 C220.9 ELK   Elkins, Stephen and Tim O'Connor Word and Song Bible  Bible Stories
 C220.9 ELS  Evangelical Lutheran Synod  Children's Bible History Bible Stories
 C220.9 GAL  Galvin, James C.  Fascinating Bible Facts for Children Books about the Bible
 C220.9 GRE  Greene, Carol  This Land is Ours Old Testament Bible Stories
 C220.9 HIL  Hills, Theresa  God's Message for Children Bible Stories
 C220.9 HOL  Hollingsworth, Mary  Kids-Life Bible Storybook Bible Stories
 C220.9 HUG  Hughes, Ray and Nino Musio  Illustrated Bible Stories for Children Bible Stories
 C220.9 JON  Jones, Dennis  Kids of the Bible Bible Stories
 C220.9 KEY  Keyes, Nelson Beecher  Story of the Bible World Bible History
 C220.9 LAT  Lathrop, Dorothy P.  Animals of the Bible Bible Stories-Animals
 C220.9 MAN  Manser, Martin  Bible Stories Bible Stories, Bible Encyclopedia
 C220.9 MAY   Mayo, Diana and James Harrison My Little Picture Bible  Bible Stories
 C220.9 MCG  McGavran, Grace W.  Men Who Dared in Bible Times Bible Stories
 C220.9 RAM  Ramsay, DeVere  Old Testament: God's People, Our Story  Old Testament Bible Stories
 C220.9 ROB  Robertson, Jenny  Encyclopedia of Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.9 SCH  Schoolland, Marian  Marian's Favorite Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.9 SIL  Silverthorne, Sandy  Great Bible Adventure Bible Stories
 C220.9 SPI  Spier, Peter  Noah's Ark Noah
 C220.9 SPR   Sprague, Ruth L. and Margaret Nixon  People of the Old Testament Old Testament Bible Stories
 C220.9 SUG   Suggs, Rob and Christopher Gray Comic Book Bible  Bible Stories
 C220.9 TAR  Tarrant, Chris  Life in Bible Times Bible-Social Life and Customs
 C220.9 TAY  Taylor, Kenneth N.  Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes Bible Stories
 C220.9 TAY  Taylor, Kenneth N.  Child's First Bible Bible Stories
 C220.9 TER  Terrien, Samuel  Golden Bible Atlas Atlas
 C220.9 TOW  Tower, Grace Storms  Journey in Time Bible Archaeology
 C220.9 WIL   Wildsmith, Brian and Philip Turner  Brian Wildsmith's Illustrated Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.91 BAX  Baxter, Nicola  Children's Atlas of the Bible Atlas
 C220.91 TUB  Tubb, Jonathan N.  Bible Lands Bible - Antiquities
 C220.92 GLO  Globe Digest  Great Men & Women of the Bible: A Q&A book Bible People
 C220.92 GOO  Goodwill Publishing  Women of the Bible Women of the Bible
 C220.92 MOT  Motyer, Stephen  Who's Who in the Bible Bible People
 C220.92 SAN  Sanderson, Ruth  Tapestries: Stories of Women of the Bible Women of the Bible
 C220.93 OSB   Osborne, Rick and Marnie Wooding and Ed Strauss  Bible Fortresses, Temples & Tombs Biblical Archaeology
 C220.95 BAT  Batchelor, Mary  Lion Book of Bible Stories and Prayers Bible Stories
 C220.95 BRA  Bradford, Barbara Taylor  Children's Stories of the Bible from the Old and New Testaments  Bible Stories
 C220.95 GOL  Golden Books  Three Golden Book Favorites Bible Stories
 C220.95 GRA  Grant, Amy  Heart to Heart Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.95 HOL   Hollingsworth, Mary and Stephanie M. Britt My Little Bible  Bible Stories
 C220.95 PUB  Publications International  5-Minute Bible Stories Bible Stories
 C220.95 SCH  Schoolland, Marian M.  Leading Little Ones to God Bible Stories
 C221.9 BRI   Briscoe, Jill and Stuart Briscoe  David Drops a Giant Problem and Other Fearless Heroes David
 C221.9 BRI   Briscoe, Jill and Stuart Briscoe  Moses Takes a Road Trip and Other Famous Journeys Moses
 C221.9 FLE  Fletcher, Sarah  Bible Story Book - Old Testament Old Testament Bible Stories
 C221.9 SMO  Smouse, Phil A.  Jonah Day Bible Stories - Old Testament, Jonah
 C221.92 DIT   Ditchfield, Christin and Ande Cook  Bible Heros of the Old Testament Old Testament Bible Stories
 C221.92 WEI  Weil, Lisl Esther  Esther
 C221.95 BER  Bergey, Alyce  David and Jonathan Old Testament Bible Stories
 C221.95 CUR  Curran, Joan E.  Springy, Slingy Sling  Old Testament Bible Stories, David and Goliath
 C221.95 DAV   Davidson, Alice Joyce and Victoria Marshall  Psalms and Proverbs Psalms, Proverbs
 C221.95 HAY  Hayward, Linda  Noah's Ark Old Testament Bible Stories, Noah
 C221.95 LIT  Little, Emily  David and the Giant  Old Testament Bible Stories, David and Goliath
 C221.95 PET  Petach, Heidi  Daniel and the Lions Old Testament Bible Stories, Daniel
 C221.95 PET  Petach, Heidi  Jonah: The Inside Story Old Testament Bible Stories, Jonah
 C221.95 ROD   Rodriquez, K.S. and Ellen Titlebaum, Kallen Godsey  Garden of Eden Old Testament Bible Stories, Creation
 C221.95 ROU  Round, Graham  Nehemiah Builds a City Nehemiah
 C221.95 SAN  Santamaria, Leslie  Mother Who Prayed Old Testament Bible Stories, Samuel
 C221.95 WIG   Wigler, Jennifer Root and Lois Keffer  Interactive Bible Stories for Children: Old Testament  Bible Stories-Old Testament
 C222 CHA   Chaikin, Miriam and Charles Mikolaycak Exodus  Old Testament Bible Stories, Exodus
 C222 MCK  McKie, Roy  Noah's Ark Old Testament Bible Stories, Noah
 C222 SAS  Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg  Adam & Eve's First Sunset, God's New Day Creation
 C222 TAL  Talec, Pierre  Patriarchs and Moses Old Testament Bible Stories
 C222 YOU  Youd, Pauline  Adopted for a Purpose Old Testament Bible Stories
 C222.109 FEI   Feiler, Bruce and Sasha Meret  Walking the Bible: An Illustrated Journey for Kids  Middle East-Travel
 C222.11 AUL  Auld, Mary and Diana Mayo  Jacob and Esau Old Testament Bible Stories, Jacob, Esau
 C222.11 FIG  Figley, Marty Rhodes  Noah's Wife Noah
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Abraham Friend of God Abraham
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Adam and Eve Creation
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  In the Beginning Creation
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Isaac Finds a Wife Isaac
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jacob and Esau Jacob
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Joseph and the King of Egypt Joseph
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Joseph the Dreamer Joseph
 C222.11 FRA  Frank, Penny  Noah and the Great Flood Noah
 C222.11 IFE  Ife, Elaine  Noah and the Ark Noah
 C222.11 JEF   Jeffs, Stephanie and Susan Wintringham In The Beginning  Creation
 C222.11 MAT  Matthews, Leonard  Abraham's Journeys Abraham
 C222.11 ROU  Rourke, Arlene  Isaac and Rebekah Old Testament Bible Stories, Isaac, Rebekah
 C222.11 WAR  Warnes, Tim  Rise and Shine Hymns, Noah's Ark
 C222.12 FRA  Frank, Penny  Journey to the Promised Land Moses
 C222.12 FRA  Frank, Penny  Let My People Go! Moses
 C222.12 FRA  Frank, Penny  Princess and the Baby Moses
 C222.12 IFE  Ife, Elaine  Moses in the Bulrushes Bible Stories - Old Testament
 C222.20 FRA  Frank, Penny  Battle of Jericho Joshua
 C222.32 FRA  Frank, Penny  Gideon Fights for God Gideon
 C222.32 FRA  Frank, Penny  Samson the Strong Man Samson
 C222.35 FRA  Frank, Penny  Ruth's New Family Ruth
 C222.4 WAR   Warren, Mary and Sally Matthews Boy with a Sling  David and Goliath, Old Testament Bible Stories
 C222.43 FRA  Frank, Penny  David and Goliath David
 C222.43 FRA  Frank, Penny  God Speaks to Samuel Samuel
 C222.43 FRA  Frank, Penny  King David David
 C222.43 FRA  Frank, Penny  King for Israel Samuel
 C222.43 IFE  Ife, Elaine  David and Goliath Old Testament Bible Stories, David
 C222.53 FRA  Frank, Penny  Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Elijah
 C222.53 FRA  Frank, Penny  Elijah Asks for Bread Elijah
 C222.53 FRA  Frank, Penny  Solomon's Golden Temple Solomon
 C222.53 MAT  Matthews, Leonard  Wise Solomon Old Testament Bible Stories, Solomon
 C222.54 FRA  Frank, Penny  Enemies All Around Hezekiah
 C222.54 FRA  Frank, Penny  Naaman's Dreadful Secret Naaman
 C222.63 WIL  Wilkinson, Bruce  Prayer of Jabez for Kids Old Testament Bible Stories
 C222.63 WIL  Wilkinson, Bruce  Prayer of Jabez for Young Hearts Old Testament Bible Stories
 C222.80 FRA  Frank, Penny  Nehemiah's Greatest Day Nehemiah
 C222.9 BEN  Benagh, Christine L.  David and Goliath: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures David
 C222.9 BEN  Benagh, Christine L.  Joshua & the Battle of Jericho: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adv  Joshua
 C222.9 BEN  Benagh, Christine L.  Moses: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures Moses
 C222.9 BEN  Benagh, Christine L.  Samson and Delilah: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Samson and Delilah
 C222.9 BER  Bergey, Alyce  Boy Who Saved His Family Joseph
 C222.9 BER  Bergey, Alyce  World God Made Creation
 C222.9 FIS  Fisher, Leonard Everett  Seven Days of Creation Creation
 C222.9 HIL  Hill, Dave  Walls Came Tumbling Down Jericho
 C222.9 JEF   Jeffs, Stephanie and Susan Wintringham  Flood, the Ark, and the Rainbow Noah
 C222.9 KAS  Kasuya, Masahiro  Beginning of the World Creation
 C222.9 KOL  Kolbrek, Loyal  Day God Made It Rain Noah
 C222.9 LAT  Latourette, Jane  Story of Noah's Ark Noah
 C222.9 LOR  Lorimer, Lawrence T.  Noah's Ark Noah
 C222.9 MCC  McCall, Yvonne Holloway  Man Who Won Without Fighting Joshua
 C222.9 MUE  Mueller, Virginia  Silly Skyscraper Tower of Babel
 C222.9 RAW   Rawady, Ed and Joseph Cordaro  Everywhere and Everything: Spiritual Story about the First Dream  Creation
 C222.9 SCH  Scheck, Joann  Man Who Took Seven Baths Naaman
 C222.9 SCH  Schindler, Regine  Miracle for Sarah Sarah
 C222.9 SCH   Schell, Mildred and Masahiro Kasuya Tower Too Tall  Tower of Babel
 C222.9 WAR  Warren, Mary  Great Escape Moses
 C222.9 WEI  Weil, Lisl  Very First Story Ever Told Creation
 C222.90 FRA  Frank, Penny  Queen Esther Saves her People Esther
 C223 ALL  Allstrom, Elizabeth  Songs Along the Way Psalms
 C223 LIN   Lindbergh, Reeve and Holly Meade On Morning Wings  Psalm 139
 C223 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  Dear God, Stay Close by Me Psalms
 C223 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Hears Me When I Pray Prayer
 C223 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Helps Me Every Day Psalms
 C223 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Holds Me Tight Psalms
 C223 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  Sometimes I'm Really Happy Psalms
 C223 YAN  Yano, Shigeko  One Spring Day Creation
 C223.2 KRA  Kraus, George  Lord is My Shepherd Twenty-third Psalm
 C223.8 DIL   Dillon, Leo and Diane Dillon  To Every Thing There Is A Season: Verses from Ecclesiastes  Ecclesiastes
 C223.9 CLA  Clayton, Candace  Sing a Song of Gladness Psalms
 C223.9 WIL   Wilson, Karma and Amy June Bates I Will Rejoice  Psalm 118
 C224 SPI  Spier, Peter  Book of Jonah Jonah
 C224.20 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jeremiah and the Great Disaster Jeremiah
 C224.50 FRA  Frank, Penny  Daniel in the Lion's Den Daniel
 C224.50 FRA  Frank, Penny  King Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Statue Nebuchadnezzar
 C224.9 BEN  Benagh, Christine L.  Daniel & the Lion's Den - Hanna Barbera's Greatest Adventure  Daniel
 C224.9 BRE  Brem, M. M.  Man Caught by a Fish Jonah
 C224.9 DAV  Davidson, Alice Joyce  Story of Jonah Jonah
 C224.9 IVE  Ives, Burl Jonah  Jonah
 C224.9 LAT   Latourette, Jane R. and Sally Matthews  Daniel in the Lions' Den Daniel, Old Testament Bible Stories
 C224.9 MCC   McCall. Yvonne Holloway and Jim Roberts  Braggy King of Babylon  Nebuchadnezzar, Old Testament Bible Stories
 C224.92 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jonah Runs Away Jonah
 C225 CEV  DC/LA 2000  New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs Bible - New Testament
 C225.9 BAT  Battle, Gerald N.  Armed With Love Apostles
 C225.9 DAV  Davies, Taffy  New Star Jesus Christ
 C225.9 GOO  Goodwill Publishers  Jesus and the Twelve Apostles
 C225.9 HEN   Henderson, Florence and Shari Lewis  One-Minute Bible Stories - New Testament  New Testament Bible Stories
 C225.92 BRI   Briscoe, Jill and Stuart Briscoe  Jesus Makes a Major Comeback and Other Amazing Feats  Jesus Christ
 C225.92 BRI   Briscoe, Jill and Stuart Briscoe  Paul Hits the Beach and Other Wild Adventures Paul
 C225.92 DEG  De Graaf, Anne  Peter: The Fisher of Men Peter
 C225.95 MAR  Marxhausen, Evelyn  Simeon and the Baby Jesus Bible Stories - New Testament
 C225.95 WIG   Wigler, Jennifer Root and Lois Keffer  Interactive Bible Stories for Children: New Testament  Bible Stories-New Testament
 C226 DEK  de Kort, Kees  Baby Called John John The Baptist
 C226 ROW  Rowell, Jr., Edmon L.  Apostles, Jesus' Special Helpers Apostles, Disciples
 C226 SHE  Shelton, Ingrid  Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer
 C226 WHE  Wheatcroft, Anita  Promise to Joel New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.09 FRA  Frank, Penny  First Christmas Christmas
 C226.09 FRA  Frank, Penny  People Jesus Met Jesus Christ
 C226.2 WAR  Warren, Mary  Lame Man Who Walked Again Jesus Christ
 C226.20 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jesus the Teacher Jesus Christ
 C226.30 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jesus' Special Friends Apostles
 C226.40 FRA  Frank, Penny  Baby Called John John
 C226.40 FRA  Frank, Penny  Come Down, Zacchaeus Zacchaeus
 C226.40 FRA  Frank, Penny  Story of the Good Samaritan Parables
 C226.40 FRA  Frank, Penny  Story of the Great Feast Parables
 C226.40 FRA  Frank, Penny  Story of the Two Brothers Parables
 C226.50 FRA  Frank, Penny  Mary, Martha and Lazarus Lazarus
 C226.60 FRA  Frank, Penny  Good News for Everyone Pentecost
 C226.60 FRA  Frank, Penny  Paul and Friends Paul
 C226.60 FRA  Frank, Penny  Paul at Damascus Paul
 C226.60 FRA  Frank, Penny  Paul the Prisoner Paul
 C226.70 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jesus Gives the People Food Miracles
 C226.8 CAS  Caswell, Helen  Parables of Jesus: The Mustard Seed and Other Stories  Parables
 C226.8 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Parables of Jesus Parables
 C226.8 HOF   Hoffman, Mary and Jackie Morris Parables: Stories Jesus Told  Parables
 C226.8 LEV   Levine, Amy-Jill, Sandy E.Sasso, Denise Turu  Who is My Neighbor? Good Samaritan, Neighbors
 C226.8 LIN   Lingo, Susan L. and Mike Nappa Little Lamb, Where Did You Go?  Parables
 C226.8 LIN  Lindvall, Ella  Tell-Me Stories: Parables Jesus Told Parables
 C226.80 FRA  Frank, Penny  Story of the Lost Sheep Parables
 C226.80 FRA  Frank, Penny  Story of the Sower Parables
 C226.809 MAT  Matthews, Leonard  Jesus the Shepherd Jesus Christ
 C226.9 BAL   Ballman, Swanee and Joe Boddy Mary and Martha's Dinner Guest  New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.9 BAL  Ballman, Swanee  Very First Lord's Supper New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.9 BER  Bergey, Alice  Beggar's Greatest Wish Bartimaeus
 C226.9 BER  Bergey, Alyce  Boy Who Was Lost New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.9 BER  Bergey, Alyce  Fishermen's Surprise Jesus Christ
 C226.9 CAU  Caughey, Ellen W.  My Bible: 20 New Testament Bible Stories  New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.9 ELM  Elmer, Irene  Boy Who Ran Away Parables
 C226.9 FLE  Fletcher, Sarah  Twelve Who Followed Jesus  New Testament Bible Stories, Apostles
 C226.9 FOR  Forell, Betty  Little Benjamin and the First Christmas Christmas
 C226.9 GRE  Greene, Carol  Feast that Almost Flopped Miracles
 C226.9 GRE  Greene, Carol  Innkeeper's Daughter Christmas
 C226.9 GRE  Greene, Carol  Kiri and the First Easter Easter
 C226.9 HEA  Head, Constance  Man Who Carried the Cross for Jesus Easter
 C226.9 HIL  Hill, Dave  Boy Who Gave His Lunch Away Jesus Christ
 C226.9 HIL  Hill, Dave  Most Wonderful King Easter
 C226.9 HIL  Hill, Dave  Secret of the Star Christmas
 C226.9 IFE  Ife, Elaine  Stories Jesus Told Bible Stories-New Testament
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Baby Born in a Stable Christmas
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem Christmas
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Eight Bags of Gold Parables
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Good Samaritan Parables
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Sir Abner and His Grape Pickers Parables
 C226.9 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Unforgiving Servant Parables
 C226.9 LAT  Latourette, Jane  Jon and the Little Lost Lamb Parables
 C226.9 LET  Le Tord, Bijou  River and the Rain Lord's Prayer
 C226.9 LUN  Lund, Judy  Pearl That Changed a Life Parables
 C226.9 MAR  Martin, Nancy  Children's Bible Stories New Testament Bible Stories
 C226.9 MAR  Marquardt, Mervin  Grandfather's Story Christmas
 C226.9 MAR  Marquardt, Mervin  Prisoner Who Freed Others Paul
 C226.9 MCC  McCall, Yvonne  Happiest Search Christmas
 C226.9 MCC  McCall, Yvonne Holloway  Samir's Midnight Friend Christmas
 C226.9 MCC  McCall, Yvonne  Story of Barabas Barabas
 C226.9 MUE  Mueller, Virginia  Clem, the Clumsy Camel Christmas
 C226.9 SCH  Scheck, Joann  Man Who Couldn't Wait Peter
 C226.9 TRU  Truitt, Gloria  Peter Set Free Peter
 C226.9 ULM  Ulmer, Louise  Son Who Said He Wouldn't Parables
 C226.9 WAR  Warren, Mary  Great Surprise Zacchaeus
 C226.9 WAR  Warren, Mary  Little Boat that Almost Sank Jesus Christ
 C226.95 TAY   Taylor, Mark A. and Andy Stiles Breakfast with Jesus  New Testament Bible Stories, Jesus Christ
 C226.96 TUR  Turner, Rosalie  My Very Own Book of the Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer
 C227 PIN  Pinchbeck, Neil  Paul, Speak for God! Paul
 C227 TRE  Trent, Robbie  Paul, God's Adventurer Paul
 C230.22 WIL  Wilkinson, Phillip  Christianity Church History
 C231 FIT   Fitch, Florence Mary and Henri Sorensen Book About God  God
 C231 GEL   Gellman, Marc and Thomas Hartman  Where Does God Live?:Questions and Answers for Parents and Child  God
 C231 GOD  Goddard, Carrie Lou  God, You are Always With Us God
 C231 HAM  Hamilton, Lawrie  About God and His Ways God
 C231 HAM   Hamilton, Darlene and Beverly Schultz Mullins  What God Is Like God
 C231 HEI  Heide, Florence Parry  God and Me God
 C231 ING  Ingram, Robert D.  Who Taught Frogs to Hop God
 C231 JAH   Jahsmann, Allan Hart and Martin P. Simon  Little Visits With God God
 C231 JON  Jones, Mary Alice  Tell Me About God God
 C231 MAR  Marxhausen, Joanne  3 in 1 (A Picture of God) Trinity
 C231 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  Thank You God, for Fall God, Seasons
 C231 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Cares When I Feel Worried God-Emotions
 C231 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Cares When I Need a Friend God-Friendship
 C231 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Cares When I'm Grouchy God-Emotions
 C231 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Cares When Things Are Not Okay God-Emotions
 C231 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Makes it Right God
 C231 ODO  Odor, Ruth Shannon  Thank You, God, For Wonderful Things Prayer
 C231 ROS  Rosato, Amelia  Isn't God Great! God
 C231 WAN  Wannamaker, Bruce  God's Care is Everywhere God
 C231 WAT  Watson, Jane Werner  My Little Golden Book About God God
 C231 WOL  Wolcott, Carolyn M.  I Can See What God Does God
 C231.3 ROB  Roberts, Sharon Lee  Somebody Lives Inside: The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
 C231.7 SPI  Spivey, Margaret  I Can't Make a Flower God
 C231.7 TUR   Turner, Matthew Paul and David Catrow When God Made You  Children of God, Love
 C232 BAR  Barclay, William  Life of Christ Jesus Christ
 C232 BAR  Barker, Esther T.  Unused Cradle Christmas
 C232 BEE  Beers, V. Gilbert  Jesus is My Teacher Jesus Christ
 C232 CHA  Chamberlain, Eugene  Jesus, God's Son, Savior, Lord Jesus Christ
 C232 DON  Doney, Meryl  Jesus, The Man Who Changed History Jesus Christ
 C232 GOD  Goddard, Carrie Lou  Jesus Jesus Christ
 C232 HER  Herrenschmidt, Noelle  Jesus, Friend of Children Jesus Christ
 C232 LIN  Lindvall, Ella K.  My Teacher, Jesus Jesus Christ
 C232 PAD  Padgett, Jim  Jesus, God's Gift of Love Christmas
 C232 PET   Peterson, Edward C. and Barbara Nan Peterson To Find Jesus  Jesus Christ
 C232 TAY  Taylor, Kenneth N.  Good News for Little People Jesus Christ
 C232 VIL  Villers, Marjorie  Jesus Has Come Jesus Christ
 C232 VIL  Villiers, Marjorie  Jesus With Us Jesus Christ
 C232.9 BAD  Bader, Joanne E.  He's Risen! He's Alive Jesus Christ, Easter
 C232.9 BAN  Bangham, Mary  When Jesus was Four, or maybe Five Jesus Christ
 C232.9 BRO  Brokering, Herbert  Night Before Jesus Christmas
 C232.9 CAS  Cassandre  Life When Jesus Was a Boy Jesus Christ
 C232.9 DEK  de Kort, Kees  Jesus is Born Christmas
 C232.9 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Miracles of Jesus Jesus Christ
 C232.9 FLE   Fletcher, Sarah and Doug Jones Jesus and the Family Trip  Luke 2:41-52, New Testament Bible Stories
 C232.9 FLI   Flinn, Lisa and Barbara Younger  Good News Travels Fast: An Easter Story Easter
 C232.9 GRE  Greene, Carol  Baby Jesus, Prince of Peace Christmas
 C232.9 HAR  Hartman, Bob and Jim Jonke  Night the Stars Danced for Joy Christmas, Shepherds, Nativity
 C232.9 HOL  Holman Christian  Jesus Grows Up/Jesus Teaches the People  Jesus Christ, Bible Stories
 C232.9 LIN   Lindvall, Ella K. and Chris Molan Jesus Begins His Work  New Testament Bible Stories, Jesus Christ
 C232.9 MAC   Maccarone, Grace and Sam Williams  Child Was Born, A First Nativity Book Christmas
 C232.9 MAL   Malone, Jeam and Bryan Langdo Miracle of Easter  Easter
 C232.9 MAR  Marshall, Martha  What Child is This Christmas
 C232.9 ROS  Ross, Allan and Betty Wind  Night the Angels Sang Christmas, Bible Stories
 C232.9 SAV  Savary, Louis M.  Life of Jesus New Testament Bible Stories, Jesus Christ
 C232.9 STI  Stickler, LeeDell  Jesus is Born Christmas
 C232.9 TRU   Truitt, Gloria A. and Kathy Mitter Baby Jesus is Born  Christmas, Jesus Christ
 C232.9 WAT   Watson, Jane W. and Jerry Smath Story of Jesus  Jesus Chirst
 C232.9 WIL  Wilson, Etta  Jesus and the Children New Testament Bible Stories
 C232.9 WIL  Wilson, Etta  Miracle of Easter New Testament Bible Stories
 C232.9 WOO  Woodard, Carol  Very Special Baby Christmas
 C232.9 YAN  Yano, Sister Shigeko  As Jesus Grew Jesus Christ
 C232.92 CAR   Carlstrom, Nancy White and Lori McElrath-Eslick  I Am Christmas Jesus Christ, Nativity, Christmas
 C232.92 DOT  Dotts, Maryann J.  When Jesus Was Born Christmas
 C232.92 FRA  Frank, Penny  When Jesus was Young Jesus Christ
 C232.92 GRA  Graham, Ruth Bell  One Wintry Night: The Christmas Story Christmas
 C232.92 ONE   O'Neal, Debbie Trafton and Jan Bryan-Hunt  A is for Angel: A Christmas Alphabet and Activity Book  Christmas
 C232.92 WAN  Wangerin Jr., Walter  Mary's First Christmas Christmas
 C232.93 ALE  Alex, Marlee Mary  Christmas, Women of the Bible
 C232.93 BRE  Bremm, M. M.  Mary's Story Christmas, Mary
 C232.93 MOR  Mork, Carol J.  Story of the Two Marys Mary
 C232.95 BRO   Broughton, Pamela and Joy Friedman Life of Jesus  Jesus Christ
 C232.95 FRA  Frank, Penny  Secrets Jesus Told Jesus Christ
 C232.95 MEE   Meek, Palmer and Shannon Stirnweis When Joy Came  Jesus Christ, Christmas
 C232.954 MAT  Matthews, Leonard  Sermon on the Mount Jesus Christ
 C232.955 KEN  Kent, David  Miracles and Parables Miracles
 C232.96 FRA  Frank, Penny  Jesus on Trial Holy Week
 C232.96 HAI  Haidle, Helen  Journey to the Cross Easter
 C232.97 FRA  Frank, Penny  First Easter Easter
 C232.97 HEY  Heyer, Carol  Easter Story Jesus Christ, Easter
 C232.97 MAT  Matthews, Leonard  Wonderful Easter Jesus Christ
 C233 HEI  Heide, Florence Parry  You and Me Individuality
 C234 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  God Cares When I'm Sorry Forgiveness
 C234 VAL  Vallotton, Annie  From the Apple to the Moon Salvation
 C234.2 AND   Anderson, Neil T. and Dave Park  Extreme Faith: Live to Believe Christian Life
 C235.2 OSB   Osborne, Rick and Ed Strauss Bible Angels and Demons  Angels, Bible Stories
 C235.3 LIB  Libby, Larry and Tim Jonke  Somewhere Angels Angels
 C236 BAR  Barker, Peggy  What Happened When Grandma Died Death, Grief
 C236 BUS  Buscaglia, Leo  Fall of Freddie the Leaf Grief
 C236 HER  Herder, Margaret  (End) Beginning Death, Grief
 C236 HOG  Hogan, Bernice  My Grandmother Died Grief
 C236 SHR  Shriver, Maria  What's Heaven Heaven
 C236 SIM  Simon, Norma  We Remember Philip Grief
 C236.1 NYS  Nystrom, Carolyn  What Happens When We Die? Death, Heaven
 C236.24 AND  Anderson, Debby  Let's Talk About Heaven Heaven
 C236.24 HAN  Hanson, Warren  Next Place Heaven
 C241 MEY  Meyer, Mary Clemens  Walking With Jesus Peace
 C242 BAR  Barrett, Ethel  It Didn't Just Happen and Other Talk-About Bible Stories  Devotions
 C242.62 CAS  Caswell, Helen  God's World Makes Me Feel so Little God
 C242.62 DAM   Damon, Susan and Scott Holladay  Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees  Children's Devotional Literature
 C242.62 ELK  Elkins, Stephen  100 Read & Sing Devotions Prayers and Devotions, Hymns
 C242.62 KET  Ketcham, Hank  Dennis the Menace: Prayers and Graces Prayer
 C242.62 WAR  Warnes, Tim  Jesus Loves Me Hymns, God, Jesus Christ, Love
 C242.63 CAR  Carney, Mary Lou  There's an Angel in my Locker Devotions
 C242.63 PET  Peterson, Lorraine  If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open? Devotions
 C242.632 SCH  Schmidt, J. David  More Graffiti: Devotions for Guys Devotions
 C242.633 SCH  Schmidt, J. David  Graffiti: Devotions for Girls Devotions
