Prayer Quilt Ministry

Asbury’s Prayer Quilt Ministry began in 2003 when Sheri Crabtee’s husband, Rick, was diagnosed with cancer. Their home church, Maumee United Methodist in Maumee, OH, requested a prayer quilt be sent to them. It meant so much, Sheri started the prayer quilt ministry at Asbury in hopes of reaching out to those in need at our church.

Here’s the idea! A prayer quilt is constructed and commissioned for an individual by a member of the congregation. Then the quilt is displayed on the kneeling rails for the traditional service, or in the Acts 2 contemporary service for the congregation to pray for the individual, then untie a bow and tie a knot. Each knot in the quilt represents a prayer said for that individual or family. The quilt is then given to the individual to be with them during treatments or difficult times, reminding them that many prayers are being said on their behalf.

Yours in Christ, Vicki Kerley

How To Request A Prayer Quilt

Church members may request a quilt for friends or family. To request a prayer quilt contact the church office. (505-299-0643) or email to  the office at  The church office is open Monday Thursday 9:00 am 4:30 pm.

The requester is responsible for delivery to the recipient. We do not deliver quilts.

Prayer Quilt Meetings

The prayer quilt ministry meets Tuesday mornings 9:30 am and the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Hospitality room for fellowship and group quilting activities. Check the Church Calendar for notes.

Making Prayer Quilts

Each quilt takes about 15 hours to assemble, and involves several steps.

  • Collecting the fabric
  • Cutting the fabric and sorting it into like colors
  • Choosing five colors to put together for the top and a coordinated piece for the back
  • Assembling cut fabric pieces into a kit
  • Sewing the pieces of the top together
  • Washing and ironing pieced tops
  • Sewing together the top, batting and back
  • Tying bows
  • Labeling finished quilts


For the basic pattern (shown below) you need 5 coordinating fabrics. Cut 18 each 4-1/2 inch squares of each material. You will need 90 squares in all. Place the squares in the pattern below. (Tip: it is easier to sew each strip and then sew the strips together.) Then make a quilt sandwich using the completed top, a light weight batting in the middle, and a coordinating piece of yarn. Tie the quilt in the corner of each square with the yarn, making a bow. The bow will be untied, prayed upon, and tied back as a knot. Each knot representing a prayer said for the recipient.

Alternately, you might consider one of the other patterns below that use a different number of squares of each color.

For more information on the Prayer Quilt Ministry, please contact: Vicki Kerley.

Breaking Bread

First Sunday of each month we have partnered with University Heights UMC to share in a potluck style meal with our hungry neighbors.

This is more than a free meal. This is sharing a meal and conversations that may change lives!

Join us with side dishes, desserts, and other goodies at University Heights UMC every first Sunday of the month.   2210 Silver Ave SE ABQ, NM 87106

Asbury Cafe

The Asbury Cafe began in the Goat Barn on the Fairgrounds in 1960 as an outreach of Asbury United Methodist Church. The founding church had only a few facilities, and its location at the eastern edge of Albuquerque, 10,000 Candelaria NE, was barren. The cafe began as an idea to benefit Asbury United Methodist Church’s building fund. The specialty of homemade pie was the first menu item, and the church facilities took shape as the cafe prospered. In 1971 the decision was made to donate 100% of all profit to local charities.

SHINE Partnership – Matheson

A Shine Partnership is a long-term, committed relationship between a church and a school with the goal of meeting needs in three areas:

  • Student Enrichment
  • Family Development
  • Teacher Support

A Shine partner comes to the school with one question: “How can we help?” Although church partners come from a faith-based background, Shine is not a proselytizing program. Shine partners are trained and motivated to serve with no hidden agenda.

At Shine, because we care about long-term community flourishing, a big part of our work is to maintain an ongoing partnership with the school district. This includes:

  • Collaboration in Needs Assessment
  • A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • District-Approved Volunteer Training

We are always working to ensure that our church-school partnerships are mutually beneficial. Every church partner and volunteer is trained, background-checked, and approved by APS guidelines. We work hard to make accessible what really matters: community impact & development. 

Operation Christmas Child

National Collection Week November 18–25

Praise God for More Than 10.6 Million Shoeboxes in 2018!

“Millions of children are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ through Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey. These young disciples are sharing their faith, and the Gospel is transforming families and communities around the world.”

—Franklin Graham
President, Samaritan’s Purse

We have been a drop off center here at Asbury for 10+ years.