ACTS 2 – Contemporary

ACTS 2 is the name for Asbury´s Contemporary Worship Service, meeting Sunday morning at 11:00 am in the West Sanctuary. Services feature live contemporary Christian music, weekly communion, biblical preaching, fun, and fellowship.

Mission: The Acts 2 mission is For all to passionately embrace the living God through worship and small groups. The name Acts 2 comes from the book of Acts, and describes the worship experience from the early church in chapter 2, verse 42: They devoted themselves to the apostles´ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. (Acts 2:42 NRSV)

Music and Worship Style: The worship team reaches out to all people who prefer a more informal, contemporary worship experience. The structure of the service is rooted in simplicity we worship, we pray, we receive a message, we receive communion. The atmosphere is light and fun, yet clearly intentional about deepening our relationship with the living God. All are welcome just as they are.

Children’s worship notebooks with activities can be found in the rear of the sanctuaries.

For more information on Acts 2, please contact the church.