 C242.633 SKO  Skold, Betty Westrom  Lord, I Need an Answer: Story Devotions for Girls Devotions
 C242.82 MUR  Murphy, Elspeth Campbell  Do You See Me, God? Prayers
 C242.82 TIC   Tickle, Phyllis and Elsa Warnick This is What I Pray Today  Prayers, Devotional Literature
 C246 DAV  Daves, Michael  Young Reader's Book of Christian Symbolism Symbols, Christian
 C248 GOO  Goodwill Publishing Co  My Favorite Book Christian Life
 C248 LEH  Lehn, Cornelia  I Heard Good News Today, Stories for Children Missions
 C248 ROT   Rottmann, Eric and Amy Huntington Fruit of the Spirit  Christian Living, Fruit of the Spirit
 C248.1 ALL  Allert, Kathy  My Little Book of Prayers Prayer
 C248.1 BRO  Brooks, Sandra  I Can Pray to God Prayer
 C248.1 CAR   Carlson, Melody and Judith Pfeiffer  Baby's First Book of Prayers Prayers
 C248.1 CHR  Christian Herald Books  Prayers to Grow By Prayer
 C248.1 ELK  Elkins, Stephen  Tell Me About Prayer Prayer
 C248.1 HAG  Hauge, Michael  Child's Book of Prayers Prayer
 C248.1 HEI  Hein, Lucille, E.  I Can Make My Own Prayers Prayer
 C248.1 JEN   Jennings, Anne and Watler Wangerin, Jr., Jim Rober  God, I've gotta talk to you! Prayer
 C248.1 KEL  Kelling, Furn L.  Prayer Is . . . Prayer
 C248.1 ONE  O'Neal, Debbie T.  Thank You For This Food Prayer
 C248.1 WIL  Wilkin, Eloise  Prayers for Children Prayer
 C248.1 WOL  Wolcott, Carolyn Muller  I Can Talk With God Prayer
 C248.4 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  Joy Christian Life
 C248.8 BUE  Buerger, Jane  Growing as Jesus Grew Christian Life
 C248.8 ELM  Elmshauser, John (Editor)  I'm in Junior High, But It's Not My Fault  Christian Life - Teenagers
 C248.8 HAG  Hageman, Marybeth  Thank You, God, for Me Christian Life
 C248.8 SHE  Shellenberger, Susie  Anybody Got a Clue About Guys Dating
 C248.8 SHE  Shellenberger, Susie  Guys and a Whole Lot More: Advice for Teen Girls on Almost Every  Teenage Girls, Dating
 C248.82 GEO  George, Elizabeth  You Always Have a Friend in Jesus for Girls  Religious Life - Girls
 C248.83 AND   Anderson, Neil and Rich Miller Know Light, No Fear  Christian Life
 C248.83 CLO   Cloninger, Claire and Curt Cloninger  e-mail from God for Teens Christian Life
 C248.83 HAR   Harris, Alex and Brett Harris  Do Hard Things: Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations  Adolescent Psychology, UMW
 C252.53 MCG  McGregor, Roland  Shegundalah's Warm Bath and Other Stories Sermons, Children's
 C253 POL  Poling, Nancy Werking  Most Ministers Wear Sneakers Clergy
 C261.8 HOG  Hogan, Bernice  Church is a Who Church
 C261.8 JON  Jones, Mary Alice  God's Church is Everywhere Church
 C261.8 KID  Kidd, Ronald  Building Friends Habitat for Humanity
 C261.8 KID  Kidd, Ronald  Doorway to the World Habitat for Humanity
 C261.8 KID  Kidd, Ronald  Grandpa's Hammer Habitat for Humanity
 C261.8 KID  Kidd, Ronald  Raising the Roof Habitat for Humanity
 C261.88 WHI   Whiting, Karen and Rebecca White  Nature Girl: A Guide to Caring for God's Creation  Human Ecology, Conservation
 C262.72 HEN  Henderson, Felicity  Learning About the Church Church Administration
 C263.9 BOL  Boling, Ruth  Come Worship With Me: A Journey through the Church Year  Worship
 C263.93 SNA   Snapdragon Editorial Services Easter A to Z Easter
 C264.2 PAG   Page, Laura and Jean Anne Shafferman  Sacred Songs for Children Hymns
 C264.21 HEN  Henley, Karyn  My First Hymnal Hymnal
 C264.23 ALE   Alexander, Cecil Frances and Bruce Whatley  All Things Bright and Beautiful Nature, Hymns
 C265 AHE  Ahern, Denise  Bread and the Wine Holy Communion
 C266 JOH  Johnstone, Jill  You Can Change the World: Learning to Pray for People Around the  Missions
 C266 LEW  Lewis, Karen  From Arapesh to Zuni Missions
 C269 FOR  Ford, Leighton  Good News is for Sharing Evangelism
 C269 MCF  McFayden, Mary Jean  Earth is the Lord's Evangelism
 C270 DRU  Drury, John  First Christians Church History
 C270 NOR  Norwood, Frederick A.  Young Reader's Book of Church History Church History
 C270 PRI   Prichard, Marianna and Norman Prichard Back to the Sources  Church History
 C270.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland  Ireland, Christian Saints, Biography
 C271.3 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Francis, the Poor Man of Assisi Francis of Assisi
 C274.7 MER  Merlin, Leslie  Courage for a Cross Russia
 C284.8 TUR   Turner, Ann and Wendell Minor Shaker Hearts Shakers
 C287.092 DAV  Davey, Cyril  John Wesley and the Methodists John Wesley
 C290 LIF  Life Magazine  World's Great Religions Religion
 C291 MER  Meredith, Susan  World Religions Religions
 C291.2 GEL  Gellman, Marc  And God Cried, Too: A Kid's Book of Healing and Hope  Suffering
 C291.2 GOL   Gold, August and Matthew J. Perlman Where Does God Live?  God
 C291.2 KUS   Kushner, Lawrence and Karen Kushner  Because Nothing Looks Like God God
 C291.2 SAS  Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg  In God's Name God
 C291.3 BAY  Baylor, Byrd  Way to Start A Day Folklore
 C291.3 MCE  McElrath, William N.  Ways We Worship Worship, World Religions
 C291.4 BEA  Bea, Holly and Kim Howard  My Spiritual Alphabet Book Religious Life
 C291.43 MAR   Marzollo, Jean and Ashley Wolff Home Sweet Home  Prayers, Earth, Children
 C291.44 DYE   Dyer, Wayne W. and Melanie Siegel  Incredible You! 10 Ways to let your Greatness Shine Through  Success, Peace of Mind
 C292 COO  Coolidge, Olivia E.  Hercules and Other Tales from Greek Myths Myths and Legends
 C293.13 MAT  Matthews, Rodney  Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends  Norse Myths, Legends
 C294.6 SIN   Singh, Daljeet and Angela Smith Sikh World  Non-Christian Religions
 C296 POT  Potter, Don  Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights Hanukkah
 C296 SUG   Sugarman, Joan G. and Grace R. Freeman Inside the Synagogue  Judaism
 C296.22 CHA  Charing, Douglas  Judaism Judaism
 C296.385 TOP  Topek, Susan Remick  Ten Good Rules Ten Commandments
 C296.4 ADL  Adler, David A.  Picture Book of Passover Judaism
 C297 ALI  Ali-Karamali, Sumbul  Growing Up Muslim: Understanding the Beliefs, Practices of Islam  Islam
 C297.22 WIL  Wilkinson, Philip  Islam Islam
 C301.153 AND  Anderson, Edna A.  Families and their Needs Family Life
 C301.42 COR  Corey, Dorothy  You Go Away Family Life, Parent and Child
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being a Bad Sport Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Bossy Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Bullied Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Careless Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Destructive Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Forgetful Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Greedy Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Lazy Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Mean Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Messy Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Rude Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Selfish Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Being Wasteful Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Breaking Promises Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Cheating  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Complaining Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Disobeying Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Fighting  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Gossiping  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Interrupting Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Lying  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Overdoing It Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Showing Off Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Snooping  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Stealing  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Tattling  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Teasing  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy  Throwing Tantrums Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 BER  Berry, Joy Whining  Help Me Be Good Series
 C302 PAY   Payne, Lauren M. and Claudia Rohling  We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices  Social Interaction, Friendship
 C302 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Kid's Guide to Making Friends Social Skills, Friendship
 C302.23 GEL   Gellman, Marc and Thomas Hartman  Bad Stuff in the News: A Guide to Handling the Headlines  Mass Media and Children
 C302.23 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Kid's TV Guide Television
 C302.34 LAL  Lalli, Judy  Make Someone Smile Peace
 C303.3 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Checking 'em Out and Sizing 'em Up Prejudice
 C303.48 SMI  Smith, Jonathan  #RU Hooked Social Media, Technology, Youth, UMW
 C303.69 POL  Polland, Barbara K.  We Can Work It Out: Conflict Resolution for Children  Conflict Management, Friendship
 C305.23 LAM  Lamothe, Matt  This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Ar  Cross Cultural Studies, Children
 C305.8 FOX  Fox, Mem and Leslie Staub  Whoever You Are Ethnicity, Multiculturalism
 C306.8 CAI   Cain, Barbara S. and Elissa P. Benedek  What Would You Do? A Child's Book About Divorce Divorce
 C306.8 POL  Polland, Barbara Kay  Grandma and Grandpa are Special People Grandparents
 C306.87 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Kid's Guide to Understanding Parents Relationships
 C306.87 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Needing Each Other Relationships
 C306.87 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Nitty-Gritty of Family Life Relationships
 C306.875 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Surviving Fights with Your Brothers and Sisters  Sibling Rivalry
 C306.89 BRO   Brown, Laurene Krasny & Marc Brown Dinosaurs Divorce  Divorce
 C306.89 KRE  Krementz, Jill  How it Feels When Parents Divorce Divorce
 C323 BUS  Busch, Phyllis  Exploring as You Walk in the City Nature
 C323 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Mine & Yours Rights & Responsibilities
 C323.097 WEA   Weatherford, Carole Boston and Tim Ladwig  Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights  Civil Rights,African-Americans,Racism, Slavery
 C323.4 BER  Berry, Joy  Understanding Human Rights Human Rights
 C326 WIN  Winter, Jeanette  Follow the Drinking Gourd Underground Railroad
 C327.676 DEE   Deedy, Carmen Agra and W.K. Naiyomah, T. Gonzalez  14 Cows for America Kenya, Maasai People
 C331.7 MCC  McCaw, Mabel Niedermeyer  Friend at Church Occupations
 C331.7 MER  Merriam, Eve  Mommies at Work Occupations
 C331.82 BRI  Bridwell, Norman  What do they do When it Rains? Occupations
 C332.024 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Kid's Guide to Managing Money Money Management
 C333.7 MIL   Miller, Joe and Wilson McLean  If the Earth...were a few feet in diameter Earth
 C333.72 JOH   Johnson, Jen Cullerton and Sonia Lynn Sadler  Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace  Kenya, Conservation, Wangari Maathai
 C333.91 KAY   Kaye, Cathryn Berger and Philippe Cousteau  Going Blue: Teen Guide to Saving our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Wetl  Marine Ecology
 C333.91 SIL   Silbar, Margaret L. and Connie Slocomb  Coyote Wanders Up River Coyote Tales, Water Conservation
 C333.91 SIL   Silbar, Margaret L. and Connie Slocomb  How Coyote Brought Us Water Coyote Tales, Water Conservation
 C338.1 BIA  Bial, Raymond  Portrait of a Farm Family Farms
 C362.2 SHR  Shriver, Maria  What’s Wrong with Timmy? Mental Retardation
 C362.287 NEL   Nelson, Richard E. and Judith C. Galas  Power to Prevent Suicide: A Guide for Teens Helping Teens  Suicide Prevention, Teenagers
 C362.29 COU  Courtney, Anne  Corey's Dad Drinks Too Much Alcohol Abuse
 C362.5 DIS  Disalvo-Ryan, DyAnne  Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen Poverty
 C362.7 GIR  Girard, Linda Walvoord  Who is a Stranger and What Should I Do? Safety
 C362.7 ROG  Rogers, Fred  Going to Day Care Daycare
 C362.7 WAS  Wasson, Valentina P.  Chosen Baby Adoption
 C363.7 EAR  Earthworks Group  50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth Environment
 C363.7 LOW   Lowery, Linda and Marybeth Lorbiecki Earthwise At Home  Environment
 C363.72 KUT   Kutner, Laura and Suzanne Slade Soda Bottle School  Recycling, Guatemala
 C363.72 MAR  Martin, Laura C.  Recycled Crafts Box Handicrafts, Recycling, Art
 C363.8 HOO  Hoover, Susan Bame  Faith the Cow Missions - Heifer Project
 C363.8 MCB  McBrier, Page  Beatrice's Goat Missions - Heifer Project
 C369.4 BOY  Boy Scouts of America  Boy Scout Encyclopedia Crafts
 C369.4 BOY  Boy Scouts of America  How Book of Cub Scouting Crafts
 C370 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Using Your Head Education
 C371 HAL   Halfmann, Janet and London Ladd  Midnight Teacher: Lilly Ann Granderson and Her School  Slavery, Education, US History, UMW
 C371.009 MOR   Mortenson, Greg and Susan L. Roth Listen to the Wind  Rural Schools, Pakistan
 C371.3 DEL  Dellabough, Robin  101 Ways to get Straight A's Study Skills
 C371.822 MOR   Mortenson, Greg and David Relin, Sarah Thomson  Three Cups of Tea, Young Reader's Edition  Girls Schools, Pakistan, Afghanistan
 C371.829 JOR   Jordan-Fenton, Christy and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton Fatty Legs  Inuit, Boarding Schools, UMW
 C371.9 FIS   Fisher, Gary and Rhoda Cummings  Survival Guide for Kids with LD Special Education
 C372 HAI  Hains, Harriet  My New School School
 C372.17 AGA  Agassi, Martine  Hands are Not for Hitting Violence-Prevention
 C372.4 TAY  Taylor, Kenneth N.  Big Thoughts for Little People ABC Book
 C372.5 KOH   Kohl, MaryAnn and Jean Potter Global Art  Art, Elementary Education, Multicultural Activity
 C373.18 SHE   Shellenberger, Susie and Greg Johnson  Lockers, Lunch Lines, Chemistry, and Cliques...  Student Handbook
 C373.18 WHI  Whitney, Brooks  How to Master The School Universe Student Handbook
 C379.2 TON  Tonatiuh, Duncan  Separate is Never Equal  Integration, Civil Rights, Education Sylvia Mendez
 C381.3 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Consumer's Guide for Kids Consumer Education
 C385.097 FLO  Floca, Brian  Locomotive Trains, Trans-continental Railroad
 C390 ALA  Alaimo, Christine  World We Live In Manners and Customs
 C390 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way? Manners
 C391 ROW  Rowland-Warne, L.  Costume Costume
 C394 BAL  Balderose, Nancy Ward  Once Upon a Christmas Pony: A Mountain Christmas Christmas
 C394 BRE  Brett, Jan  Christmas Treasury Christmas
 C394 CHI  Chilcote, Russell Z.  Sharad, Camel Driver for the Kings Christmas
 C394 CHO  Chocolate, Deborah M. Newton  My First Kwanzaa Book Kwanzaa
 C394 GAY  Gayle, Sharon  Kwanzaa, An African American Holiday Kwanzaa
 C394 HOF   Hoffman, Mary and Lynne Russell Three Wise Women  Christmas
 C394 KRA  Kramer, Janice  Christmas ABC Book Christmas
 C394 MAI  Maier, Paul L.  Very First Christmas Christmas
 C394 MOO  Moore, Clement C.  'Twas the Night Before Christmas Christmas, Santa Claus
 C394 PRE  Prelutsky, Jack  It's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
 C394 TUD  Tudor, Tasha  Take Joy! Christmas
 C394 WEI  Weil, Lisl  Candy Egg Bunny Easter
 C394 YOU   Younger, Barbara and Lisa Flinn  One Morning in Joseph's Garden: An Easter Story Easter
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses Valentine's Day
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights Christmas
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Lilies, Rabbits and Painted Eggs Easter
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Shamrocks, Harps and Shillelaghs St. Patrick's Day
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indian Corn Thanksgiving
 C394.2 BAR  Barth, Edna  Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning Ghosts Halloween
 C394.2 BAT  Batchelor, Mary  Our Family Easter Book Easter
 C394.2 BOS  Bosca, Francesca  Caspar and the Star Christmas
 C394.2 BRU   Brumbaugh, Renae and David Miles  Christmas Stories for Bedtime Christmas
 C394.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Family Christmas Tree Book Christmas Trees
 C394.2 ETS   Ets, Marie Hall and Aurora Labastida  Nine Days to Christmas: A Story of Mexico Christmas
 C394.2 FIS  Fisher, Aileen  Easter Easter
 C394.2 GEO  George, Jean Craighead  First Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
 C394.2 KAG  Kageyama, Akiko  Journey to Bethlehem Christmas
 C394.2 LAN   Lane, Leena and Gillian Chapman Step by Step Christmas Crèche  Christmas Crafts
 C394.2 LLO  Lloyd, Mary Edna  Glad Easter Day Easter
 C394.2 LUC  Lucado, Max  Alabaster's Song Christmas, Angels
 C394.2 MCC   McCaughrean, Geraldine and Fabian Negrin  Father and Son: A Nativity Story  Christmas, Joseph and Jesus' Birth
 C394.2 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  But I'm Thankful - I Really Am! Gratitude
 C394.2 MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  Christmas is a Happy Time Christmas
 C394.2 OSB   Osborn, Susan Christine Tangvald, Jodie McCallum  Children Around the World Celebrate Christmas! Christmas
 C394.2 OSB  Osborne, Rick  Legend of the Christmas Tree Christmas
 C394.2 ROG  Rogers, Lou  First Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
 C394.2 SCH  Schneider, Richard H.  Blue Angel Ornament Christmas
 C394.2 SCH  Schulz, Charles  Charlie Brown Christmas Christmas
 C394.2 SCH  Schulz, Charles  Joy of a Peanuts Christmas Christmas
 C394.2 SCH  Schneider, Richard H.  Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect Christmas
 C394.2 SOC  Sockman, Ralph W.  Easter Story for Children Easter
 C394.2 SPI  Spier, Peter  Christmas! Christmas
 C394.2 TAZ  Tazewell, Charles  Littlest Angel Christmas
 C394.2 THO  Thomas, Joan Gale  One Little Baby Christmas
 C394.2 TRI  Trickey, Edna B.  Billy Celebrates Holidays
 C394.2 WIE  Wiersum, Beverly Rae  Story of Easter for Children Easter
 C394.2 WIL   Willoughby, Ro and David Miller Three Christmas Journeys  Christmas
 C394.2 WIL   Willoughby, Ro and David Miller Three Easter Journeys  Easter
 C394.26 KIN   Kindersley, Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley Celebrations!  Holidays
 C395 ALI  Aliki Manners  Etiquette
 C395 WIL  Wilt, Joy  May I? Please? Thank You! Manners, Etiquette
 C395.1 SMA  Smaridge, Nora H.  You Know Better Than That Etiquette
 C398 GOB  Goble, Paul  Girl Who Loved Wild Horses Folklore
 C398.2 AAR   Aardema, Verna and Lisa Desimini Anansi does the Impossible!  Folklore
 C398.2 AAR   Aardema, Verna and Will Hillenbrand  Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire  Folklore, Congo, Africa
 C398.2 AAR  Aardema, Verna  Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Folklore
 C398.2 AND  Andersen, Hans Christian  Andersen's Fairy Tales Folklore
 C398.2 ARU   Aruego, Jose and Ariane Aruego Crocodile's Tale  Folklore, Philippines
 C398.2 BRO  Brown, Marcia  Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper Folklore
 C398.2 COH   Cohlene, Terri and Charles Reasoner Turquoise Boy  Native American Folklore
 C398.2 COL   Cole, Judith and Anke Van Dun  Another Tortoise and a Different Hare Folklore
 C398.2 DAU  Daugherty, James  Andy and the Lion Fables
 C398.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Clown of God Folklore
 C398.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Legend of the Bluebonnet Folklore, Texas, Commanche legend
 C398.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Folklore
 C398.2 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Legend of the Poinsettia  Folklore, Mexico, Christmas, Poinsettia
 C398.2 GAV  Gavin, Jamila  Our Favorite Stories From Around The World Folklore
 C398.2 HAL  Haley, Gail E.  Story A Story Folklore
 C398.2 HAY  Hayes, Joe  Day it Snowed Tortillas Folklore
 C398.2 HOD   Hodges, Margaret and Trina Schart Hyman  Saint George and the Dragon Folklore
 C398.2 HYM  Hyman, Trina Schart  Little Red Riding Hood Folktales
 C398.2 JOH   Johnston, Tony and Tomie dePaola Tale of Rabbit and Coyote  Folklore
 C398.2 LOB  Lobel, Arnold  Fables Folklore
 C398.2 MCD  McDermott, Gerald  Anansi the Spider Folklore
 C398.2 MCD  McDermott, Gerald  Arrow to the Sun Legends-Pueblo Indian, Native American
 C398.2 OBE  Ober, Hal  How Music Came to the World Folklore-Mexico
 C398.2 OGD   Ogden, David and Jody Bergsma Dreambirds  Native American Folklore
 C398.2 PHI  Phillips, W. S.  Indian Campfire Tales Folklore
 C398.2 PIN  Pinkney, Jerry  Lion & the Mouse Fables, Folklore, Aesop
 C398.2 POW   Powell, Patricia and Kendrick Benally  Zinnia: How the Corn was Saved  Folk Stories: Navajo, Spider, Corn, Zinnia
 C398.2 RAN   Ransome, Arthur and Uri Shulevitz  Fool of the World and the Flying Ship Folklore
 C398.2 REE  Reed, Frances  Hilo Legends Folklore
 C398.2 ROB   Robbins, Ruth and Nicolas Sidjakov  Baboushka and the Three Kings Folklore, Christmas
 C398.2 SER  Seredy, Kate  White Stag Folklore
 C398.2 TUN  Tune, Suelyn Ching  Maui and the Secret of Fire Folklore-Hawaii
 C398.2 VER   Verniero, Joan C. and Robin Fitzsimmons  101 Read-Aloud Myths and Legends Folklore
 C398.2 WIL  Wildsmith, Brian  True Cross Legends
 C398.2 WOO  Wood, Nancy  Girl Who Loved Coyotes: Stories of the Southwest Folklore
 C398.2 YOL  Yolen, Jane and Ed Young  Emperor and the Kite Chinese Folk Tale
 C398.2 YOU  Young, Ed  Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China Folklore
 C398.2 ZEL  Zelinsky, Paul O.  Rapunzel Folklore
 C398.2 ZEM   Zemach, Harve and Margot Zemach Duffy and the Devil  Folklore
 C398.2 ZEM  Zemach, Margot  It Could Always Be Worse Folklore
 C398.21 BAC  Backstein, Karen  Blind men and the Elephant Folklore
 C398.21 BRO  Brown, Marcia  Stone Soup Folklore
 C398.21 LIP  Lippert, Margaret H.  Sea Serpent's Daughter Folklore-Brazil
 C398.21 PAL   Palacios, Argentina and Charles Reasoner  Llama's Secret: A Peruvian Legend South American Folk Tales
 C398.21 UCH  Uchida, Yoshiko  Wise Old Woman Folklore - Japan
 C398.21 WIS  Wisniewski, David  Golem Folklore
 C398.21 ZEL  Zelinsky, Paul O.  Rumplestiltskin Folklore
 C398.24 AMI   Amin, Karima and Eric Copeland Brer Rabbit and Friends  Folklore
 C398.24 HUN  Hunt, Angela Elwell  Tale of Three Trees Folklore
 C398.245 BAK   Baker, Olaf and Stephen Gammell Where the Buffaloes Begin  Folklore
 C398.6 HAL   Hall, Katy and Lisa Eisenberg, Nichole Rubel Dino Riddles  Riddles, Humor, Jokes, Dinosaurs
 C398.6 MCK  McKie, Roy  Joke Book Humor, Jokes
 C398.8 BAT  Battaglia, Aurelius  Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
 C398.8 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Tomie DePaola's Mother Goose  Children's Poetry, Nursery Rhymes
 C398.8 PET   Petersham, Maud and Miska Petersham  Rooster Crows: A Book of American Rhymes and Jingles  Nursery Rhymes
 C409.2 BRY   Bryant, Jen and Melissa Sweet  Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus  Peter Roget, Lexicographers, Word Lists
 C413 MCC  McClure, Herbert  Children of the World Say "Good Morning" Languages
 C423 THO   Thorndike, E. L. and Clarence L. Barnhart  Beginning Dictionary Dictionary
 C428.1 GHI  Ghigna, Charles  See the Yak Yak Homonyms
 C428.1 VIS  Vischer, Phil  Bob and Larry's ABC's Alphabet
 C500.21 FAR   Farndon, John and Angela Koo Big Book of Knowledge  General Science
 C500.9 BUS  Busch, Phyllis S.  Exploring as You Walk in the Meadow Nature
 C507.8 ARD  Ardley, Neil  101 Great Science Experiments: Step-by-step Guide  Science Experiments
 C508.2 MAC   Mackall, Dandi Daley and Katherine Blackmore  Fantastic Gifts of Fall Autumn, Seasons, Thanksgiving
 C508.2 MAC   Mackall, Dandi Daley and Katherine Blackmore  Special Gifts of Summer Summer, Seasons, Celebrations
 C508.2 MAC   Mackall, Dandi Daley and Katherine Blackmore  Super Gifts of Spring Spring, Seasons, Easter
 C508.2 MAC   MacKall, Dandi Daley and Katherine Blackmore  Wonderful Gifts of Winter Winter, Seasons, Christmas
 C508.2 PFE   Pfeffer, Wendy and Linda Bleck We Gather Together  Autum, Harvest Festivals, Thanksgiving
 C513.5 ANN  Anno, Mitsumasa  Anno's Counting Book Numbers
 C520 WIL  Wilson, Lynn  What's Out There? A Book About Space Astronomy
 C523.1 SIM  Simon, Seymour  Galaxies Galaxies, Outer Space, Universe
 C523.2 CAR  Carson, Jana  About Space Astronomy, Solar System, Astronauts
 C523.2 LEW  Lewellen, John Bryan  Moon, Sun and Stars Astronomy, Solar System
 C523.2 SWE   Sweeney, Joan and Annette Cable Me and My Place in Space  Astronomy, Solar System
 C523.4 KER  Kerrod, Robin  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto Solar System, Outer Planets
 C523.4 KUR  Kurlik, Nancy E.  My Picture Book of the Planets Planets
 C523.6 PRI  Prinja, Raman K.  Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors Universe, Space, Science
 C523.8 LEE  Lee, Fran  Wishing on a Star Astronomy, Constellations, Activities
 C525 LAU  Lauber, Patricia  Seeing Earth from Space Earth Sciences
 C530.1 ENG  Engelbrekitson, Sune  Gravity at Work and Play Gravity
 C550 BEI  Beiser, Arthur Earth  Earth (Planet), Life Nature Library Series
 C551.4 BER  Berger, Melvin  All About Water Water
 C551.4 ENG  Engel, Leonard Sea  Oceanography, Marine Biology, Life Nature Library
 C551.43 MIL   Milne, Lorus J. and Margery Milne Mountains  Mountains, Mountaineering, Life Nature Library Ser
 C551.46 BLA  Bland, Celia  Exploring the Sea Oceanography
 C551.5 BRA   Branley, Franklyn and Ed Emberley  Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll Weather, Thunderstorms
 C551.5 GUT   Gutelle, Andrew with Ronald Gird  Why Can't I See Wind?: First Questions & Answers about Weather  Weather, Meteorology
 C551.55 BUR  Burkman, Ernest  Stormy Weather Meteorology
 C551.57 MAR   Martin, Jacqueline Briggs and Mary Azarian Snowflake Bentley  Meteorology, Wilson Bentley
 C551.6 BER   Berger, Melvin and Gilda Berger  Hurricanes Have Eyes But Can't See Weather
 C552 ADA  Adami, Christina  Rocks and Minerals Rocks, Minerals, Geology
 C553.7 STR   Srauss, Rochelle and Rosemary Woods  One Well: The Story of Water on Earth Water, UMW
 C557.913 CHI  Chin, Jason  Grand Canyon Arizona, Grand Canyon, Natural History
 C559.91 BRA  Branley, Franklyn M.  What the Moon is Like Astronomy-Moon
 C560 BRA  Brandenberg, Aliki  Fossils Tell of Long Ago Fossils
 C567.9 CAR  Carroll, Susan  How Big is a Brachiosaurus? Dinosaurs
 C567.9 MOS  Most, Bernard  Littlest Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
 C567.9 PAR  Parish, Peggy  Dinosaur Time Dinosaurs
 C567.91 GRE   Greenberg, Judith and Helen Carey Dinosaurs  Dinosaurs
 C567.91 LAU  Lauber, Patricia  News About Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
 C573.2 HOW  Howell, F. Clark  Early Man Human Evolution, Prehistoric Peoples, Life Nature
 C573.3 RIU   Rius, Maria and Gloria & Oriol Verges Prehistory to Egypt  Man-Prehistoric, Egypt
 C574.5 BAK  Baker, Lucy  Life in the Rainforests Rainforests
 C574.5 COL  Collard III, Sneed B.  Our Natural Homes Ecology
 C574.5 FAR  Farb, Peter  Ecology Ecology, Life Nature Library Series
 C574.5 GIB  Gibbons, Gail  Nature's Green Umbrella Rainforests
 C574.5 GUI  Guiberson, Brenda Z.  Cactus Hotel Desert Life
 C574.5 TOF   Toft, Kim Michelle and Allan Sheather One Less Fish  Ecology
 C574.909 LEO  Leopold, A. Starker  Desert Deserts, Desert Ecology, Life Nature Library Serie
 C574.95 BOU  Bourliere, Francois  Land and Wildlife of Eurasia  Natural History-Eurasia, Life Nature Library Serie
 C574.959 RIP  Ripley, S. Dillon  Land and Wildlife of Tropical Asia  Natural History-Southeast Asia, Life Nature Librar
 C574.96 CAR  Carr, Archie  Land and Wildlife of Africa  Natural History-Africa, Life Nature Library Series
 C574.97 FAR  Farb, Peter  Land and Wildlife of North America  Natural History-North America, Wildlife Conservati
 C574.98 BAT  Bates, Marston  Land and Wildlife of South America  Natural History-South America, Life Nature Library
 C574.994 BER  Bergamini, David  Land and Wildlife of Australia  Natural History-Australia, Life Nature Library Ser
 C575.016 MOO  Moore, Ruth  Evolution Evolution, Life Nature Library Series
 C577.5 FUR  Furgang, Kathy  Let's Take a Field Trip to a Cave Caves
 C577.69 ROT   Roth, Susan L. and Cindy Trumbore  Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families  Mangrove Forests, Eritrea, UMW
 C577.7 CHI  Chin, Jason  Coral Reefs Coral Reefs and Islands, Ecology
 C581 WEN  Went, Frits W.  Plants Botany, Life Nature Library Series
 C581.526 FAR  Farb, Peter  Forest Forest Ecology, Life Nature Library Series
 C582 HEL  Heller, Ruth  Reason for a Flower Flowers
 C585.5 CHI  Chin, Jason  Redwoods Coast Redwoods, Giant Sequoia, Natural History
 C591 BEN  Bendick, Jean  Why Can't I? Animals
 C591 CRA  Craig, M. Jean  Little Monsters Animals
 C591 PRI  Price/Stern/Sloan  Wild Animals Animals
 C591 WIL  Williams, Garth  Baby Animals Animals
 C591.51 TIN  Tinbergen, Niko  Animal Behavior Animal Behavior, Life Nature Library Series
 C591.56 HIR  Hirschland, Roger B.  How Animals Care for Their Babies Animals
 C591.59 MCG  McGrath, Susan  How Animals Talk Animals
 C591.68 JEN  Jenkins, Steve  Almost Gone: The World's Rarest Animals  Rare Animals, Endangered Species
 C591.734 BIS  Bishop, Nic  Forest Explorer: A Life-Size Field Guide Forest Animals
 C591.9 BAR  Barnett, Lincoln  Wonders of Life on Earth Science
 C591.9 MCC  McCormick, Jack  Life of the Forest Animals
 C595.7 FAR  Farb, Peter  Insects Insects, Life Nature Library Series
 C595.715 DUS  Dussling, Jennifer  Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Predatory Insects
 C597 NAT  National Geographic Society  Strange Animals of the Sea Animals
 C597 OMM  Ommanney, F. D.  Fishes Fishes, Life Nature Library Series
 C597 SIL   Sill, Cathryn P. and John Sill  About Fish: A Guide for Children Fish
 C597.31 MAR  Markle, Sandra  Outside and Inside Sharks Sharks
 C597.72 SEX  Sexton, Colleen  Clown Fish Anemone, Clown Fish
 C597.9 CAR  Carr, Archie  Reptiles Reptiles, Life Nature Library Series
 C597.9 COW  Cowley, Joy and Nic Bishop  Chameleon! Chameleons, Reptiles
 C597.9 HOR   Hornblow, Leonora and Arthur Hornblow  Reptiles Do the Strangest Things Reptiles
 C597.92 DOO   Dooham, Nellie and Constance Bergum Save the Sea Turtles  Sea Turtles
 C598.2 OPP  Oppenheim, Joanne  Have You Seen Birds? Birds
 C598.2 PET  Peterson, Roger Tory  Birds Birds, Life Nature Library Series
 C599 CAR  Carrington, Richard  Mammals Mammals, Life Nature Library Series
 C599 FIS  Fisher, Aileen  Anybody Home? Animals
 C599 MCC  McCauley, Jane R.  Africa's Animal Giants Animals, Africa
 C599.5 ARM  Armour, Michael C.  Orca Song Whales
 C599.52 ERI  Ericson, Anton  Whales and Dolphins Whales, Dolphins
 C599.63 HAT   Hatkoff, Isabella and Craig Hatkoff, Paula Kahumbu  Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship  Hippopotamus, Tortise, Animal Behavior
 C599.74 HAL  Hall, Derek  Otter Swims Otters
 C599.74 KOS  Kostyal, K. M.  Raccoons Animals
 C599.8 EIM   Eimerl, Sarel and Irven DeVore Primates  Primates, Life Nature Library Series
 C600 ARD  Ardley, Neil and others  How Things Work Technology
 C600 ELT  Elting, Mary  Answer Book Technology
 C600 ELT  Elting, Mary  Still More Answers Technology
 C600 NOR  North, Peter  Wall Chart of Science and Invention Timeline, History
 C609.7 LAN   Landon, Rocky and David MacDonald  Native American Thought of It: Amazing Inventions/Innovations  Native Americans, Science, Inventions
 C610 CIV   Civardi, Anne and Stephen Cartwright Going to the Hospital  Hospitals
 C610 HOG   Hogan, Paula Z. and Kirk Hogan, MD Hospital Scares Me  Health
 C612 BAR   Barefield, Sam and Mary Nell Barefield Waiting House  Babies
 C612 FRE  Frey, Marguerite Kurth  I Wonder, I Wonder Sex Education
 C612 HEL   Helmerling, Doris Wild and John William Helmerling  We're Going to Have a Baby Babies
 C612 HUM  Hummel, Ruth  Wonderfully Made Sex Education
 C612 WIL  Wilt, Joy  You're Either One or the Other Sexuality
 C613 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Keeping Your Body Alive & Well Health
 C613.7 SCH   Schwarzenegger, Arnold and Charles Gaines  Arnold's Fitness for Kids Fitness, Exercise
 C616 ROC  Rockwell, Harlow  My Doctor Healthcare
 C617.3 STE  Stein, Sara Bonnett  About Handicaps Handicaps - Physical
 C617.8 PET  Peterson, Jeanne Whitehouse  I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf Deafness
 C617.8 ZEL  Zelonky, Joy  I Can't Always Hear You Deafness
 C618.92 BRA  Brazelton, T. Berry  Going to the Doctor Health
 C618.92 ROT   Rotner, Shelley and Sheila Kelly A.D.D. Book for Kids  Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities
 C618.97 GUT  Guthrie, Donna  Grandpa Doesn't Know It's Me Alzheimer's disease
 C629 ZAF  Zaffo, George  Airplanes, Trucks, Trains, Fire Engines, Boats, Ships, Machines  Machinery, Transportation
 C629.13 PRO   Provensen, Alice and Martin Provensen  Glorious Flight Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot  Airplanes
 C629.222 COL  Corbett, David  History of Automobiles Automobiles
 C629.222 LOV  Love, June Cars  Automobile, Transportation
 C629.222 SUT  Sutton, Richard  Car Automobiles
 C629.228 BIN  Bingham, Caroline  Race Car Automobiles, Racing
 C629.43 WHE  Wheat, Janis Knudsen  Let's Go to the Moon Apollo, Space Flight, NASA, Outer Space
 C629.45 SUL  Sullivan, George  Day We Walked on the Moon: Photo History of Space Exploration  Project Apollo, Space Fight, Moon, NASA
 C636.1 CAN   Canning, Shelagh and K. L. Tafoya Horses and Ponies  Horses
 C636.1 HOY  Hoyo, Manuel  Horse Feathers! Horses
 C636.1 RAD   Radlauer, Ruth S. and Ed Radlauer Horses  Horses, Horsemanship
 C636.1 SEL   Selsam, Millicent E. and Sandy Rabinowitz  Questions and Answers About Horses Horses
 C636.6 LAN  Lantermann, Werner  New Parrot Handbook Birds
 C636.7 SAL  Salladay, Susan  I Want a Puppy! Dogs
 C636.9 IRV  Irvine, Georgeanne  True Story of Corky the Blind Seal Seals
 C640 WIL  Wilt, Joy  Kid's Guide to Managing Time Time Management
 C641.5 BEN   Bentley-Taylor, Suzie and Bekah Moore  Bake Through the Bible at Christmas  Christmas, Bible Stories, Baking
 C641.5 CRE  Creative Kids  Creative Kids Snack Cookbook Cookbooks
 C641.5 LEG  Legacy Press  Gobble Up the Bible Cooking, Activities
 C641.5 MAG   Mager, Marcy and Michael Mager Chocolate Cookbook  Cookbooks
 C641.5 MEN  Mendez, Sean  One World Kids Cookbook Cookbook, Healthy Food, UMW
 C641.5 PAR  Parents' Magazine  Young Children's Mix and Fix Cook Book Cookbooks
 C641.5 SCH  Schulz, Charles M.  Peanuts Cook Book Cookbooks
 C641.5 SCH  Schulz, Charles M.  Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook Cookbooks
 C641.5 WRI  Wright, Lesley  Bible Food Fun: A Step-by-Step Cookbook Cookbook
 C641.65 DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Popcorn Book Popcorn
 C641.65 LAN   Landau, Elaine and Brian Lies Popcorn! Popcorn
 C646.7 CAR  Carls, Beth and Amy Looper  I Wish I Knew What to Do?! Bullies
 C648 BER  Berry, Joy  How to Clean Your Room Housekeeping
 C655.42 ALI  Aliki  How a Book is Made Books and Libraries
 C670.285 PHI  Philip, Neil  Illustrated Book of Fairy Tales Folklore
 C701.1 MIC  Micklethwait, Lucy  Discover Great Paintings Art, Painting
 C701.82 COL  Cole, Alison  Perspective Art
 C704.03 CHA   Charleyboy, Lisa and Mary Beth Leatherdale  Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices  Native Americans, Biography
 C709.02 COL  Cole, Alison  Renaissance Art, Renaissance
 C709.2 YOU  Landowne, Youme  Mali Under the Night Sky: A Lao Story of Home  Refugees, Laos, UMW
 C726.6 MAC  Macaulay, David  Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction Architecture, Gothic
 C741.2 EMB  Emberley., Ed  Make a World Drawing Techniques
 C741.2 GIL  Gilbert, LaBritta  50 Great Make-it, Take-it Projects Art
 C741.2 HOL  Holm, Carolyn  Everyday Art for Kids: Projects to Unlock Creativity Art
 C741.2 KOH   Kohl, Mary Ann and Cindy Gainer  Good Earth Art: Environmental Art for Kids  Nature Crafts, Handicrafts
 C741.2 MAC  MacKenzie, Joy  Big Book of Bible Crafts and Projects Crafts
 C741.2 PUR  Purney, Dawn  Complete Book of Arts & Crafts Handicrafts, Art
 C741.5 ROW  Rowntree, Winston  Finding Jesus Humor, Games, Puzzles
 C741.5 SCH  Schulz, Charles M.  Don't Be Sad, Flying Ace Cartoons, Peanuts
 C741.64 CHR  Christelow, Eileen  What do Illustrators Do? Books
 C741.67 DAV   Davis, Carolyn and Charlene Brown Poster Fun Crafts
 C743 ROB  Roberts, Michelle  How to Draw Cars and Trucks and Other Vehicles Drawing
 C743.896 MAS  Masiello, Ralph  Ralph Masiello's Robot Drawing Book Robots, Art, Drawing
 C745 VAN  Vance, Eleanor Graham  Everything Book Crafts, Cookbooks, Recreation
 C745.5 BAR  Barwell, Eve  Make Your Pet a Present Crafts
 C745.5 BOL  Bolton, Vivienne  365 Rainy Day Activities Crafts
 C745.5 BUL  Bull, Jane  Dress-Up Book Costume
 C745.5 KEN  Kenower, F. T.  Cub Scout Fun Book Crafts
 C745.54 CHE  Chernoff, Goldie Taub  Just a Box? Crafts
 C745.54 TEM  Temko, Florence  Paper Capers Crafts
 C746.43 FAL  Falick, Melanie  Kids Knitting Knitting
 C751.42 CLA  Clarke, Michael  Watercolor Art, Painting
 C752 HEL  Heller, Ruth Color  Color
 C759.4 WEL  Welton, Jude  Impressionism Art, Painting
 C759.4 WEL  Welton, Jude Monet  Art, Painting
 C759.4 WRI  Wright, Patricia  Manet Art, Painting
 C759.94 BER  Bernard, Bruce  VanGogh Art, Painting
 C781.91 ARD  Ardley, Neil  Music Musical Instruments
 C782.25 BRY  Bryan, Ashley  Let it Shine: Three Favorite Spirituals Hymns, Spirituals
 C782.27 BER  Bergerac and Mary Noble  My First Book of Christmas Songs, Easy Piano Arrangements  Christmas Carols
 C782.4 STA   Staines, Bill and Margot Zemach  All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir Music, Animals
 C782.42 COO  Cooper, Floyd  Cumbayah Folk Songs
 C782.42 SES   Seskin, Steve and Allen Shamblin and Glin Dibley  Don't Laugh at Me Bullying, Tolerance
 C782.7 RAF   Raffie and Eugenie Fernandez One Light, One Sun  Songs
 C783 BEA   Beall, Pamela Conn & Susan Hagen Nipp Wee Sing Bible Songs  Music
 C784.2 KOS  Koscielniak, Bruce  Story of the Incredible Orchestra  Orchestra, Musical Instruments
 C790.1 BAK   Baker, Rhoda and Miles Denyer Making Kites Kites
 C791.3 GER  Gerstein, Mordicai  Man Who Walked Between the Towers  Philippe Petit, Tightrope walking
 C796.5 FOS  Foster, Lynne  Take a Hike!: Sierra Club Kid's Guide to Hiking & Backpacking  Outdoors
 C796.5 KRA   Kramer, Sydelle and Tom LaPadula  To the Top!: Climbing the World's Highest Mountain  Mountaineers, Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay
 C796.52 DIC  Dickman, Nancy  Mount Everest: Explorer Tales  Mountains, Nepal, China, Mountaineering
 C796.52 JEN  Jenkins, Steve  Top of the World: Climbing Mount Everest  Mountaineering, Mount Everest
 C796.72 FOL  Foley, Cate  Let's Go to a Car Race Automobile Racing
 C796.72 VES  Vesey, Mark  Racing Cars Automobile Racing
 C808.042 OTF  Otfinoski, Steve  Putting It In Writing  English Language, Lerrer and Report Writing
 C808.8 BEN  Bennett, William J.  Children's Book of Virtues Values
 C810.8 DUR   Durell, Ann and Marilyn Sachs, Editors Big Book for Peace  Peace
 C811 CAR   Carlisle, Bob and Brooke and Carolyn Ewing Butterfly Kisses  Love, Poetry
 C811 CAS  Casterline, H. E.  Jabberwocky and other Nonsense Verses Poetry
 C811 DIS  Disney Press  Picture Poems Poetry, Rebus Rhymes, Winnie the Pooh
 C811 FOR  Ford, June, Compiler  Child's Garden of Verses Poetry
 C811 FRA  Frank, Josette  Poems to Read to the Very Young Poetry
 C811 JON  Jones, Elizabeth B.  Because God Made Me Poetry
 C811 KOR  Korr, David  I Think That is Wonderful and other poems from Sesame Street  Poetry
 C811 LAN   Langstaff, John and Feodor Rojankovsky Frog Went A-Courtin'  Poetry
 C811 PRE  Prelutsky, Jack  I Like it Here at School Poetry
 C811 SCI  Scieszka, Jon  My Dog Does My Homework Poetry
 C811 SIL  Silverstein, Shel  Falling Up Poetry
 C811 SIL  Silverstein, Shel  Light in the Attic Poetry
 C811 SIL  Silverstein, Shel  Where the Sidewalk Ends Poetry
 C811.2 MOO  Moore, Clement C.  Night Before Christmas Christmas, Santa Claus
 C811.3 SEA   Seattle, Chief and Susan Jeffers Brother Eagle, Sister Sky  Native Americans
 C811.54 FLE  Fleischman, Paul  Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices Poetry
 C811.54 OPP  Oppenheim, Joanne  Eency Weency Spider Poetry
 C811.54 PRE  Prelutsky, Jack  It's Valentine's Day Poetry, Valentines Day
 C811.54 PRE  Prelutsky, Jack  Pizza the Size of the Sun Poetry
 C811.54 WIL   Willard, Nancy and Alice and Martin Provensen  Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent & Experienced T  Poetry
 C811.54 WOO  Woodson, Jacqueline  Locomotion Poetry
 C811.6 ALE   Alexander, Kwame and Kadir Nelson Undefeated  Poetry, Black Americans
 C811.81 LIN  Lindbergh, Reeve  In Every Tiny Grain of Sand: A Child's Book of Prayers & Praise  Poetry
 C812.6 SCH   Schlitz, Laura Amy and Robert Byrd  Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval Village  Middle Ages, Children's Plays, Juvenile Drama
 C813 MCC  McCallen, A. J.  Praise! Poetry
 C818.54 CAR  Carney, Mary Lou  Bible Knock Knocks and Other Fun Stuff Humor
 C818.54 KEL  Keller, Charles  Awesome Jokes Riddles, Jokes, Humor
 C818.54 KEL  Keller, Charles  Best Riddle Book Ever Riddles, Jokes, Humor
 C823.914 WIL  Williams, Kit  Masquerade 
 C909 VAN  VanLoon, Hendrik Willem  Story Of Mankind World History
 C910 WOL  Wolfman, Ira  My World Atlas
 C910.02 MAC  Macquitty, Miranda  Desert Desert Life
 C910.2 MOC  Moche, Dinah L.  We're Taking An Airplane Trip Travel
 C912 RAN  Rand McNally  Globe Guide Geography, Maps
 C912 RAN  Rand McNally  Kid's U. S. Road Atlas Atlas, Maps, Travel Games
 C912.56 DOW  Dowley, Tim  Student Bible Atlas Bible Atlas
 C914.4 MAR  March, Michael  Guide to France France
 C917.304 BRO  Brown, Don  Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure Automobile Travel
 C919 LEY  Ley, Willy Poles  Polar Regions, Life Nature Library Series
 C919.4 MAR  March, Michael  Guide to Australia Australia
 C919.8 SWA  Swan, Robert  Destination: Antarctica Antarctica
 C920 INN  Innisbrook Wraps  Never Give Up: Four Stories about Determination  Biographies - Collected
 C929 LAW  Lawson, Robert  They Were Strong and Good Family History
 C940.026 POO   Poole, Josephine and Angela Barrett Joan of Arc  France - History, Joan of Arc
 C940.1 OSB   Osborne, Will and Mary Pope Osborne  Knights and Castles Research Guide  Knights, Castles, Medieval Europe, Civilization
 C940.2 LAN  Langley, Andrew  Leonardo & His Times Art, Renaissance
 C954.96 DEC  DeCapua, Sarah  Mount Everest Mountains, Nepal, China, Mountaineering
 C956.94 SMI  Smith, Debbie  Israel, the Culture Israel
 C956.94 SMI  Smith, Debbie  Israel, the Land Israel
 C960 HAS   Haskins, Jim and Barbara Knutson  Count Your Way through Africa Africa, Counting books
 C960 MUS   Musgrove, Margaret and Leo and Diane Dillon  Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Africa
 C970.004 JOH  Johnson, Ann Donegan  Value of Truth and Trust: the Story of Cochise Honesty, Trust
 C973.099 STG   St. George, Judith and David Small  So You Want to be President? Presidents, United States
 C973.7 SAN  Sandberg, Carl  Abe Lincoln Grows Up Abraham Lincoln
 C973.7 WEA   Weatherford, Carole Boston and Kadir Nelson  Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom  African-American History, Slavery
 C974.4 AND   Anderson, Joan and George Ancona First Thanksgiving Feast  Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Massachusetts, History
 C974.4 MCG   McGovern, Ann and Joe Lasker Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Massachusetts, History
 C974.4 SEW  Sewall, Marcia  Pilgrims of Plimoth Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Colonial History
 C975.3 ZIM   Zimmerman, Andrea and Ju Hong Chen  Eliza's Cherry Trees: Japan's Gift to America  Cherry Trees, Japan, International Relations
 C976.9 WHI   White, Stewart Edward and James Daugherty  Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout Daniel Boone, Frontier Life
 C978 LEV  Levine, Ellen  If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon  Oregon Trail, United States History
 C978.393 PAT   Patrick, Jean L. S. and Renee Graef  Who Carved the Mountain? The Story of Mount Rushmore  Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
 C978.9 JAM   James, Helen Foster and Neecy Twinem  E is for Enchantment: A New Mexico Alphabet New Mexico
 CB220.9 CUR  Currie, Robin  Baby Bible Storybook Bible Stories
 CB220.9 DOS  Doss, Andrea  Lord is Good to All Bible Verses
 CB220.9 DOS  Doss, Andrea  Rejoice in the Lord Bible Verses
 CB220.9 LAN  Landoll  Bible Heroes Bible Stories - Old Testament
 CB220.9 LAN  Landoll  David and Goliath Bible Stories - Old Testament
 CB220.9 LAN  Landoll  God Made the World Bible Stories - Old Testament
 CB221.9 KUE   Kueffner, Sue and Simone Able Noah's Noisy Ark  Old Testament Bible Stories
 CB222 WIL  Willis, Doris  God's Wonderful World Creation
 CB225.95 PUL  Pulley, Kelly  Jesus and the Children  New Testament Bible Stories, Jesus Christ
 CB226.9 HAN   Hanegraaff, Hank and Thomas Payne Prayer of Jesus  Lord's Prayer
 CB226.9 LLO   Lloyd Jones, Sally and Ellen Weiss Little Lamb  New Testament Bible Stories
 CB232 WIL  Willis, Doris  Jesus, My Friend and Teacher Jesus Christ
 CB232.9 WIL  Willis, Doris  Jesus Grew Jesus Christ
 CB232.92 ADA  Adams, Lynn  Bethlehem's Busy, What's Going On?  Jesus Christ, Nativity, Christmas
 CB242 LAN  Lanzrein, Helen  All Things Bright & Beautiful: A Collection of Prayer & Verse  Prayes, Devotions
 CB248.1 DOS  Doss, Andrea  Jesus, Be My Light Prayers
 CB248.1 FIE  Field, Rachel  Prayer for a Child Prayer
 CB261.8 WIL  Willis, Doris  I Like to Come to My Church Church
 CB264.23 FRE  Freeman, Laura  Bible Songs for the Very Young Hymns, Worship songs
 CB394 PIN   Pingry, Patricia and Rebecca Thornburgh Story of Christmas  Christimas
 CB394.2 BUC   Buck, Nola and Felicia Bond Christmas in the Manger  Christmas, Nativity
 CB394.2 CLE  Clever Facory  Christmas Story Christmas
 CB590 PRI  Priddy Books  My Big Animal Book Animals
 CB783 KEA  Keats, Ezra Jack  Little Drummer Boy Christmas Carols
 CD JON   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Productions Veggie Tales Jonah Songs  
 CD220.7 ABI   Harrelson, Walter J. - General Editor  New Interpreter's Study Bible CD-ROM Edition  Bible Commentaries
 CD252.6 BUT  Butin, Philip  Christmas Expectations Christmas
 CD362.4 CDC   Centers for Disease Control and Dept of HHS  Parent's Guide to Hearing Loss: Choices for Families  Hearing Loss
 CD780 ASH  Ashton, Susan  Best of Susan Ashton So Far Music
 CD780 BAB  Genius Products, Inc  Baby Genius Classical Sampler 
 CD780 BAB  Genius Products, Inc  Baby Genius Sampler 
 CD780 OUT  Word Entertainment  Outrageous Saturday 2002 Music
 CD780 PRI  DreamWorks Records  Selections from The Prince of Egypt Music
 CD780 STA   Pergolesi, G. B. and Scarlatti, D. Stabat Mater 
 D B BON  Jones, Gareth and Eric Tull  Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, WW II, History
 D B LUT  Trinklein, Michael  Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World Martin Luther
 D133 HEA  Burpo, Todd  Heaven is for Real Near Death Experiences
 D220 AMA  Alpha Omega Publications  Amazing Book About the Bible
 D220.5 BIB  Lightworkers Media  Bible: The History Channel Holy Bible
 D220.9 DAV   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  David and Goliath: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Old Testament Bible Stories, David and Goliath
 D220.9 MOS   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Moses: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Old Testament Bible Stories, Moses
 D220.9 NOA   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Noah's Ark: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Old Testament Bible Stories, Noah
 D220.9 REA  Tommy Nelson  Read and Share Bible Bible Stories
 D221 WHA  Vischer, Phil  Buck Denver What's in the Bible, Vol 1 In the Beginning  About the Bible, Genesis
 D221.92 ABR  Bible Collection  Abraham Old Testament Bible Stories, Abraham
 D221.95 NOA  Spier, Peter  Noah's Ark Old Testament Bible Stories
 D222.35 RUT  Diamond Entertainment  Ruth Old Testament Bible Stories, Ruth
 D222.53 ELI  Garr Group Elijah  Old Testament Bible Stories, Elijah
 D222.9 ONE  Fox Faith  One Night with the King Esther
 D222.9 TEN  Promenade Pictures  Ten Commandments: An Ordinary Man. An Extraordinary Calling  Bible Stories, Ten Commandments, Moses
 D223 WOR  Jellyfish One  Buck Denver What's in the Bible Vol. 8: Words to Make Us Wise  Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solom
 D225.9 BIB   Creative Communications for the Parish Bible Discovery Series  New Testament Bible Stories
 D225.9 EAS  Shepherd Films  Easter Story Keepers Easter
 D226 IN  Vander Laan, Ray  In The Dust of the Rabbi: Becoming a Disciple  Bible Study, Faith Lessons Series, Vol 6
 D226 WAL  Vander Laan, Ray  Walk as Jesus Walked: Making Disciples  Bible Study, Faith Lessons Series, Vol 7
 D226.6 ACT  Good News Network  Visual Bible - Acts Holy Bible, New Testament, Acts
 D232 PAT  Vander Laan, Ray  Path to the Cross, Faith Lessons Vol. 11  Religion, Christian Education
 D232 TRU  Vander Laan, Ray  True Christmas Story Christmas
 D232.9 EAS   Creative Communications for the Parish  Easter Party with Bedbug Bible Gang Easter
 D232.9 EAS  Hanna-Barbera  Easter Story: Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible  Easter
 D232.9 LIF  Collector's Choice  Life of Jesus the Revolutionary Volume 1 & 2 Jesus Christ
 D232.9 PAS  Nest Family Entertainment  Passion: Worthy is the Lamb and He Is Risen  Jesus Christ, Easter, Holy Week
 D248.86 WAL  Vander Laan, Ray  Walking With God in the Desert, Faith Lessons, Vol. 12  Religion, Christian Education
 D264 KAC  Kacos, Erin  Worship Feast: 8 Easy to Learn Dances for Worship  Worship, Liturgical Dance
 D277.3 THE  Kimball, Dan  They Like Jesus But Not the Church  Religious Life, Young Adults, Church Work
 D394 THR  BuenaVista Home Entertainment  3 Wise Men Christmas
 D394.2 CHR  Classic Media  Original Christmas Classics Christmas Stories and Music
 D783 SIN  Cedarmont Kids  Sing-Along-Songs: Action Bible Songs Music Video
 D783 SIN  Cedarmont Kids  Sing-Along-Songs: Bible Songs Music Video
 D783 SIN  Cedarmont Kids  Sing-Along-Songs: Sunday School Songs Music Video
 D909 CHI  Mennonite Central Committee  Children of the Nakba Palestinian Refugees
 DVD ADV  Milner, Richard  Adventures in Booga Booga Land, Vol. 1 Parables
 DVD ADV  Milner, Richard  Adventures in Booga Booga Land, Vol. 2 Parables
 DVD ALA  Lucado, Max  Alabaster's Song Christmas
 DVD BEL  Levitt, Zola  Beloved Thief  Israeli Marriage Customs, Coming of Jesus Christ
 DVD BET  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Betrayed! New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD BIB  Thomas Nelson  Bibleman Powersource; Combating the Commandant of Confusion 
 DVD BIB  Thomas Nelson  Bibleman: Genesis 3-for-all Vol. 1 
 DVD BIB  Thomas Nelson  Bibleman: Genesis 3-for-all Vol. 2 
 DVD BIB  Thomas Nelson  Bibleman: Genesis 3-for-all Vol. 3 
 DVD BRE  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Breathe NOOMA Video Series, 014
 DVD BRE  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Breakout New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD BUG  Lucado, Max  Bug Collection, Volume 3 
 DVD BUL  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Bullhorn NOOMA Video Series, 009
 DVD CAM  Roebuck Media  Camp: Hope is Found in Unexptected Places  Foster Children, Summer Camp
 DVD CAP  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Captured New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD CAT  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Catacomb Rescue  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD CHE  Gilbreth, Ann  Cheaper by the Dozen Families
 DVD CHR  Granada International  Christamas Blessing 
 DVD CHR  Lewis, C. S.  Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Voyage of Dawn Treader  Fantasy
 DVD CHR  Lewis, C. S.  Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  Fantasy
 DVD CHR  Lewis, C. S.  Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Fantasy
 DVD COR  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Corner NOOMA Video Series, 023
 DVD DON  Cervantes, Miguel  Don Quixote 
 DVD DUS  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Dust NOOMA Video Series, 008
 DVD EXP  Herald Entertainment, Inc.  Ryan Defrates, Secret Agent, and the Exploding Hot Sauce  Teamwork
 DVD FIN  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Final Conflict  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD FLA  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Flame NOOMA Video Series, 002
 DVD GET  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Getaway! New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD GOD  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: God Made You Special God's Love
 DVD HER  Lucado, Max  Hermie and the High Seas Faith
 DVD HOR  Seuss  Horton Hears a Who and Other Dr. Seuss Stories  Dr. Seuss cartoons
 DVD ITS  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: It's a Meaningful Life: A Lesson in Being Content  Contentment
 DVD JOH  Veggie Tales  Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie Jonah
 DVD KIC  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Kickball NOOMA Video Series, 006
 DVD LEF  Lalonde, Paul and John Patus  Left Behind II: Tribulation Force End Times
 DVD LET  Veggie Tales  Lettuce Love One Another!  Love, Share, Patience, Help, Forgive, Pray, Give
 DVD LIO  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: Lions, Shepherds and Queens (Oh My!)  David and Goliath, Esther, Daniel
 DVD LOR  Dr. Seuss Lorax  Ecology, Environment
 DVD LOR  Veggie Tales  Lord of the Beans Using Your Gifts
 DVD LOV  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: Silly Little Thing Called Love  Good Samaritan,Ruth, Love
 DVD LUG  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Luggage NOOMA Video Series, 007
 DVD LUM  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Lump NOOMA Video Series, 010
 DVD LYL  Veggie Tales  Lyle the Kindly Viking Sharing
 DVD MAD   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Entertainment  Madame Blueberry: A Lesson in Thankfulness  Thankfulness, Greed, Veggie Tales
 DVD MAT  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Matthew NOOMA Video Series, 012
 DVD MIN  Veggie Tales  Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush  Dealing with Bullies
 DVD MOE  Veggie Tales  Moe and the Big Exit Moses, Following Directions
 DVD NAB  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Nabbed by Nero  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD NAM  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Name NOOMA Video Series, 018
 DVD NOI  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Noise NOOMA Video Series, 005
 DVD OPE  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Open NOOMA Video Series, 019
 DVD OWL  Boto, Thomas and Julie Boto  Owlegories, Volume 2  Hard Work, Fruit of the Spirit, True Freedom
 DVD PAS  Mead, David  Passover Potluck Passover
 DVD PIR  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Veggie Tales
 DVD PRI  DreamWorks Animation  Prince of Egypt Old Testament Bible Stories, Moses
 DVD RAG  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Raging Waters New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD RAI  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Rain NOOMA Video Series, 001
 DVD REA  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Ready, Aim, Fire  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD RHY  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Rhythm NOOMA Video Series, 011
 DVD RIC  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Rich NOOMA Video Series, 013
 DVD ROA  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Roar in the Night  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD SHE  Bell, Rob NOOMA: She  NOOMA Video Series, 021
 DVD SHE  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Shells NOOMA Video Series, 020
 DVD SIN  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Sink or Swim New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD SNO Checked Out Veggie Tales  Snoodle's Tale Self Worth
 DVD STA  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Starlight Escape  New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD STA  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Strong  Shadrach, Meshach,Abednego, Joshua, Good Samaritan
 DVD STO  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Store NOOMA Video Series, 016
 DVD SUM  American Family Studios  Summer Snow Faith, Hope, Grief
 DVD SUN  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Sunday NOOMA Video Series, 004
 DVD THU  Andersen, Hans Christian  Thumbelina Folktales
 DVD TOD  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Today NOOMA Video Series, 017
 DVD TOM  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Tomato NOOMA Video Series, 022
 DVD TRA  Shepherd Films  Storykeepers AD 64: Trapped! New Testament Bible Stories
 DVD TRE  Bell, Rob  NOOMA: Trees NOOMA Video Series, 003
 DVD TWA  Veggie Tales  Veggie Tales: 'Twas the Night Before Easter Easter
 DVD WHE  Sendak, Maurice  Where the Wild Things Are ... And other Maurice Sendak stories  Story Collection
 DVD YOU  Bell, Rob NOOMA: You  NOOMA Video Series, 015
 E ACK   Ackerman, Karen and Stephen Gammell Song and Dance Man  Grandfathers-Fiction
 E AHL  Ahlberg, Allan and Faith Jaques  Mr. Buzz the Beeman Beekeeping - Fiction
 E ALD  Alda, Arlene  Sheep, Sheep, Sheep, Help Me Fall Asleep  Bedtime stories, Animals, Counting book
 E ALL  Allard, Harry  Miss Nelson is Back School - Fiction
 E ALL  Allard, Harry  Miss Nelson is Missing! School - Fiction
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 E AND   Andersen, Hans Christian (retold by J.A.Bloss)  Emperor's New Clothes Folktales
 E ANN  Annett, Cora and Steven Kellogg  How the Witch got Alf 
 E APP  Appelt, Kathi and Melissa Sweet  Bat Jamboree Counting Books, Bats - Fiction
 E APP  Appleby, Ellen  Three Billy-Goats Gruff Folktales
 E ARE  Arenson, Carole Lea  Boots the Church Cat Cats - Fiction
 E ASC  Asch, Frank Bear Shadow  Shadows, Bears - Fiction
 E ASE  Aseltine, Lorraine  First Grade Can Wait School - Fiction
 E BAI  Bailey, Linda and Bill Slavin  Stanley's Party Dogs - Fiction
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 E BAN  Bang, Molly  Ten, Nine, Eight Counting, Bedtime - Fiction
 E BAR   Barracca, Debra and Sal Barracca, Mark Buehner  Adventures of Taxi Dog Dogs - Fiction
 E BAR  Barrett, Judi and Ron Barrett  Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Food - Fiction
 E BAR  Barnes, Laura T.  Twist and Ernest Friendship - Fiction
 E BAS  Bassede, Francine  George Paints His House Colors
 E BAU  Bauer, Marion Dane  Alison's Wings Dreams - Fiction
 E BAU  Baumgart, Klaus  Little Green Dragon Steps Out Dragons, Dreams - Fiction
 E BAU   Bauer, Marion Dane and Peter Elwell My Mother is Mine  Animals, Mothers - Fiction
 E BAU  Baumgart, Klaus  Where Are You, Little Green Dragon?  Dragons, Refrigerators - Fiction
 E BAY  Baylor, Byrd and Peter Parnall  Everybody Needs a Rock Rocks
 E BEA  Bea, Holly  Good Night God Bedtime - Fiction
 E BEA  Beaty, Andrea and Bill Mayer  Hide and Sheep Sheep, Farmers, Counting - Fiction
 E BED  Bedford, Annie North  Frosty the Snow Man Winter, Snowmen - Fiction
 E BED  Bedard, Michael  Sitting Ducks Ducks - Fiction
 E BEE   Beers, V. Gilbert and Juel Krisvoy Gaggle of Green Geese  Animal Families
 E BEL   Bell, Kristen, Benjamin Hart & Daniel Wiseman  What the World Needs is More Purple People 
 E BEM  Bemelmans, Ludwig  Madeline French School Girls - Fiction
 E BEM  Bemelmans, Ludwig  Madeline's Rescue French School Girls - Fiction
 E BEN  Bennett, Kelly and Noah Z. Jones  Not Norman: A Goldfish Story Fish, Pets - Fiction
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and Life with Papa Families, Bears - Fiction
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare Peer Pressure
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Forest 
 E BER  Berenstain, Mike  Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule  Golden Rule, Friendship, School - Fiction
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Sitter 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Grownups 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears and the Wild, Wild Honey 
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 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute (Anymore) 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears in the Dark 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers 
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears Thinking of Those in Need Charity
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain  Berenstain Bears' Soccer Star 
 E BER  Berry, Lynne and Hiroe Nakata  Duck Tents Stories in Rhyme, Camping, Ducks - Fiction
 E BER   Bergren, Lisa Tawn and David Hohn God Gave Us Christmas  Christmas, God, Polar Bears - Fiction
 E BER  Berger, Barbara  Grandfather Twilight Night, Bedtime Stories
 E BER   Berends, Polly Berrien and Brad Sneed I Heard Said the Bird  Babies, Animals - Fiction
 E BER   Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain Trouble with Friends  Friendship, Cooperation
 E BIR   Birney, Betty and Nancy Stevenson  Pooh' s Merry Christmas Mystery Christmas
 E BLA  Blackall, Sophie  Hello Lighthouse Lighthouses - Fiction
 E BLA   Blackaby, Susan, J. Cicciarelli, C. Schuler Leo's Gift  Ability, Confidence, Music - Fiction
 E BLA  Black, Sheila  Story of the Tooth Fairy 
 E BLI   Bliss Corinne Demas and Kathryn Brown Littlest Matryoshka  Nesting Dolls - Fiction
 E BLO  Blood, Charles and Martin Link  Goat in the Rug Native Americans, Navajo Indians - Fiction
 E BLU  Blumenthal, Diana Cain  I'm Not Invited? Emotions
 E BLU  Blume, Judy and Irene Trivas  Pain and the Great One 
 E BON  Bonsall, Crosby  Case of the Cat's Meow 
 E BOW  Bowman, Crystal and Karen Lee  Boy on the Yellow Bus  Kindness, Christian Life, School - Fiction
 E BOW  Bowman, Crystal and Joy Allen  House in the Middle of Town  Community, Helping neighbors, Mark 13:31
 E BRE  Brett, Jan Umbrella  Rainforest - Fiction
 E BRI  Brisson, Pat and Mary Azarian  Before We Eat Food, Gratitude - Fiction
 E BRO  Brown, Marc and Stephen Krensky  Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher 
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Birthday Birthday Parties
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Chicken Pox 
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Christmas Christmas
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Family Vacation Vacations
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Halloween Halloween
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Pet Business 
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, Holidays
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Underwear 
 E BRO  Brown, Marc  Arthur's Valentine Valentine's Day
 E BRO   Brown, Margaret Wise and Jean Charlot Child's Good Night Book  
 E BRO   Brown, Margaret Wise and Beni Montresor On Christmas Eve  Christmas
 E BRO  Brown, Marcia  Once A Mouse 
 E BRO  Brown, Marcia Shadow  
 E BRU   Bruss, Deborah and Tiphanie Beeke Book! Book! Book!  Books, Libraries, Farm Animals - Fiction
 E BUC  Buckley, Ray  Christmas Moccasins Christmas
 E BUC  Buckley, Ray Give-Away  Christmas
 E BUC  Buckley, Ray  God's Love is Like Parables
 E BUC  Buckley, Ray Wing  
 E BUE   Buehner, Caralyn and Mark Buehner I Did It, I'm Sorry  
 E BUN  Bunting, Eve and Ted Rand  Memory String Memory, Stepmothers, Grief-Fiction
 E BUN  Bunting, Eve and Nancy Carpenter  Picnic in October Statue of Liberty, Immigration - Fiction
 E BUN  Bunting, Eve and Ronald Himler  Rudi's Pond Death - Fiction
 E BUN  Bunting, Eve and David Diaz  Smoky Night 
 E BUN  Bunting, Eve and Diane de Groat  Turkey for Thanksgiving Turkeys, Thanksgiving, Holidays
 E BUR  Burningham, John  Hey! Get Off Our Train Trains
 E BUR  Burton, Virginia Lee  Little House 
 E BUR  Burton, Virginia Lee  Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel 
 E CAL   Caldwell, Suzette T. and Nicholas Smith I Can Pray  Prayer, Lord's Prayer
 E CAL  Calmenson, Stephanie  Roller Skates! 
 E CAN  Cannon, Janell  Crickwing Insects - Fiction, Bullies
 E CAN  Cannon, Janell Pinduli  African Animals, Fiction
 E CAN  Cannon, Janell  Stellaluna Bats, Birds, Adoption - Fiction
 E CAP  Caputi, Eugene R.  Tara's Lookout India, Neighbors
 E CAR  Carlson, Nancy  Arnie and the New Kid 
 E CAR  Carlstrom, Nancy White  Does God Know How to Tie Shoes? God
 E CAR  Carlson, Nancy  How About a Hug 
 E CAR   Carlstrom, Nancy White and Bruce Degen  Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? 
 E CAR   Carlson, Bernice Wells and Ralph J. McDonald  Let's Pretend it Happened to You Folklore
 E CAR  Carle, Eric  Mister Seahorse Seahorses, Fish
 E CAR  Carlson, Melody and Jim Osborn  My Happy Heart Love, God
 E CAR  Carter, Jackie  One Night 
 E CAR  Carle, Eric Tiny Seed  Flowers - Fiction
 E CAR  Carle, Eric  Very Hungry Caterpillar Caterpillers - Fiction
 E CAR  Carle, Eric  Walter the Baker Pretzels, Bakers ans Bakeries - Fiction
 E CEC  Cecil, Ivon and Judy Love  Kirby Kelvin and the NOT-Laughing Lessons  Laughter, Behavior, School - Fiction
 E CHA   Chaconas, Dori and Susan Kathleen Hartung Christmas Mouseling  Jesus Christ, Christmas, Nativity
 E CHA  Chaconas, Dori  Goodnight, Dewberry Bear Prayer
 E CHA  Chardiet, Jon  Lucky's Kitten 
 E CHA   Chardiet, Bernice and Grace Maccarone  Martin and the Teacher's Pets 
 E CHR   Christie, Deborah H. and Pamela R. Levy Little Red Hen  
 E CIV   Civardi, Anne and Stephen Cartwright Moving House  Moving - Fiction
 E CLI  Climo, Shirley and Joe Lasker  Cobweb Christmas Christmas
 E CLI  Clifton, Lucille  Everett Anderson's Goodbye Grief
 E COH  Cohen, Miriam and Lillian Hoban  Best Friends Daycare
 E COH  Cohen, Peter and Olof Landstrom  Boris's Glasses 
 E COH  Cohen, Miriam and Lillian Hoban  Will I Have a Friend? Daycare
 E COL  Collins, David R. and Susan Hall  Spirit of Giving Christmas
 E CON  Conrad, Pam and Richard Egielski  Tub People 
 E CON  Conger, Marion  Who Has Seen the Wind? 
 E COO  Cooper, Helen  Boy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed  Bedtime, Sleep, Imagination - Fiction
 E COO  Cooney, Barbara  Chanticleer and the Fox Legends
 E COO  Cooney, Barbara  Hattie and the Wild Waves Beaches, Artists - Fiction
 E COP   Copeland, Kathe Martin and Elissa Hudson  Mama's Going to Heaven Soon Death and Dying
 E COR  Cordell, Matthew  Wolf in the Snow Lost Children, Wolf Behavior - Fiction
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Creole 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Dream Tree 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Gabby 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Leo the Lop 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Leo the Lop (Tail Three)  
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Leo the Lop (Tail Two)  
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Ming Ling 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Morgan and Me 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Serendipity 
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Serendipity Collection  Animal Stories
 E COS   Cosgrove, Stephen and Robin James Trapper 
 E CRA  Craig, Janet  Here Comes Winter 
 E CRA  Craig, Janet  Tiniest Pumpkin Halloween
 E CRA  Crampton, Gerturde  Tootle 
 E CRE  Crews, Donald  Freight Train Trains
 E CRE  Crews, Donald Truck  Trucks
 E CRO  Cronin, Doreen and Betsy Lewin  Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type Farm animals
 E CRO  Cronin, Doreen and Betsy Lewin  Duck for President 
 E CRO  Cronin, Doreen  Giggle, Giggle, Quack Farm Animals
 E CRU  Cruickshank, Kathy  Baby Book 
 E CUN   Cunningham, Julia and Evaline Ness Candle Tales 
 E CUN  Cunnane, Kelly and Hoda Hadadi  Deep In the Sahara Coming of Age, Muslims, Dress and Customs
 E CUS  Cushman, Doug  Possum Stew 
 E CUY   Cuyler, Margery and Will Hillenbrand Biggest, Best Snowman  Winter, Snowmen - Fiction
 E DAL  Daly, Niki Herd Boy  South Africa, Herders-Fiction
 E DAL   Dalgliesh, Alice and Helen Sewell Thanksgiving Story  Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Holidays
 E DEB  de Beer, Hans  Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear 
 E DEB  DeBrunhoff, Jean  Story of Babar, the little elephant 
 E DEB  DeBrunhoff, Jean  Travels of Babar 
 E DEE   Deedy, Carmen Agra and Laura L. Seeley  Agatha's Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story  Conservation, Geese - Fiction, UMW
 E DEE  Deedy, Carmen Agra  Library Dragon Libraries - Fiction
 E DEK  DeKinder, Jan Red  Bullying, UMW
 E DEL   DeLaPena, Matt and Christian Robinson  Last Stop on Market Street  Buses, Grandmothers, Soup Kitchens - Fiction
 E DEP  DePaola, Tomie  Now One Foot, Now The Other Grandfathers - fiction
 E DEP  DePalma, Mary Newell  Perfect Gift Animals, Gifts, Grandparents - Fiction
 E DER   De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk and Beni Montresor  May I Bring A Friend? 
 E DEV  Devlin, Wende and Harry Devlin  Trip to the Dentist Dentists
 E DIF  DiFiori, Larry  Barney Bear's Pizza Shop 
 E DOB  Dobson, Danae and Dee deRosa  Woof Finds a Family Dogs - Fiction
 E DOM   Doman, Bruce King and David Melton Good-Bye Mommy 
 E DON  Doney, Meryl 99th Sheep  
 E DON  Donovan, Jane Monroe  Winter's Gift Hope, Christmas, Wild Horses - Fiction
 E DOO   Dooley, Norah and Peter J. Thornton Everybody Cooks Rice  Cooking Rice, Food and Culture
 E DUB  DuBois, William Pene  Lion 
 E DUM  Dumont, Jean-Francois  Chickens Build a Wall Tolerance, Chickens-Fiction
 E DUM  Dumont, Jean-Francois  I Am A Bear Bears, Homelessness - Fiction
 E DUR  Durr, William K. Lions  
 E EAG  Eagle, Kin and Rob Gilbert  Hey, Diddle Diddle Cats, Cows - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E EAG  Eagle, Kin and Rob Gilbert  It's Raining, It's Pouring  Weather - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E EAS  Eastman, P. D.  Are You My Mother? 
 E EAS  Eastman, P. D.  Big Dog .. Little Dog 
 E EMB   Emberley, Barbara and Ed Emberley Drummer Hoff 
 E EMB   Emberley, Ed and Barbara Emberley One Wide River To Cross  
 E ETS  Ets, Marie Hall  In The Forest 
 E EVA  Evans, Edie and Rusty Fletcher  I Love You, Mommy! 
 E EVA  Evans, Richard Paul  Light of Christmas Christmas
 E EVA  Evans, Richard Paul  Spyglass: A Story of Faith Faith
 E EVA  Evans, Richard Paul  Tower: A Story of Humility Pride and Vanity-Fiction
 E FAL  Falconer, Ian Olivia  
 E FER  Fern, Tracey and Lauren Castillo  Buffalo Music Texas, Buffalo, Mary Ann Goodnight - Fiction
 E FER  Fernandes, Matthew  Farmer Bill Farm Animals - Fiction
 E FIE  Fienberg, Anna and Kim Gamble  Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived Friendship - Fiction
 E FIT  Fitzgerald, Annie  Dear God, I Just Can't Sleep. Want To Talk? 
 E FIT  Fitzgerald, Annie  Dear God, If There's a Meaning for Every Word, is There a Reason  
 E FIT  Fitzgerald, Annie  Dear God, Thank You for Friends 
 E FIT  Fitzgerald, Annie  Dear God, Thanks for Thinking Up Love 
 E FIT  Fitzgerald, Annie  Dear God, Well I Can Tell You, I Have Lots of Questions 
 E FLA  Flack, Marjorie & Kurt Wiese  Story About Ping 
 E FOR  Ford, B. G. and Lucinda McQueen  Albuquerque Turkey Turkeys, Thanksgiving, Holidays
 E FOR   Forkum, Sherry and Antoinette Costello Three Little Pua'a  Pigs - Fiction
 E FOX  Fox, Mem Time for Bed  
 E FRA  Frankel, Erin  Weird! A Story about Bullying in Schools Bullying, UMW
 E FRE  Freeman, Don Corduroy  
 E FRE  Freeman, Don  Quiet! There's a Canary in the Library  Libraries, Animals - Fiction
 E FRE  Freschet, Gina  Winnie & Ernst 
 E FRI   Friedman, Aileen and Steven Kellogg  Castles of the Two Brothers 
 E GAC  Gackenbach, Dick  Harry and the Terrible Whatzit Fear
 E GIL  Gil, Yvonne and Bonnie Timmons  Professor Curious and the Mystery of the Hiking Dinosaurs  Continental Drift, Geology - Fiction
 E GIN  Ginolfi, Arthur and Pat Schories  Tiny Star Christmas
 E GIR  Girard, Linda Walvoord  Adoption is for Always Adoption
 E GIR   Girard, Linda Walvoord and Linda Shute  We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo Adoption - Fiction
 E GLA  Glasscock, Sarah  What Happened to the Music? 
 E GOD  Goddard, Carrie Lou  Jesus Goes to School 
 E GOE   Goeminne, Siska and Merel Eyckerman No One Else Like You  Individual Differences-Fiction, UMW
 E GOL  Gold, August  Does God Hear My Prayer? Prayer
 E GOL  Goldman, Susan  Grandpa and Me Together Grandparents
 E GOL   Goldman, Lisa Bear and Patrice Schooley Proud Little Burro  Burros - Fiction
 E GON   Gonzalez, Xelena and Adriana M. Garcia All Around Us  Circles, Life Cycles, Nature - Fiction UMW
 E GOR  Gordon, Sharon and Don Page  Drip, Drop Rain - Fiction
 E GRA  Grant, Eva and Gretchen Mayo  I Hate My Name Teasing
 E GRA   Grant, Jennifer and Benjamin Schipper  Maybe God is Like That Too Fruit of the Spirit, City Life
 E GRA  Granahan, Shirley  Mouse Twins and the Scary Night 
 E GRA  Grant, Eva and Susan Lexa  Will I Ever Be Older? Siblings
 E GRE  Green, Phyllis  Fastest Quitter in Town 
 E GRE  Greenway, Jennifer  Real Little Bunny 
 E HAD  Hader, Berta and Elmer Hader  Big Snow 
 E HAL  Hall, Donald and Barbara Cooney  Ox-Cart Man 
 E HAN  Hanson, Warren  Kiki's Hats: Our Gifts Live On and On Sharing
 E HAN  Handforth, Thomas  Mei Li Chinese New Year-Fiction
 E HAR   Harrison, David L. and Philippe Fix Book of Giant Stories  
 E HAW  Hawcock, David  Making Tracks Animals
 E HAZ   Hazen, Barbara Shook and Ray Cruz Gorilla Did It  Responsibility - Fiction
 E HAZ   Hazen, Barbara Shook and Pat Schories Why Did Grandpa Die?  Grandfathers, Death
 E HEF  Hefter, Richard  Book of Shapes 
 E HEI  Heine, Helme  Friends Go Adventuring Farm Animals - Fiction
 E HEI   Heilbroner, Joan and Mary Chalmers Happy Birthday Present  
 E HEI   Heide, Florence P.,Sylvia W.VanClief,Don Almquist  It Never is Dark 
 E HEI  Hein, Lucille E  Walking in God's World Nature
 E HEL  Heller, Sarah E.  Disney Animal Stories Animal Stories
 E HEL  Heller, Ruth  How to Hide a Parakeet & other birds Birds, Camouflage
 E HEN  Henderson, Patti and Liz Edge  Blessing From Above Mothers and Babies
 E HEN  Henkes, Kevin  Kitten's First Full Moon Fiction, Cats, Kittens, Moon
 E HER  Herron, Carolivia  Nappy Hair Self-esteem
 E HER   Herman, Gail and Tamara Petrosino Sam's First Library Card  Libraries - Fiction
 E HIC   Hickman, Martha Whitmore and Leigh Grant I'm Moving  Moving
 E HIG  Higgs, Liz Curtis  Parable of the Lily Easter, Parables
 E HIL  Hill, Margaret Bateson  Chanda and the Mirror of Moonlight Folklore - India
 E HIL  Hillenbrand, Will  Down by the Station Trains, Fiction
 E HIN  Hines, Anna Grossnickle  When We Married Gary Stepfamilies
 E HOB  Hoban, Julia  Amy Loves the Sun 
 E HOB  Hoban, Lillian  Arthur's Pen Pal 
 E HOB  Hoban, Russell  Bedtime for Frances 
 E HOB  Hoban, Lillian  Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving, Holidays
 E HOF  Hoff, Syd Chester  
 E HOF  Hoff, Syd  Horse in Harry's Room Imagination
 E HOG  Hogrogian, Nonny  One Fine Day Animal Stories
 E HOL  Hollander, Cass and Stan Tusan  Trip to Grandma's Grandmothers, Travel - Fiction
 E HOP   Hopkinson, Deborah and James E. Ransome  Under the Quilt of the Night Underground Railroad
 E HOW  Howe, James and Ed Young  I Wish I Were a Butterfly Friendship, Self Acceptance
 E HUR  Hurd, Edith Thatcher  Benny the Bulldozer 
 E HUT  Hutchins, Pat  Which Witch is Which? 
 E IDL  Idle, Molly Schaar  Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Golden Rule
 E IDL  Idle, Molly Schaar  Nighty Night, Noah Alphabet Books, Noah's Ark
 E JAC   Jackson, Jill with Sy Miller and David Diaz  Let There Be Peace on Earth Peace, Children's Songs
 E JAC  Jacobs, Leland B.  Seesaw 
 E JAG  Jagtenberg, Yvonne  Jack's Kite Kite Flying, Fathers - Fiction
 E JEW  Jewell, Nancy and Lisa Thiesing  Two Silly Trolls 
 E JOH  Johnson, D. B.  Henry Hikes to Fitchburg Thoreau, Henry David
 E JOH  Johnston, Tony  Little Bear Sleeping 
 E JOH   Johnston, Tony and Harvey Stevenson  Little Rabbit Goes to Sleep Bedtime - Fiction
 E JOH   Johnson, Diane Winters and Margaret Freed  View from Under the Pew Seeing Eye Dogs, Pastors
 E JOH  Johnson, Angela and David Soman  When I Am Old With You Grandfathers - Fiction
 E JOO   Joose, Barbara M. and Emily Arnold McCully Jam Day 
 E JOO   Joose, Barbara M. and Barbara Lavallee Mama, Do You Love Me?  Mother and Child, Love, Arctic Regions - Fiction
 E JUS  Juster, Norton and Chris Raschka  Hello, Goodbye Window Grandparents - Fiction
 E KAR  Karon, Jan  Miss Fannie's Hat 
 E KEA  Keats, Ezra Jack  Jennie's Hat 
 E KEA  Keats, Ezra Jack  Snowy Day 
 E KEA  Keats, Ezra Jack  Whistle for Willie 
 E KEE  Keener, Joan N.  God the Creator Thought of It First! Creation
 E KEL  Kellogg, Steven  Prehistoric Pinkerton 
 E KEN  Kennedy, Richard and Marc Simont  Contests at Cowlick 
 E KIL  Killion, Bette and Joe Spencer  Emperor's New Clothes 
 E KIM  Kimmel, Eric A.  I Took my Frog to the Library 
 E KIN   Kingsley, Emily Perl and Richard Brown I Can Do It Myself  
 E KLA  Klassen, Jon  This is Not My Hat Fish, Stealing - Fiction
 E KLI  Klimowicz, Barbara and Ray Burns  Ha, Ha, Ha, Henrietta Brothers and Sisters - Fiction
 E KLU   Klug, Ron and Lyn Klug and Sally Mathews I'm a Good Helper  Helpfulness
 E KNE  Kneen, Maggie  Golden Egg Easter Eggs
 E KOD  Koda-Callan, Elizabeth  Silver Slippers 
 E KOD  Koda-Callan, Elizabeth  Tiny Angel Self-Confidence, Christmas programs, Fiction
 E KOH  Kohlenberg, Sherry  Sammy's Mommy has Cancer Illness
 E KRA  Kraus, Robert  How Spider Stopped the Litterbugs 
 E KRA  Krauss, Ruth and Mary Blair  I Can Fly 
 E KRA  Kraus, Robert  Spider's First Day at School 
 E KRO  Kroll, Steven and Marilyn Hafner  Candy Witch Halloween
 E KRO  Kroll, Steven and Jeni Bassett  It's Groundhog Day! 
 E KUN  Kunhardt, D./ Adeline Holl  Little Peewee / Sylvester 
 E KUN   Kunhardt, Dorothy and Kathy Wilburn Scarebunny 
 E LAM  Laminack, Lester  Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins Grandmothers - Fiction
 E LAR  Larris, Ann  People are Like Lollipops Prejudice
 E LAU   Lauber, Patricia and Paul Galdone Clarence and the Burglar  
 E LAW   Lawrence, Thomas and Richard Cuffari Robber Raccoon  Animal Stories - Fiction
 E LEN  Lenski, Lois and other Authors  Christmas Comes to Blueberry Corners Christmas
 E LEO   Leodhas, Sorche Nic and Nonny Hogrogian  Always Room for One More Sharing
 E LEW  Lewis, Kim Floss  Farms
 E LIE  Lies, Brian  Bats at the Library  Bats, Libraries, Books and Reading - Fiction
 E LIE  Lies, Brian Rough Patch  Pets, Death, Grief - Fiction
 E LIN  Linam, Gail and Ronald R. Hester  God's Spring Gifts 
 E LIN  Ling, Bettina Kites  Kites, Colors
 E LIN  Links, Marty  There's No Such Thing as Too Much Love Love
 E LIO  Lionni, Leo Swimmy  Fish-Fiction
 E LIP   Lipkind, William and Nicholas Mordvinoff Finders Keepers  
 E LIT   Littledale, Freya and Molly Delaney Farmer in the Soup  
 E LIT   Little, Lessie J., Eloise Greenfield, Carole Byard  I Can Do It By Myself 
 E LIV   Livingston, Myra Cohn and Irene Haas Come Away  Nature
 E LOB   Lobel, Gillian and Daniel Howarth For Everyone to Share  
 E LOB  Lobel, Arnold  Mouse Tales 
 E LOB  Lobel, Anita  Troll Music 
 E LOP  Lopshire, Robert  Put Me in the Zoo 
 E LOU   Loupy, Christophe and Eve Tharlet Hugs and Kisses  Farm Animals - Fiction
 E LOW  Lowell, Susan and Jim Harris  Tortoise and the Jackrabbit Folklore
 E LOW   Low, Alice and Karen Gunjdersheimer  Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches Halloween
 E LUC  Lucado, Max and Sergio Martinez  Best of All Wemmicks, Prejudices - Fiction
 E LUC  Lucado, Max and Sergio Martinez  If Only I Had a Green Nose Wemmicks, Peer Pressure - Fiction
 E LUC  Lucado, Max  Jacob's Gift Christmas
 E LUC  Lucado, Max and Sergio Martinez  Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift  Wemmicks, Competition, Gifts - Fiction
 E LUC  Lucado, Max and Sergio Martinez  You Are Mine Wemmicks, Self-acceptance - Fiction
 E LUC  Lucado, Max and Sergio Martinez  You Are Special Wemmicks, Self-esteem - Fiction
 E LYO  Lyons, Dana and David Danioth  Tree Trees - Fiction
 E MAC  MacDonald, Suse  Alphabatics Alphabets
 E MAC  Macaulay, David  Black and White 
 E MAC   MacDonald, Golden and Leonard Weisgard Little Island  
 E MAH  Mahood, Kenneth  Laughing Dragon 
 E MAI   Maillard, Kevin N. and Juana Martinez-Neal  Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story  Families, Native American Cullture
 E MAI  Maier, Paul L.  Very First Easter Easter
 E MAJ  Major, Beverly and Andrew Glass  Playing Sardines Neigborhood Games
 E MAR  Marzollo, Jean and Sophia Latto  City Sounds Life in the City, Grandfathers
 E MAR   Marshall, Edward and James Marshall Fox and His Friends  Foxes - Fiction, Humor
 E MAR  Marshall, James  George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends  Friendship
 E MAR   Markun, Patricia Maloney and Robert Casilla  Little Painter of Sabana Grande 
 E MAR  Margulies, Teddy Slater  Oscar's New Neighbor 
 E MAR  Marks, Alan Ragged Bear  
 E MAR  Marzollo, Jean and Laura Regan  Sun Song Farms
 E MAR  Mark, Jan and Rebecca Pannell  William's Version Grandmothers, Storytelling
 E MAT   Mattick, Lindsay and Sophie Blackall  Finding Winnie: True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear  Winnie the Pooh, Bears, WW I, Soldiers
 E MAT  Matthews, Derek  Pet Parade 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  I Just Forgot 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  Just Go to Bed 
 E MAY  Mayer, Gina and Mercer Mayer  Just Me and My Cousin 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  Just Me and My Dad 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  Merry Christmas Mom and Dad 
 E MAY  Mayer, Gina and Mercer Mayer  My Big Sister 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  There's a Nightmare in my Closet 
 E MAY  Mayer, Mercer  What a Good Kitty Cats - Fiction
 E MCA   McAllister, Angela and Michaela Bloomfield  When the Ark was Full 
 E MCB  McBratney, Sam and Jill Barton  Caterpillow Fight Bedtime - fiction
 E MCC  McCourt, Frank and Raul Colon  Angela and the Baby Jesus Christmas, Ireland - Fiction
 E MCC  McCloskey, Robert  Blueberries for Sal 
 E MCC   McClintock, Mike and Fritz Siebel Fly Went By 
 E MCC  McCloskey, Robert  Make Way for Ducklings 
 E MCC  McCully, Emily Arnold  Mirette on the High Wire 
 E MCC  McCloskey, Robert  One Morning in Maine 
 E MCC  McCloskey, Robert  Time of Wonder 
 E MCG  McGuire, Leslie and Jerry Joyner  Bialosky's Christmas Bears, Christmas - Fiction
 E MCG   McGinley, Phyllis and Helen Stone Horse Who Lived Upstairs  
 E MCK   McKissack, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack  Big Bug Book of Places to Go 
 E MCP  McPhail, David  Emma's Pet Pets - Fiction
 E MCQ   McQueary, Kathie and Cheryl Kirk Noll Snow Kept on Falling  Snow, Winter - Fiction
 E MED  Meddaugh, Susan  Martha Calling Dogs - Fiction
 E MEI  Meister, Cari and Rich Davis  When Tiny was Tiny Dogs, Fiction
 E MEL   Melmed, Laura Krauss and Ed Young First Song Ever Sung  Songs, Bedtime - Fiction
 E MEM  Memling, Carl and Lillian Hoban  Gift-Bear for the King 
 E MEM   Memling, Carl and John E. Johnson What's in the Dark?  
 E MER   Merrill, Jean and Fances Gruse Scott  How Many Kids are Hiding on My Block? 
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett All The Rabbit's Relations  
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett  Benjamin Badger's Night Shift 
 E MIL  Milhous, Katherine  Egg Tree Easter
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett Hunting with the Fox Cubs  
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett Panic in the Woodland  
 E MIL  Milne, A. A.  Piglet Meets a Huffalump 
 E MIL  Milne, A. A.  Pooh Goes Visiting 
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett Samantha's Hungry Day  
 E MIL   Miller, Muriel and Barbara Pickett Search for Otis Otter  
 E MIN   Minarik, Else Holmelund and Yossi Abolafia Am I Beautiful?  Hippo, Mother and Child - Fiction
 E MIN   Minarik, Else Holmelund and Maurice Sendak  No Fighting, No Biting! 
 E MOD  Modell, Frank  One Zillion Valentines Valentine's Day
 E MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  Dragon in a Wagon 
 E MON  Moncure, Jane Belk  Wish-for Dinosaur Libraries
 E MOO  Moore, Elaine  Grandma's Garden Gardening
 E MOR   Morris, Richard T. and LeUyen Pham Bear Came Along  Animals, Bears, Rivers - Fiction
 E MOR  Morris, Ann and Maureen Roffey  Night Counting Numbers
 E MOR  Mora, Oge  Thank You, Omu! Sharing, Neighbors, Food - Fiction
 E MOR  Morse, Charles and Ann  Whobody There? 
 E MOS  Most, Bernard  Cow That Went OINK 
 E MOS  Mosel, Arlene and Blair Lent  Funny Little Woman 
 E MOS  Moss, Jeffrey  Oscar's Book 
 E MOS  Moss, Peggy and Lea Lyon  Say Something Bullies - Fiction
 E MOS  Mosel, Arlene and Blair Lent  Tikki Tikki Tembo 
 E MUN  Munsch, Robert and Sheila McGraw  Love You Forever 
 E NEI   Neitzel, Shirley and Nancy Winslow Parker  I'm Not Feeling Well Today 
 E NEI   Neitzel, Shirley and Nancy Winslow Parker  Jacket I Wear in the Snow Winter
 E NES  Ness, Evaline  Sam, Bangs & Moonshine 
 E NEW  Newberry, Clare Turlay  April's Kittens Cats, Fiction
 E NOB  Nobel, Trinka Hakes  Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash 
 E NOD   Nodar, Santiago and Diane Paterson Abuelita's Paradise  Fiction - Puerto Rico, Grandmothers
 E NOE   Noel, N. A. and Amy Nolfo-Wheeler  All God's Creatures Go To Heaven Heaven
 E NOR   Nordlicht, Lillian and Allen Davis I Love To Laugh  Laughter, Self Control
 E NUM  Numeroff, Laura and Joe Mathieu  Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers Dogs-Fiction
 E NUM   Numeroff, Laura Joffe and Felicia Bond  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie 
 E NUM   Numeroff, Laura and Lynn Munsinger  What Grandpas do Best / What Grandmas Do Best Grandparents
 E NUM   Numeroff, Laura and Lynn Munsinger  What Mommies Do Best / What Daddies Do Best 
 E OAK  Oakley, Graham  Church Mice Adrift 
 E OCH   Ochs, Carol Partridge and Anastasia Mitchell  Moose on the Loose 
 E OCO  O'Connor, Jane  Nina, Nina Ballerina 
 E OMA   Omartian, Stormie and Shari Warren  Prayer that Makes God Smile Prayer, Thankfulness
 E OMA   Omartian, Stormie and Shari Warren  What Happens When I Talk to God? Prayer
 E ORA  Oram, Hiawyn and Daniel Baird  Just Like Us Prejudice
 E ORR  Orr, Katherine  My Grandpa and the Sea Wildlife Conservation - Fiction
 E PAI   Paikai,Tammy and Rosalie Prussing Aloha is... Hawaii
 E PAI  Paine, Carolyn and Jim Kersell  Whisker's Worst Day Ever 
 E PAL  Palatini, Margie and Barry Moser  Earthquack! Farm Animals - Fiction
 E PAR  Parish, Peggy  Amelia Bedelia and the Baby 
 E PAR  Parish, Peggy  Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping 
 E PAR  Parker, Wendy Mathis  Christmas Doll Christmas
 E PAR  Parish, Peggy  Good Work, Amelia Bedelia 
 E PAR  Parish, Peggy  Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia 
 E PAR  Paragon Publishing  Stories for 6 Year Olds 
 E PAR  Parish, Peggy  Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia 
 E PAR   Parish, Peggy and Leonard Kessler Too Many Rabbits 
 E PAR   Parmley, Mary Alice and Jackie Onstead  Traveler: Story of Trust, Faith and Hope Encircled by Love  Beagles, Christmas, Friendship - Fiction
 E PEA  Peacock, Carol Antoinette  Mommy Far, Mommy Near Adoption
 E PED  Pedersen, Laura and Penny Weber  Unplugged: Ella Gets Her Family Back  Families, Electronics - Fiction
 E PEN  Penn, Audrey  Kissing Hand 
 E PER  Perkins, Al  Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb 
 E PFI  Pfister, Marcus  Milo and the Mysterious Island 
 E PFI  Pfister, Marcus  Penguin Pete, Ahoy!  Penguins, Mice, Ships, Friendship - Fiction
 E PIN  Pinkwater, Daniel Manus  Big Orange Splot 
 E PIP  Piper, Watty  Little Engine That Could Storybook Treasury Trains - Fiction
 E POL  Polacco, Patricia  Just Plain Fancy Amish
 E POL  Politi, Leo  Song of the Swallows 
 E POR  Portlock, Rob  My Dad Ran Over a Frog Christmas
 E POT  Potter, Beatrix  Tale of Peter Rabbit 
 E PRE  Precious Moments  What a Wonderful World 
 E RAB  Rabe, Tish  My Name is Ernie 
 E RAE   Rae, Mary Maki and Olive Wadsworth Over in the Meadow  Animals
 E RAN   Randall, Ronne and Kristina Stephenson I'm a Big Brother!  Brothers, Families
 E RAN   Randall, Ronne and Kristina Stephenson I'm A Big Sister!  Sisters, Families
 E RAN  Randall, Ronne  Thank You, Pooh 
 E RAP  Rappaport, Doreen  Secret Seder Passover, Seder, WW II - Fiction
 E RAS  Raschka, Chris  Ball for Daisy Dogs, Balls - Fiction
 E RAT  Rathmann, Peggy  Officer Buckle and Gloria Safety
 E RAW   Rawlinson, Julia and Tiphanie Beeke  Fletcher and the Falling Leaves  Fall, Trees, Leaves, Foxes - Fiction
 E REC   Recorvits, Helen and Gabi Swiatkowska My Name is Yoon  Korea, Immigration - Fiction
 E REG  Regan, Dana  Monkey See, Monkey Do  Activitiesm Monkies - Fiction
 E REI   Reinach, Jacquelyn and Richard Hefter Goose Goofs Off  
 E REI   Reid, Barbara and Edith Newlin Chase New Baby Calf  Farms
 E REI  Reit, Seymour  Rebus Bears 
 E REI  Reitano, John and William Haines  What if the Zebras Lost Their Stripes? Prejudice-Fiction
 E REX  Rex, Michael  Santa's Busy Night Christmas
 E REY  Rey, Margret and H. A. Rey  Curious George Goes to the Beach 
 E REY  Rey, Margret and H. A. Rey  Pretzel 
 E ROB  Robinson, Tom D. and Glo Coalson  Eskimo Birthday 
 E ROC  Rockwell, Anne  Gollywhopper Egg 
 E ROE   Roe, Eileen and Helen Cogancherry All I Am 
 E ROG  Rogers, Gregory  Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard  Time Travel, William Shakespeare - Fiction
 E ROH  Rohmann, Eric  My Friend Rabbit 
 E ROH  Rohmann, Eric  Time Flies Dinosaurs
 E ROS  Ross, Dave and Laura Rader  Book of Hugs 
 E ROS  Rosenberg, Amye  Pinkie's First Spring Day 
 E RUS   Russell, Solveig Paulson and Don Pallarito 1,2,3, and More  Numbers
 E RUS  Russo, Marisabina  Trade-in Mother Mothers and Children-Fiction
 E RYA  Ryan, Beth and Renee Graef  Flowering Cross Easter Traditions
 E RYA  Ryan, Margaret and Andy Ellis  Little Penguin's Rainy Day 
 E RYA  Ryan, Pam Munoz and Dennis Nolan  There Was No Snow on Christmas Eve Christmas
 E RYD  Ryder, Joanne  Night Flight 
 E RYD  Ryder, Joanne and Lynne Cherry  Snail's Spell Snails - Fiction
 E RYL  Rylant, Cynthia  Dog Heaven 
 E RYL  Rylant, Cynthia  Relatives Came 
 E SAN  Santat, Dan  Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend  Friendship, Imaginary Playmates, Patience- Fiction
 E SAN  Sandberg, Carl and David Small  Huckabuck Family and How they raised popcorn in Nebraska...  Humorous Stories
 E SAW   Sawyer, Ruth and Robert McCloskey Journey Cake, Ho!  Folklore
 E SAY  Say, Allen  Grandfather's Journey 
 E SCA  Scarry, Richard  Things That Go 
 E SCH  Schmidt, Karen  Gingerbread Man 
 E SCH  Schachner, Judy  Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble Cats, Mummies - Fiction
 E SCH  Schlessinger, Laura  Why Do You Love Me? Love
 E SCO  Scotton, Rob  Russell the Sheep Sheep, Bedtime - Fiction
 E SEL   Selsam, Millicent and Ezra Jack Keats  How to be an Animal Detective 
 E SEN  Sendak, Maurice  Pierre, A Cautionary Tale 
 E SEN  Sendak, Maurice  Where the Wild Things Are 
 E SER   Serfozo, Mary and Keiko Narahashi Who Said Red?  Colors
 E SEU  Seuling, Barbara and Gail Roth  Boo the Ghost and the Robbers 
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  Butter Battle Book War, Fiction
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  Cat in the Hat Comes Back! 
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr. Foot Book  
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  Horton Hatches the Egg 
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  I Can Read with my Eyes Shut! 
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish 
 E SEU  Seuss, Dr.  Your Favorite Seuss 
 E SHA   Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman and Tony DeLuna  I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore Friendship - Fiction
 E SHE  Sheehan, Patty and Itoko Maeno  Kylie's Song 
 E SHI   Shields, Carol Diggery and Scott Nash  Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp 
 E SIL  Silverstein, Shel  Giving Tree Sharing
 E SIL  Silverstein, Shel  Missing Piece 
 E SIM  Simon, Norma and Dora Leder  I Know What I Like 
 E SMA   Smalley, Ruth Ann and Jennifer Emery Sheila Says We're Weird  Energy Conservation, Neighbors-Fiction
 E SMI  Smith, Lane  Glasses, who needs 'em? 
 E SMI  Smith, Lane It's a Book  Books, Reading
 E SNY  Snyder, Dianne  Boy of the Three-year Nap 
 E SOC   Sockbasin, Allen J. and Rebekah Raye Thanks to the Animals  Native Americans, Animals - Fiction
 E SON   Sonneborn, Ruth A. and Emily A. McCully  Friday Night is Papa Night 
 E SOT  Soto, Gary and Ed Martinez  Too Many Tamales Christmas
 E SPI   Spinelli, Eileen and Geraldo Valerio Do You Have a Hat?  Hats, Fiction
 E SPI  Spier, Peter  Gobble, Growl, Grunt 
 E SPO  Spohn, David  Starry Night Camping-Fiction
 E SPO  Spohn, Kate  Turtle and Snake Go Camping  Camping, Outdoor Activities - Fiction
 E SPR  Sproule, Gail and Sheena Lott  Singing in the Dark Bedtime - Fiction
 E STE  Steig, William  Amazing Bone 
 E STE  Steig, William  Amos & Boris Friendship
 E STE  Stein, David Ezra  Because Amelia Smiled Smiles, Friendship - Fiction
 E STE  Stewart, Sarah Library  Libraries
 E STE   Stecher, Miriam B. and Alice S. Kandell Max, The Music Maker  
 E STE  Stead, Phillip and Erin Stead  Sick Day for Amos McGee Animals - Fiction
 E STE  Steig, William  Sylvester and the Magic Pebble 
 E SUR   Surowiecki, Sandra Lucas and Patricia Lenthall Joshua's Day  Daycare
 E SWA   Swanson, Susan Marie and Beth Krommes House in the Night  Bedtime, Night, Houses
 E SZE  Szekeres, Cyndy  Little Puppy Cleans His Room 
 E TAB  Taback, Simms  Joseph Had a Little Overcoat 
 E TAF  Tafuri, Nancy  Have You Seen My Duckling? 
 E TAN   Tan, Sheri and Shirley Ng-Benitez Follow That Map!  Maps, Friends - Fiction, UMW
 E TAY  Taylor, Jeannie St. John  You Wouldn't Love Me if You Knew Forgiveness - Fiction
 E TEA  Teague, Mark  Secret Shortcut 
 E TER  Terry, Sonia and Nicole Wong  "L" is for Library Libraries
 E THA  Thaler, Mike and Jared Lee  Bully from the Black Lagoon 
 E THA  Thaler, Mike and Jared Lee  Cream of Creature from the School Cafeteria 
 E THA  Thaler, Mike  Librarian from the Black Lagoon Libraries
 E THA   Thayer, Jane and Seymour Fleishman Part-Time Dog 
 E THI   Thielking, William B. and Harriette Bateman  Quintillius, The Star that Shone Christmas
 E THO  Thompson, Jean and Bill Myers  I'm Going to Run Away Runaways - fiction
 E THO  Thomas, Pat and Lesley Harker  Stop Picking On Me Bullying
 E THU   Thurber, James and Louis Slobodkin Many Moons 
 E TIN   Tingle, Tim and Jeanne Rorex Bridges Crossing Bok Chitto  Native Americans, Slavery, Choctaw Indians
 E TRA  Trapani, Iza  I'm a Little Teapot Teapots - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E TRA  Trapani, Iza  Itsy Bitsy Spider Spiders - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E TRA  Trapani, Iza  Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?  Dogs - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E TRA  Trapani, Iza  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star  Stars - Fiction, Children's Songs
 E TRE   Tresselt, Alvin and roger Duvoisin Follow the Wind 
 E TRE   Tresselt, Alvin and Roger Duvoisin White Snow, Bright Snow  
 E TUR  Turkle, Brinton  Thy Friend, Obadiah Quakers
 E TUR   Turner, Matthew Paul and Gillian Gamble  When God Made the World Creation
 E UDR   Udry, Janice May and Maurice Sendak Let's Be Enemies  Friendships
 E UDR  Udry, Janice May  Tree Is Nice 
 E VAN  Van Allsburg, Chris  Jumanji 
 E VAN  Van Allsburg, Chris  Polar Express Christmas
 E VAN   Van den Abeele, Veronique and Claude K. Dubois  Still My Grandma Alzheimer's Disease, Grandmothers - Fiction
 E VAR  Varley, Susan  Badger's Parting Gifts Death and Dying
 E VIO  Viorst, Judith  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 
 E VIO  Viorst, Judith  Alexander, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move  Moving
 E VIO  Viorst, Judith  I'll Fix Anthony Sibling Rivalry
 E WAD   Waddell, Martin and David Parkins Webster J. Duck  Animals
 E WAH  Wahl, Jan  Rickety, Rackety Rooster 
 E WAL  Walburg, Lori  Legend of the Candy Cane Christmas, Candy - Fiction
 E WAL  Walburg, Lori  Legend of the Easter Egg Easter - Fiction
 E WAL  Walsh, Rita and Chris Demarest  Teacher's Pet 
 E WAR  Ward, Lynd Biggest Bear  
 E WAR  Ward, Cindy and Tomie DePaola  Cookie's Week Cats - Fiction
 E WAR   Ward, Heather Patricia and Sheila McGraw  I Promise I'll Find You Mother and Child - Fiction
 E WAR  Warnes, Tim and Jane Chapman  Mommy Mine Mother and Child, Animals - Fiction
 E WAT  Watson, Wendy  Jamie's Story 
 E WEE  Weeks, Sarah and Betsy Lewin  Two eggs, please. 
 E WEN  Wender, Leon  Little Brown Roadrunner 
 E WEZ   Wezeman, Phyllis Vos and Colleen A. Wiessner  Benjamin Brody's Backyard Bag Homeless persons-Fiction
 E WIC  Wickstrom, Sylvie  Mothers Can't Get Sick Mothers-Fiction
 E WIE   Wiersum, Gail and Alex Steele Morgan Christmas Favorites  Christmas Stories
 E WIE  Wiesner, David Flotsam  Fiction - Beaches, Cameras
 E WIE  Wiesner, David  Free Fall 
 E WIE  Wiesner, David  June 29,1999 Science Experiments - Fiction
 E WIE  Wiesner, David  Three Pigs Pigs - Fiction
 E WIE  Wiesner, David Tuesday  
 E WIL  Williams, Vera B.  "More More More", Said the Baby 
 E WIL  Wilson, Karma and Jane Chapman  Bear Stays Up for Christmas Christmas
 E WIL  Wildsmith, Brian  Brian Wildsmith's A B C's 
 E WIL  Wilde, Irma  Giraffe Who Went to School 
 E WIL  Wilde, Oscar and Ed Young  Happy Prince Folklore
 E WIL   Wilder, Alice and Michael T. Smith Magenta's Visit 
 E WIL  Willis, Jeanne and Susan Varley  Monster Bed 
 E WIL  Williamson, Stan  No-Bark Dog Dogs, Fiction
 E WIL  Wilde, Oscar and Lisbeth Zwerger  Selfish Giant Fables, Folklore
 E WIL  Williams, Margery  Velveteen Rabbit 
 E WIL  Williams, Rozanne Lanczak  Way Down South 
 E WIN   Winthrop, Elizabeth and Sarah Wilson Sledding Winter
 E WIS   Wise, William and Winifred Lubell Nanette, the Hungry Pelican  
 E WOL  Wolde, Gunilla  Betsy and the Doctor Healthcare
 E WOL   Wolf, Aline D. and Shamim Rajpar, Gerald Wolf  Book about Anna; for children and their parents 
 E WOO  Wood, Douglas and P. J. Lynch  Grandad's Prayers of the Earth  Prayer, Grandfathers, Death, Nature-Fiction
 E WOO  Wood, Don and Audrey Wood  Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear  Sharing
 E WOO   Wood, Nancy and Timothy Basil Ering  Mr. And Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen Creation - Fiction
 E WOO   Wood, Douglas and Cheng-Khee Chee Old Turtle  God and Nature
 E WOO  Wood, Douglas  Old Turtle and the Broken Truth 
 E WOO  Wood, Audrey  Scaredy Cats 
 E WOO  Wood, Douglas and Doug Cushman  What Dads Can't Do Fathers - Fiction
 E WOO  Wood, Douglas and Doug Cushman  What Moms Can't Do 
 E WRI   Wright, Betty Ren and Barbara Bejna,Shirlee Jensen  Day Our TV Broke Down Television - Fiction
 E WRI   Wright, Betty Ren and Krystyna Stasiak I Like Being Alone  Emotions, Privacy - Fiction
 E WRI   Wrigley, Florence and Marilyn Bollinger Quiet, Please  
 E WRI  Wright, Betty Ren and Tom Redman  Why Do I Daydream? Imagination, Planning - Fiction
 E WRI   Wright, Josephine and LiliN Obligado Wise Dog  Animals - Fiction
 E YAM  Yamashita, Susan  Menehune and the Nene Folklore - Hawaii
 E YOL  Yolen, Jane and John Schoenherr  Owl Moon 
 E YOR   Yorinks, Arthur and Richard Egielski Hey, Al 
 E YOU   Young, Miriam and Robert Quackenbush If I Rode an Elephant  
 E ZAY  Zayas, Didi and Deja Sessa  Nest for the Savior  Advent, Christmas,Birds,Nests, Holidays - Fiction
 E ZIE   Ziefert, Harriet and Rebecca Doughty 31 Uses for a Mom  Mothers
 E ZIO   Zion, Gene and Margaret Bloy Graham Harry the Dirty Dog  Dogs, Fiction
 E ZOB   Zobel-Nolan, Allia and Miki Sakamoto What I Like About Me!  
 E ZOE  Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner  Fossil Fever Dinosaurs, Fiction
 E ZOL   Zolotow, Charlotte and James Stevenson Say It!  Fall, Mothers and daughters - Fiction
 E ZOL   Zolotow, Charlotte and Ruth L. Bornstein Summer Is… 
 E ZOL  Zolotow, Charlotte  William's Doll 
 EB BEN  Bendon Publishing Int'l.  Jonah Jonah, Old Testament Bible Stories
 EB BRI  Briggs, Raymond  Snowman, Dressing Up 
 EB BUT  Butcher, Samuel J.  Love Is... Love
 EB CAL   Calmenson, Stephanie and Kathy Wilson Babies 
 EB CAR  Carter, David A.  Feely Bugs Textures
 EB CAR  Carle, Eric  Very Hungry Caterpillar 
 EB CLE  Clever Factory  Daniel in the Lion's Den Bible Stories, Daniel
 EB CLE  Clever Factory  David and Goliath Bible Stories, David
 EB CLE  Clever Factory  God Loves You! God, Love
 EB CLE  Clever Factory  Jonah and the Whale Bible Stories, Jonah
 EB CLE  Clever Factory  Noah's Ark Bible Stories, Noah
 EB CRO  Crossley, David  Jack and the Beanstalk 
 EB DAV   Davidson, Alice Joyce and Nancy Munger "J" is for Jesus  Christmas, Candy - Fiction
 EB DEP  DePaola, Tomie  My First Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, Holidays
 EB DEV  Deverall, Christine  Jonah 
 EB DIS  Disney Enterprises  Pooh, Guess Who! 
 EB DON   Doney, Meryl and William Geldart Very Worried Sparrow  
 EB EAS  Eastman, P. D.  Alphabet Book 
 EB EAS  Eastman, P. D.  Go, Dog, Go! Things that go
 EB IVA  Ivanovsky, Elisabeth  What Time Is It? 
 EB KEN  Kenney, Cindy  King George and His Duckies Selfishness
 EB LUC  Lucado, Max  Crippled Lamb Christmas
 EB LUC  Lucado, Max  Just In Case You Ever Wonder Christian Life, Fiction
 EB MAC  MacDonald, Mindy  Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did Apostles
 EB MCB  McBratney, Sam and Anita Jeram  Guess How Much I Love You Love
 EB MCP  McPartland, Suzy  Toy-Shop Surprise 
 EB MER  Merritt, Kate  Beach Baby Trip to the Beach, Indestructibles
 EB NOL   Nolan, Allia Zobel and Miki Sakamoto What I Do Best!  
 EB OXE  Oxenbury, Helen I Hear  
 EB PFI  Pfister, Marcus  Rainbow Fish Sharing
 EB PFI  Pfister, Marcus  Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Fish
 EB PIX  Pixton, Kaaren  Creep! Crawl! - Indestructible Animal picture book
 EB PIX  Pixton, Kaaren  Flutter! Fly! - Indestructible Animal picture book
 EB PIX  Pixton, Kaaren  Jungle Rumble - Indestructibles Jungle Animals, Picture Book
 EB PIX  Pixton, Kaaren  Mama and Baby - Indestructibles  Mothers and Babies, Picture Book
 EB PIX  Pixton, Kaaren  Plip, Plop, Pond - Indestructibles Pond Animals, Picture Book
 EB PLA  Playmore/Waldman  Playful Puppies 
 EB RAT  Rathmann, Peggy  10 Minutes till Bedtime 
 EB RYD  Ryder, Stephanie  Katy's and Sam's ABC Alphabet Book
 EB SAS  Sassi, Laura and Jane Chapman  Goodnight Manger Christmas, Nativity
 EB SEU  Seuss, Dr.  Shape of Me and Other Stuff Shapes
 EB SNO  Snow, Todd and Melodee Strong  You Are Beautiful Self-esteem
 EB SPI  Spier, Peter  Crash! Bang! Boom! 
 EB STE  Steinberg, David and Liz Conrad  Witches Ball Halloween
 EB TOM  Tomaselli, Doris  My Little People School Bus 
 EB WEI  Weigle, Oscar  Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
 EB WIL   Wilkinson, Bruce and Mack Thomas  Life God Rewards for Little Ones Serving Jesus
 EB YOL  Yolen, Jane and Sebastien Braun  Dimity Duck Ducks - Fiction
 EB ZIE  Ziefert, Harriet  Bear's Numbers Counting Book
 EB ZIE   Ziefert, Harriet and Simms Taback On Our Way to the Water  
 F ADI  Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi  Americahna Race Relations, Immigration - Fiction
 F ALB  Albom, Mitch  Five People You Meet in Heaven Fiction
 F ALC  Alcott, Louisa May  Quiet Little Woman, Three Christmas Stories Christmas
 F ALD  Aldrich, Bess Streeter  Journey Into Christmas 
 F ALL  Allende, Isabel  Daughter of Fortune Fiction
 F ANA  Anaya , Rodolfo  Alburquerque Albuquerque, Hispanic Americans - Fiction
 F AND  Andrews, Gini Esther  
 F ASK  Askew, Rilla  Kind of Kin Illegal Immigrants, Oklahoma - Fiction
 F BAC  Bach, Richard  Jonathan Livingston Seagull 
 F BAC  Bacher, June Masters  Love's Silent Song Fiction
 F BAD  Badr, Liyana  Balcony over the Fakihani 
 F BAE  Baer, Judy  Recipes and Wooden Spoons Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #3
 F BAE  Baer, Judy  Slices of Life Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #8
 F BAJ  Bajic Poderegin, Milka  Dawning 
 F BAL  Baldacci, David  Christmas Train Fiction
 F BAL   Ball, Karen, Barbara Jean Hicks and Diane Noble  Heart's Delight: Three Love Stories Fiction
 F BAU  Baumbich, Charlene Ann  Dearest Dorothy Fiction
 F BEN  Benitez, Sandra  Bitter Grounds El Salvador - Fiction
 F BER  Berger, Eileen M.  Coin Conspiracy Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F BER  Berger, Eileen M.  Deacon's Daughter Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F BER  Berg, Elizabeth  Handmaid and the Carpenter Christmas Stories - Fiction
 F BER  Berger, Eileen M.  Highly Suspicious Halo Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F BER  Berger, Eileen M.  Missing Hydrangeas Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F BER  Berger, Eileen  Samaritan Woman Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F BIS  Bishop, Jim  Day Christ Died Fiction
 F BOH  Bohjalian, Chris  Midwives Fiction
 F BRA  Brand, Irene  Come Gentle Spring 
 F BRE  Bremkamp, Gloria Howe  Martha and Mary of Bethany Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F BRE  Bremkamp, Gloria Howe  Mary of Jerualem 
 F BRE  Bremkamp, Gloria Howe  Merari 
 F BRE  Bremkamp, Gloria Howe  Rahab: Horn of the Ram 
 F BRE  Bremkamp, Gloria Howe  Woman Called Magdalene Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F BUL  Bullock, Lynn  Island Breeze Fiction
 F BUN  Bunyan, John  Pilgrim's Progress 
 F BUN  Bunn, T. Davis Quilt  Aging, Grandmothers, Quilting - Fiction
 F BUN  Bunn, T. Davis  Tidings of Comfort & Joy Fiction
 F BUN  Bunn, T. Davis Warning  
 F CAL  Caldwell, Taylor  Dear and Glorious Physician 
 F CAL  Caldwell, Taylor  Great Lion of God 
 F CAN  Cantleberry, Lillian  Jacob: God's Plain Man 
 F CAN  Cantleberry, Lillian  Sarah's Story 
 F CAR  Carlson, Melody  All in the Timing Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #12
 F CAR  Carlson, Melody  Back Home Again Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #1
 F CAR  Carroll, Lewis  Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll Fiction
 F CAR  Carlson, Melody  Hidden History Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #4
 F CAR  Carlson, L. Phillips  Little Christmases Christmas Stories
 F CAR  Carrol, Gladys Hasty  Man on the Mountain 
 F CAR  Card, Orson Scott  Rebekah Women of the Bible
 F CAR  Carlson, Melody  Winter Wonders Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #6
 F CAT  Cather, Willa  Death Comes for the Archbishop 
 F CAT  Cate, Margaret Randolph  Without a Sword 
 F CHE  Cheatham, Richard  Pilgrim Messiah: A Novel Drawn from the Gospel of Mark  Life of Jesus, UMW
 F CHI  Chinn, Laurene  Marcus: A Novel of the Youngest Apostle Mark
 F CHI  Chinn, Laurene  Soothsayer 
 F CHI  Chinn, Laurene  Unanointed 
 F CLA  Clarke, Breena  River, Cross My Heart 
 F COB  Coble, Colleen and others  Spring's Memory Fiction
 F COO  Cook, Jacquelyn  Image in the Looking Glass 
 F COO  Cooper, Jeanette  Woman To Woman, Conversations with Mary 
 F COR  Cornelius, Kay Oldham  Love's Gentle Journey 
 F COS  Costain, Thomas B.  Silver Chalice 
 F CRA  Craven, Margaret  I Heard the Owl Call My Name 
 F CRO  Cronin, A. J.  Keys of the Kingdom 
 F CRO  Cronin, A. J.  Pocketful of Rye 
 F DAN  Danticat, Edwidge  Breath, Eyes, Memory Fiction
 F DAR  Darty, Peggy  Kincaid of Cripple Creek 
 F DAV  Davis, Thomas J.  Christmas Quilt Christmas, Families, Fiction
 F DEN  Dengler, Sandy  Comatose Cat Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F DEN  Dengler, Sandy  Wicked Step-Twister Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F DIA  Diamant, Anita Red Tent  Fiction
 F DIC  Dickens, Charles  Christmas Carol Fiction
 F DIE  Dieh, Patricia  Women Who Knew Him: Stories of Jesus' Earthly Ministry to Women  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F DOR  Dorr, Roberta Kells  Bathsheba Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F DOR  Dorr, Roberta Kells  Queen of Sheba 
 F DOR  Dorr, Roberta Kells  Sarah Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F DOR  Dorr, Roberta Kells  Shulamit Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F DOR  Dorr, Roberta Kells  Solomon's Song 
 F DOU  Douglas, Lloyd C.  Big Fisherman 
 F DOU Checked Out Douglas, Lloyd C.  Home for Christmas Christmas - Fiction
 F DOU  Douglas, Lloyd C. Robe  Early Christian & Roman History - Fiction
 F DOU  Douglas, Lloyd C.  White Banners 
 F DOW   Dowd, Pamela; Wanda Luttrell, Christine Lynxwiler  Simply Christmas: Four Christmas Stories Christmas - Fiction
 F DUB  Dubus, Andre  House of Sand and Fog 
 F EDG  Edgerton, Clyde  Walking Across Egypt 
 F EGG  Eggleston, Edward  Hoosier School-Master 
 F ELL  Ellison, Suzanne Pierson  Sycamore Settlement 
 F ERI  Erickson, Lois N.  Zipporah/Hulda (Hulda ISBN 0-8280-0671-7 c1991)  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F EVA  Evans, Richard Paul  Christmas Box Christmas - Fiction
 F FLY  Flynn, Raymond and Robin Moore  Accidental Pope Fiction - Catholic Church
 F FOX  Fox, John Jr.  Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Fiction
 F FUR  Furlong, Nicola  Angel's Secret Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F FUR  Furlong, Nicola  Nervous Nephew Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F FUR  Furlong, Nicola  Unsuitable Suitor Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F GAI  Gaines, Ernest J.  Lesson Before Dying Fiction
 F GAL  Gallico, Paul  Miracle in the Wilderness 
 F GAR  Gardner, Wynelle  Church that Glowed: A Charismatic Parable 
 F GER  Gerson, Noel B. Anthem  
 F GIL  Gills, James P.  Tender Journey Fiction
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Joshua 
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Joshua and the Children: A Parable 
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Joshua in a Troubled World Fiction
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Joshua's Family Fiction
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Messenger: A Parable Fiction
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Parables of Joshua Fiction
 F GIR  Girzone, Joseph F.  Shepherd 
 F GLA  Glancy, Diane  Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears  Fiction, Native American History
 F GOD  Godwin, Gail Evensong  Fiction
 F GRI  Grisham, John  Skipping Christmas Fiction
 F GUL  Gulley, Philip  Signs and Wonders Fiction
 F GUN  Gunn, Robin Jones  Waterfalls Fiction
 F GUR  Gurney, Olive Naomi  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F GUT  Guterson, David  East of the Mountains 
 F HAL  Halaby, Laila  West of the Jordan Fiction
 F HAN  Hanson, Pam and Barbara Andrews  They Also Serve Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #35
 F HEN  Henderson Lois T.  Abigail Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HEN  Henderson, Lois T.  Hagar Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HEN  Henderson, Lois T.  Lydia Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HEN  Henderson, Lois T.  Miriam Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HEN  Henderson, Lois T.  Priscilla & Aquila Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HEN  Henderson, Lois T. Ruth  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F HIC  Hickman, Martha Whitmore  Fullness of Time: Short Stories of Women and Aging 
 F HIG  Higley, T. L.  City of the Dead Fiction - Egypt, Pyramids
 F HIG  Higley, T. L.  Guardian of the Flame Fiction - Ancient Alexandria
 F HIG  Higley, T. L. Petra  Fiction- Ancient Civilization
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  All Through the Night 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Amorelle 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  April Gold Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Ariel Custer 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Best Man 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Brentwood Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Bright Arrows 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Crimson Roses 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Daily Rate Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Girl of the Woods 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Girl to Come Home To 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Head of the House 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Homing Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Job's Niece 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Kerry 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Lo, Michael 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Marigold 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Matched Pearls Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Miss Lavinia's Call Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  More Than Conqueror 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Mystery Flowers Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Rainbow Cottage 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Ransom Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Re-Creations Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Rose Galbraith Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Spice Box Fiction
 F HIL  Hillman, Pam  Stealing Jake Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Stranger Within the Gates 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Voice in the Wilderness Fiction
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Where Two Ways Met 
 F HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  White Flower Fiction
 F HOL  Holmes, Marjorie  Messiah 
 F HOL  Holmes, Marjorie  Three from Galilee Fiction
 F HOM  Homer Odyssey of Homer  
 F HOS  Hosseini, Khaled  Kite Runner Afghanistan - Fiction
 F HOS  Hosseini, Khaled  Thousand Splendid Suns Afghanistan-Fiction
 F HOU  Housholder, Ladine B.  Bus to Corinth Fiction, UMW
 F HUN  Hunt, Diann  Prayers, Paws & Providence  Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #16
 F HUN  Hunt, Diann  We Have this Moment Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #11
 F IDI  Idilbi, Ulfat  Grandfather's Tale Fiction
 F IRE  Ireland, Joan Krosgstad  Mary, Mother of Jesus Women of the Bible, Fiction
 F JOH  Johnson, Dewey  Summer of Champions Fiction
 F JON  Jones, Madison  Cry of Absence 
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  At Home in Mitford Fiction, #1 in the Mitford Series
 F KAR  Karon, Jan Common Life  Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  In the Company of Others Clergy, Ireland - Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  In This Mountain Fiction, #7 in the Mitford Series
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  Light from Heaven Fiction, #9 in the Mitford Series
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  Light in the Window Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan New Song  Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  Out to Canaan Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  Shepherds Abiding Fiction
 F KAR  Karon, Jan  These High, Green Hills Fiction, #3 in the Mitford Series
 F KEL  Kelly, Rebecca  Going to the Chapel Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #2
 F KEL  Kelly, Rebecca  Life is a Three-Ring Circus  Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #18
 F KEL  Kelly, Rebecca  Midsummer Melody Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #9
 F KEL  Kelly, Rebecca  Portraits of the Past Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #5
 F KIN  Kingsolver, Barbara  Bean Trees Fiction
 F KIN   Kinkade, Thomas and Katherine Spencer Inn at Angel Island  Angel Island Series, #1
 F KIN  Kingsbury, Karen  Just Beyond the Clouds Down Syndrome - Fiction
 F KIN  Kingsolver, Barbara  Poisonwood Bible Missionaries, Africa - Fiction
 F KIR  Kirby, Susan  As the Lily Grows Fiction
 F KLI  Kline, Christina Baker  Orphan Train Women, Friends, Orphans - Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Blizzard  Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Circle of Fire  Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al  Dream Fulfilled Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Legacy  Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Not by Might  Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al  Promise for Breanna Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Quiet Thunder  Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al and JoAnna Lacy  Secrets of the Heart Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al  Silent Abduction Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al Snow Ghost  Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al  Tears of the Sun Journeys of the Stranger Series
 F LAC  Lacy, Al and JoAnna Lacy  Tender Flame Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al and JoAnna Lacy  Time To Love Fiction
 F LAC  Lacy, Al  Whither Thou Goest Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Apollyon Fiction, Left Behind Series
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Armageddon Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Assassins 
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Desecration Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Glorious Appearing Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Indwelling Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  John's Story Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Left Behind Fiction, Left Behind Series
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Mark 
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Nicolae Fiction, Left Behind Series
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Remnant Fiction
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Soul Harvest Fiction, Left Behind Series
 F LAH  LaHaye, Tim and Jerry B. Jenkins  Tribulation Force Fiction, Left Behind Series
 F LAN  Langer, Maryn  Divide the Joy 
 F LAN  Landorf, Joyce  He Began With Eve, Irregular People 
 F LAR  Larriva, Barbara  Poppy, Angel of Love Angels, Aging - Fiction
 F LAZ  LaZebnik, Ken  Touched by An Angel, A Christmas Miracle Christmas
 F LED  Ledford, Jan Roadarmel  Hannah Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F LEE  Lee, Harper  To Kill a Mockingbird Fiction
 F LEH  Lehman, Yvonne Gomer  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F LET  Letts, Billie  Where the Heart Is 
 F LEW  Lewis, Beverly  Confession Fiction
 F LEW  Lewis, Beverly Postcard  Fiction
 F LEW  Lewis, Beverly  Reckoning Fiction
 F LEW  Lewis, Beverly Shunning  Fiction
 F LIG  Ligget, Cathy  Beaded Hope Fiction-Missions-South Africa
 F LIN  Linddquist, Grace C.  Claudia of Pompeii 
 F LOT  Lott, Brett Jewel  Fiction
 F LOV  Love, Dorothy  Every Perfect Gift Fiction, Romance
 F LUC  Lucado, Max  Christmas Cross Christmas - Fiction
 F MAC  MacDonald, Shari  Forget-Me-Not Fiction
 F MAC  MacDonald, George  Laird's Inheritance Fiction
 F MAC  MacDonald, Shari  Stardust Fiction
 F MAG  Magill, Kathleen Megan  Fiction
 F MAI  Maier, Paul L.  Pontius Pilate 
 F MAR  Marshall, Catherine  Christy 
 F MAR  Marshall, Catherine  Julie 
 F MAR  Maraire, J. Nozipo  Zenzele: A Letter for my Daughter 
 F MAY  May, Antoinette  Pilate's Wife 
 F MIC  Michener James A.  Source 
 F MIL  Miller, Calvin  Valiant Papers 
 F MIL  Miller, Sue  While I Was Gone 
 F MIN  Minshull, Evelyn Dinah  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F MIN  Minshull, Evelyn Eve  
 F MIN  Minshull, Evelyn  Greedy Auctioneer Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F MIN  Minshull, Evelyn  Sinister Swaps Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F MIN  Minshull, Evelyn  Women of the Ark Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F MIS  Mistry, Rohinton  Fine Balance Fiction
 F MOR   Morris, Gilbert and Bobby Funderburk  All the Shining Young Men 
 F MOR   Morris, Gilbert and Bobby Funderburk  Call To Honor/Color of the Star WW II, Fiction
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Captive Bride Fiction
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Crossed Sabres 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Dixie Widow 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Final Adversary 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Gallant Outlaw 
 F MOR  Morgan, Robert  Gap Creek: The Story of A Marriage 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Gentle Rebel 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Holy Warrior 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Honorable Imposter 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Indentured Heart 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Iron Lady 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Jeweled Spur 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Last Confederate 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Reluctant Bridegroom 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Rough Rider 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Saintly Buccaneer 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Shadow Portrait Fiction
 F MOR   Morris, Gilbert and Bobby Funderburk Silence in Heaven  
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Silver Star 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Time to Be Born 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Union Belle 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Valiant Gunman 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Wounded Yankee 
 F MOR  Morris, Gilbert  Yukon Queen 
 F MUS  Mustafa, Gharbi M.  What Comes with the Dust  Iraq, War Crimes, Yazidi - Fiction, UMW
 F NIC  Nichols, Helen  Healing Love Fiction
 F OAT  Oates, Joyce Carol  We Were the Mulvaneys Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette and T. Davis Bunn  Another Homecoming Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Bluebird and the Sparrow 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Bride for Donnigan Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Calling of Emily Evans 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Gown of Spanish Lace 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Heart of the Wilderness 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Julia's Last Hope 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Love Comes Softly/Love's Enduring Promise Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Love Takes Wing/Love Finds a Home Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Love's Abiding Joy 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Love's Long Journey 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Love's Unending Legacy/Love's Unfolding Dream Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Matchmakers Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Measure of a Heart Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Nana's Gift 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Quiet Places, Warm Thoughts Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Roses for Mama 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Searching Heart Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Tender Years Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  They Called her Mrs. Doc 
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  When Breaks the Dawn/When Hope Springs New Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  When Calls the Heart/When Comes the Spring Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Winds of Autum Fiction
 F OKE  Oke, Janette  Woman Named Damaris 
 F ORC  Orcutt, Jane Pipe Organ  Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #15
 F ORC  Orcutt, Jane  Spring is in the Air Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #26
 F PAT  Paterson, Katherine  Angels & Other Strangers Christmas
 F PAT   Patterson, James and Peter de Jonge Miracle on the 17th Green  Fiction
 F PEA  Peart, Jane  Brides of Montclair Fiction
 F PEA  Peacock, Nancy  Home Across the Road Fiction
 F PEA  Peart, Jane  Mirror Bride (bound with) Hero's Bride Fiction
 F PER  Peretti, Frank and Ted Dekker  House Fiction
 F PER  Peretti, Frank E.  Prophet 
 F PHI   Phillips, Michael and Judith Pella  On the Trail of the Truth/Place in the Sun Fiction
 F PHI  Phillips, Margaret  Rebekah 
 F PHI   Phillips, Michael and Judith Pella Shadows Over Stonewycke  Fiction
 F PHI   Phillips, Michael and Judith Pella Stranger at Stonewycke  Fiction
 F PHI   Phillips, Michael and Judith Pella Treasure of Stonewycke  Fiction
 F POW  Powers, John R.  Last Catholic in America Catholic Schools, Mid-West - Fiction
 F QUI  Quindlen, Anna  Black and Blue Fiction - Domestic Violence
 F RAW  Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan  Sojourner 
 F REN  Rendon, Marcie R.  Girl Gone Missing  Human Trafficing, Native Americans Fiction,UMW
 F RIC  Rice, Anne  Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt  Jesus Christ - Childhood, Fiction
 F RIV  Rivers, Francine  Atonement Child Fiction
 F RIV  Rivers, Francine  Last Sin Eater Fiction
 F ROB  Robinson, Barbara  Best Christmas Pageant Ever Christmas, Fiction
 F ROD  Roddy, Lee  Giants on the Hill 
 F ROD  Rodgers, Anne Marie  Saints Among Us Fiction, Grace Chapel Inn Series #37
 F ROS  Ross, Bette M.  Song of Deborah Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F RUB  Rubio, Gwen Hyman  Icy Sparks Fiction
 F SHA   Shaffer, Mary Ann and Annie Barrows  Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society  Book Clubs, WW II, England - Fiction
 F SHI   Shin, Kyung-Sook and Chi-Young Kim Please Look After Mom  Korea, Families, Mothers - Fiction
 F SHO  Shott, James R. Leah  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F SLA  Slaughter, Frank G.  David, Warrior and King 
 F SMI Checked Out Smith, Monique Gray  Tilly and the Crazy Eights  Native People, Elders - Fiction, UMW
 F SMI  Smith, Monique Gray  Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience  Native Americans - Fiction
 F STA  Staley, Jeffrey L.  Gum Moon: A Novel of San Francisco Chinatown  Sex Workers, Child Abuse, Missions - Fiction, UMW
 F STE  Steinbeck, John Pearl  Fiction
 F STO  Strong, Phil Blizzard  
 F STO  Stockett, Kathryn Help  Civil Rights, African-American Women - Fiction
 F STO  Storm, Buck and Bill Perkins  List: Ancient riddle..answer blessing or curse?  Messiah Prophecy
 F STR  Strout, Elizabeth  Abide With Me Fiction - Grief
 F TED  Tedrow, Thomas L.  Children of Promise 
 F TED  Tedrow, Thomas L.  Good Neighbors 
 F TED  Tedrow, Thomas L.  Home to the Prairie 
 F TED  Tedrow, Thomas L.  Missouri Homestead 
 F TEN   Tenney, Tommy with Mark Andrew Olsen  Hadassah: One Night with the King Esther - Fiction
 F THO  Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall  Certain Poor Shepherds: A Christmas Tale Christmas
 F THO  Thoene, Brock and Bodie Thoene  Sequoia Scout 
 F THO  Thornton, Cam and Rod Zeeb  What Matters Fiction - Values
 F TIN  Tingle, Tom  House of Purple Cedar Oklahoma, Choctaw History, Fiction
 F TOE  Toer, Pramoedya Ananta  Child of All Nations 
 F TOL  Tolkien, J. R. R.  Fellowship of the Ring 
 F TOL  Tolkien, J. R. R.  Hobbit Fiction
 F TOL  Tolkien, J. R. R.  Return of the King 
 F TOL  Tolkien, J. R. R.  Two Towers 
 F TRA  Traylor, Ellen Gunderson  Song of Abraham Biblical Fiction
 F TRO  Trobaugh, Augusta  Praise, Jerusalem! 
 F TUR  Turner, Jamie Langston  Some Wildflower in My Heart Fiction
 F UPD  Updegraff, Roberta  Blue Plate Perils Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F UPD  Updegraff, Roberta  Puzzle in Patchwork Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F UPD  Updegraff, Roberta  Un-Nimble Thimble Church Choir Mysteries Series
 F UPT  Upton, Rosemary Joanna  Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F VAN  VanLiere, Donna  Christmas Blessing Fiction
 F VAN  VanLiere, Donna  Christmas Promise Christmas, Families - Fiction
 F VAN  VanLiere, Donna  Christmas Shoes 
 F VAN   Vander Laan, Ray and Judith Markham Echoes of His Presence  Fiction
 F VAN  vanDyke, Henry  Story of the Other Wise Man Christmas Stories
 F VIT  Vitti, James Alan  Little Piece of Paradise Fiction
 F WAL  Wallace, Lew Ben-Hur  
 F WAL  Wallace, Irving Word  
 F WAN  Wangerin Jr, Walter  Book of God: the Bible as a Novel  Bible History, Religious Fiction
 F WAR  Ward, Amanda Eyre  Same Sky: A Novel Immigrants - Fiction, UMW
 F WHA  Wharton, Carolyn Ann  Rising Thunder 
 F WHI  White, Bailey  Quite a Year for Plums Fiction
 F WHI  Witlow, Robert  Sacrifice Fiction
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  As Time Goes By 
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  Beyond the Picket Fence & Other Short Stories Fiction
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  Donovan's Daughter 
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  Every Little Thing About You Fiction
 F WIC  Wick, Lori Sean Donovan  
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  Whatever Tomorrow Brings Fiction
 F WIC  Wick, Lori  Whispers of Moonlight 
 F WIG  Wiggin, Eric  Hills of God Fiction
 F WIL  Wilson, Dorothy Clarke  Jezebel Women of the Bible - Fiction
 F WIL  Wilder, Effie Leland  Older but Wilder Fiction
 F WIL  Wilder, Effie Leland  One More Time Fiction
 F WIL  Wilder, Effie Leland  Out to Pasture Fiction
 F WIL  Williams, Ira  Piano Man's Christmas Christmas Stories
 F WIL  Williams, Ira  Pinatas, Posadas and Farolitos Christmas
 F WIL  Wilbee, Brenda  Sweetbriar 
 F WIL  Wilbee, Brenda  Sweetbriar Bride 
 F WIL  Wilbee, Brenda  Sweetbriar Spring 
 F WIS  Wise, Robert L. Dawning  
 F WIS  Wise, Robert L.  Secret Road Home WW II - Fiction
 F YAM  Yamamoto, Hisaye  Seventeen Syllables and Other Stories 
 F YAP  Yapp, Kathleen  Speak Softly, Love 
 F YOU  Young, William Paul  Crossroads Coma Patients - Fiction
 F YOU Checked Out Young, Wm. Paul  Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity Fiction
 F YOU  Young, Carrie  Wedding Dress 
 F YUN  Yun, Mia  House of the Winds Fiction
 JB ABR  Rives, Elsie  Abraham, Man of Faith Abraham
 JB ALC  Meigs, Cornelia  Invincible Louisa Louisa May Alcott
 JB AND   Ryan, Pam Munoz and Brian Selznick When Marion Sang  Marion Anderson
 JB ANG   Hegedus, Bethany and Tonya Engel  Rise!: From Caged Bird to Poet of the People  Maya Angelou, Poets, UMW
 JB BAN   McGill, Alice and Chris K. Soentpiet Molly Bannaky  Farm Life - Fiction
 JB BAS  Steptoe, Javaka  Radiant Child: Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat  Modern Artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat
 JB CHA  Aliki  Story of Johnny Appleseed Johnny Appleseed
 JB FOR  Yates, Elizabeth  Amos Fortune, Free Man Amos Fortune
 JB GAN  Bains, Rae  Gandhi, Peaceful Warrior Gandhi
 JB GID  Battle, Gerald N.  Gideon, The Boy Who Learned to Lead Gideon
 JB HAM   Hamilton, Bethany w/ Sheryl Berk & Rick Bundschuh  Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, Fighting to get Back  Surfing, Sharks, Christian Life
 JB JOH  Human, Johnnie  John the Baptist - Forerunner of Jesus John
 JB JOS  Summers, Jester  Joseph the Forgiver Joseph
 JB KEL  Davidson, Margaret  Helen Keller Helen Keller
 JB KEL  Keller, Helen  Story of My Life Helen Keller
 JB KIN   Rappaport, Doreen and Bryan Collier  Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.
 JB LIN   d'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire Abraham Lincoln  Abraham Lincoln
 JB LIN  Freedman, Russell  Lincoln: A Photobiography Abraham Lincoln
 JB LIN  Gross, Ruth Belov  True Stories About Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln
 JB LUK  Battle, Gerald N.  Luke, The Boy Who Wanted to Make People Well Luke
 JB MOO  Monsell, Helen A.  Her Own Way Lottie Moon
 JB MOR  DiCicco, Joan and Ebony Glenn  Unstoppable Garrett Morgan African American Inventors, UMW
 JB MOS  Young, William E.  Moses, God's Helper Moses
 JB NIG  Colver, Anne  Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale
 JB PAR  Meriwether, Louise  Don't Ride the Bus on Monday Rosa Parks
 JB PAU  Tucker, Iva Jewel  Paul the Missionary Paul
 JB POC  Bulla, Clyde Robert  Pocahontas and the Strangers Pocahontas
 JB PRE  Sullivan, George  Mr. President: A Book of U. S. Presidents  Biographies, Presidential
 JB PUR   Purviance, Edwin and Mable Purviance Just for Kids  Edwin Purviance, Mable Purviance
 JB SCH  Schraff, Anne E.  Christians Courageous Biographies - Collected
 JB SCH  Richards, Kenneth G.  People of Destiny - Albert Schweitzer Schweitzer, Albert
 JB SIT  Eisenberg, Lisa  Story of Sitting Bull Sitting Bull
 JB STE  Sterrett, Wilma  Cassie of Cozy Canyon Wilma Sterrett
 JB WES  McNeer, May and Lynd Ward  John Wesley John Wesley
 JB WES  Poulter, Robert  John Wesley Story John Wesley
 JB YUN  Yoo, Paula and Jamel Akib  Twenty-two Cents: Muhammad Yunus and the Village Bank  Micro-lending, Economics
 JF ADD  Addy, Sharon  We Didn't Mean To Vandalism
 JF ALC  Alcott, Louisa May  Little Men Fiction
 JF ALC  Alcott, Louisa May  Rose In Bloom Fiction
 JF ALE  Alexander, Kwame  Crossover Twin Brothers, Fathers & Sons,Basketball - Fiction
 JF ALE  Alexander, Lloyd  High King 
 JF ALE  Alexander, Lloyd  Town Cats and Other Tales 
 JF ALV  Alvarez, Julia  Before We Were Free Fiction
 JF ANA  Anaya, Rudolfo  My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande  New Mexican Folklore
 JF AND  Anderson, Joy  Pai-Pai Pig 
 JF ANG  Angleberger, Tom  Strange Case of Origami Yoda  Interpersonal Relations, Origami - Fiction
 JF APP   Applegate, Katherine and Patricia Castelao One and Only Ivan  Gorilla, Elephant, Animal Care, Friends - Fiction
 JF APP  Appel, David and Merle Hudson  Raphael, the Herald Angel 
 JF ARM  Armstrong, William H.  Sounder 
 JF ARM  Armer, Laura Adams  Waterless Mountain Arizona, Navajo
 JF AVI  Avi  Crispin: The Cross of Lead Fiction
 JF BAG  Bagnold, Enid  National Velvet 
 JF BAI  Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin  Miss Hickory 
 JF BAR  Barnhill, Kelly  Girl Who Drank the Moon Fantasy, Witches, Dragons
 JF BAU  Bauer, Marion Dane  On My Honor Fiction
 JF BAU  Baum, L. Frank  Wizard of Oz Fantasy
 JF BEC  Beck, Glenn  Christmas Sweater Christmas, Orphans, Grandparents - Fiction
 JF BEL  Bell, Martin  Night Places 
 JF BIR  Birney, Betty G.  Friendship According to Humphrey  Hamsters, Frogs, Friendship - Fiction
 JF BIR  Birdsall, Jeanne  Penderwicks Fiction
 JF BIS  Bishop, Claire Huchet  Twenty and Ten Fiction, WW II
 JF BLO  Blos, Joan W.  Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal 1830-1832 
 JF BLU  Blume, Judy  Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Fiction
 JF BLU  Blume, Judy  Freckle Juice Fiction
 JF BLU  Blume, Judy  Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great 
 JF BLU  Blume, Judy  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing  Brothers, Family Life, Humor - Fiction
 JF BRI  Brink, Carol Ryrie  Caddie Woodlawn 
 JF BUL   Bulla, Clyde Robert and Michael Syson Conquista! 
 JF BUN   Hunkin, Oliver and Alan Parry (John Bunyan)  Dangerous Journey, Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan
 JF BUN  Bunting, Eve and Judy Clifford  Empty Window Grief
 JF BUN  Bunyan, Paul  Pilgrim's Progress 
 JF BUR  Burnett, Frances Hodgson  Secret Garden Fiction
 JF BUS  Buss, Fran Leeper  Journey of the Sparrows El Salvador, Immigration
 JF BYA  Byars, Betsy  Burning Questions of Bingo Brown 
 JF BYA  Byars, Betsy  Good-bye, Chicken Little Fear, Fiction
 JF BYA  Byars, Betsy  Summer of the Swans 
 JF CAR  Carlson, Melody  Just Another Girl Sisters, Mental Disabilities - Fiction
 JF CAU  Caudill, Rebecca  Best-Loved Doll 
 JF CHA  Chase, Mary  Wicked, Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House 
 JF CHE  Chew, Ruth  Magic of the Black Mirror 
 JF CHR  Chrisman, Arthur Bowie  Shen of the Sea Fiction
 JF CHR  Christensen, James C.  Voyage of the Basset 
 JF CHU  Church, Peggy Pond  Shoes for the Santo Nino Folklore
 JF CIE  Ciencin, Scott  Dinotopia: Windchaser Dinosuars-Fiction, Fantasy
 JF CLA  Clark, Ann Nolan  Secret of the Andes 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Dear Mr. Henshaw 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Henry and Ribsy 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Henry and the Paper Route 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Henry Huggins 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Mouse and the Motorcycle 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Muggie Maggie 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Ralph S. Mouse 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Ramona and Her Mother 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Ramona Quimby, Age 8 
 JF CLE  Cleary, Beverly  Runaway Ralph 
 JF COA  Coatsworth, Elizabeth  Cat Who Went to Heaven 
 JF COA  Coatsworth, Elizabeth  Wanderers 
 JF COE  Coerr, Eleanor  Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Illness, Fiction
 JF COM  Compton, Sara  Stranded! Choose Your Own Adventure
 JF COO  Cooper, Susan  Grey King Fiction
 JF CRA  Craft, Jerry New Kid  Middle School - Fiction
 JF CRE  Creech, Sharon  Walk Two Moons Fiction
 JF CUR  Curtis, Christopher Paul  Bud, Not Buddy Fiction
 JF CUR  Curtis, Christopher Paul  Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 Fiction
 JF CUS  Cushman, Karen  Midwife's Apprentice 
 JF DAH  Dahl, Roald  James and the Giant Peach 
 JF DAH  Dahl, Roald Matilda  
 JF DAL  Dale, Jenny  Willow the Wild Pony Horses - Fiction
 JF DAN  Danziger, Paula  Cat Ate My Gymsuit 
 JF DAN  Danziger, Paula  Make Like a Tree and Leave 
 JF DAV  Davidson, Gladys  Sinbad's Seven Voyages Myths and Legends
 JF DAV  Davies, Tristan and Nick Newman  Wallace & Gromit: Crackers in Space 
 JF DEA  de Angeli, Marguerite  Door in the Wall 
 JF DEJ  DeJong, Meindert  Wheel on the School Fiction
 JF DET  de Trevino, Elizabeth Borton  I, Juan de Pareja Fiction
 JF DIC  DiCamillo, Kate  Because of Winn-Dixie Fiction
 JF DIC   DiCamillo, Kate and K. G. Campbell  Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventure  Squirrels, Superheros - Fiction
 JF DIC  DiCamillo, Kate  Magician's Elephant  Orphans, Elephants, Missing Persons - Fiction
 JF DIC   DiCamillo, Kate and Bagram Ibatoulline  Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane  Love, Listening, Adventure, Toy Rabbits - Fiction
 JF DIC  DiCamillo, Kate  Raymie Nightingale Friendship - Fiction
 JF DIC  DiCamillo, Kate  Tale of Despereaux Fiction
 JF DIC  DiCamillo, Kate  Tiger Rising Tigers, Friends - Fiction
 JF DOB  Dobkins, Lucy M.  Daddy, There's a Hippo in the Grapes Africa
 JF DUB  DuBois, William Pene  Twenty-One Balloons 
 JF DUF  Duffy, Betsy  Boy in the Doghouse 
 JF EDM  Edmonds, Walter D.  Matchlock Gun Fiction
 JF EDW  Edwards, Julie Andrews  Little Bo 
 JF ENR  Enright, Elizabeth  Thimble Summer Fiction
 JF EST  Estes, Eleanor  Ginger Pye Fiction
 JF FAR  Farmer, Nancy  Sea of Trolls 
 JF FIE  Field, Rachel  Hitty, Her First Hundred Years 
 JF FIN  Finger, Charles J.  Tales from Silver Lands Folklore
 JF FLE  Fleischman, Sid  By the Great Horn Spoon 1849 California Gold Rush - Fiction
 JF FLE  Fleischman, Sid  Whipping Boy 
 JF FOR  Forbes, Esther  Johnny Tremain 
 JF FOX  Fox, Paula  Slave Dancer 
 JF GAI  Gaiman, Neil  Graveyard Book Cemeteries, Dead, Supernatual - Fiction
 JF GAN  Gantos, Jack  Dead End in Norvelt Behavior, Old Age, Adolescence - Fiction
 JF GEO  George, Jean Craighead  Julie of the Wolves 
 JF GEO  George, Jean Craighead  My Side of the Mountain Fiction
 JF GEO  George, Jean Craighead  On the Far Side of the Mountain Fiction
 JF GIF  Giff, Patricia Reilly  Next Stop, New York City!: Polk Street Kids on Tour Fiction
 JF GIF  Giff, Patricia Reilly  Secret at the Polk Street School 
 JF GLE  Gleitzman, Morris  Toad Rage Toads, Australia, Courage - Fiction
 JF GOI  Going, K. L.  Garden of Eve 
 JF GRA  Gray, Elizabeth Janet  Adam of the Road 
 JF GRA  Grahame, Kenneth  Wind in the Willows Animals-Fiction
 JF GUR  Gurney, James  Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time  Dinosaurs - Fiction, Fantasy
 JF HAA  Haas, Dorothy  Bears Upstairs 
 JF HAI  Haidle, Helen  What Would Jesus Do? In His Steps Retold for Children 
 JF HAM  Hamilton, Virginia  M. C. Higgins, the Great 
 JF HAN  Hannigan, Katherine  Ida B. and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster 
 JF HAR  Harrell, Janice  Tiffany, the Disaster 
 JF HAS  Hasler, Eveline  Martin is Our Friend Handicaps - Mental
 JF HAW  Hawes, Charles Boardman  Dark Frigate 
 JF HAY  Haywood, Carolyn  For Sale: Razburyaide 
 JF HEN  Henry, Marguerite  King of the Wind 
 JF HEN  Henry, Marguerite  Misty of Chincoteague Fiction
 JF HER  Herman, Hank  In Your Face Fiction
 JF HER  Hernandez, David  Toby Digz: Land of the Pharaohs Fiction
 JF HER  Hernandez, David  Toby Digz: The Mighty Armor Fiction
 JF HES  Hesse, Karen  Out of the Dust Fiction
 JF HIC  Hicks, Clifford B.  Alvin Fernald, TV Anchorman 
 JF HOL  Holland, Isabelle  Journey for Three 
 JF HOR  Horvath, Peggy  Everything on a Waffle 
 JF HOW  Howard, Milly  Captive Treasure 
 JF HOW  Howard, Milly  Runaway Princess 
 JF HUL  Hull, Eleanor  Sling and the Swallow 
 JF HUN  Hunt, Irene  Up a Road Slowly 
 JF JAC  Jackson, Dave and Neta Jackson  Chimney Sweep's Ransom Fiction
 JF JAC  Jackson, Dave and Neta Jackson  Escape from the Slave Traders Fiction
 JF JAC  Jackson, Dave and Neta Jackson  Kidnapped by River Rats Fiction
 JF JAM  James, Will  Smokey the Cow Horse Fiction
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Bizarre Hockey Tournament (No 6 in Baker Street series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Disaster in the Yukon Fiction
 JF JEN   Jenkins, Jerry B. and Chris Fabry Haunted Waters  Fiction
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mysterious Football Team (No 3 in Baker Street series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Golden Palomino(#6 in Dallas O'Neil series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Missing Sister (#3 in Dallas O'Neil series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Phony Murder (#8 in Dallas O'Neil Series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Scorpion Threat (#4 in Dallas O'Neil series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Skinny Sophomore (#7 in Dallas O'Neil Series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery of the Strange Swimming Coach(#5 in Baker Street series)  
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Mystery on the Midway (#5 in Dallas O'Neil series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Scary Basketball Player (No 2 in Baker Street series) 
 JF JEN  Jenkins, Jerry B.  Weird Soccer Match (No 4 in Baker Street series) 
 JF JOH  Johnson, J. J.  This Girl is Different  Schools, Interpersonal Relationships-Fiction
 JF KAD  Kadohata, Cynthia  Kira-Kira Fiction
 JF KEI  Keith, Harold  Rifles for Watie 
 JF KEL  Kelly, Erin Entrada  Hello, Universe: Some Friendships are Meant to Be  Mid School, Bullies, Friendship - Fiction
 JF KEL  Kelly, Eric P.  Trumpeter of Krakow 
 JF KER  Kerbel, Deborah  Feathered Kidnapping, Friendship - Fiction, UMW
 JF KEY  Keyworth, Cynthia L.  Day It Rained Money 
 JF KEY  Key, Alexander  Forgotten Door Fiction
 JF KIN  Kinney, Jeff  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw  Middle School, Humor - Fiction
 JF KIP  Kipling, Rudyard  Jungle Book 
 JF KIP  Kipling, Rudyard  Just So Stories Fiction
 JF KLI  Klimowicz, Barbara  Great Green Apple War 
 JF KNI  Knight, Eric  Lassie Come Home 
 JF KOE  Koertge, Ron  Coaltown Jesus Novel in verse, Grief
 JF KON  Konigsburg, E. L.  From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler 
 JF KON  Konigsburg, E. L.  View from Saturday 
 JF KRI  Krishnaswami, Uma  Step up to the Plate, Maria Singh  Racism, Sexism, Farm Life, WW II-Fiction, UMW
 JF KRU Checked Out Krumgold, Joseph  and Now Miguel 
 JF KRU  Krumgold, Joseph  Onion John 
 JF LAN  Lane, Rose Wilder  Let the Hurricane Roar 
 JF LAR  Larson, Kirby  Hattie Big Sky 
 JF LAT  Latham, Jean Lee  Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Fiction
 JF LAW  Lawrence, Iain  Ghost Boy 
 JF LAW  Lawson, Robert  Rabbit Hill 
 JF LEG  LeGuin, Ursula K.  Catwings 
 JF LEI  Leibold, Jay  Fight for Freedom Apartheid, Choose Your Own Adventure
 JF LEN  Lenski, Lois  Strawberry Girl Fiction
 JF LEN  L'Engle, Madeleine  Troubling a Star Fiction
 JF LEN  L'Engle, Madeleine  Wrinkle in Time Fiction
 JF LEP  Leppard. Lois Gladys  Mandie and Her Missing Kin (No 25 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Abandoned Mine (No. 8 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Angel's Secret (No 22 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Charleston Phantom (No 7 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Cherokee Legend (No 2 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Dangerous Imposters (No 23 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Dark Alley Fiction
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Fiery Rescue (No 21 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Forbidden Attic (No 4 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Foreign Spies (No 15 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Ghost Bandits (No 3 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Hidden Treasure (No. 9 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Holiday Surprise (No 11 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Invisible Troublemaker (No 24 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Jumping Juniper (No 18 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Medicine Man (No 6 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Midnight Journey (No 13 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Mysterious Bells (No 10 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Mysterious Fisherman (No 19 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Schoolhouse's Secret (No 26 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Secret Tunnel (No 1 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery (No 14 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Silent Catacombs (No 16 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Singing Chalet (No. 17 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Trunk's Secret (No 5 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Washington Nightmare (No 12 in Series) 
 JF LEP  Leppard, Lois Gladys  Mandie and the Windmill's Message (No 20 in Series) 
 JF LEV  Levy, Elizabeth  Lizzie Lies a Lot Honesty
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Chronicles of Narnia (all 7 books in one volume) Fiction
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Horse and His Boy (No 5 in Chronicles of Narnia) 
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Last Battle (No 7 in Chronicles of Narnia) 
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Chronicles of Narnia Series
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Magician's Nephew Chronicles of Narnia Series
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Prince Caspian (No 2 in Chronicles of Narnia) 
 JF LEW  Lewis, C. S.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader (No 3 in Chronicles of Narnia) 
 JF LEW  Lewis, Elizabeth Foreman  Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze Fiction
 JF LIT  Little, Jean  Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird 
 JF LOF  Lofting, Hugh  Doctor Dolittle's Circus 
 JF LOF  Lofting, Hugh  Story of Doctor Dolittle 
 JF LOF  Lofting, Hugh  Voyages of Doctor Dolittle 
 JF LON  London, Jack  White Fang Fiction
 JF LOW  Lowry, Lois Giver  Fiction
 JF LOW  Lowry, Lois  Number the Stars 
 JF MAC  MacLachlan, Patricia  Sarah, Plain and Tall 
 JF MAN  Manka, Clara Fletcher  Little Red Valentine Valentines Day, Love
 JF MAR  Marcuse, Katherine  Devil's Workshop Fiction
 JF MAR  Marzollo, Jean  Green Ghost of Appleville 
 JF MAR  Martin, Ann M.  Karen's Pumpkin Patch 
 JF MAS  Massi, Jeri  Derwood Inc. Fiction
 JF MAS  Mass, Wendy  Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life 
 JF MCC  McCusker, Paul  Secret Cave of Robinwood Fiction
 JF MCK  McKinley, Robin  Hero and the Crown Fiction, Fantasy
 JF MCK  McKay, Sharon E.  Thunder Over Kandahar Afghan War - Fiction
 JF MCM   McMannis, Charlene Willing with Traci Sorell Indian No More  Umpqua Indians, Prejudice - Fiction, UMW
 JF MCS  McSwigan, Marie  Snow Treasure 
 JF MED  Medina, Meg  Merci Suarez Changes Gears  Mid-School, Families, Alzheimer's - Fiction
 JF MEY  Meyer, Carolyn  Where the Broken Heart Still Beats: Story of Cynthia Ann Parker  Cynthia Parker, Comanche Captives, Native American
 JF MOH  Mohr, Nicholasa Felita  Fiction
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne of Avonlea Anne of Green Gables series, No. 2
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne of Green Gables Anne of Green Gables series, No. 1
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne of Ingleside Anne of Green Gables series, No. 6
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne of the Island Anne of Green Gables series, No. 3
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne of Windy Poplars Anne of Green Gables series, No. 4
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Anne's House of Dreams Anne of Green Gables series, No. 5
 JF MON  Monsell, Mary Elise  Mysterious Cases of Mr. Pin 
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Rainbow Valley Anne of Green Gables series, No. 7
 JF MON  Montgomery, L. M.  Rilla of Ingleside Anne of Green Gables series, No. 8
 JF MOO  Mook, Jane Day  Secret of the Drumstick Tree 
 JF MUK  Mukerji, Dhan Gopal  Gay-Neck, the Story of a Pigeon Fiction
 JF MUR  Murdock, Catherine Gilbert  Book of Boy Middle Ages Mysteries,Miracles,Pilgrims - Fiction
 JF MYE  Myers, Bill  My Life as a Smashed Burrito Fiction
 JF NAY  Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds  Boys Start the War Fiction
 JF NAY  Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds  Shiloh Fiction
 JF NES  Ness, Evaline  Do You Have the Time, Lydia? 
 JF NES  Nesbit, E.  Railway Children 
 JF NEV  Neville, Emily  It's Like This, Cat 
 JF OBR  O'Brien, Robert C.  Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH 
 JF ODE  O'Dell, Scott  Island of the Blue Dolphins 
 JF OKE  Oke, Janette  Ducktails, A Cote of Many Colors, The Impatient Turtle 
 JF OTT  Ottenheimer Pub.  My Giant Story Book 
 JF PAL  Palacio, R. J. Wonder  Human Abnormalities, Self-importance-Fiction
 JF PAR  Park, Barbara  Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth Fiction
 JF PAR  Park, Linda Sue  Single Shard Fiction
 JF PAR  Park, Linda Sue  When My Name Was Keoko Korea - Fiction
 JF PAT  Paterson, Katherine  Bridge to Terabithia Fiction
 JF PAT  Patron, Susan  Higher Power of Lucky Abandoned Children, Runaways-Fiction
 JF PAT  Paterson, Katherine  Jacob Have I Loved 
 JF PAU  Paulsen, Gary  Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights Fiction
 JF PEC  Peck, Richard  Here Lies the Librarian 
 JF PEC  Peck, Richard  Long Way from Chicago Fiction
 JF PEC  Peck, Richard  Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts 
 JF PEC  Peck, Richard  Year Down Yonder Fiction
 JF PER  Perkins, Lynne Rae  Criss Cross 
 JF PFE  Pfeffer, Susan Beth  Kid Power 
 JF PHI  Phillips, Linda Vigen  Crazy Novel in Verse, Mental Illness, Families
 JF PRI  Priester, Gertrude  People Who Knew God 
 JF PUL  Pullman, Philip  Golden Compass 
 JF RAS  Raskin, Ellen  Westing Game Fiction
 JF RAW  Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan  Yearling 
 JF REG  Regan, Dian Curtis  Class with the Summer Birthdays 
 JF ROC  Rockwell, Thomas  How to Eat Fried Worms Fiction
 JF RYL  Rylant, Cynthia  Missing May 
 JF SAC  Sachar, Louis Holes  
 JF SAC  Sachar, Louis  Sideways Stories for Wayside School Fiction
 JF SAC  Sachar, Louis  There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom Fiction
 JF SAI   Saillens, Ruben, Leo Tolstoy/Mig Holder/Tony Morri  Papa Panov's Special Day Christmas
 JF SAU  Saunders, Susan  Daring Rescue of Marlon the Swimming Pig 
 JF SAU  Saunders, Susan  You are Invisible Choose Your Own Adventure
 JF SAV   Savitch, Harriet M and K Mich Syring, Charles Shaw  Pail of Nails Easter
 JF SAW  Sawyer, Ruth  Roller Skates 
 JF SCH  Scholastic Books  School's In Story Collection
 JF SCH   Schell, Mildred and Masahiro Kasuya Shoemaker's Dream  
 JF SEL  Selden, George  Chester Cricket's New Home Fiction
 JF SEL  Selznick, Brian  Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Story and Pictures  Fiction - Movies, Robots, Orphans, Paris
 JF SEW  Sewell, Anna  Black Beauty 
 JF SHA  Shannon, Monica Dobry  Bulgaria, Farm Life, Artists - Fiction
 JF SHO  Shore, June Lewis  What's the Matter with Wakefield? 
 JF SID  Sidney, Margaret  Five Little Peppers and How They Grew 
 JF SLA  Sladen, Kathleen  Are You in the Picture? 
 JF SLA  Slater, Jim Bignose  
 JF SMU  Smucker, Barbara C.  Susan 
 JF SOB  Sobol, Donald J.  Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor 
 JF SOB  Sobol, Donald J.  Encyclopedia Brown Saves the Day (No 7 in Series) 
 JF SOB  Sobol, Donald J.  Encyclopedia Brown Shows the Way (No 9 in Series) 
 JF SOB  Sobol, Donald J.  Encyclopedia Brown Solves them All 
 JF SOB  Sobol, Donald J.  Encyclopedia Brown, The Case of the Exploding Plumbing 
 JF SOL   Solnit, Rebecca and Arthur Rackham Cinderella Liberator  Feminism, Updated fairy tales, UMW
 JF SOR  Sorensen, Virginia  Miracles on Maple Hill 
 JF SPE  Speare, Elizabeth George  Bronze Bow Fiction
 JF SPE  Sperry, Armstrong  Call It Courage 
 JF SPE  Speare, Elizabeth George  Witch of Blackbird Pond 
 JF SPI  Spinelli, Jerry  Fourth Grade Rats 
 JF SPI  Spinelli, Jerry  Maniac Magee 
 JF STA  Stahl, Hilda  Sadie Rose and the Daring Escape 
 JF STE  Stead, Rebecca  When You Reach Me Junior Fiction, Space and Time
 JF STG  St. George, Judith  By George, Bloomers! 
 JF STO  Stolz, Mary  Cat in the Mirror 
 JF SWA  Swallow, Pamela Curtis  Wading Through Peanut Butter 
 JF TAL   Talkington, Bruce and John Kurtz  Winnie the Pooh's Stories for Christmas Christmas
 JF TAV  Taves, Isabella  Not Bad for a Girl 
 JF TAY  Taylor, Mildred D.  Land 
 JF TAY  Taylor, Mildred  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Fiction
 JF THO  Thomas, Jerry D.  Danger at Dinosaur Camp Fiction
 JF THO  Thomas, Jerry D.  Mystery at Thunder Mountain Fiction
 JF THO  Thomas, M. J.  Secret of the Hidden Scrolls 
 JF TIN  Tine, Robert Beethoven  
 JF TWA  Twain, Mark  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Fiction
 JF TWA  Twain, Mark  Adventures of Tom Sawyer Fiction
 JF VAN  Van Draanen, Wendelin  Flipped 
 JF VAN  Vanderpool, Clare  Moon Over Manifest Kansas, 1929, Fathers, Secrets - Fiction
 JF VAN  Van Camp, Richard and K. Mateus  Three Feathers: A graphic novel  Retstorative Justice, Native Americans - Fiction
 JF VOI  Voigt, Cynthia  Dicey's Song 
 JF WAL  Wallace, Lew  Ben Hur: A Modern Adaptation Fiction
 JF WAL  Wallace, Barbara Brooks  Contest Kid Strikes Again 
 JF WAL  Walton, Mrs. O. F.  Saved At Sea 
 JF WAR  Warner, Gertrude Chandler  Lighthouse Mystery (#8 of Boxcar Children Series) 
 JF WAR  Warner, Gertrude Chandler  Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo (#26 of Boxcar Children Series) 
 JF WEL  Wells, Rosemary  Fog Comes on Little Pig Feet 
 JF WES  West, Jerry  Happy Hollisters & the Mystery of the Little Mermaid 
 JF WHI  White, E. B.  Charlotte's Web Pigs, Spiders, Farms - Fiction
 JF WHI  White, E. B.  Trumpet of the Swan Fiction
 JF WIG  Wiggin, Kate Douglas  Bird's Christmas Carol Christmas
 JF WIG  Wiggin, Kate Douglas  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 
 JF WIL  Wiles, Deborah  Each Little Bird that Sings Death, Grief - Fiction
 JF WIL  Wilder, Laura Ingalls  Little House on the Prairie 
 JF WIL  Wilder, Laura Ingalls  On the Banks of Plum Creek 
 JF WIL  Williams, Laura E.  Slant Self-Acceptance, Adoption-Fiction
 JF WOJ   Wojciechowski, Susan and P. J. Lynch  Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey  Christmas, Woodcarvers, Friendship - Fiction
 JF WOJ  Wojciechowska, Maia  Shadow of a Bull 
 JF WYS  Wyss, Johann  Swiss Family Robinson 
 JF YEP  Yep, Laurence  Dragonwings 
 JF ZIN  Zindel, Paul Pigman  Fiction
 K220.5 BIB  Hostetler, Bob  Bible: 30 Day Experience DVD Study Holy Bible
 K221.6 OLD  Levine, Amy-Jill  Old Testament Old Testament
 K221.7 PRO  Vander Laan, Ray  Promised Land Bible Study, Faith Lessons Series, Vol 1
 K221.7 PRO  Vander Laan, Ray  Prophets and Kings of Israel  Bible Study, Faith Lessons Series, Vol 2
 K225.6 NEW  Ehrman, Bart D.  New Testament New Testament
 K226.8 KAL  Kalas, J. Ellsworth  Parables from the Backside Jesus Christ, Parables, Sermons
 K226.8 LEV Checked Out Levine, Amy-Jill  Short Stories by Jesus:Enigmatic Parables of Controversial Rabbi  Parables
 K227.7 EAR  Vander Laan, Ray  Early Church Bible Study, Faith Lessons Series, Vol 5
 K230 DUN  Dunnam, Maxie  This Is Christianity Doctrinal Theology
 K232 JES  Yancey, Philip  Jesus I Never Knew Jesus Christ
 K232.9 LIF  Vander Laan, Ray  Life and Ministry of the Messiah  Jesus Christ, Bible Study, Faith Lessons, Vol 3
 K234 JON   Jones, Susan P. and L. Gregory Jones Forgiveness: Letting Go  Forgiveness, Christian Character in Community
 K242.4 GRI  Church Initiative  Grief Share: Your Journey from Mourning to Joy  Greif, Consolation
 K248.4 ORT  Ortberg, John  If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat  Bible, Matthew, Interpretation and Criticism
 K248.845 BUR  Burns, Jim  Confident Parenting  Parenting, Child Rearing, Christian Living
 K263.915 ADV   McKinley, Rick and Chris Seay and Greg Holder  Advent Conspiracy: Can Christmas Change Still Change the World  Advent, Christmas
 K268.4 ABI  Abingdon Press  Bible Teacher Kit Christian Education
 K268.433 INS  Temple, Todd  Insider's View of Jesus Apostles
 K270 HIS   George, Timothy and Denise George History of Christianity  Christian Church, History
 K270 HIS  Johnson, Luke Timothy  History of Christianity: From Disciples to Dawn of Reformation  Christian History
 K362.82 LOV  Carlson, Randy  Love Your Marriage: Lessons on Intentional Marriage Marriage
 K370.15 TOB  Tobias, Cynthia Ulrich  Way They Learn Education
 K419 RIE  Riekehof, Lottie L.  Joy of Signing:Illustrated Guide for Mastering Sign Language  Sign Language
 K913 HAR  Harl, Kenneth W.  Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations Great Courses
 L155.4 LIN  Linn, Erin  150 Facts About Grieving Children Grief
 L155.67 WEB  Webb, Marie White  Power of the Dream: Looking Forward in the Later Years Aging
 L158.1 BEA  Beattie, Melody  Lessons of Love Grief
 L158.1 PEC  Peck, M. Scott  Further Along the Road Less Traveled Psychology
 L158.122 WIL  Williamson, Marianne  Gift of Change:Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life  Change, Spiritual Life, Life Change Events
 L171.8 MOR   Morsch, Gary and Dean Nelson Power of Serving Others  Helping, Charity, Volunteering
 L200.956 FEI  Feiler, Bruce  Where God was Born: A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion  Middle East, Travel
 L220.2 STR  Strong, James  New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible Concordance
 L220.5 CEV  American Bible Society  Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version  Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version
 L220.5 KJV  Thomas Nelson, Publishers  Holy Bible, King James Version Bibles
 L220.5 NIV  Guideposts, Inc.  Daily Bible, New International Version Holy Bible
 L220.5 NIV  International Bible Society  Holy Bible, New International Version Bible
 L220.5 NKJ  Thomas Nelson Publishers  Holy Bible, New King James Version Bible
 L220.5 NRS  Zondervan  New Revised Standard Version HOLY BIBLE Bible
 L223 KJV  American Bible Society  Psalms Psalms
 L223.206 KUS  Kushner, Harold S.  Lord is My Shepherd Bible-Old Testament, Psalm 23
 L225 GID  Gideons, International  New Testament, Psalms New Testament, Psalms
 L225.5 KJV  American Bible Society  New Testament and the Book of Psalms New Testament, Psalms
 L226.095 LUC  Lucado, Max  He Still Moves Stones Christian Living
 L226.9 LUC  Lucado, Max  Applause of Heaven Beatitudes
 L227.06 FUQ  Fuquay, Rob  Which Way, Lord?: Exploring Life's Purpose in Journeys of Paul  Paul, Epistles, UMW
 L231.4 TOZ  Tozer, Aiden Wilson  Knowledge of the Holy God
 L231.7 YAN  Yancey, Philip  Disappointment With God God, Faith
 L232 CAH  Cahill, Thomas  Desire of the Everlasting Hills Jesus Christ
 L232 YAN  Yancey, Philip  Jesus I Never Knew Jesus Christ
 L232.9 LUC  Lucado, Max  No Wonder They Call Him the Savior Jesus Christ
 L236 STI  Stickney, Doris  Water Bugs and Dragonflies Death
 L239.7 HAM  Hamilton, Adam  When Christians Get It Wrong Apologetics, Christian Life, UMW
 L241.4 MAC  MacComber, Debbie  One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity  Generosity, UMW
 L242 FRE  Freeman, Criswell  Wisdom of the Heart: Celebration of Timeless Lessons about Love  Love, Devotional Literature
 L242 GRA  Gray, Alice  Stories for the Heart Christian Life
 L242 GUL  Gulley, Philip  For Everything a Season Christian Life
 L242 GUL  Gulley, Philip  Front Porch Tales Devotions
 L242 HOR  Horlacher, Millie  Seasons of Salt: Meditations Devotional Literature
 L242 KEL  Keller, W. Phillip  Sea Edge Devotions
 L242 LES  LeSourd, Leonard E.  Best of Catherine Marshall  Christian Life, Devotional Literature
 L242 LUC  Lucado, Max  Gift for All People Devotional Literature
 L242 TER  Mother Teresa  Words to Love By Devotions
 L242.2 TEN  ten Boom, Corrie  This Day is the Lord's Devotional Literature
 L242.335 GRA  Gray, Alice  Christmas Stories for the Heart Devotions
 L242.4 HOU  Houghton, Rev Alanson B.  Be Not Afraid Death and Dying
 L242.4 LAM  Lamott, Anne  Help, Thanks, Wow:The Three Essential Prayers Prayer
 L242.65 BUC  Buchanan, Missy  Talking with God in Old Age Aging, Devotional Literature
 L242.85 MOR  Morgan, Richard Lyon  Fire in the Soul: A Prayer Book for the Later Years  Devotional Literature, Aging, Prayers
 L248 DUN  Dunnam, Maxie  Perceptions: Observations on Everyday Life, V 2  Christian Life
 L248 PAU  Paulus, Trina  Hope for the Flowers Christian Life
 L248.32 NOU  Nouwen, Henri J. M.  With Open Hands Prayer
 L248.4 LEA  Leadingham, Everett  Christians in Conflict Christian Living
 L248.4 LUC  Lucado, Max  When God Whispers Your Name Christian Life
 L248.4 MEY  Meyer, Joyce  Good Health, Good Life: 12 Keys to Enjoying Physical/Spiritual W  Health - Religious Aspects, UMW
 L248.4 MOH  Mohney, Nell W.  Just Choose Happiness: A Guide to Joyous Living Happiness
 L248.4 SMI  Smith, Poppy  Keep Growing: Turn the Ho-Hum Into a Life-Changing Spiritual Jou  Christian Life
 L248.4 STA  Stanley, Charles  Wonderful Spirit Filled Life Christian Life
 L248.4 SWI  Swindoll, Charles R.  Laugh Again Joy
 L248.8 JAK  Jakes, T. D.  God's Leading Lady: Out of the Shadows and into the Light  Christian Life
 L248.8 YAN  Yancey, Philip  Where is God When it Hurts Suffering
 L248.84 HON  Honor Books  God's Little Instruction Book for Couples  Marriage, Christian Living
 L248.85 BAN  Bankson, Marjory Zoet  Creative Aging: Rethink Retirement, Non-retirement in Changing  Retirement, Aging, Spirituality
 L248.85 THI  Thibault, Jane Marie  10 Gospel Promises for Later Life Aging, Christian Living
 L248.86 PRI  Price, Eugenia  Getting Through the Night Grief
 L248.86 STA  Stanley, Charles  Blessings of Brokenness: Why God Allows Us ... Hard Times  Suffering
 L261.7 WAL  Wallis, Jim  God's Politics Christianity and Politics
 L271 TER  Mother Teresa  Total Surrender Monastic Life
 L289.7 KIR  Kirkby, Mary-Ann  I Am Hutterite  Hutterite Brethern, Manitoba, Social Customs, UMW
 L289.7 WOO   Woodsmall, Cindy and Miriam Flaud Plain Wisdom  Amish Women, Religious Life, UMW
 L296.7 KUS  Kushner, Harold S.  Overcoming Life's Disappointments  Disappointments, Moses, Faith
 L296.7 KUS  Kushner, Harold  Who Needs God God
 L303.6 MOR  Morris, Wilda K. W.  Stop the Violence!: Educating Ourselves to Protect our Youth  Violence
 L305.23 BOD  Bode, Janet  Beating the Odds: Stories of Unexpected Achievers  Social Issues
 L305.895 BRA   Brauen, Yangzom and Katy Derbyshire  Across Many Mountains: Tibetan Family's Epic Journey  Tibet, China, Refugees
 L362.1 MCG  McGowin, Diana Friel  Living in the Labyrinth Alzheimer's Disease
 L362.76 PEL  Pelzer, David  Man Named Dave Child Abuse
 L363.738 HIL   Hillman, Mayer with Tina Fawcett, Sudhir C. Rajan  Suicidal Planet: How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe  Global Warming, Climate Change
 L371.823 MOR   Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin  Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace  Girl's Schools, Pakistan, Afghanistan
 L394 OLL  Olliver, Jane  Doubleday Christmas Treasury Christmas
 L396 MYE  Myers, Dee Dee  Why Women Should Rule the World Women, Politics
 L646.7 VEN  Veninga, Robert L.  Your Renaissance Years Aging
 L811 WEE  Weems, Ann  Kneeling in Jerusalem Poetry
 L811.54 RIC  Rice, Helen Steiner  To Mother with Love Poetry
 L813.4 LEN  L'Engle, Madeleine  Two Part Invention Marriage
 L814.54 FUL  Fulghum, Robert  It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It Essays, Life
 L814.54 KIN  Kingsolver, Barbara  Small Wonder Essays
 L817 LIM  Linamen, Karen Scale  Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy...and Sometimes I Let Him Sleep  Humor
 L818.5 WYS  Wyse, Lois  "Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother" Aging
 L915.1 DRY  Drysdale, Helena  Alone Through China and Tibet China, Tibet
 L929 HAL  Haley, Alex  Roots, Volume 1 History - US
 L929 HAL  Haley, Alex  Roots, Volume 2 History - US
 L929 HAL  Haley, Alex  Roots, Volume 3 History - US
 L940.54 ROD  Rodriguez, Helen  Helen of Burma WW II, Prisoners
 L956.04 CAR  Carter, Jimmy  Palestine - Peace Not Apartheid  Arab-Israeli Conflict, Foreign Relations
 L973 HAR  Hart, Elva Trevino  Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child Mexican Americans
 L976.4 HAL   Hall, Ron and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent  same kind of different as me  Homeless men, African-Americans, Race
 LB BRA  Braestrup, Kate  Here If You Need Me Widows, Search and Rescue, Kate Braestrup
 LB BRO  Thompson, Phyllis  Mister Leprosy Stanley Browne, Leprosy
 LB DAH  Dahl, Borghild  Finding My Way Borghild Dahl, Blindness
 LB DEL   Delany, Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany  Having Our Say:The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years  Sarah Delany, A. Elizabeth Delany
 LB MEA  Cassidy, Robert  Margaret Mead: A Voice for the Century Margaret Mead
 LB OUF   Oufkir, Malika and Michele Fitoussi  Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail  Political Prisoners
 LB RID  Sherr, Lynn  Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space  Sally Ride, NASA, Astronauts, UMW
 LB SIR  Sirleaf, Ellen Johnson  This Child Will Be Great Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
 LB STA  Le Breton, Binka  Greatest Gift: Courageous Life and Martyrdom of Sister Dorothy S  Sister Dorothy Stang, Brazil
 LF FLA  Flagg, Fannie  Redbird Christmas Fiction
 LF HEN  Henderson, Lois T.  Hagar Women of the Bible
 LF HIL  Hill, Grace Livingston  Rose Galbraith Fiction
 LF HOU  Housholder, Ladine  Well Women: Crossing the Boundaries Samaritan Woman - Fiction
 LF LAM  L'Amour, Louis  Frontier Stories: Collected Short Stories, Volume 1  Short Stories, Old West, Fiction
 LF MOR  Morris, Gilbert  River Queen Fiction, Christian Romance,Steamboats
 LF OKE   Oke, Janette and Laurel Oke Logan Dana's Valley  Fiction
 LF OKE  Oke, Janette  Too Long a Stranger Fiction
 LF ROB  Robinson, Marilynne  Gilead Fiction
 LF WIL  Wilder, Effie Leland  Out to Pasture, Over What Hill?, Older But Wilder Fiction
 P016.027 ROD  Rodda, Dorothy  Church & Synagogue Library Resources, 5th Edition  Bibliographies
 P016.2 CAM  Campbell, Carol  Classic Religious Books for Children Bibliographies
 P016.2 DEI  Deitrick, Bernard E.  Basic Book List for Church Libraries, 5th Edition  Bibliographies
 P016.2 DEI  Deitrick, Bernard E.  Basic Book List for Church Libraries, 6th Edition  Bibliographies
 P016.2 DOL  Dole, Patricia Pearl  Helping Children Through Books Bibliographies
 P020 SMI  Smith, Ruth S.  Cataloging Made Easy Library Science
 P020 SMI  Smith, Ruth S.  Getting the Books Off the Shelves Library Science
 P023.9 CSL   Church & Synagogue Library Association  Policy & Procedure Manual for Church & Synagogue Libraries  Library Science
 P025 RUO   Ruoss, G. Martin and Ruth Smith  Course Manual, Church & Synagogue Librarianship  Library Science
 P025.3 AKE  Akers, Susan Grey  Simple Library Cataloging Library Science
 P025.3 SMI  Smith, Ruth S.  Cataloging Made Easy: How to Organize Your Congregation's Librar  Library Science
 P025.4 DEW  Dewey, Melville  Classification System for Church Libraries Library Science
 P025.4 KER  Kersten, Dorothy Barbara  Classifying Church or Synagogue Library Materials  Library Science
 P025.4 KER  Kersten, Dorothy B.  Subject Headings for Church or Synagogue Libraries  Library Science
 P025.4 MOO  Mooney, Martha T.  Sears List of Subject Headings, 14th Edition Library Science
 P025.5 PRI  Pritchett, Jennifer  Providing Reference Service in Church and Synagogue Libraries  Library Science
 P027.6 GAT  Gateley, Stephen  Using Sears Subject Headings Library Science
 P027.67 CSL   Church & Synagogue Library Association  Standards for Church and Synagoge Libraries Library Science
 P027.67 DOT  Dotts, Maryann J.  Church Resource Library: How to Start it and Make it Grow  Library Science
 P027.67 DOT  Dotts, Maryann J.  You Can Have A Church Library Library Science
 P027.67 LIN  Ling, Evelyn R.  Archives in the Church or Synagogue Library Library Science
 P027.67 PAR  Paris, Janelle A.  Planning Bulletin Boards for Church And Synagogue Libraries  Library Science
 P658.91 SMI  Smith, Ruth S.  Setting Up a Library: How to Begin or Begin Again  Library Science
 P659.29 HAN  Hannaford, Claudia  Promotion Planning All Year 'Round Library Science
 P659.29 WAR  Ward, Lois H.  Developing an Effective Library: Ways to Promote Congregational  Library Science
 S225 ABS  American Bible Society  Dios Llega Al Hombre/Good News New Testament  Bible - New Testament, Spanish-English
 S463 GED  Geddes & Grosset  Webster's Compact Spanish-English Dictionary  Spanish-English Dictionary
 SC232.9 AUG   Augustine, Peg and Jim Padgett, Pablo Garzon  Promise of Christmas/ La promesa de la Navidad  Christmas, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC232.9 AUG   Augustine, Peg and Emmanuel Vargas  Wonder of Christmas/La Maravilla de la Navidad  Christmas. Bilingual book-English/Spanish
 SC394.2 DAV  Davis, Inez Torres  Modestita's Gift/El Regalo de Modestita  Christmas, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC394.26 ANC  Ancona, George  Mis fiestas/My Celebrations  Holidays, Latin America, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC394.26 AUG   Augustine, Peg and Heyda Negron Perez  Starlit Night/ La Noche Estrellada  Christmas, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC398.2 AAR   Aardema, Verna and Petra Mather  Borreguita y el Coyote/ Little Lamb and the Coyote  Mexican Folk Tale, Spanish
 SC398.2 ROH   Rohmer, Harriet and Mira Reisberg  Uncle Nacho's Hat/El sombrero del tio Nacho  Folklore, Nicaragua, Bilingual-English/Spanish
 SC463 EMB  Emberley, Rebecca  My Big Book of Spanish Words  Dictionaries, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC577.54 DON   Donald, Rhonda Lucas and Sherry Neidigh  Deep in the Desert/En Lo Profundo del Desierto  Desert Animals, Ecology, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC745.59 ANC  Ancona, George  Pinata Maker / El Pinatero  Mexico, Pinatas, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC811.54 ALA   Alarcon, Francisco S. and Paula Barragan  Poems To Dream Together/Poemas para Sonar Juntos  Poetry, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SC811.54 MOR   Mora, Pat and Franscisco X. Mora  Listen to the Desert/Oye al desierto  Deserts, Poetry, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE ADA   Ada, Alma Flor and G. Brian Karas  Daniel's Pet/Daniel y su mascota  Chickens, Pets - Fiction Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE ANA  Anaya, Rudolfo  Santero's Miracle  Miracles - Fiction, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE BER   Bertrand, Diane Gonzales and Lisa Fields  Sofia & the Purple Dress/Sofia y el vestido morado  Food Habits-Fiction, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE BRI  Bridwell, Norman  Clifford, la Colleccion/ Clifford Collection  Dogs - Fiction. Spanish
 SE BUZ   Buzzeo, Toni and Sachiko Yoshikawa  No T Rex in the Library/Ningun Tiranosaurio Rex en la biblioteca  Libraries, Behavior-Fic, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE CRU   Crummel, Susan Stevens and Janet Stevens  Tumbleweed Stew/Sopa de matojos  Rabbits, Tricks, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE DEG  Degman. Lori and Colin Jack  1 Zany Zoo/1 Zoo Loco  Counting, Zoos-Fiction, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE HUT  Hutchins, Pat  Rosie's Walk/El Paseo de Rosie Bi-lingual: English/Spanish
 SE MAR   Marshall, Linda Elovitz and Elisa Chavarri  Rainbow Weaver/Dejaedora Del Arcoiris  Guatamala, Weavers, Recycling-Ficition, UMW
 SE MCP   McPhail, David and A. F. Ada, F. I. Campoy  Big Brown Bear/El gran oso pardo  Bears - Fiction Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE MCP   McPhail, David and A. F. Ada, F. I. Campoy  Big Pig and Little Pig/Cerdo y Cerdito  Pigs, Friends-Fiction Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE MOR  Moran, Alex and Daniel Moreton  What Day is It?/Que dia es hoy?  Birthdays, Ants-Fiction, Bilingual English/Spanish
 SE ROB  Robbins, Jacqui and Matt Phelan  New Girl.../La nina nuevo Friendship - Fiction
 SE THO   Thompson, Lauren and Derek Anderson  Little Quack's Bedtime/Buenas noches Cuaquito Ducks - Fiction
 SE WIL   Willems, Mo. Translated by F. Isabel Campoy  Hoy volare!/ Today I will Fly!  Pigs, Elephants, Friendship - Fiction, Spanish
 SE WIL   Wilhelm, Hans. Translated by Susana Pasternac  No Me Gusta Mi Mono!/ I Hate My Bow! Dogs - Fiction, Spanish
 SJF GAR  Garcia, Nasario  Rattling Chains and Other Stories for Children  NM Folklore, Scary Stories
 V EAS   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Productions  Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol 
 V HOW  Trinity Television  How to get Blessed without Sneezing Beatitudes
 V JON   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Productions  Jonah: a Veggie Tales Movie 
 V LAR   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Productions  Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space! Veggie Tales
 V TOY   Veggie Tales, Big Idea Productions  Veggie Tales: Toy that Saved Christmas Christmas
 V220.9 CRE   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Creation: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures Creation
 V220.9 DAN   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Daniel & the Lion's Den: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Daniel
 V220.9 DAV  Kids International  David, God's Champion David
 V220.9 JOS   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Joseph & His Brothers: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Joseph
 V220.9 JOS   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Joshua & Battle of Jericho: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Joshua
 V220.9 SAM   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Samson and Delilah: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Samson and Delilah
 V221.9 OLD  Willow Creek Association  Old Testament Rewind Old Testament Bible Stories
 V221.9 STO  Reader's Digest  Stories from the Old Testament Old Testament Bible Stories
 V221.95 DAV  Vanguard Video  Story of David Old Testament Bible Stories, David
 V222 ORI  Kingdom Chums Co, Inc  Original Top Ten (Commandments) Ten Commandments
 V222 TEN  Demille, Cecil B.  Ten Commandments (2 volume set) Ten Commandments
 V222.4 SAM   Family Entertainment Network Samuel the Boy Prophet  Bible Stories - Old Testament, Samuel
 V226.9 FOR  Nest Entertainment  Forgive us Our Debts Parables
 V226.9 GOO  Nest Entertainment  Good Samaritan Parables
 V226.9 JOH  Nest Entertainment  John the Baptist  New Testament Bible Stories, John the Baptist
 V226.9 KIN  Nest Entertainment  Kingdom of Heaven Parables
 V226.9 LOR  Nest Entertainment  Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer
 V226.9 MIN  Nest Entertainment  Ministry of Paul Paul
 V226.9 MIR  Nest Entertainment  Miracles of Jesus Jesus Christ
 V226.9 PRO   Family Entertainment Network Prodigal Son Parables
 V226.9 RIG  Nest Entertainment  Righteous Judge Parables
 V226.9 SAU  Nest Family Entertainment  Saul of Tarsus Paul
 V226.9 STO  Reader's Digest  Stories from the New Testament New Testament Bible Stories
 V226.9 TRE  Nest Entertainment  Treasures in Heaven Parables
 V232 GRE  Greatest Story Ever Told  Greatest Story Ever Told Jesus Christ
 V232 HE  Family Entertainment Network  He Is Risen Easter
 V232 JES  Genesis Project  Jesus Jesus Christ
 V232 JES   Webber, Andrew Lloyd and Tim Rice Jesus Christ, Superstar  Jesus Christ
 V232 MIR   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Miracles of Jesus: Hanna-Barbera's Greatest Adventures  Jesus Christ
 V232 NAT   Hanna, William and Joseph Barbera  Nativity: Hanna-Barbara's Greatest Adventures Christmas
 V232 PAS  Icon Productions  Passion of the Christ Jesus Christ
 V232.9 CHR  Family Home Entertainment  Christmas Story Keepers Christmas
 V232.9 JES  Nest Entertainment, Inc  Jesus, the Son of God Jesus Christ
 V232.9 KIN   Family Entertainment Network King is Born Christmas
 V232.9 STO  none  Story Behind the Cross Jesus Christ, Holy Week
 V232.9 STO  Jesus Film Project  Story of Jesus for Children Jesus Christ
 V287 CLA  United Methodist Church  Clayride: A Gallop Through Methodism Methodist History
 V305.5 SEC  Family Films  Secret of the Second Basement: Nanny & Isaiah  Homelessness & Child Abuse
 V363.8 PRO   Heifer Project International Promise  Missions-Heifer Project
 V370.15 WAY  Tobias, Cynthia Ulrich  Way They Learn Education
 V394 CHR  Family Films  Christmas Is Christmas
 V394 EAS  Family Films  Easter Is Easter
 V394 EAS  Family Films  Easter Today, Easter Forever: Nanny & Isaiah Easter
 V419 JOY  Riekehof, Lottie L.  Joy of Signing: Basic Signs Sign Language
 V783 FRU  Gospel Light  Fruits of the Spirit Music Video Music Video
 V817 DO  Warnke, Mike  Do You Hear Me? Humor